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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written February 14, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

From Russia with reverence. I hope you do not take my question as a purely personal, it certainly interested me, and at least 2.5 percent of humanity. The question about stuttering. For convenience, I break it into several sub:
1. How best to treat stammering? What to do if speech therapy is not helpful?
2. Why it occurs in children without any preconditions?
3. Is it true that stuttering is given a man to get rid of pride and a hypertrophied ego?
4. Is it possible to cure stammering effort of will (power of thought), the patient?

As those afflicted note, stammering can come and go, depending upon the circumstances. It is intrisically a conflict in the brain, which wants to do several different things with the muscles controlling speech at the same time. It is like driving a stick shift car, pushing the clutch in and out and the brake in and out simultaneously. The car does not move forward, except bit by bit, and mostly just jerks around in place. Stuttering is lessened when there is less conflict. Simple concepts produce less stuttering. Concepts that are not emotionally charged are also more fluent. An analysis of what does and does not result in stuttering can help the afflicted train themselves to take speech in steps. First, conceptualize what is to be said. Second, reduce the emotional charge. Third, break what is to be said into simple phrases, etc.

There are many, many places around the world , where anybody who wants to survive and take his loved ones to safety , frankly is between a rock and a hard place. Yes, many people are between a rock and a hard place, as to choose their safe location, since they live right in between the ocean and an unavoidable volcano range, or between the ocean and a mountain building place. And sometimes the distance between one potential hazard and the other is not that long. Accordingly, if they mean to survive, they must very carefully choose the right altitude, to be safe for the sloshing waters, and still keep a distance from the nearby volcanoes, or mountain building sites. The Zetas have suggested to place oneselves at 100 mi. distance from the sea line, and at 200 ft altitude, while a 675 ft altitude is suggested for the next 2 years after the pole shift due to the melting poles. But there are places where you just can not put a 100 mi. distance between the coast line and yourself, without running right into a volcano range. My question is: How can we calculate a higher altitude, in order to compensate the shorter distance , or in exchange of shorter distance from the coast line, as to be safe?

The slosh range has as a factor the fact that the ocean water will start to return in the other direction after a few hours. Tides are, for instance, ocurring twice a day. The slosh does not have the Moon as a moving force, pulling the water, but has the overall weight of the water building up on one side or the other as the force causing a withdrawal. No more than a day will pass before a slosh and a return have happened. The height of water at the end, or lip of a slosh has formed the basis of our advice on how far inland to be, how far up, but this is not the height expected at the coastline. The height at the coastline is higher. History, in the bones of whales found along the St Lawence Seaway, are a guide. These have been found 500-600 feet above the seaway, which is at sea level. The edges of the seaway always rise, during any pole shift that causes the seaway to split, so some of this height is a result of that rise, but this certainly would be a safe guide to use.

Have these kind of operations been cancelled under Obama? [and from another] Three States Subjected To "Martial Law Sweeps" [Apr 18, 2008] Federal law enforcement agencies co-opted sheriffs offices as well state and local police forces in three states last weekend for a vast round up operation that one sheriff's deputy has described as "martial law training". Law-enforcement agencies in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas took part in what was described by local media as "an anti-crime and anti-terrorism initiative" involving officers from more than 50 federal, state and local agencies. Given the military style name "Operation Sudden Impact", the initiative saw officers from six counties rounding up fugitives, conducting traffic checkpoints, climbing on boats on the Mississippi River and doing other "crime-abatement" programs all under the label of "anti-terrorism" .

We have mentioned that the Bush/Cheney crowd wanted martial law to be invoked, and tried literally hundreds of times to force this in the US. They were blocked. Of course they wanted local police and sheriffs to be ready to go, and wanted in any case a sense of heightened fear among those tasked with keeping order. Now that Obama is in the White House, the use of federal agencies to try to trip martial law is much reduced, though it will take awhile for all the Bush/Cheney moles that have burrowed into the system to be flushed out. There may still be exercises, as the military is aware that chaos may break out, as the re-assignment in 2008 of a crowd control unit from Iraq shows. But the urging from the White House is now the missing piece.

Can the Zeta's comment on the reported recent collision of US and Russian satellites. As per available information, their orbits appeared to be hundred of kilometers apart. How could they have collided if the public is not being dubed? Per, Orbital Apopsis: 803 km, Orbital Periapsis: 778 km. Per, Orbital Periapsis: 522.0 km, Orbital Apopsis: 541.0 km. Also, can the Zeta's comment on the report of satellite debris coming down in Kentucky and causing sonic booms with observers reporting feeling shaking or vibrations?

These satellites did not collide. Satellite orbits are very carefully managed, within and between countries sending them aloft. Why would it be otherwise? These are expensive machines, with much depending upon their operation. Even with the Russian satellite being inactive, no longer in use, as reported, these dead bodies are tracked by other means to ensure no collision with live satellites. A satellite may be out of control, but live satellites are in control and can be maneuvered to avoid those that are out of control. Why would a lie be spread? We have mentioned that satellites will increasingly fail, and this has been happening but has been hidden from the public. The public is to have the perception that space junk has gotten so cluttered that these types of accidents can happen, because accidents with satellites will increasingly happen. This is spin control, by the establishment. What occurred over Kentucky was just another fireball, but is being booked in the media as space junk, to add an exclamation point to the colliding satellite story.

Hello all from the center of the edge of nightingales! Questions for today:
1) Why do aliens designate the date of the meeting, which for so long to wait when you can before?
2) What you need to know a person before a meeting with aliens?
3) What can a person invite aliens in terms of genetic experiments that will be most beneficial?

Again, unless Nancy clearly understands the question, she will not act as translator as she needs to be on the same page are ourselves else translation problems can ensue. Nancy is assuming your Q1 to be about our refusal to name the date of the pole shift. We have explained this endlessly. Basically, we are not allowed to do so, as those in the Service-to-Self would take advantage, and innocents would suffer. Q2 is understood to be a question about contact, prerequisites. There are no prerequisites, as those making contact are telepathically aware of the person requesting contact, and there are not secrets. Q3 is understood to be an offer to be used during genetic experiments, an offer which we decline as our experimenting phase is complete.

Do Zetas consider the Bible as the book that predict about the pole shift with accuracy ? If yes they can comment it and so I have a question. What parts of the Bible were sent to us from STO aliens and what parts were sent from STS aliens ? What should we trust in finally I wonder ?

We have mentioned that question about the Bible are routinely refused, as it is such a swamp that it would take forever, verse by verse, to sort it out. Our basic statement is that the words of Jesus were not written. He did not write them down, but repeated them so many times that his words could not be skewed. Those who wrote the Bible were in all cases expressing their agenda, which in most cases was leaning toward the Service-to-Self. Revelations talks about earthquakes, and red dust, and to this extent you can say that it was referring to the coming times. Beyond that we would not recommend using the Bible as a guide for anything.

I read the next stories at the small scientific popular article devoted to (as the author said) "new aliens" race: "I woke up from fear at midnight…I saw a grey creature near my legs about 1,2 metres height. I felt such disgust I wanted to belch" This woman became pregnant but the fetus was taken during another visit. Another woman had to pass a course of rehabilitation consulting psychoterapist as she was afraid to stay alone at the room after similar "abduction" when her fetus was also taken by small creatures. And I ran across many similar situations. I wonder - you said there is no any "abductions" but only "visits" and the STO aliens do not make any harm. But how can you comment the examples I mentioned ?

They are lies.

Why was Abraham Lincoln really assassinated and did he father any children with any of his slaves?

Yes, and no.

What about that plane crash in Buffalo NY? There was a person last Thursday here on GLP who supposedly works as a "worker" who claimed that something big was going to happen on Feb 14, but at 9:22 pm he supposedly was given the date Feb 12, 2009 10:31 pm, just about the time that the plane crashed. Then we learned that there was a 911 widow on the plane that could have taken agencies to court where they can be under oath, unlike the 911 commission. Any connections, or just coincidences?

How many predictions posted on GLP come true? And as vague as "something big", too. It has been determined by analysis of the black box and chatter on the plane before the dive that iced wings were the problem, and this does indeed cause a nose dive. Nothing more than that. The weather will increasingly cause problems with planes, as we have stated in the past.

I know humans can give the Call and it's answered by beings from a higher density and because our brains are split these are recorded in the subconscious. What about other beings in the 3rd Density that don't have that split? Surely if our brains are split due to the many genetic engineering projects done in the past other life forms from other planets that are nothing like humans don't have it (not saying that some might have it too). What about the STS in 4rd Density? We in 3rd Density can give the Call to STS or STO and it will be answered depending on the orientation. Do/can the STS in 4rd give the Call and who would answer it if there is no STS beyond 4rd Density?

The Service-to-Self do not give counseling, in response to the Call, outside of 3rd Density counseling. Their motivation is to gain recruits, and once they have a soul on their Service-to-Self planets, this job is accomplished. Spirit Guides on Service-to-Self planets are hard working Service-to-Other entities, who are there for the occasional convert who has decided that empathy is the way to go. On planets in 3rd Density where the young souls are incarnated into a life form that does not have a subconscious, counseling of course is conscious. In these cases, other means to prevent attacked against contactees during a transformation and awakening period are used.

The drought is really biting hard this year, western US, China, South America, etc. All major food producing regions. Is 2009 when the sting of real food shortages starts to hit hard?

Nancy is featuring drought as a cause of crop shortages in her forthcoming Sunday newsletter. Global Research has produced statistics showing that crop shortages in almost all the nations who export food in significant quantities is drastically reduced, and they are using statistics from years past, not 2009 which is just beginning. Thus, you cannot conclude that 2009 is the first year of worldwide food shortages. Indeed, the UN has been warning about the drop in supplies since 2002, and 2008 had its share of reports too.

Aren't all babies STS?

Infants are of course unable to do anything but react to an empty stomach and a chill. This is no indication that the soul who is waiting to incarnate is Service-to-Self. If you were paralyzed, unable to do anything but breathe, and thus afflicted did not rise up to assist your neighbor, would this make you Service-to-Self? Think!

How promising is Stem Cell research? Would we have had any significant medical breakthroughs if Gore would have won the Presidency in 2000?

Stem cell research has progressed with more promise because of the restrictions imposed by the Bush administration, as more research was done with adult cells, with the discovery that these could be returned to the embryo status with certain treatments. This has focused research teams toward creating a solution per individual afflicted, using his own cells to create the solution, to grow new tissue for instance. We have mentioned that much of the high tech development in past decades has been to adjust those souls who will be moving into 4th Density to what they will be encountering. You may not reach the heights you aspire to, but the progress will raise your eyes to the horizon, so you contemplate the possibilities.

Could the Zetas comment on NASA recent warning about possible impending doom coming from space to bring down civilisation "there is a serious risk of civilisation being brought crashing to its knees by a sudden high-intensity solar radiation storm."

At the start of ZetaTalk in 1995, we mentioned that one means of explaining the Earth changes that will precede the pole shift will be to blame the Sun. NASA has been doing this for years, warning people that the solar maximum this period would be horrific. Oops, then about the time the maximum was supposed to be gearing up, there were almost no sunspots for a year. Nevertheless, this is one of the favorite excuses, with so much energy put into it, that they cannot give it up. They have zero rationale for their claims, but make them anyway.

Kids seem to be as smart as adults, except for the fact that everything is new to them. I remember it being a time when things just seemed more alive, until one becomes so used to their world, and everything around them. Will the hybrids lose that as they get older, or will their much higher IQ and curiosity keep them in a state of wonder and newness? Something just doesn't feel right about being an adult human.

Adults have learned to adjust to society, to reduce friction. They accept the overriding concept of those around them, often due to exhaustion. Friendships are needed, cooperation is needed, so nod in agreement. It is in your power to think afresh, to question and weight the facts. Just do it!

Indonesia has been pounded everyday last week, can the Zetas speak to this?

We have stated that the plates are being nudged to move daily such that the Pacific compresses and the Atlantic widens. What holds this process back is primarily the Indo-Australian plate, which is being pushed under the Himalayas. When this breaks, adjustments happen in a domino effect throughout the world. Being the brake point, there is of course great pressure there, along that fault line. Thus, the great quakes and numerous quakes that happen in that region.

To Zetas:
1. Can I trust the prophecies Hopi?
2. What orientation was Stalin?
3. Is there a space, something like the Earth's economy?

The Hopi are just another prophecy source, among hundreds, that have some validity. If you want the straight truth, read ZetaTalk. Stalin's orientation was obvious. He murdered tens of millions of his own people, and thought only of his personal safety and power. Your third question is not understood by Nancy, so there will be no comment.

You have mentioned before that many people have symptoms like fatigue, insomnia etc due to Planet X's approach and those symptoms will leave after the poleshift when the air will cleanse. Is high blood pressure one of these symptoms too? If so,is it going to leave as the other symptoms that many people say they feel after the poleshift?

We did not say that every such symptom is caused by the presence of Planet X, the tail components in the atmosphere or the emanations from the roiling core of the Earth rising up to its surface creatures. There are hundreds of causes for fatique, or ringing in the ears, some symptoms we have stated can be associated with the presence of Planet X in the vicinity. High blood pressure was not among these symptoms, nor was insomnia.

How come that some mediums/psychics talk to the spirits of people who died like 10/20 years ago. Is this like the Call and that the spirit who already is busy with his next incarnaton responds or is there something else at stake?

We have explained, and recently on these chats, that mediums who speak to spirits can talk to spirits who are not yet reincarnated, or those that have already reincarnated. Thus, the time of death does not matter.

Now that fireballs have increased what safety messaures do we have to take. I would like the Zetas to comment on this.

Other than to have an eye on the sky and an ear listening for the scream, there is nothing a human can do to avoid such a fireball. Fortunately, for all the drama, the point of impact is not large. The likelihood of being struck dead by one of these is slight.

My question is has time changed on Earth? Is a day 24 hours the same day 24 hours as in the 70's for example?

Essentially, yes.

Is there a plan behind the so called 'economic collapse'? Is it an orchestrated move from the wealthy to depress and even further enslave the bulk of the human race? Do they want to send us back to medeval ages? After all the wealthy do not have any effect on them and on their way of life from these difficult times. They became even stronger.

This is a common conspiracy theme, that the economic collapse is deliberate. We have addressed this issue before, during the chats. Those with wealth are not interested in seeing assets depreciated, as in most cases they are holding over-valued assets. Those who are super wealthy are most certainly not interested in seeing this chaos, as many businesses collapse, and thus those assets are lost forever. If the wealthy were interested in having a collapse, then why did the Bush administration, which pandered to the wealthy, work so hard to keep the DOW up and the façade in place?

Does lightform travel from one planet to another planet instantly? Does that means it can go to anywhere in universe?

Light travel is not instant, nor is any particle flow instantaneous. If a particle does not encounter a stoppage, then it continues on, so theoretically the answer to your question is "yes".

An additional question to the one I asked about the satelite crash. If this is indeed a coverup for the debris of Planet X, what can we expect in the next few weeks?

We predicted in 1999 that satellites would increasingly have problems, and since that time backup satellites have been sent aloft to cover these problems. Since the tail is now pointing more toward Earth, as the rate of fireballs indicates, there is certainly more problem with debris up in the sky. The establishment is worried enough to float cover stories about space trash for a reason. They know the death rate of satellites has picked up. You can obviously expect to experience problems with any technology that utilizes satellites. But what the rate of change will be, we are not allowed to reveal.

Why do people so love to celebrate any holidays? Nature? Instinct? To me this is stupid.

Rituals or holidays are encouraged for two reasons. One, because those who experience a time of great joy or a time of great sorrow often revisit these issues on the anniversary as a way of putting their emotions to rest. A wedding anniversary might be a time to awaken the feelings between bride and groom after a year of martial challenge. The anniversary of a death might be a time when recollections are unavoidable for those affected, but each time the grief is revisited and shared, it is lessened. This tendency is used by those who wish to have control of the populace. Holidays obviously are a time when merchants hope to sell their wares, the church hopes to bring the flock back into the fold with much music and awakening memories of childhood obedience to the rule of the church over their lives. Those who stand to benefit perpetuate the holidays.

How soon after the pole shift will the rain begin?

We have stated that torrential rains occur during the pole shift, and that a chronic drizzle sets in afterwards that lasts for weeks. We suggest you actually read the Pole Shift section of ZetaTalk before asking such questions, as you obviously have not begun.

We paid $4.59 for a mid-sized jar of mayonnaise at the grocery store yesterday, and on the Internet today I saw a non-organic 5 lb. free-range chicken for just under $30.00. Is hyperinflation going to kick into high gear this year? How bad will food prices get?

We predicted a decade or more ago that price freezes would be put into effect, as well as reduced banking hours, as a way to hold back disaster as the pole shift approached. Unless price freezes or price fixing occur, prices will continue to go up, as why would they not? There will be more demand than supply, in many cases, and greed is prevalent. Price fixing is not always obvious to the public, as this can occur behind the scenes. If the big outlets hold a reasonable price, then the black market cannot charge as much.

On Feb 12, 2009 I read an AP article that stated that congress approved a plan (as part of the stimulus bill) to recover Wall Street bonuses. This Wyden-Snowe amendment would have forced financial institutions to compensate taxpayers if they paid their executives large bonuses AFTER receiving bailout money. No one spoke against the amendment when it was proposed on the Senate floor, but it was removed behind closed doors. Sen. Snowe said, "Many of the executives who got bonuses were the ones whose mistakes hurt the financial system and forced the taxpayers to foot the bill in the first place." The companies would have had to repay within four months any portion of the bonus above $100,000 or face an excise tax of 35 percent on the portion of the bonus above $100,000. The amendment would have raised as much as $3.2 billion. Would the Zetas care to comment on what went on behind closed doors? Will the incompetent or corrupt financial executives continue to prosper at the expense of the taxpayers?

The Senate does not as yet have the votes to counter Republican pandering to the rich. This will in time sort out, but for the present some compromises had to be made unless a filibuster is to result, which Reid wants to avoid. As time passes and ecomonic matters worsen, there may be more converts to vote with the Democrats. The House has the votes, the Senate does not. What may be required is to eventually allow the Republicans, whose constituency is primarily corporations and the wealthy, to filibuster and talk themselves to death in front of the media. But it is unlikely the Democrats will get into this mode until some of their crucial legislation has been passed.

Recently it was clear that the Republicans were deliberately working against Obama in passing the stimulus plan. Are they refusing to cooperate because of holding on to Bush administration ways? Will Obama get more cooperation from now on or will he continue to have to fight his way through their muck?

The Republicans are being in the main sore losers, but have no other option. They went full bore for the Bush agenda because in 2000 and 2004 there seemed to be no stopping the Rove machine which put Republicans in office regardless of what the voters wanted. Should they admit what Bush did was wrong? Should they now attack, when before they were slavish? These sore losers are in fact hoping that what happened in 2006 and 2008 is an aberration, and are expecting that the public will associate the horrific economic state with Obama and the Democrats. They are hoping for Obama to fail, so the nation can go back to supporting those who were formerly in power, rewarding corporations who will then contribute to Republicans. The Service-to-Self among them think like this, and those who have misgivings are beaten into aligning in the main. Certainly, during the Bush years, those who did not align were cast out, so there is a lot of fear among Republicans. As it becomes clear that the economic problems are a result of what Bush did during his reign, many Republicans will slide over to more reasonable voting patterns. Especially as it becomes evident that the Republican elite no longer has the clout to punish offenders.

Can you comment whether our Universe is simply holographic in nature. Thanks for your wisdom.

You are asking us to explain God's plan, which as we have repeatedly explained we ourselves are ignorant of. We are physical beings, and see the Universe run by particle flows. If this is a holograph, then so be it, but to us this looks quite solid.

A particular computer worm surfaced back in October 2008. In January of this year I read that about 9 million computers were infected. A security analyst stated that there was yet another strain causing additional problems. The virus mentioned had several names, but it seemed to easily enter Windows and burrow deep into the operating systems, even changing the system registry. Would the Zetas care to comment on the origin of this problem? Why does it seem that Microsoft puts out products with so many vulnerabilities? They seem to rush to market before they get rid of the flaws.

You have put your finger on the problem. The original Microsoft products were put out in a rush to market, as in the early days Microsoft dominated the field and the more computers that were sold with their software the more would need upgrades and maintenance in the future. The logic was that one could always fix the flaws, in time, so quick, get those operating systems into computers and out into the market. Once the original operating systems were in place, then the press was to put more wiz-bang into the market, so as to keep market share. No time and money was to be allocated for repairing the original mess. Think of operating systems like cars. If a car is popular and selling like hotcakes, then move those cars regardless of whether the undercarriage is designed well. Can a car be recalled for the undercarriage to be replaced? It is intrinsic to the car itself! Thus, no recall, no repair, and just lots of patches.

I mean no disrespect but I have to say I am starting to get a gut feeling that zetas actually do not have our best intentions and that they might be actually Service-to-Self and somehow manipulating our collective conciseness to impact future outcome (possibly) to their favor. Another thing that has been bothering me (maybe I did not understand) is them not answering certain question claiming they do not understand if Nancy does not understand but on the other hand they say they read other peoples minds as they are posting to this forum. According to Dr. Jacobs, "The aliens have suggested that the time is not far off when their programs will end and they will have achieved their goal." These beings repeatedly warn that something catastrophic will happen and there will be mass terror and confusion and the aliens will intervene. In the final stages of the alien agenda, humans will be slowly "phased out" while the hybrids are "phased in". Memories of loving mothers, fathers, freedom of choice and religion will be replaced by memories of selective breeding, single-minded functions geared to serving the aliens' needs, programs and a hive mentality. If a population has no memories of individual choice, family bonding, freedom, it will not remember or know what it has lost. Without stress or the needs of survival - controlled by the aliens - growth becomes unnecessary. As each generation of human beings is blended with alien genetic designs and control, memories of freedom, strife and the liberties we so vehemently seek will become only distant echoes of an ancient society.

Would you have a translator at the UN blurt out their understanding if what they are to translate is not heard? Clearly, unless Nancy understands what the subject is, regardless of our awareness of what the questioner meant, she is likely to insert her erroneous understanding into her typing. Your unease comes from another source than this, as your statement is illogical. Your question about Dr.Jacobs is another example of what the chat rules say we will not address. Statements made by others, when these others have no credibility. You are relying upon Dr. Jacobs to relay the truth. Does Dr. Jacobs have an agenda? Does he have opinions? Is he timid and fearful, fearing the alien presence and spewing his fear into his speculations? How would you know one way or the other! The reason for your unease is clear. You yourself are timid and fearful, unable to take the plunge and become a contactee so you can ascertain for yourself. So you rely on the written word of others.

Probably a bit late for this question, but with the North Pole being pushed back, creating the cold and hot conditions in the N/S respectively, will this situation just get worse until the lean to the left?

Yes. Prior to the lean to the left during the last weeks, the wobble worsens. This is not strictly a lingering cold for the north hemisphere and too much heat for the southern hemisphere, as the wobble worsens, so mingling of the air masses occurs, increasingly. There are already places on the northern hemisphere where it has been warmer than expected during the winter, and this is due to the wobble. There are other changes that will occur also, which we decline to mention as we want the establishment to be discombobulated, so the cover-up cracks.