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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written January 3, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Are we at a 6 on the 1-10 scale yet? It is past the technical end of 2008 by the Gregorian calendar.

We warned during last week's chat that the exact "end" of 2008 should not be delimited by the Gregorian calendar date - midnight of December 31, 2008, which in any case varies by hours depending upon one's location around the globe. Predictions on geological changes can be accurate as to cause and effect, and sequence of events, but not always accurate as to exact date and time. The events we included in our 6 of 10 have not all occurred as yet, but soon will. About this we can say no more.

Yellowstone Still Shaking One Week After First Tremor [Dec 2] University of Utah professor Robert Smith says earthquakes have followed him all his life. It's happened again. He was on vacation in Wyoming when the big series of small quakes hit Yellowstone on Friday December 26th. By Friday, January 2nd, Smith said over 500 tremors had been recorded around the north end of Yellowstone Lake. The biggest quake was a magnitude 3.9 - not big enough to cause damage. There have been clusters, or "swarms" of quakes at Yellowstone before, but not this many for this long says Smith. Smith said the cause of the quakes is not known and it's not clear what effects the quakes will have.

Let us preface our answer by reminding everyone that we are not allowed by the rules to warn mankind of any specific disaster by date and time and place. That said, we can state that the current Yellowstone activity will not subside. We have repeatedly warned that earthquakes and the stress on the Earth plates will increase up until the time of the pole shift. Since the start of the ZetaTalk saga in 1995 we have warned about the approach of Planet X and its effect on the hapless Earth. An Earth wobble, with resultant weather wobbles and jerking about of the Earth plates has produced crop shortages and extreme tides and, of course, roiling magma. The number of active volcanoes has long since surpassed the number in the memory of man, including many volcanoes considered by man to be extinct.

Yellowstone, as we long ago stated, will not be a supervolcano, but will as with other volcanoes on the N American continent erupt at some point either before or during the hour of the pole shift. The West Coast of N America is under a bowing stress, with Alaska and the tip of Mexico pulled westward while the interior is fixed. This has caused a mining accident in Utah in recent years, and quake swarms in Nevada. Of course Yellowstone is not exempt! When the bow finally relaxes it will be in conjunction with adjustments along the New Madrid Fault line, where the land west of the Mississippi sinks and moves somewhat to the southwest while the land to the east of the Mississippi remains in place. This will tear the bridges along the Mississippi but will also create slipslide adjustments throughout the western US. Those places where magma is close to the surface will find the rock holding the magma back fracturing, and eruptions will occur. Just when these adjustments occur, we cannot reveal.

There has been a lot of discussion on a GLP thread about harmonic tremor and long period trace and whether the charts from Yellowstone seismographs
show this when they jiggle in an almost steady state manner. Is there a coverup about harmonic tremor at Yellowstone or is the jiggle something different, and if so, what the heck is it?
[and from another] Looks Like Harmonic Tremors at Yellowstone Super Volcano [Dec 30] It has been reported and noted by the USGS that an earthquake swarm has been occuring under Lake Yellowstone since December 26th. The attached webicorder display shows that after the tremor swarm activity died down this evening a new pattern of potential classic harmonic tremors has started and continues at the time of this posting. Harmonic tremors could mean lava is now moving under the Yellowstone super volcano.

Yellowstone is unique in that water is part of the process, with overheated water and steam being regularly released from the caldera - the famous Old Faithful geyser and similar tourist spots. Are the harmonic tremor vibrations thus caused by magma on the move, or simply water under pressure attempting to find an outlet? This pattern, of the almost continuous jiggle, has showed up repeatedly over recent years, without an eruption. Thus, park officials and geologists assigned to monitor the situation are loathe to sound the alarm and look silly when nothing results from a restless period. Perhaps a new geyser is being born -- something as benign as that. The problem with failing to sound the alarm is that if this is magma on the move and an eruption is imminent, no warning will have been given to the public. The tremors are being caused by both water, steam pressure and magma on the move. Yellowstone has many existing outlets for magma to travel upward, however, unlike the typical volcano which has perhaps only one vent. Plugged, this single vent must blow to release pressure. For Yellowstone, we predict a slow eruption, where hot water and steam begin to be replaced by magma, at many vent points. The magma that will be ejected into the air will settle as ash, unlike water vapor which condenses into rain. The current quake swarm is indicative of breaking rock, opening a pathway under the lake. This will be one of many vents whereby magma finds an outlet in the near future. About this we cannot be more specific.

Do Aliens retain memory of their lives when they leave their bodies at death. In other words is what what said in "Alien Interview" true? That their bodies are not biological, but in fact, are electrical/organic? Does their "reincarnate" with full memory of past lives?

We have stated that the soul remembers all, from all of its past lives. The souls incarnated in bodies from elsewhere are no different from the souls that incarnate human bodies. In making this comment, we are not giving you a book report on "Alien Interview", nor making any comment on this book, per our rules.

Are contactees desires for "blue light" around a person a benefit to re-contact. I have heard some contactees desire or get an inkling for blue light to assist contact.

Some humans, and many aliens, can see auras, which often have cool tones such as blue or green. We, the Zetas, are very adept at this, and see auras readily. Being in contact with aliens who can see auras is a bonding experience for those humans who likewise have this ability, and they would thus remember this aspect of their contact with affection.

If implants are of organic matter how do they work? Electrically or some other not as of yet discovered technology?

As we have explained, implants are locating devices and use the human nervous system as an amplifier. When activated, the implant amplifies and by electric impulse through the nervous system allows the visitors to quickly find the contactee. This also allows the visitors to determine if the contactee is still alive, as a dead body does not amplify. Nervous impulses are at their base chemical reactions.

Why don't Focault Pendulums demonstrate an unusual wobble if the Earth is wobbling unpredictably? [and from another] The experimental apparatus consists of a tall pendulum free to oscillate in any vertical plane. The direction along which the pendulum swings rotates with time because of Earth's daily rotation.

Mechanical pendulums are reacting to the base they are set upon - a table or a floor. They swing frequently, not once every 6-12 hours as is the case with the Earth wobble. Such mechanical pendulums are not using the core of the Earth as their base, as is the case with the Earth wobble. They have different bases and different frequencies.

Can you comment on the big earthquake today in Indonesia? Is it a sign of Planet X getting closer, increasing Earth changes, etc? And can we expect to see more of the same soon? [and from another] Can the Zetas comment on how the recent 7.8 quake affects the stress on North America? I understand dates are off limits.

We have mentioned previously that the Indo-Australian plate is the brake that holds back greater adjustments among the other Earth plates. Thus, significant adjustments can be expected whenever significant movement along the Indo-Australian plate occurs. Any given quake does not necessarily involve significant movement, but this most recent quake has included movement. Note that sister quakes have occurred from Indonesia to New Zealand, all during the same day. When movement occurs, a domino effect can also be expected elsewhere around the globe.

Hey Zetas! Today, the questions:
1) real people to create a flying saucer?
2) What should be done man to change your body?
3) On the theme of community in the fields. In the Far East region was in 2004 is: the large area povaleno many tree trunks had been broken because of their rotation, and people have seen over the place lights in the sky and heard explosions. What was that?
3) A lot of the UFO flying over the Kursk, which people can not find?
4) Did the planet, which has been the environmental disaster caused by global warming?
5) Is there any substance, which controls a little bit of everyone, but in case of danger (in my case, on the road), can save lives, as related to it?

We will attempt to address your questions as Nancy has understood them, as she must be in place as a translator in order to produce ZetaTalk. Humans cannot build spaceships because they do not have the intelligence, and this is on purpose. You are too spiritually immature for such technology. Humans cannot alter their DNA, in the main, and have only begun to think about this possibility. Selecting out DNA during conception is the only means by which man can alter his DNA for the future, and then only to the extent that his knowledge of the genome allows.

UFOs contact humans, and impress them with the reality of the alien presence, differently, depending upon the culture to be contacted. If twisting a tree from afar makes an impression, then this is one "sighting" that might be used in this certain culture. UFOs in the main are not seen by humans in the area, as they can cloak their appearance by bending light. Unless deliberately desiring to be seen by humans in the area, they are cloaked. Global warming is not manmade, nor is it the cause of the Earth changes affecting the Earth of late. We have explained this on the ZetaTalk website since the start of ZetaTalk in 1995. Nancy does not understand your last question, which we thus decline to address.

Is the food situation in the US likely to get to the point that people will need to grow their own in order to eat prior to the shift?

Those with family gardens, who know how to collect seed and grow foods such as apples or squash that can be stored through the winter, will be less likely to find themselves with shortages. Shortages are to be expected, as the government stored supplies are depleted, and crop shortages will increasingly become a reality.

Any comment on the "long before 2012" statement now that we are in 2009?

Although we hinted during 2008 that Obama would be president during the pole shift, and that the Earth changes would be no greater than a 6 of 10 at the end of 2008, we will give no such hints about 2009. Make of that what you will. In order to trip the establishment so that the cover-up is revealed to the public, surprises are necessary.

Are most people feeling a high level of anxiety, stress and fear right now? Are most experiencing an increase in what seems to be personal problems? Is it possibly to distract us from other things we should be paying attention to?

A state of fear and anxiety always distracts one from empathy toward others. This is one reason the ambassadors from the Service-to-Self try to frighten the humans they are invited to contact, and try to spread fear via the stories their contactees spread about. We have stressed that as the last weeks before the passage approach, that love should be uppermost in the minds of those who know they must endure the pole shift. With this focus, fear and anxiety do not win, and love prevails.

The Sun set directly south two days ago, today its still southern but further west. This hot cold hot cold is getting to me.

The wobble is increasing, and this will continue. Others will notice and many of these will want to discuss this phenomena. Others will become fearful and will deal with their fear by hardened denial.

Several psychics have predicted a cure/vaccine for aids and cancer will be "discovered" this year. Since the elite had the cures for these diseases when they developed them, why would they release them now? Do they wish to impress the masses with their own "miracles" from their annointed saviour?

There is no certain cure for AIDs or HIV, but it has always been known that certain genetics are resistant to infection from the AIDs virus. It is the unpleasant reality that the elite are addressing that causes these predictions by prophets or psychics sensitive to the thoughts of others. After the pole shift, the chance of casual or accidental infection will increase, as even the elite in their enclaves might be overrun and abused by mobs. Knowing this, they are funding research, for their own security.

What caused this glitch? The story dropped off the link pretty quick. [and from another] Users baffled as Zune MP3 players freeze up [Dec 31] Baffled consumers are griping about a mysterious glitch that appeared to cause thousands of Zune music players to simultaneously stop working late Tuesday and early Wednesday. "It seems that every Zune on the planet has just frozen up and will not work," posted a Mountain Home, Idaho, user on CNN's "I have 3 and they all in the same night stopped working." Another iReporter said he was working the night shift at a Toys R Us store in Puerto Rico when his Zune player and the Zunes of four co-workers all failed about 1:30 a.m. ET Wednesday. They all froze up

Conspiracy sites have long warned that technology will be used to spy upon users or invade their privacy. Such spy software is in regular communication with collection sites, which of course operate on the clock. Thus, a single software glitch, or bug, can affect many consumers when the data collection process does not go smoothly.

Has North gone South? I live in an old town where property lines seldom (if ever) deviate when surveyed. A recent survey showed current lines south of where they were originally platted (and surveyed many times over). Has magnetic North moved enough to effect the survey equipment, and if so, how does this effect current building additions and new construction?

Magnetic north has drifted over Siberia, so that compass variations now differ from where they were in the past. If a surveyor is using a compass, he will find the lines will have changed.

What do zetas think about SSRI's - doctors shouldn't be prescribing them should they?

Human doctors and researchers try in all sincerity to help those afflicted with mental illness. None of their attempts are what we ourselves would use to treat the afflicted, but we do not fault them for their attempts.

"Regarding nuclear power stations and bombs, and what will happen to them during the pole shift. The predictions are dire. Humans wishing to remain incarnated are advised to remove themselves from these areas prior to the pole shift. The trauma of the shift will ignite nuclear bombs, in almost all cases." Quote from ../poleshft/p23.htm Why can't the zetas stop the stockpiles from exploding? I thought the pole shift was going to be bad but didn't imagine you would let the bombs all explode.

We have explained to mankind that the Earth is their schoolhouse, where they are to take action to help others and not look like children to benign aliens from the sky to rescue and save them. Are you taking steps to reduce nuclear stockpiles? You can obviously type into a computer screen, and are not helpless in this regard! Information on what we, the Zetas, or other Service-to-Other aliens are doing in conjunction with Service-to-Other humans to try to correct the situation is not something we are going to deliver to you, helpless child, as we still expect you to take action!

They say the Bristlecone pine trees are older than the pyramids, will they survive this pole shift?


Did I just see UFOs fly by on Al Jazeera TV, or were they rockets? Are you hovering around to make sure WMDs are not used by either side, and have the Israelis tried to shoot you down? Or are you too busy monitoring earthquke activity?

Humans would be stunned to learn of the numbers of alien visitors attending the Earth during its transformation. Wherever the groups of Service-to-Other visitors are busy, the work they are doing is never neglected. One task is not dropped because an earthquake occurs!

How serious is the 'methane' threat to us, as it's released from below the ice? It's just the media keeping pressing on about CO2 emissions, when surely methane is the 'real' problem?!

The media is stuck with the job of continuing the prattle about Global Warming, so must maintain a serious stance. Imagine the CO2 that will be released during volcanic eruptions around the globe during the hour of the pole shift. A bit of methane gas released as the ground adjusts during plate movement is not the threat! We have explained that after the pole shift the oceans will be lush, as seeded with iron oxide dust from the tail of Planet X the kelp and algae will flourish. It is this that will bind the CO2 again, reducing its danger, without any assistance from man.

What is your opinion on the Day The Earth Stood Still? And which do you prefer - the original or the remake?

Both had the same basic message, but the original gave more power to the alien, whereas the remake made the alien seem vulnerable. This shows that the establishment still fears that the public will think them weak, in comparison to the alien presence, when the truth becomes known.

The dam breach in TN, explosions in Savannah, increases in quakes and volcanoes. The officials of these states must realize the connection and what is building beneath them. Do the state officials update each other and how do they plan to handle the disasters? They can't all run, and to where!
[and from another]
Underground fire, explosions in downtown Savannah [Dec 29]
An underground fire and explosion in downtown Savannah forced several areas to be evacuated this morning. It happened around 9am at Drayton and Abercorn Streets. Officials still don't know what caused the fire, but smoke and flames could be seen shooting out of manholes around downtown.

There have been quakes and booms in S Carolina recently, as the area is stretching, and this includes the Georgia coastline. When methane gas is released from pockets which have been trapped by rock layers, it rises, and any underground trenches such as those carrying sewer pipelines would be the first to be filled. Thus, when encountering a spark, there is an explosion! Local officials have almost invariably not been privy to what is pending. Nor are state officials aware either. At the federal level, only those at the highest level are invariably informed. Local and state officials thus do not plan to run and hide. They rather anticipate that any given disaster will affect only one community, and that others will come to their aid. Rude shocks are in order in the future.

Is there any truth about the government hoarding gold for some extraterrial purpose?

Gold may not be as available as before, not for this reason but because many have decided to hold what they consider precious metals instead of paper money.

The Annunaki need gold for their atmosphere. They are also a transplanted species to Nibiru. How did they learn they needed gold? What does the gold do? I'm guessing based on personal experience that the gold is nanogold (very tiny gold chunks, around a couple hundered atoms each, no more) that catalyzes carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and the like. Would the Zetas like to comment?

We have stated that the Annunaki use gold in their atmosphere to retain heat and light, trapping both so they do not escape into space during their long voyage between the binary suns they pass during their sling orbit. Just what process the Annunaki use to force the gold into their atmosphere is not known on Earth, nor do earthlings need this knowledge.

At this moment , do you expect a deep recession or a depression ?

We stated at the start of ZetaTalk in 1995 that the world was heading into a depression, and that this fact was masked by maneuvers of the Bush administration such as the housing bubble and the expensive war effort in Iraq. We stated when the DOW was artificially maintained by the Plunge Protection Team and others doing insider trading that this practice would only last until the individual parties being asked to delay a sale rebelled, looking out for their own self interest instead of doing a favor for the Bush administration. Now that the truth is known, it will shortly become obvious that the world's economy is in a depression, not a recession. Nor will the world recover prior to the pole shift, when it will no longer matter.

I have a question about the severity of explosions in the sky. Lately methane has been escaping and areas like West Virginia have huge stores of natural gas, which many are tapped and capped off. I imagine during the shift, these caps will release in addition to new fissures, rising all together into the atmosphere. As fireballs rush into the air these will ignite and create terrain like tunguska everywhere. My question is when is the critical time for this? How far into the shift will these explosions occur in relation to other signs? Does this form much of the basis for creating crude oil which eventually seeps back into the ground?

Methane is not the base for oil deposits. The exact timing of any given disaster is not something we can provide, but we can say this. When the New Madrid Fault adjusts, as it will prior to the pole shift, West Virginia will be affected.

With things picking up speed around the earth would this cause some people to have constant ringing tones in the ears with different frequencies?

Human sensitives to tension in rock experience various aches and pains such as joint pains and severe headache. They are frequently disabled by their reaction. Those less sensitive can nonetheless notice a physical reaction to the increased electromagnetic waves from the rock beneath them, including headache, ringing in their ears, and difficulty concentrating.

The Federal Reserve apparently has bailed out banks and others to the tune of $2 trillion, yet it refuses to identify the recipients of its emergency loans. Bloomberg News sued for documents that would reveal the facts of this lending. The Fed continues to stonewall. Fed Board secretary Jennifer Johnson stated "it would be a dangerous step to release this otherwise confidential information." Just who would be endangered if the facts were released? And, what are the true facts that are being hidden from the taxpayers, who will ultimately foot the bill? Would the Zetas care to comment on this drama?

The banking scheme operating in the US is such that a given bank can lend out any funds it receives in deposits or by infusion from the Federal Reserve 12 times over. In some cases, for Wall Street firms, the Bush administration allowed firms to change this ratio to 40 to 1. Thus, when loans proved to be stagnant, unable to be repaid to the banks, the banks could not maneuver, could not lend, and thus the alarm given by Treasury Secretary Paulson that commerce and the financial support of businesses would stop.

The choice was twofold. One: change the law to change the ratio of lending to savings for all banks, and thus allow banks to "lend" funds they did not formerly have, by law. Two: to infuse the banks with cash in some manner so their "in hand" funds such as savings or recent Federal Reserve cash could allow them to operate according to their legal ratio. The fact that these funds seemed to disappear shows how many bad loans these banks had on their books. The reason for not revealing which banks were propped up is because of the fear that such information in the hands of the public would cause a run on banks to withdraw funds.

You gave the timeline these things will follow - lean to the west, the long day, etc. You say the Nibiru will be visible several weeks before passing. However the cloud cover in Texas has been here since last spring. I don't think that we will see it in advance. If the first clue we have is a late sunrise, it would really almost be to late to run to the safe location. If cloud cover is the issue, but technically Nibiru is in sight, will you be allowed to mention it? This is before satellite disruptions. The rules should not apply at that time since others around the world would see it, right? Would you be allowed to say the 7 week period is here for those that can't visably verify it? This would be before the lean to the west.

The timeline is such that no one will be taken by surprise. First a severe wobble, and even with cloud cover this will be noticed some places on Earth, on those days when cloud cover is not in place, and unless the phones are dead worldwide and the Internet down, the word will spread. Second, the Earth will seem to fall on its side, in an attempt to have the magnetic N Pole of Earth evade the hosing from the magnetic N Pole of Planet X. This, like the wobble, will be noticeable worldwide, and cause discussion everywhere. Third, the 3 days of darkness, etc., which is a certain clue even for those under constant cloud cover and without access to the Internet or a telephone. Somewhere in this process, the Planet X complex will also become visible to mankind, and likewise under much discussion. You will not be taken by surprise!

The Zetas said that the Annunaki were about twice as tall as humans and had speech that is not as sophisticated as modern man. I have been reading that many societies mention a group of "gods" who brought in one time, weapons, tools, writing, agriculture, architecture, stone carving, fiber weaving, paper making, etc., so how could a group that can only grunt sounds teach such things? Or did another group such as early selfish Pleiadians, or people from Maldek, or other people from inside or outside the solar system bring it [culture] to us and the Annunaki at the same time? I mean how can a crude race of giants living on a cloud enshrouded planet invent space travel and all the finer skills, including genetic manipulation, or where they [mistakenly] given that by higher groups from farther away. The Zeta readings state there were a few philosopicially advanced Annunaki, are they the source of culture as we know it?

The Annunaki are mankind's peers, but as they do not experience periodic pole shifts, the path their civilization took toward high tech development was not interrupted by society disrupting catastrophes. Thus, they had rockets, lasers and crystals for communication well prior to mankind's development of such devices. What the "gods" desired their slaves to know was an easy way to communicate, as such tasks as paper making or stone carving are mechanical, done by hands, so the slave could copy what the master had done.