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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written May 24, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

The Zetas have said that they will not be specific on Planet X related matters until steps are taken to inform the common man. What form should this disclosure from tptb take? Full disclosure of Planet X? Disclosure of the possibility of Planet X? Just the possibility of some vague disaster? The Zetas have indicated that even if a STO government comes to power disclosure is very problematic for many reasons. Assuming that Obama gets elected, in the Zetas eyes what would be an appropriate course of action for him to follow regarding disclosure? Is this potential "disclosure partnership" under the control of the Zetas or does the Council of Worlds control this? From what the Zetas have indicated at some point disclosure itself may become irrelevant as pre shift disasters will overwhelm us in any case.

This is a very complicated matter. You want us to say if such and such happens then such and such would occur. It is not that simple. There are millions of factors to be considered and weighed, and we certainly could not list them. Let us just say that the Council of Worlds will know disclosure when they see it, and act accordingly.

Per past ZetaTalk, the Council of Worlds forbids direct, conscious interaction between aliens and humans. If the Zzetas were permitted would they want to participate in any such interaction? The Council obviously makes exceptions such as MJ12 and the Puppet Master, or is the Puppet Naster allowed to interact as a MJ12 member?

The current Puppet Master was a member of MJ12, obviously as a factor of his great wealth. He also had a number of his sons inducted into MJ12, and he has employed ex-MJ12 people who meet with us on such matters as the joint effort to prevent voter fraud in the US elections in 2006 and the current Democratic primary.

We share the Council's concern that fear and anxiety not be increased, and recognize the complexity of the matter. Conscious contact involves many, many factors, including the families of a contactee and the communities they live in and how all these other humans would be affected if that single contactee were to have conscious contact. Each potential interaction has multiple factors to consider. And this is for only one contactee. Add into this mix the potential of media coverage and the reactions of different cultures around the world. Very complex.

How are souls moved about from planet to planet? In a spaceship? How does this work if the soul is comprised of very fine high density "stuff" that can penetrate physical matter? Why would a STS soul ever board such a spaceship to a prison world?

All souls can penetrate physical matter. We have described the methods used by Spirit Guides as a "force of will", and as souls interact while in spirit form you can consider this a type of physical restraint. The more wise and massive soul overwhelms the immature soul so that it cannot function well, given the force of will, and it goes along with the program. Incarnations for immature souls are not chosen by the immature soul, but of their Birthing Guides, although the immature soul is party to the discussion on the nature of their next incarnation. Although we describe the horrors that can take place on the "prison planets", such as brutality to establish the pecking order, most Service-to-Self souls prefer such a place to living among the Service-to-Other. The reason is that they themselves are focused on rules and regulations, and feel more comfortable in a society where they do not have to be empathetic in order to understand what is expected of them. Empathy makes them uncomfortable, and pulls them into a gray area whereas they prefer black and white.

I assume the Tibetan High Ranks know about the Planet X. Do the increasing visits of the Dalai Lama in all nations of the globe, China obviousely not very amused of, relate to the coming

The Dalai Lama knows about the pending passage via his own sources, not because he has been informed by any of the superpowers or heads of state worldwide. He is highly telepathic. Thus during his travels it is he who initiates discussion about the pending cataclysmic changes, and the most humane approach to informing and helping the citizenry of the world.

I infer that visiting contactee meeting facilitators manage meeting logistics while invitees are whisked away, supplanting screen memories for the attendee's parallel activity so attendees remain unaware of missing meeting time. Facilitators have been allowed capacity to travel forward in time to round up invites who would otherwise not be available for their scheduled meetings. A ZT excerpt from a contactee's earlier dream-related question explained that invitees "are frequently levitated during visits, while paralyzed so they do not freak out," using "a possum type spot in the human brain to create this paralysis, which the human can break out of by force of will. With a subconscious memory of such levitation, humans often dream of their experience, a normal process whereby dreams help the human brain sort it all out. We Zetas and other visitors have the capacity to float ourselves or other objects by force of brain power." The same curious friend shared later that on occasion it seemed that my friend was not dressed properly during levitation and/or at the meetings, surprised in the morning to remember they'd not worn underclothing to bed. Memories of people in their dreams indicated others nearby were close enough to notice. With curious respect regarding dress codes during field trips - what's up? Do Zetas supplant casual business dress screen memories in an undressed contactee's subconsciousness? Maybe invitees with similar memories should consider retiring with some underclothing? Meetings are clothing optional events? Perhaps peruse an "Octopus Facilitator's Perception of Exposed Human Hectocotylus" DVD at the saucer library? Or are contactee meetings soul-to-soul gigs - physical appearances irrelevant?

Physical appearance is irrelevant. The subconscious is not as concerned about dress as the conscious. We seldom let a contactee attend a meeting nude, unless this would be desired by all, and arrange for clothing. We have lots of closets to pick from, clothing volunteered by contactees.

Considering the Zetas must know God does exist, how are they doing their part to celebrate their creation?

We appreciate our bodies, but mostly we are in awe at the Universe, its workings and complexity! Do we have formal rituals and services, filled with requirements and rules such as the organized religions of your planet? We view this to be not something God would desire, but the desire of humans who want others, their flocks, tied up by rules and unable to free themselves from the restraints of the religious hierarchy.

From those who study Zetatalk website and take it very seriously, how many % will survive, so they will be able to create some kind of community, roughly?

There is no direct relationship to reading the ZetaTalk website and survival of the pole shift and Aftertime. Those aware of the website will be armed with knowledge, but there will be survivors who had no information provided to them beforehand, and there will also be would-be survivors well armed with the facts who falter for some reason outside of their control. Since ZetaTalk is known almost worldwide, survivors aware of our words will obviously be spread worldwide and thus will not be forming a single community.

Is going blind in Aftertime, that Zetas talking about, reversible and at what point eye sight is lost? Is food refusal by stomach reversible and at what point there is no going back to feeding?

Disabling physical health is not something that will be easily cured after the pole shift. Each human will live out their life as is the case today. Medical attention will be reduced in most locales because of the pole shift. Those humans who come to live with ourselves or the hybrids will of course get high tech medical assistance, but these will be few and will in all cases be highly Service-to-Other.

Some people like to solve problems - do their work first and to have free time for fun afterwards. And some people prefer to have as much free time as possible in the first place and then do their work that they were supposed to do. Please describe what the difference means from the point of orientation? Some humans like to be on credit and some do not like to have any debit.

There is no relationship between these tendencies and spiritual orientation. There are no simple rules by which to identify spiritual orientation.

Humans will not make its way to stars in this present form, but please describe what is typical way for rising worlds, exploring own solar system then going to closest star like Alpha Centauri using old kind of propulsion? Or there is always help at some point so exploration is more available?

Young souls on 3rd Density worlds are not allowed to explore their own solar system. As we have explained, mankind's trips to the Moon and attempts to send probes around the solar system are not considered interstellar travel, but merely hopping about on the surface of their own planet, in essence.

In regard to the rationing of rice: I work in a store and as of late we are ordering rice and none is coming in. Some think "Oh, it's crap. They are just holding it. Theres plenty of rice". Thats so stupid. When will it hit? Which staples would have to - stage one be rationed and then disappear entirely off the shelves for weeks before people take notice something and that its not some marketing ploy or some other reason they are coming up with? Prices going way up is one thing, rationing another, then no supply is another. Its starting with rice right now.

The first stage is for prices to rise, as a shortage of supply causes this unless price controls have been instituted. The second stage is for supplies to simply not be available, or only periodically available. The reaction of the public is predictable. They moan about the high prices, then argue with the grocer when shelves are bare, and meanwhile anxiety grows. Hoarding starts, which is something we have long advised against. Those who hoard, especially after shortages start, will be identified and their goods taken from them if and when real starvation sets in. There may be mandated house to house searches, with any excess taken from those with a good stock. The proactive stance should be for almost every family to be gardening and keeping flocks and herds, which of course is impossible especially in cities. For many, this response will be started late, when starvation is knocking at the door, but better late than never. Meals will be simplified, obesity reduced with those who are overweight looked upon with disgust if they attempt to feed themselves, and tension and hostility will increase.

Where did the "wash of compassion" in the Zeta History ../awaken/a02.htm come from, which changed Zeta's course of direction so drastically? Did the Council of Worlds have anything to do with this?

In describing our Awakening, we described our fear reaction of having visitors from other worlds attempting to contact ourselves, the Zetas. Our fear was such that we savaged and killed those who ventured forth to meet the visitors. This would be happening here on Earth too, if conscious contact were the norm. We Zetas do not have a brain divided into a subconscious and a conscious as humans have, as we have a single brain, and thus a solution such as recording visitations only in the subconscious was not available for us. When our fear was reduced to the extent we could see that we were fearful for no reason, our normal compassion was allowed expression.

What's going on with the price of oil? Have we reached "peak oil", meaning there is a pending shortage, or is there plenty of the stuff still left and the only reason for the high cost is speculation and the falling dollar?

The rise in the price of oil is greater than the dropping dollar would explain, so obviously there are opportunists who are charging a price that the market will sustain. These are middlemen, not the producers. Those who claim "peak oil" know better as there are suspected pools of oil that have not even begun to be tapped. We have explained that oil producers around the world are not interested in rewarding Bush and Cheney for their invasion of Iraq and their plans to overtake the entire Middle East with the US military so as to be in control of most of the world's available oil. The Saudis are refusing to pump more oil to force a lower price in the US out of anger toward the Bush administration. The US citizen is being punished, and turning their rage against the government. The US citizen is therefore caught in the middle, but Bush is certainly feeling the heat with low approval ratings.

Earlier you stated that the pole shift would not occur this year. However you previously stated you would never give a date for the shift, hence the reasonfor the 2003 date being invalid. You said previously, firmly, you would never give a date, so the shift not being this year is invalid correct?

Our statement that the shift would not occur in 2008 is not "giving a date", per se.

John McCain had some VP choices over for a 'social event' at his home in Sedona, Arizona. Is it just coincidental that he has a home there or is it the location he plans on fleeing to when the shift occurs. As I understand that will be a safe location during the coming shift.

Arizona, as with all locations, has pros and cons. McCain was living there before he was aware of the pending passage of Planet X. Arizona has some hard rock and thus not all areas will be subject to mountain building stresses, but the flip side is that the hard baked desert will not support agriculture for many decades. Survivors there must move up into the mountains to sustain themselves at all.

Bush3 announced that Americans will be able to send cell phones into Cuba just as Obama was talking about ending the embargo on Cuba. First Bush calls Obama an appeaser, boosting Obama in the polls. Now he eases restrictions on Cuba validating Obama's policy while McCain continues his "no talk no relaxing restrictions" policy. Is it just me or is Bush3 helping Obama once again? Can we expect more of this indirect help?

Once again you have noticed the current Bush clone is indirectly helping Obama. It is almost weekly such an assist is pointed out by those astute enough to be aware of the clone switch and the results of the current clone's actions. Yes, we would certainly predict you can expect more such actions.

Wouldn't "full disclosure" mean admitting to the world that we are about to undergo such a monstrous catastrophe that only 10% are expected to survive, and even that 10% will be subsumed within a new race that is being 'grown' (for lack of a better term) to succeed humanity? If that's the case, and the zetas make it clear it pretty much is, is it any wonder why the humans that were contacted had such a knee-jerk reaction? If this is stated carelessly, it does make it seem as if this ET race is here to "take over the world" as we know it, on the backs of a catastrophe, and the naive ignorant humans are just going to have to get over it. Isn't this view in fact what many in the elite cling to, to explain their hesitancy in disclosing? (Taking into account many of the elite who simply want to exploit that ignorance for their own survival.)

It is not the difficulty in explaining the alien presence that is holding back full disclosure. It is fear among the elite that they will fall from grace, from their lofty perch. Certainly, an admission that intelligent life exists elsewhere would not require a full discussion about the pending passage of Planet X and its potential destruction. But UFOs have been called "swamp gas" and the like for decades with a softening of the stance of most governments only coming about lately because mass sightings have become so common that the cover-up is ridiculed by their public.

It will be likewise with the current Earth changes, which are ascribed to Global Warming entirely. There will only be an admission that a passage is pending when signs in the sky are so obvious that denial can no longer be sustained. Even then, the extent of devastation anticipated will be denied, as governments cannot feed and shelter their citizenry, and are bewildered as to what to tell their citizenry. Full honesty can only be expected during the last weeks, when riots are already occurring and travel almost impossible.

Now that the beauty of the "psy-op" the Zetas conducted on the elites is evident, to force their hand into Iraq until they were bogged down and will be forced from office in disgrace next January, can the Zetas assure us that there are no more hidden "white lies" or misleading statements in what they tell us?

We have consistently stated that humans should discern for themselves the truth of any matter, and not seek absolute answers from a source other than themselves like children clinging to parents. The truth of any matter is all around you. Think and observe, for yourself!

There was a police chase in Houston, TX in which an alleged x-CIA man was shot in what was called by the police as a refusal to surrender, and by the family as an ambush. His name was Carnaby. The Secret Service is now investigating his laptop. He had close ties to Bush Sr, James Baker, the CIA, etc along with ties to Israel intelligence. The judge has ordered all evidence to be retained. Although there is 'local' denial he was CIA, insiders of CIA amd NSA are saying he was a key asset. Do the Zetas know the back story on this and was it a 'hit' supposedly by Israel in their ongoing battle with the CIA who is trying to dislodge foreign moles in the CIA and other government services?

This battle has only started. If one examines the secrets that have permeated the cabal currently in control of the White House one can list thousands of secrets that are in fact crimes, and tens of thousands of people in the know about these crimes to one degree or another. As long as the White House, and thus the Judiciary and Justice Department, could remain under the control of the cabal, then these secrets were considered safe. Leaks are punished, and denied, with the truth hidden behind stonewalling and by locking historical information up for decades into the future.

The cabal includes the Clintons, of course, and thus the Republican push to get Clinton on the ticket instead of Obama. As we have stated, both Clinton and McCain are considered Bush Lite, virtual puppets of the cabal, and cooperative. As with many recent assassinations in Britain, panic is at the helm these days, with many who felt their day in court would never arrive now fearing being prosecuted. Witnesses are especially vulnerable. Their only hope is to reveal what they know quickly, as then they as a person are no longer considered a threat - the truth is already out there, etc. This drama is only getting started, and will prove to be very entertaining as the future unfolds!

Does president bush have some connections or some way of knowing the the outcome of this war in Iraq? He seems so sure that "whatever the cost" he knows its going to be a success at the end. Is this war were in right now really for the right thing? Is it really worth whatever the cost? Maybe explain some what it is that make him so sure of this.

The Bush persona - clones Bush 1 and Bush 2 - knew the purpose of the invasion of Iraq was to secure the oil fields of the Middle East prior to the pole shift. The view was that the US military would maintain its infrastructure, would not rebel, and thus they could parse out "black gold" to subservient nations in the Aftertime in exchange for kingship of the world. The cost in blood and treasure was of no concern to these Service-to-Self individuals. The current Bush clone - Bush 3 - is not so power hungry but must pretend to be the same old Bush as before to avoid suspicion. Thus some of the prior precepts will be repeated. He must stay in character!

Is a dream used at times to mask a contactee orientation visit

Visits sometimes leak into the conscious from the subconscious via dreams. This is not a mask, but an admixture of the human's normal dream state and knowledge of the visitation.

Since late April, the daylight duration is almost the same as it would in mid June, which is quite abnormal these days. It seems that day length has jumped about 2 hours ahead. Can the zetas comment on this?

Depending upon your location, the wobble will produce more daylight hours or a sunrise or sunset out of position. The wobble has become more violent of late, with the push against the magnetic N Pole of Earth stronger when it occurs. This is what is producing the increase in violent wind storms.

Approxmiately the year 2011 is the passage of Planet X. But no exact date will be given until there is no threat of Martial Law or if it would be even really necessary only for those who want control to take advantage of?

We have stated that 2012 is too late but have not stated the year of the pole shift. Preventing martial law is one such reason to keep the date a secret, but there are other horrors that can occur in human society beyond the threat of martial law. As we stated above during this chat, this is a very complex matter!

You can remind someone of past lives? There are scientific studies trying to prove the existence reincarnation, it is possible? How could achieve this through fingerprints?

Past lives do not leave their mark on future incarnations, such as a similarity in fingerprints. There have been past life proofs where the new incarnation knew things about the past life and could relay this to investigators. The facts relayed were things the new incarnation could not possibly know about, thus the link via a past life for the soul.

The Iraqi and Afganastant war is off the front pages of most newspapers. But General David Petraeus said recall of US troops might happen in September. The Zetas said slow withdrawal would occur due to upheavals, earthquakes, etc. Why is the military being proactive? Or jumping the gun?

Petraeus is very politically astute and understands that Obama is the likely new President. He has until now parroted the Bush line, but has switched to one that would please his new boss. Simple as that.

Florida, Michigan Cannot Save Clinton [May 16] Clinton has been arguing for full reinstatement, which would boost her standing. She won both states, even though they didn't count toward the nomination and neither candidate campaigned in them. Obama even had his name pulled from Michigan's ballot.

What will happen with Florida and Michigan, now that this total delegate pool is larger than any remaining pool, including superdelegates remaining to commit? Certainly, as we have stated before, the rules committee will not simply reverse their prior stance and allow the January election results to be seated as cast. Obama was not even on the ballot in Michigan, and as time passed his stature increased, so had the elections come later he would have done better than the "uncommitted" category in any case. Had he been on the ballot, he would have won Michigan. Florida is a more likely representation of what Hillary would have won, had the election occurred a week later as normally scheduled.

The rules committee will only alter their ruling if both camps are willing to go along with the deal, and Clinton is insisting on total victory. But being rigid, she will lose, as they will then close the books and assert that without a compromise on her part they cannot act. Then the voters of Michigan and Florida can consider her the problem, not Obama. Will Clinton bend at the last minute, seeing the leaning of the rules committee? This is unlikely, as her ambition knows no bounds, and both Hillary and Bill are accustomed to power, being able to wield power among the Democrats, and think their threats to punish those who don't go along with their program have great weight. They will be stubborn to the end, and be in disbelief when the rules committee walks out of the room, leaving the prior ruling in place. This is why we have in the past predicted that the prior ruling will stand on May 31.