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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written May 17, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat. Shot at 13:11 on May. 12, 2008 in Mei Xian County, Shaanxi province, west China, close to Xichuan province.

Earthquake clouds are evidence of emissions from the rock wafting skyward in steady, regular bursts. Would such emissions also affect the composition of the atmosphere over such stressed rock? Where mankind understands that electricity and lightning flashes are caused by electrons on the move, particle flows are a phenomena mostly undeciphered by man, who is ignorant of 999 of every 1,000 particles we, the Zetas, are aware of. Particle flows are the reason that the planets line up, like the rings of Saturn, around the Sun's girth. Particle flows are the root cause of magnetic fields. Particle flows are also the reason rainbow clouds appeared in the skies above Sichuan province prior to their recent quake. Rainbows are caused by a prism of water vapor, which bends the light rays on their way to the eye of the beholder. Rainbow clouds are likewise a prism, as the cloud itself has been arched over the particle flows emitting from the stressed rock. Yet one more sign that the inhabitants of planet Earth can use as a warning of an impending earthquake.

Will the LHC at the CERN facility create things that are beyond our control to fix?

Man, who is infantile in his development, has not been allowed the tools by which he can destroy his world. He can polulte, which is a slow process and never completely destroys life. He can create atomic destruction, which likewise creates mutations, disease and pain but does not utterly destroy life on the planet. Man is just playing around, trying to learn by doing and challenging theories - despite what bragging some may do.

Do the Zetas believe the China Earthquake was a natural event or were there other forces at work? [and from another] China Quake Death Toll Nearly 12,000 [Mar 13] Sichuan Province sits in the Sichuan basin and is bordered by the Himalayas to the west. The quake shook the ground in Beijing, 950 miles (1,528 km) away. The earthquake was also felt in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taiwan, and as far away as Hanoi, Vietnam, and Bangkok, Thailand.

The rumpled Himalayas mountains show the stress this part of the globe undergoes during violent geological change. This is mountain building terrain, and as we have explained numerous times, the Indo-Australian plate is being pushed under the Himalayas. Such quakes, and the devastation they cause, are only getting started.

It seems as though some of "Bush 3" 's recent blunders such as calling Democrats "appeasers of terror" are being choreographed to give advantage to Obama while not seeming to do so on the face of it. Is someone whispering in Bush 3's ear?

You are very astute! He indeed is being the typical "Bush persona" by seeming to rant and rave, but the results speak for themselves. Obama and his supporters and surrogates were able to point out the real appeasement ala N Korea, and how often talking with the enemy by past notaries resulted in avoidance of war.

Can the zetas discuss the reasoning behind "angels" interfering with political assassinations in some cases while allowing assassinations to be carried out in others? The Kennedys and many others have been taken out up to and including Wellstone. Others such as Ford in the mid 70s and various individuals who have disclosed critical info have been protected. Per the zetas Obama is protected as well. Is there a timing or criticality element that enters into the calculation?

This is indeed selective, and not a choice made by ourselves, the Zetas. In each case the Council of Worlds must approve, as to do otherwise is considered interfering with the free will of man and man's right to have an open and unpredictable schoolhouse. As we explained at the time, those in the Wellstone helicopter knew they were going to be targets and had, via soul-to-soul discussions, determined that his agenda would be furthered better by he and his companions becoming martyrs. There is complicated logic in each such decision by the Council. It is not simply what the individual does, or that the individual is operating strongly in the Service-to-Other. There is no general guideline that can be given to explain the Council's decisions.

Can the Zetas comment on why certain arguements concerning out of place Moon or Sun sightings are always loudly countered with the arguement that "thousands of go-to telescopes" world wide continue to work fine so what people are observing with their eyes must be wrong?

First, most who observe the Sun in the wrong place are not in possession of a go-to scope. Second, these scopes operate by sighting on a standard star such as Polaris, and then can predictably move to constellations or planets nearby as the stars of course have not changed their positions due to the Earth's wobble. These constellations can still be found relative to such an anchor as Polaris reliably no matter where Polaris may be. Third, when the scope moves, if a constellation is slightly off center the viewer simply adjusts the scope and considers that the scope has in essence worked. The constellation sought is in view, in the scope, even if off-center. Fourth, go-to scopes do not track the Sun! Scopes are for nighttime viewing, and thus those who see the Sun off track should never accept a go-to argument. The Moon's erratic path is seen without a scope, and thus is never challenged by the go-to logic. If someone says the Moon is off track, they are simply ridiculed, but no debunker says they should take a go-to scope out to find the Moon. Thus, it's a safe debunking argument, which is why it is used so extensively.

Was the remark made this week by the Vatican astronomer that to believe in aliens/UFOs was not against Church rules or going against God, an intentional comment to "prime the pump" to get people ready for future announcements ?

It has only been within the last few years that the Vatican apologized for drawing and quartering individuals and burning them at the stake when they asserted the world was not flat! It took them 400 years to get around to that. They do nothing to challenge their assertion that they are infallible unless forced into this situation. So why is the Vatican suddenly apologizing to their American flocks about pedophilia, and reversing their prior statements on life elsewhere in the universe? They, like the Republicans who have been in charge for so long, are fading and being rejected. The Catholic flock is shrinking, recruitment of priests and nuns is at an all-time low, and funds flowing into the treasury drying up! They are, in their desperation, trying to get modern.

Beyond this, they have learned from the components within their hierarchy doing devil worship over the years that promises made by Service-to-Self aliens are not being honored. Thus they are trying to suck up to Service-to-Other aliens who are busy educating the populace by mass UFO sightings. Are we saying that there are elements within the Vatican who know that aliens exist, because they have been communicating with aliens in the Service-to-Self? This is not a secret, and yes, this is a fact.

Can you please comment Prince Charle's statement in the Telegraph, in which he says within 18 months we will see big disasters if we not protect our forests. Is this eventually only a metaphoric warning of Planet X arriving next year?

Many watching the Earth changes see that prior projections for the rate of change due to Global Warming are wrong, and that scientists repeatedly seem to be taken by surprise. Unless in the know about the approach of Planet X, most assume Global Warming to be the cause of the current Earth changes - the weather and consequent storms and crop shortages. The elite use Global Warming as the bogey, and are trying to protect their reputation by making such statements. In effect, they are saying they warned the public about the effects, so when matters get extreme they cannot be blamed. Of course, being aware of the approach of Planet X, the British royal family is playing games by attempting to keep the public dumb and placid, but they anticipate that they will be able to make their escape before the public realizes they have been lied to.

What do you see for crop outputs in 2009 and 2010 (US and globally)? Are there certain crops that will be threatened and in what way?

In our lengthy descriptions of what the world can anticipate when the wobble affects the weather to the extent that crop shortages occur, we have included the following effects: crops blossoming too early due to warmth and then suffering due to a following freeze; crops where the seed is drowned by heavy rains so reseeding must be done or the crop considered a failure; crops affected by drought; flooding and storms where the crop is essentially washed away, as rice crops have been recently in Myanmar. Since drought or deluge cannot be anticipated, there is no way to list which crops are likely to be so affected. Fruit crops are most likely to be affected by early warmth followed by cold.

What is really going on with Bush on his mideast trip?

Bush went to the Middle East to plea for more oil production so the price of oil might be reduced, and was refused. As a result, his visit resulted in a rise in oil prices. Was this deliberate? Cheney went on a similar mission just months ago with the same result, so it was an anticipated result. The Saudis are not aware of a clone switch, so the visit was not intended to reduce the price of oil within the US but to subtly prepare the Saudis for a US withdrawal from Iraq. This clone is no longer denying the possibility, as the prior clones have.

Can the Zetas address concerns that Obama's membership in the Council of Foreign Relations might lead them to believe he'll be as co-opted as any president in recent memory?

Obama is his own man, and the reality of such a person in politics is not unknown. What reassures power groups among the elite is that he is a reasonable person, seeking to achieve his goals by negotiation with various parties so that win-win scenarios are achieved. He has a track record, and few are fooled that he will become a puppet as Clinton and McCain clearly are. Nevertheless, they see he has approached his goals by working within the system, such as the caucus state delegate selection process. Rather than a headstrong demand that he get his way, he has scanned the landscape and plotted his course. The elite have been reassured that his agenda will be reasonable, thus.

Are the Zetas at liberty to say whether the ETs President Eisenhower met with in Feb. of 1954 were Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other, and if the formation of the Bildergerg group three months later was connected to that meeting?

We have previously stated that when the Earth vote as to the future of the Earth was taken, it was expected for Earth to be a Service-to-Other world, and thus the rules that the Council of Worlds had previously laid down during such Transformations was expected to be laid down for the Earth likewise. Thus, visitations were to be recorded only in the subconscious, as conscious visitations could create anxiety and conflict between contactees and the rest of society. Service-to-Self aliens such as the Omnipotent Krlll quickly swept in just ahead of the vote and contacted the US military, thus avoiding this edict as the military was then allowed continued conscious contact with these Service-to-Self aliens. To achieve a balance, the Council allowed Service-to-Other aliens the same latitude - conscious contact with their US military contacts. From the time of Roswell, thus, MJ12 was meeting with both sets of aliens, those in the Service-to-Other and those in the Service-to-Self .

British UFO archives are being opened to the public. Is this another step in the Zetas' predicted awakening?,ufo051308.article

Numerous countries have been opening their files, and the Brits are just following suit so as not to be left behind, by continuing to deny the obvious. France has been a leader, opening their files via web access to the public. Chile allowed their military to attend UFO conferences to report their sightings and brushes with UFOs. The US has been notably lacking, but the media in the US has been reporting mass UFO sightings and crop circles with a more balanced attitude of late. The more open agenda is a result of a dual rationale on the part of those previously withholding UFO files. First, they don't want to be the last to admit the truth. Second, they hope to reverse their prior assertion that aliens are up to no good, that contact with benign aliens will increase and their populace might be saved and assisted by these benign aliens during the forthcoming cataclysms. The elite in these countries hope to ride the coattails of contactees, and be included in any such assist. They will be disappointed, as assistance by Service-to-Other aliens is given only to those humans who are highly Service-to-Other.

Cindy McCain seems to me a scary person. Something very unnatural about her. What is her link to staying with McCain?

Cindy is a Stepford wife persona, and for good reason. Despite holding the wealth in the family, she is emotionally dependent upon John McCain, and has been from the start of their relationship. He is forceful and decisive, at least in her presence. She deems this to be strength. That he changes his positions on policy is explained away in their private meetings, where she looks up to him adoringly. This is not due to McCain's strength, as he is, as we have explained, someone with adolescent tendencies, but due to her emotional needs. Many who are slavishly religious have similar problems - emotional dependency.

Is this link evidence of ground work for a governmental alibi in anticipation of coming infrastructural calamities? [and from another] America’s infrastructure is crumbling [May 10] Unless more funding and effort are put into saving the nation’s infrastructure, it will continue to crumble, say experts. An estimated $1.5 trillion over the next five years could be needed to avoid large-scale disaster.

The link is reporting a fact. To support the Iraqi war, the Bush administration has stolen funds from the Social Security funds and the highway fund. These are considered to be loans, but regardless, if the funds are not there, they are not being spent as intended.

Why were Bush and Cheney so set on stealing all the oil? After the pole shift the roads will be destroyed, most of the world's population dead, what is the need for all the oil? It's not like they will be able to sell it to people and get rich. I would of thought after the shift oil would be obsolete?

The Middle East is well served, at present, by shipping lines, so control of these oil fields in the Aftertime could be considered control of a commodity that could be shipped anywhere on Earth. The Bush administration, i.e. Bush inner circle, assumed that the US military would remain loyal to them like dumb stumps, without rebellion. They assumed that the broken link would not apply and their military infrastructure and weaponry would operate flawlessly. They assumed that any refineries destroyed could be rebuilt, and with a robot-like military at their control they could guard shipments to those countries around the globe that were cooperating with their dictatorship. Naïve? Clearly.

If what the Zetas is claiming is true, how does this gadget work?

As described above, for go-to scopes.

Two senators have blown the whistle on illegal spying on Americans through DHS. I have noticed an increase in the use of "climate change" and "disaster response" to explain the expansion of Big Brother these days. According to the article, "It would primarily be used to share data from military assets for disaster response, monitoring climate change and other purposes, according to DHS." Can the Zetas explain what is taking place?

The dictatorship envisioned by the Bush crowd was first assumed to be reliant upon terrorism. When false terrorism was blocked so that WMD could not be planted in Iraq and attempts at false terrorism in the US such as dirty nukes or bioterrorism attacks were not successful, the dictatorship apparatus felt threatened. They have switched to claiming that the Earth changes are cause for martial law and a threat to national security. How far the public will allow such a reach to proceed is yet to be determined.

What will Hillary do to actually get the nominee, Barack Obama, elected?

Hillary is trapped, for if she continues to attack Obama, then she for sure loses the superdelegates. They have made it quite clear that their defection from her ranks is because she is trying to promote herself at his expense and thus threatening the Democratic party's chances in November. But without tearing him down, he wins. Since, as speculated, she is hoping for some route to the White House, either via a VP slot or a run in 2012, she must take steps to ensure that route is open to her, not closed. She is being nice now, hoping that Obama will be pushed into offering her a VP slot. In that position she and Bill would attempt to run the country as though Obama were not even present in the Oval Office. Since a VP position will simply not be offered, she will next hope that Obama fails to get elected in November, opening a route for her to return in 2012 with an "I told you so". Thus, anticipate her support of Obama to be tepid, but without obvious derogatory comments.

Is Sorcha Faal a Russian intel website?

Sorcha is not a female nor is this entity Russian. It is a CIA disinformation avenue, intended for a western audience. With a mixture of truth and fiction, the CIA's prefered menu, it is intended to confuse the thoughtful Internet reader about the issues.

The Zetas seem to indicate that we are approaching the end of the "human experiment". Do they consider the experiment a success or failure?

Mankind was not an "experiment", and thus was not considered a failure. All genetic engineering projects are a work in progress. Mankind took several laboratory settings before modern man was developed sufficiently to be an effective vehicle for soul development. Projects requiring ongoing fine tuning are not considered a success or a failure, just a fact of life.

You have mentioned the diagonal shift from the Great Lakes to the Gulf in Mexico. What about the Continental Divide that goes up through New Mexico vertically, north south? Will it divide or tear? Big mountains there

After the New Madrid area adjusts, the bowing in the N American continent that encompasses the whole of the West Coast from Alaska to the tip of Mexico will be allowed to relax. This will create slip-slide along the San Andreas Fault line. To the extent that this forces mountain building, pushing the Continental Divide to the east, disruption along the Continental Divide can likewise occur.

I believe the Zetas said Planet X spends most of its 3.6 millennium orbit near the half way point of the binary system. Since it profoundly affects Earth's weather while near, does its absence, while near the sister star, also affect Earth's core opposed to its presence half way between the two stars?

When Planet X leaves the Earth's vicinity, returning to its dither point between its two foci, the Earth and any other planet affected by its passage attempts to recover. We have mentioned that earthquakes during its absence are in essence aftershocks. It is not an effect of Planet X during its long absence. It is instead a settling process that keeps the Earth active with quakes and the like.