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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written September 20, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

In an unprecedented step, a space shuttle was moved to the launch pad Friday [Sep 19] for a trip NASA hopes it will never make - a rescue mission. The shuttle Endeavour is on standby in case the seven astronauts who go up on Atlantis next month need a safer ride home. Atlantis and its crew are headed into space for one last repair job on the 18-year-old Hubble Space Telescope. [and from another] Is NASA going to do something (like collecting data on planet X that they do not want to share with the public, ../index/zeta235.htm, ../govmt/g189.htm, ../govmt/g196.htm) that they know would place their astronauts at risk or is the safety of the astronauts their only concern? It is odd and unprecedented to move a space shuttle to launch pad as rescue ship for another shuttle which has yet to be launched.

The Endeavour's standby was noted by the press, with NASA making an official announcement of this fact. Backup plans, though always in place, are not announced as this indicates a lack of confidence. Has there ever been an announcement about backup plans when astronauts or supplies are delivered to the ISS? So why was a backup plan done in this instance?

They are anticipating problems, more problems than usual, and are initiating a new policy - to announce a backup plan. This is to cover their behinds when shuttles start getting hit by debris, increasingly prevalent in the atmosphere due to the wafting tail of Planet X. Space dust damage to the ISS has been reported recently, and the public was so informed. Should the trip to the Hubble run into problems, a second shuttle will be sent aloft to rescue the crew, so that the plan looks like foresight rather than a hastily scrambled rescue plan.

Since NASA knows about the imminent Pole Shift why would they need to make a last repair to the 18-year old Hubble Space Telescope? It is also odd that the repair mission was cancelled in 2004 and that the decision was reversed later on.

Is the Hubble being used to triangulate the position of Planet X? Absolutely, with the mirrors used not for direct observation but an analysis of reflection angles. The Hubble is sending information to Earth regularly, unlike the data from the ISS that the Columbia was delivering, and thus NASA does not anticipate the Atlantis or Endeavour being destroyed. Of course the Hubble was not retired in 2004. It was merely dedicated to full time use in trying to gather data on the trajectory and speed of Planet X.

Is the timing of the financial collapse coincidential or is the timing somewhat designed to help Obama? [and from another] The End of Illusion, Part II [Sep 19] Wall Street is experiencing one of its most wrenching periods since traders began gathering around a tree there in the 1790s, beset by a terrible reckoning: No, interest rates can't be held at unsustainably low rates - 1 percent in 2003 - without stoking wasteful investments; no, housing prices won't always go up; no, home loans can't be extended to people with shaky credit histories on scandalously easy terms (no money down!) with the expectation that they'll be paid back; no, fancy financial instruments and computer models can't eliminate risk; no, firms can't exist on massive debt - now-bankrupt Lehman Brothers had debts 35 times its capital - without courting disaster. It's a sign of how fragile the entire financial edifice had become that a decline in housing prices of about 20 percent could precipitate the current near-meltdown.

The Wall Street collapse was threatening for months, and great efforts were made to prevent this from happening before the end of the Bush term. Obviously, the collapse hurts the Republican nominee, and this was foreseen regardless of who won the Republican primary. The fragile nature of the housing market has been known for years. It had been allowed to expand by easy credit and lax oversight, and was intended to boost the Bush administration and effect a façade of boom times.

But the fragility of the housing market was to be bolstered by putting Social Security funds into Wall Street, a plan that failed to pass Congress. Despite the Plunge Protection Team's strenuous efforts to keep the paper value of stocks on the DOW from plunging, a clog formed at the lower levels, in the banks and brokerage houses carrying mortgage securities. When foreclosures increased, and the value of homes dropped so they could not be easily sold, then funds for interest and principal are not paid and those holding these mortgage backed securities have debt that does not reduce. This equates to a lack of free capital to lend and a freeze on activity.

There are oversight rules on how much capital a bank must have on hand, and this side of the regulatory functions were not dropped. A credit freeze would cripple commerce in the US, starting a domino effect that would deepen the depression already in effect. The Great Depression, redux. If foreclosures had occurred at a slower rate, or houses somehow retained their false value, this crash might have been shoved into the future, after Obama took office.

Can the complete default of the US dollar be hidden much longer from the general public?

The dollar is dropping but will not go into complete default, despite rumors or fears. The dollar has already dropped during the Bush administration, such that it has almost fallen to half the worth it had at the start. This is reflected in high food and fuel prices, in the main, but to the American public it looks as though everything else has retained its worth, though everything else has also fallen in value as the relative value of the dollar has dropped. Since the oil producing countries have switched from using the dollar exclusively to using other currencies, the major impact on the dollar has already occurred, and the drop in the dollar will now slow down.

Does the fact that the poleshift is imminent affect people's behaviour? I've noticed for a year now a change in many people's behaviour even to those who acted normally. If this is the case, how does it affect people in that way?

There are sociological effects and biological effects. The prophecy of the White Buffalo was based on the fact that the swirling core of the Earth will cause the core to emit particles that signal animals that they do not need coloration. Cave fish and lizards are white, without color, as they need no protection from the Sun. We predicted an increase in albinism in wildlife and domestic animals alike at the start of ZetaTalk and this has occurred.

Then there is the wafting tail of Planet X, which has petrochemicals and other elements in it. Since the arrival of Planet X in the inner solar system in 2003, women have complained about increased or disturbed menstral periods, and both sexes have complained about nausea, headache and ringing ears - all without apparent cause. We explained that this is a factor due to these chemicals in the atmosphere.

And finally, the populace senses they are being lied to about many things. The news is not covering the obvious, like the Moon being out of position or the Sun rising too far to the north. They are irritable because they sense some doom coming, some reason for such a cover-up, and are distracted in their work or given to giddy behavior to comfort themselves.

I've been reading different articles that are saying Sarah Palin faked her recent pregnancy to hide her daughter's giving birth and then passing the baby off as her own. Any truth to this?

What feeds these rumors are several facts. Sarah Palin traveled all the way back to Alaska to give birth when Trig came a month early. A woman who has given birth 4 times previously is assumed to be likely to give birth rapidly, as the average is for labor time to be cut in half for each subsequent birth. A premature birth would also be assumed to come more quickly, the baby being smaller than a full term baby. However, Sarah sensed that the issue was leaking fluid, not strong contractions, and correctly gauged that she had time. She is highly politically ambitious and did not want to skip a planned speech in Texas.

Paragraph The second key to these rumors is the statement that no record of the birth exists at the clinic or hospital where she was attended. This rumor is without verification, however. The third aspect is that her daughter Bristol stayed home for months prior to Trig's birth, an estimated 5-8 months, sick with mono. Did she thus cover for her daughter? Even Sarah, with her exaggerations and frank lies, would not attempt anything this tricky, as she had young children in the home and could be caught in the shower, and likewise Bristol was at home with her siblings. Would this mother tell her small children to lie? Not in her character, and not failsafe enough.

Why does Cheney have interest in Georgia?

AAs we have often stated, the original Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld and associates plan was to invade Iraq and Afghanistan so as to invade all the oil producing countries just prior to the pole shift. They thought the pole shift would happen in 2003, shortly after May 15, 2003, because of our high degree of accuracy on all our other predictions. As we have explained, this was a deliberate White Lie to force them to invade early, so their efforts would degrade and fail, which they have. They planned to move into Iran, take over Saudi Arabia, and control the countries exporting Russian oil. The rebellion of Georgia, forcing the US to occupy this country, was long planned, long on Cheney's books. The recent move by the Georgian president was, however, to support McCain, to allow the Republicans to gain support during the general election by reminding people that McCain is familiar with Russian tactics. This has been overshadowed by the current Wall Street meltdown, and another such flare-up cannot be arranged before the general election.

Will there be total bloodbath at the market on Monday? Worldwide Economic World War!

No, and no. As can be seen by the market reactions, worldwide, the plan for a US buyout of bad mortgage loans, addressing the root of the problem, has calmed fears. Back to normal, except that new regulations will be forthcoming, and they will be tough!

I have few questions.
1. What do you think is the cell phone/new registration gap in the polls? I know some newer polls include cell phones, thats where Obama is mostly ahead. For example, Indiana:
2. How many people do you think are racist and won't vote for Obama just because he is black in USA?
3. Is McCain sick right now? If he is, how bad is he. What if he gets really sick and can Bush stop the election?
[and from another] McCain Meant To Reject Spain Meeting, Adviser Says [Sep 18] The McCain campaign insisted Thursday morning that the Senator meant what he said when, during an interview on Spanish radio, he refused to commit to a meeting with Spain's prime minister, Jose Luis Zapatero. A review of the McCain interview suggests that the Senator was likely confused as to who Zapatero actually was. Appearing on the Miami-based Union Radio, a Spanish language radio station that conducted its interview in English, McCain touted his record "of working with leaders in the hemisphere that are friends with us, and standing up to those who are not." This came even after the questioner began that portion of the interview by saying: "let's talk about Spain." Certainly, it is possible that McCain misheard the question, though the topic was subsequently brought up three more times. McCain in the past has been open to closer diplomatic relations with Zapatero and Spain. As John Aravosis of AmericaBlog noted, the Senator gave an interview to El Pais back in April in which he said that the differences between the U.S. and Spain should be swept under the rug.

Recent analysis by the website show that there is a 2.2 % difference between polls that include cell phone users and those who do not. This percentage benefits Obama. When those state pollsters who do not take into account cell phone users are adjusted by this percentage, Obama has 318 electoral votes vs approximately 303 electoral votes. But the larger gap is the failure to poll newly registered voters, as pollsters use older registration lists or only poll those who voted in the past two presidential elections. Obama has registered new Democratic voters at the rate of 5-6 times the number versus new Republican voters, and his voters are an enthusiastic base. Finally, the fact of McCain's senility is only now beginning to get media attention. There are calls for an MRI, a medical analysis of any brain atrophy he may be suffering, as his senior moments are mounting up. We have predicted that during the debates he will falter, to the extent that his campaign may find some reason to withdraw from the debates altogether.

Was the hacking of Palin's emails an inside job and what will this uncover?

This was certainly not a professional hack, as has been explained in the media. Free email sites such as Yahoo allow the user to forget their password and establish a new one by answering some personal questions. Since Palin's bio has been in the news, bragged about by McCain, there are few secrets. What this shows is Palin's amateur status. Hardly ready for national security! Had the hacker systematically gone through all the emails he would have found information damaging to Palin's claims, but he skipped to the bragging stage too quickly and now it is too late.

Will there be any key occurrences in the West Coast before the shift that allow you enough time to move many state lines to get to your safe location? Like California it's not a safe place to be during and after the shift, and you wish to travel a very long distance to your safe location but your family, friends, work and life is in California is there anything that you can tell us that is a green light to move now with plenty of time to get there?

We have often detailed the last weeks, so that early signs can be noted. First, the Earth wobble will get severe, then the N Pole will tip away into the 3 days of darkness followed by 6 days of an apparent sunrise just to the west of the N Pole. Then a slowing rotation will start that will take weeks to halt completely. And this then followed by 5.9 days of rotation stoppage. We have indicated that the New Madrid Fault line will snap well before the last weeks, that a fault line running from San Diego to Mammoth Lake in California will likewise give well before the pole shift, and that the coastlines in some areas will likewise become uninhabitable well before the pole shift.

At what point will roadblocks be put into place to prevent the homeless and desperate from migrating and invading other states? At what point will roads become impassable? This depends on many factors, primarily those in the hands of man, and we are not simply talking about a federal mandate. Most blocked roads and checkpoints will be put up and enforced by state or local governments, or even militias determined to protect their enclaves. Thus you have to compute when to move. The decision is up to you.

Months ago you gave us a scale of reference of 1 - 10 of where we are on general. At this time I think Zeta's said we were a 4 or 5 and that was in April or May. Well, it seems things have gone down the toilet. Where are we on the scale now and how much further do we have to go before we hit bottom?

We stated in the spring that on a disaster scale of 1-10 that we were at that time a 2-3, and would move to approximately a 6 by the end of 2008. We stated that this uptick included not just geological changes and weather effect, but also such matters as the economy. Certainly, one cannot deny that the stability of the US banking system has moved greatly on this scale. There was a great deal of flooding in the US this past summer, and the potential for earthquakes still exists as the rock strata is giving all manner of signs that it is under great stress. We are not at a 6, as yet, in our opinion. Hardly.

I was thinking about was to determine someone's orientation but further reading a learned this is very hard to determine. It's important to surround yourself with like individuals for the coming shift. Whether you're creating or joining communities for the afterlife. My question is could the zetas create something on the ZetaTalk website or on the Saturday blog where you can type in someone's name and it tells you what orientation they are or if they are undecided? I believe this could help those communities survive or form.

No. We stated in 1996 that personal counseling would no longer be done, due to our and Nancy's workload. What you are requesting is personal counseling. This is a skill you need to learn, and we have certainly given a great deal of advice on how to gauge spiritual orientation. Read what we have written, and go practice this art.

Lauren Moret worked as a scientist at Lawrence Livermore labortories and is putting the word out about faked pesticide spraying that took place in San Francisco this summer that was really meant to make people sick and to eventually cause infertility. Is this the type of thing that the movie "The Happening" was referring to that will pick up pace as earth changes pick up? The pesticide used is called 'check-mate'. meant to get back at anti war groups.

Anyone associated with such a poisoning attempt would not be allowed to chat about it on the Internet. They would be dead before they could post such a message, as such individuals are watched closely and their intentions are read well before they actually break and give it a try. They are picked up, drugged and questioned, and due to the drugs are unable to deny their intentions. After that, they are not let go. The Happening is simply fiction.

I like many people have the strong desire to help other I find it makes me happy, but the world we live in your hands are tied without money. I am not financially able to help as much as I know I can, it dampens my spirit because there is so much of me that I want to give but I can't. I feel like I have a good work ethic and devotion, what to do with it? What can the zetas comment on this? Do zetas recruit people? How do they know where the good people (like Nancy) and how do you choose them?

We, the Zetas, are aware of the thoughts of our contactees, as are the many lifeforms around the world who conduct visitations. Nancy is often asked how to be Service-to-Others, with many offering to help her in her work somehow. These individuals are missing the point, as the point is not to somehow climb on the bandwagon, joining a successful enterprise already in operation, but to be empathetic.

Service-to-Others is simply being able to put yourself in the shoes of others around you, and if you do this you will quickly see what you can do to help others! You talk about money, but do you have time? Is there not someone in your neighborhood who is frail or old or disabled? Are there no orphans about needing more attention? Are there soup kitchens in your area that need volunteers? Just do it!

Chemtrails that are still being sprayed has no harm on the people below or does it cause it seems they do this even though it's not during the sunset or sunrise times?

Chemtrails at present are to fog up the sky so the populace does not catch a glimpse of the Planet X complex off to the right of the Sun. There is drift to the clouds formed, and some chemtrails are laid with this in mind, so that the clouds drift to a heavily populated area and are not obviously chemtrail clouds. Thus, if you are getting chemtrails mid-day, it may be that your air will drift to a city area by sundown.

David Wilcock said this week that he thought that the Edgar Cayce prophecy that "From Russia will come the hope of the world?" came true this month in Georgia. What do the Zeta's think about that? Did the black ops and C.I.A. really run out so fast that they left their top secret files behind for the Russians to capture in South Ossetia fearing they were about to be killed by the Russians?

Cayce was of course making predictions a long time before the present, and the political landscape has changed. To some extent he was referring to the truth about the alien presence, as Russia is much more comfortable with admitting the alien presence than the US. For the populace to be aware that intelligent life is visiting would be deemed a factor of hope for mankind going into the pole shift, as so many would give the Call and receive counseling or at least have hope that their visiting brothers from space might help them.

Did Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper really say about the Amero, "There is no way Canada will bail out the USA."? Is Canada going to adopt the Euro? Is this why he called the election?

No. Harper was trying to settle Canadian nerves, denying that there were any plans for the Amero. As we have explained, there were such plans, still on the books, and Canada and Mexico felt powerless to argue with the Bush administration. But publicly, they deny.

I like many others are coming to this all now, as planned. But there is a feeling of "What do I do first?" "What will be of the most assistance now"? I'm taking steps to find like minded people, even though immediate family thinks I'm nuts. I'm meditating and trying to feel clearly where I am needed, but it is still stressful and there is still fear of the unknown - especially how to safegard my children. What is needed now? I feel a bit like a buoy being bounced with all this proof hitting the news daily.

This subject comes up frequently but of course those new to the subject are always arriving at our Zetatalk website not aware of our previous answers. Each family will have different needs and priorities, so no general guidelines can be given. The first step is to determine how safe your current location is, and in this our Safe Locations documentation can be a guide. For instance, if you are living on a coastline, then clearly you might have to move to higher ground or you will drown. Likewise with river bottom land, as all rivers will overtop their banks. Life in big cities will not be tenable, as food cannot be grown or gathered there and starvation will be rampant.

Moving to rural areas where you can establish gardening practices, perhaps even have a herd of goats or a flock of chickens or ducks is an excellent move. Plant an herbal garden. Learn to save seed and fish from hook and line or by casting a net. Learn what weeds are edible in the area you plan to go to for safety when the time comes. Get camping gear at a minimum if you will be leaving at the last minute, and plan to distill your drinking water.

If Planet X comes through the solar system every 3,657 years, and puts the third dimensional world through a cataclysm that puts people back to the stone age, and if it will occur in the next two years, this will be the last time for those who go to the 4th dimension. Generally, in the 4th dimension, what can the Service-to-Other people of Earth hope to achieve in the next 10,000 years? Will we become the Explorer Race and go on to teach what we have learned to other worlds? What Service-to-Other achievements do you foresee for the Service-to-Other groups?

You are assuming by this question that you are Service-to-Other, and already looking forward to your future! What plans have you established for what you are going to do for the suffering of your fellow man during the coming horrific times? No plans? Perhaps you are not as Service-to-Other as you assume!

It seems that the US is indeed more of a tool of Israel, particularly the Zionists that set the agenda for that state. These zionists are also apparently responsible for fomenting conflicts around the globe, for controlling and manipulating even Democratic politicians as well as the Republicans, not to mention the money markets and the stories about the USS Liberty, etc. My question is, was Moses guided by Service-to-Self aliens? Was the 'God' of the Hebrews a Service-to-Self entity, and the zionists of today carrying on a Service-to-Self agenda that sets them above the rest of humanity?

There can be no relationship between the Jews of old and the Zionists of today. All humans have an incarnating soul, and as we have pointed out this varies from being highly Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self to being confused and in the middle, i.e. undecided. All religions, however well intentioned when formed, become a tool of those who would control others. Rules and threats are inserted into the religious dogma. Many tales about Jesus or Moses are simply untrue. We have addressed some of them, to show the inherent Service-to-Other nature of these men. But the 10 Commandments is not something a Service-to-Other culture would produce, nor would Moses have put up with such nonsense as he was highly Service-to-Other. Israel today, its political leadership and what is termed the Zionist agenda, are given prominence in the US because the banking industry is dominated by Jewish men. This is the source of their power.

Zetas mentioned that Jesus is (or was recently) incarnated on another 3rd density planet. If we are allowed to know something about his continuing saga of Service-to-Others, will we have to make the Call to find out what Jesus' current life form is? Or can the Zeta's just tell us. Secondly, pastors have been speculating for centuries about the apostle Paul's thorn in the flesh (2 Cor. 12:7-10). Exactly what was this thorn - a myth, something tangible, what? Open-minded regular readers of Zetatalk are aware that the bible is not the word of God.

Those who are obsessed with Jesus, as though he were the singular soul with wisdom who should be clung to for salvation, are taking the wrong approach. There are over a billion spirits visiting Earth at this time, and many of them are on the level of Jesus in maturity. Give the Call and establish visitation, and you will not be asking such questions about Jesus.

I am reading Stephen Collins book on Atlantis and he talks about an ancient tale shared by many Central and South American civilizations that "the moon fell to earth". Did a moon of Planet X ever hit the earth, as in all the crater fields of the Carolinas, and was it from Planet X or did we have another moon before this one? Or was it one of the planets between Mars and Jupiter? You said there were quite a few.

During the hour of the pole shift, the stars overhead and the Moon overhead move rapidly. The crust shift moves 90 degrees, rather than the steady rotation familiar to mankind. Thus, a rapidly moving Moon might look like it was heading for the ground when it was only heading for the horizon.

What do the Zetas predict will be the future of Ukraine in the next 1-2 years? Do you think the Ukraine is still on track to join NATO and the EU?

Ukraine will suffer flooding during and after the pole shift and as with all of Europe these days, flooding and storms are not waiting until the time of the pole shift to increase in frequency and severity. The issue of NATO is irrelevant, will be considered irrelevant, as all countries struggle with their homeless and starving. Russia is not ambitious to invade former satellite countries.

Where is the 11 Trillion for the bailout coming from really?

The approximately 1 trillion in funds to be allocated to buy stock in struggling Wall Street firms will be divided between the current practice of simply printing money and borrowing from the Puppet Master's immense wealth. The Puppet Master has no desire to see the world plunged into a deep depression, economically, though he increasingly recognizes what the state of finances will be by the time the pole shift arrives. Meanwhile, he wishes to retain his physical assets in good shape, and a severe economic depression does not help in that regard.

Is Lynn Forester de Rothschild aware of the pending passage? It seems so obvious, her hypocrisy when she went from being a "Hillraiser" for Hillary to endorsing McCain this past week. If she knows of the poleshift, is her attitude representative of others in the elite, who seem to thumb their noses at what the Zetas have predicted?

She is primarily pouting because her favorite woman candidate did not get the nomination. She is certainly not looking beyond this issue, nor in sympathy with the suffering of the lower or middle classes. She has heard the rumors about Planet X, but does not believe them. Very narrow focus, this woman.

I live along the Wasatch front in Utah which are very rocky, you have said this is an indication of recent activity but I also remember you saying that the rocky mountains would not get a lot of activity in this coming shift. I was just wondering what the level of danger is for us here, living along these mountains.

All land to the west of the continental divide can anticipate rock and roll, because subduction will surely occur there. We have stated that land that is flat and hard, with no evidence of breakage over the eons, can be considered to remain that way during the forthcoming shift. For instance, the Great Salt Flats, which do not fracture. Pressure is rather transferred to nearby mountains, as you have described. The mining accident in Utah was caused by bowing pressure in the N American continent. The Salt Flats to the west of this mining accident did not fracture, but the hills to the east did. Thus, you must analyze carefully. Recently fractured rock is a clue that this area is vulnerable. This is what we have stated.