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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written February 16, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

In some books and writings the words Indigo adults, Indigo children, Crystal children are mentioned. What about these terms are these just other words for Star Children or is there more to it?

Our hybrid program has been ongoing for several generations, and many contactees are aware they are part of this program as their babies are often placed in their arms. Realizing that the human form is under change, and that aliens are working with humans on such a project, many people get active imaginations. They imagine that they are special, their children are special, and ascribe this specialness to many symptoms as diverse as having attention deficit problems. In short, being special replaces a suspicion that one may be deficient, to banish a feeling of inadequacy. Because of the hybrid program, many humans suspect that mixed race hominoids are walking about in human society, and if feeling inadequate, may suspect that they are a hybrid.

The hybrids could not pass in human society, as their eyes are too huge, their heads without a hair on them, and their bodies stick thin. Star Children are indeed on Earth, in great numbers, but being a Star Child is different from being mixed race - human/Zetan, for instance. A Star Child has a human body incarnated with a soul from another planet. Almost invariably, the human mind and body they are incarnating into is unaware that the origin of the soul inhabiting the body is not terran. However, if the incarnation happens as a result of a walk-in, the human can be aware that something happened, as a change often happens in their life, their personality changing in some way when the walk-in occurred.

Will we see the troops in Iraq be brought back before the next President comes into office?

If we answered this, we would be giving clues as to the timing of coming Earth changes. This we are not allowed to do. We have stated that the Arabian Plate would turn in place so that the tip of this plate would tear through the oil fields of Iraq. This would turn Iraq into a holocaust, driving the troops home without question. We are not allowed to tell you when these disasters are to begin. Beyond these statements, we have stated that the Earth changes would bring the troops home, as they would be needed at home because of local disasters within the US. This again would give a clue as to the timing of such disasters. Sorry, but we cannot give clues as to the timing of disasters.

With Obama surging, Bush decapitated as the zetas predicted and an air of desperation around Iraq, the economy and anything smelling of Bush and company, are they still contemplating another try at martial law or have they finally realized that they will be blocked at every turn and will be content to try and slink off under a rock next year?

Their most recent attempt to impose a state of martial law within the US is only months old, when in June 2007 Bush tried to use the Emergency Action Network to call martial law via a direct route from the White House to the public. This failed, and a second planned attempt using Cheney's office was aborted via a deliberate fire in his offices a mere two months ago. Are they resigned at this point? No, but unless disasters distract others in government so extensively that Bush and company think no one is watching them, they are unlikely to make additional attempts.

I have noticed that rural land in relatively safe locations has shot up in price dramatically recently. Is this due more to people wanting to put their money into tangibles such as land as the economy fails as the zetas have suggested or has the word of the shift drifted out to the simply wealthy versus the super wealthy that have long known of the impending pole shift?

Rural land in safe locations such as the hinterland, high ground, is not increasing in price relative to land along coastlines or deep in river valleys because its relative worth has increased. Farm land within the US in fact is allowed to go fallow, encouraged to do so by the government, as a crop price maintenance maneuver. Why would this increase in land values then be happening? For those who say that the words of ZetaTalk are followed by only a handful of people, and not the populace at large, we point to such evidence of the impact of our words. The TV may be blaring about the subprime mortgage business or the War in Iraq or the current presidential campaign, but none of this would lead one to rush to buy rural land in the hinterland. We have, since the start of ZetaTalk in 1995, encouraged people to buy land in rural areas, plant gardens, learn to garden and save seed, etc. We have warned that when travel restrictions are imposed, as they are likely to be well before the last weeks, that those with a deed in hand will be allowed to travel, where those with no official business in a rural area might be restricted from travel. Thus, those who can afford to buy land are doing so, as a precaution.

Several states have introduced legislation to ban ammunition that is not "coded" in some way after 2010. Is this yet another attempt to disarm the populace in preparation for the chaos leading up to the shift? I assume that this will not be successful?

The US has a dilemma in that the Constitution allows the citizens to bear arms, and this tradition is long standing. Any attempts to restrict the gun trade results in black market deals. Since hand guns cannot be used with ammo, controlling the flow of ammo is a backdoor way of controlling the traffic in guns. However, when the disasters preceding the pole shift start in earnest, the databases needed to track any ammo to a source and thus an illicit sale will not be working. Too little, too late.

Big pipeline explosion in Texas the other day. I suppose due to some land movement? [and from another] Pipeline explosion in Texas [Feb 15] An oil pipeline exploded near the U.S.-Mexico border on Friday, sending flames nearly 400 feet into the air, authorities said. Firefighters shut the flow of crude oil distillate about 10 miles down the pipeline and were waiting for the rest of the crude to burn off. The cause of the explosion was under investigation. [and from another] Strange smell stinks up southern Indiana [Feb 15] A rank, rotten-eggs-like smell permeated parts of southern Indiana on Thursday, prompting calls to authorities and leading state officials to investigate. The source of the smell wasn't immediately known, but one possibility was that it was a leaking tank of odorizer that is commonly applied to natural gas lines to alert people to leaks. Reports started coming in from Orange and Lawrence counties around 6:30 a.m. The smell in Monroe County was first reported by residents at The Pointe, which is in the southern part of the county.

There will be increasing stress along the fault lines associated with the New Madrid fault line, up until a significant adjustment is made. Before a large quake occurs, there are minor adjustments, a type of snapping here and there of weak links while the major links still hold. Stretch stench in Indiana is a symptom of such minor adjustments. Pipelines of course are very vulnerable as they are not flexible, and the design of pipelines and refineries assumes the ground below to be stable.

What's up with Russia? They're showing off with their nukes like big time bullies. Is WW3 gonna start soon? [and from another] Russian Bomber Buzzes U.S. Aircraft Carrier [Feb 12] American fighter jets intercepted two Russian bombers, one of which buzzed a U.S. aircraft carrier in the western Pacific. Russia's Defense Ministry said Tuesday that there was no violation of flight regulations during the incident. A ministry official said the flights are standard operating procedure for air force training. One of them twice flew about 2,000 feet over the deck of the USS Nimitz Saturday while another flew about 50 miles away. Two others were at least 100 miles away. US defense officials said four F/A-18A fighter jets from the Nimitz were in the air. The Russians and the U.S. carrier did not exchange verbal communications. Four turboprop Tupolev-95 Bear bombers took off from Ukrainka Air Base, in Russia's Far East, in the middle of the night. One of the planes violated Japanese airspace. Russian bombers have been making flights over the western Pacific for several months. There have been eight incidents off Alaska since July. Among the latest, on September 5, six F-15s from Elmendorf Air Force Base, adjacent to Anchorage, Alaska, intercepted six Russian bombers about 50 miles from the northwest coast of Alaska. Two similar incidents occurred in August, one near Cape Lisburne, Alaska, and the other near Cold Bay, Alaska, west of the Aleutian Islands.

From the start of the current Bush administration, the US has been threatening Russia. First, they backed out of disarmament treaties. Then they talked about getting back into testing new nuclear devices such as bunker busting nukes. Then they talked about placing nukes in Poland pointing across Russian territory, with the excuse that this would be a deterrent to Iran. Russia was quite patient with all this saber rattling until recently, when Putin sensed that Bush was getting desperate as his last term was running out and all attempts to impose martial law and install Bush as president for life had failed. Putin is speaking to the US military here, not to Bush, as he knows the military is not following the directives issued by Bush. His warning is clear. He is warning that any confrontation will not be bounded as Bush hopes, but will involve US territories. We outlined this technique as one both Russia and the Puppet Master would use to contain the US, and it is being employed.

Was just in Tulum last week and was struck at how accurate everything is lined up there as it seems to proceed on automatic pilot. Are the Mayan Elders drawing some of their conclusions from differences in the line-up of the "walled city" of Tulum with the universe? Very impressed with the reef that guarded Tulum, too. The reef just went on for as far as the eye could see but there was one spot that had been cut away so if you knew how to get through you could. Is the current wobble too subtle to be noticed at Tulum? [and from another] Via email Feb 15: The wobble can be seen by anyone who watches the sun come up every morning. I am here in Northcentral Washington state. Since yesterday's sunrise and today's sunrise, I have witnessed a jump north of more than 5 to 7 degrees. [and from another] Via email Feb 15: I am located approx 25 miles north of Cincinnati. When I viewed it the big dipper was at the top of the dome with the pointers (the two outer stars of the cup) pointing to about 40 to 45 degrees. If I understand correctly, that would mean that the N pole is approximately 40 to 45 degrees West of north, a fairly severe lean already and increasing. Skymap shows me that the two outer stars of the Big Dipper cup should be at Azi 315-325 Alt 52. This is in the NW, not the top of the dome, and the dipper is rotated further along which would be true in a halted orbit. The Earth should be in the September position, and it is February already. Indeed, your description has Polaris way to the West! [and from another] Via email Feb 5: I have wondered if my satellite connection which has been on the edge of reception and has not been able to connect in the morning for months but returns to performance later in the afternoon reflects the wobble here in New England. Even the toilet coriolis related to distance from the Equator seems weaker mornings than afternoons.

To acknowledge the current Earth wobble requires that one be brave - willing to face the authorities and call them liars when the official line is to discount whatever a citizen is registering, and be willing to realize what a wobble might mean in terms of physical security in the near future. Those who cannot be brave go into denial, as we have so often emphasized. They will notice an aberration, and decide to simply not see it. They toss it aside. If something appears normal, they grasp at this and wave it about, loudly proclaiming all is well. There are also incidents the establishment promotes, in an attempt to assure the populace that all is normal. Someone noting that the Moon is not where it should be, that the Moon seems to have a new orbit, thus decides it must be their perception, their error, as such an occurrence would surely be on the television and in the news. By promoting so-called normal indicators, the establishment is trying to repress open discussion on what the populace is increasingly noting.

A new book about Remote Viewing by Jim Marrs called PSI Wars confirms the future described by the Zetas - living in domes,with creature comforts after a time.

One means the establishment uses to discredit or displace ZetaTalk is to take part of the message and combine that with disinformation. If you want the full truth, read ZetaTalk.

Will there be physical conscious waking contact between humans and other beings before the shift?

In some locales, yes. The Awakening proceeds in accordance with how those affected by any contact will react. Where contact is welcomed and does not create undue anxiety, the pace is quickened. Where it created fear because the populace has been told the alien presence is evil, contact proceeds on an individual basis.

How will the Indigenous uncivilized peoples around the world, such as the Aboriginies, and tribal people in South America and Africa fare during the pole shift. Will the Zetas do anything to help them survive? I feel that thier ability to survive off the land without modern technology would be a blessing in the times after the shift, and those of us who are more technologically advanced and better off can really learn something from them, and they could be a huge advantage to those people needing to survive on the land.

Indigenous peoples are not unaware of the coming changes, as they are often attuned to nature and notice the changes. Their more primitive lifestyle allows them to live off nature, unlike soft city folk in so-called civilized countries. It is not the indigenous peoples who need help, therefore!

Are parallel realities physical places? Are our dreams glimpses of these other realities, and are these our other alternate lives?

No, no, and no.

I believe the Zetas earlier confirmed the S&L savings scandal of the 1980s and early '90s was, in part, a CIA induced heist of the country's wealth and most people know the Bushes were front and center in the thick of it. Now, NY governor, Elliot Spitzer, claims the Bush administration actively and purposefully promoted predatory banking practices which have created the subprime crisis and which is now spilling over into the bond market. According to Spitzer, "Not only did the Bush administration do nothing to protect consumers, it embarked on an aggressive and unprecedented campaign to prevent states from protecting their residents from the very problems to which the federal government was turning a blind eye. Let me explain: The administration accomplished this feat through an obscure federal agency called the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). The OCC has been in existence since the Civil War. Its mission is to ensure the fiscal soundness of national banks. For 140 years, the OCC examined the books of national banks to make sure they were balanced, an important but uncontroversial function. But a few years ago, for the first time in its history, the OCC was used as a tool against consumers." My question is: Was this more planned heist of Americans' money or was it a desperate attempt by the administration to provide the appearance of a healthy economy by creating a bubble in the market and praying it would last?

The subprime housing bubble was encouraged by the Bush administration for several reasons. One was to boost Wall Street, which was an obvious indicator of the plunging economy within the US. If one factors in inflation, the DOW is far lower now than when Bush took office. Of course it was known that illegal maneuvers would be used to force a bubble, and the regulators under Bush were told to turn a blind eye to this. Insider trading is done all the time in order to maintain the DOW, and is likewise allowed while being against the law. The main goal was to keep the DOW up, and to create a flurry of activity in the housing sector - remodeling, new homes, and all the furnishings that new homes require. The S&L crisis allowed vast funds from the public sector to disappear into private pockets. This was first and foremost a theft. But the housing bubble was not expected to burst, as the pole shift was expected to arrive before this occurred. Yes, there were those who ripped off the lending business and have tried to disappear with the funds, but the trail is there in stone - no escape from eventual prosecution.

American Al Qaida Adam Gadahn missing? Where is this charcter? What about the Puerto Rican taliban? Is he ever going to be freed or die innocent locked up during the passing of Planet X?

Prisons may or may not be emptied prior to the shift, but in the main, these prisoners will not be released and will die from starvation if by no other means after their guards desert them. Some prison guards may release their prisoners out of compassion, or release some of them, but most will fear to release them, knowing the crimes committed and the attitudes towards guards the prisoners have expressed. Could a guard turn his back, while running to save himself from a rising tidal wave? The guards will save themselves.

Lets say Obama won the Whitehouse bid, would he really be assasinated as the British Nobel prize winner Doris Lessing predicts. She also says that it would be better if Hillary won and have Obama as her running mate. Any comments?

Obama clearly has had threats, as his Secret Service detail is as large as the detail assigned to Bush. Such predictions are based on an understanding of the danger the individual is under, but do not take into consideration the protection that angels might provide. Obama is not in human hands alone.

Are there any psychics that are real or is everyone that claims to be psychic faking it? Are there types of psychic phenomena that are really possible but we just haven't learned how to use them?

Psychics are a real phenomena. They use a variety of means to arrive at their predictions and insights. One is telepathy, whereby they talk to other humans. Another is soul-to-soul communication whereby their soul has a conversation with another and updates the human brain of the psychic. John Edwards, who speaks to the dead, is using both communication forms when delivering his messages to an audience. People who are psychic become aware of their abilities at an early age, and these talents are not something that can be taught.

Why are them talking about launching a missile to destroy it? Someone here in GLP pointed they were not thinking of launching a missile to destroy the Mir Space Station when it falls. What is in this satellite they want destroy so no one can see what it is? [and from another] The satellite that will be shot down. Does it carry nuclear materials? Is that the big danger?

The ISS is not yet dropping, out of control. Space debris that is small is not considered a problem, as it is likely to burn up before it hits Earth. This spy satellite is intact, with a fuel tank the contents of which can burn the lungs of anyone in the vicinity and can prove fatal. Worse than the fatalities are those living with burned lungs, a long slow death. The US is trying to appear responsible for their mess, attempting to break this dropping satellite into pieces so, at a minimum, the fuel disburses. There is nothing more sinister about this matter than that.

The latest illinois college shooter had the same modus operandi as the VA tech shooter. A pattern has emerged. All the recent shooters have been confirmed to be taking Antidepressants that contain Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitors, which studies have shown can be mind altering and cause wild mood swings, plus, strangely all the shooters commit suicide after blasting everyone away. Now, the Zetas have said already that it's a situation where the soul is vying for a good position on a Service-to-Self planet by doing this and this is like their ticket in. But, can the Zetas also confirm that the government is creating these 'manchurian candidate' assassins through secret programs like Project Clear Eyes, the governments secret program to recruit mind-controlled assassins and that they specifically target candidates who are willing to be controlled? In connection, the government is pushing for strong police state measures by trying to quietly null the 2nd amendment through backdoor bills in congress so they can disarm the populace. We know how the government operates on a 'Problem-Reaction-Solution' modus operandi, and evidence points to these shootings being the 'Problem' created by the establishment through secret programs like Project Clear Eyes, where the peoples 'Reaction' would be to demand stronger gun control, and the governments 'Solution' would be to take everyones guns, making them look like the saviors. Would the Zetas agree that this is what is happening in combination with what is said earlier about Service-to-Self souls vying for positions of power in their next incarnation? [and from another] 7 Dead In N. Illinois University Massacre [Feb 14] A gunman opened fire on a geology class at Northern Illinois University Thursday afternoon, killing six people before taking his own life on stage as panicked students ran and ducked for cover. Peters said the gunman was a former NIU student but was not currently enrolled at the school and was apparently taking classes at another state college. The gunman was a graduate student studying sociology at NIU in the spring of 2007. A preliminary investigation revealed the gunman had no criminal record and there was no record of him having any previoius contact with police.

Manchurian candidates are not operating as the movie business would have you believe. Such robots waiting to explode into action when instructed were indeed on the drawing boards, but the CIA and other such government agencies never succeeded. The brain is simply not compartmentalized to allow such programming. Memories are recorded in many areas, and successful amnesia only occurs when the physical body itself wants to bury a memory such as after trauma. Detaching the conscious so a memory can only be recorded in the subconscious is something man has not learned to do either through chemical means or by using trauma such as torture. The most they succeeded at doing was driving the poor subjects insane, which renders them useless as then they are certainly not listening to their handlers.

Everybody knows by now that the economy is tanking, while mainstream news continues to chirp about how we are not in a recession and how things will get better. It is clear from all the economic indicators that 2008 will be a financial tsunami, dwarfing 2007, which was the worst year financially that we've seen in a very long time. Many analysts say the upcoming financial crash will make the 1930's depression look like a picnic on a sunny day, and many are saying that the unstoppable spiral has already begun and will continue to accelerate. Can the Zetas comment on this. Also, The Zetas have said many times, and now even some top economists are saying that we are headed for a "return to barter". Do the Zetas predict that the mainstream news outlets like CNN and FOX will ever admit we are in a recession, let alone depression? and when the situation truly deteriorates into a barter economy will the same mainstream media outlets still continue to chirp on about how it's temporary and the economy is recovering while continuing to censor and cover-up the true financial situation in the USA?

There are many reasons the media is under instructions to deny the obvious. The establishment knows a pole shift is coming, and that such matters as crop shortages and breaking infrastructure will get worse as this time arrives. When the big quakes and disasters really start hitting, the establishment is also aware that they cannot take care of the citizens who have dutifully been paying taxes all these years. A facade of normalcy is to be projected, at all costs. The goal of those in the establishment who see themselves at the top of the pile is to deny until the last minute so that workers go to their jobs and make few demands of the government. They fear the public demanding well stocked bunkers like those the elite have arranged for themselves. They fear the public ignoring their jobs so that city services are not maintained, a discomfit to the elite. Regardless of how bad things are, media denial will be the norm.

The 'official' unemployment numbers for the USA stand at 4.9 percent. This is hard to believe for anybody who's keeps an eye on the economy. Would the Zetas say these numbers are much higher and have been increasing dramatically over the past few years? because it feels like it's being under-reported.

Of course the employment statistics are a lie. They are created from various mathematical models, not real measures. A birth/death calculation is one of these models, the logic being that if people are out there breathing, they must be working! A true measure of employment would be income tax deductions from paychecks, or tracking by social security number those who become unemployed until they are re-employed. But no such actual tracking is done. It is a complete swag, a guess, and not a valid statistic, and one subject to political pressure absolutely.

Is sending Chelsea Clinton out to help with Hillary a sign they are getting desperate? And is Chelsea aware of Planet X and her parent's dealings and in full compliance?

Chelsea is very protected, and is not even aware of her parent's dalliances, much less the presence of Planet X.

What percentage of Americans actually support Israel. Isn't it a fact that Israel has lost the support of the American people?

The support of Israel by the US has two bases. One is that Israel is a partner which would manage the oil fields of the Middle East in the absence of US troops, or so it is assumed. They are there, and have a military force and rumored nuclear devices provided to them by the US government. The second and primary reason the US seems to be under the thumb of Israeli influences is that the US is very much in debt and most banks are run by very savvy Jewish bankers. The common man in the US is hardly in love with the idea of supporting and protecting Israel. This is the attitude of those in political power who are running up the US debt and aware of the coming pole shift so have invaded Iraq in order to commandeer all the oil fields.

Which will happen first? The huge California Earth Quake, or the tear along the New Madrid fault line dividing the USA?

Many fairly minor quakes will occur before large adjustments such as we have described, where the bridges crossing the Mississippi River will be broken and land to the west of the Mississippi drops in sea level. Speaking of major quakes of that scope, it will be the New Madrid Fault that adjusts first, and thence adjustments up the West Coast will occur. But many smaller quakes will occur before that.