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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written January 19, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

I am writing from San Juan Puerto Rico. Today a major newspaper in San Juan published the enclosed photo related to an article that describe the nearest point of the sun in January 2008. At 7 o'clock of the sun it is visible a round object with a tail. Enhanced it seems reddish.

This is a genuine shot, but is not the corpus of Planet X but a moon swirl seen from the end of the swirling tube. The moon swirls are being turned toward the Earth, emerging from the N Pole of Planet X and swinging to the left along the magnetic flow lines that return to the S Pole of Planet X. The connection via red dust from moon swirls to the Planet X corpus is not obvious, as the red dust clings to the moons in the swirl. There is no visual connection thus to the Planet X corpus which rides to the right of the Sun from your perspective. Being more directly between the Earth and Sun, Planet X is reflecting sunlight back toward the Sun rather than directly toward the Earth. The object in target="_top">Sign #1667 is also a moon swirl, close to Earth and in a similar angle to reflect sunlight from the rising Sun. That moon swirls are now seen to the left of the Sun, where in November of 2006 when the Sign #1667 photo was taken they were to the right of the Sun, shows the degree of progress of Planet X in its 270º roll. Formerly, these swirls were located to the right of the Sun, but now with the N Pole of Planet X swung to point more directly at Earth, they can be seen to the left of the Sun.

Dozens in Texas Town Report Seeing UFO [Jan 14] In this farming community where nightfall usually brings clear, starry skies, residents are abuzz over reported sightings of what many believe is a UFO. Several dozen people - including a pilot, county constable and business owners - insist they have seen a large silent object with bright lights flying low and fast. Some reported seeing fighter jets chasing it. "People wonder what in the world it is because this is the Bible Belt, and everyone is afraid it's the end of times," said Steve Allen, a freight company owner and pilot who said the object he saw last week was a mile long and half a mile wide. "It was positively, absolutely nothing from these parts." While federal officials insist there's a logical explanation, locals swear that it was larger, quieter, faster and lower to the ground than an airplane. They also said the object's lights changed configuration, unlike those of a plane. People in several towns who reported seeing it over several weeks have offered similar descriptions of the object. [and from another] Stephenville has a sea level elevation of from 900-1700 feet, where Dallas has an elevation of 450-500 feet.

Stephenville has a high elevation in its immediate area. Checking a topography map one sees that rivers flow from and around the area. Compared to the Dallas area, in which rivers flow through, Stephenville will be dry when Dallas is flooded. We have described what will occur in Texas during the hour of the pole shift. Tidal waves will flow in from the Gulf and not stop, as the flat land of Texas offers no barrier for water on the move. Texas will be flooded all the way to the highlands of the north and west, to an extent not considered possible by the residents of Texas. Dallas will be flooded, for weeks, until the waters slowly drain, forcing the residents to clamor into highrises to survive. The pole shift flood tide will occur too rapidly for those trapped before it to escape. All who did not heed our warnings will be clinging to floating material, washed inland and then out again when the tide recedes. Those in sight of any highlands in the area will paddle frantically in that direction, and arrive, starving and desperate, atop the hills of Stephenville. These are not neighbors one can choose, as they will arrive, unbidden. We have warned that cannibalism will occur in the highrises of Dallas when food in vending machines and restaurants run out. Those paddling to Stephenville may be good of heart or ruthless. The UFO warnings to the people of Stephenville are to be prepared for either group.

Could the UFO in the San Diego Skies Be Sky Lanterns? [Jan 1] Possible explanations flooded into FOX6 after we aired our first report, from top secret military drones to rockets. Several viewers suggested the lights were Chinese flying lanterns. Basically, minature hot-air balloons fueled by a candle or other flame. They are customarily released at the New Year for good luck.

San Diego will be quickly inundated during the pole shift, and will suffer high tides well beforehand too. New Year's Eve celebrations are normally a time when one looks forward with anticipation to the year ahead, the celebrants resolving to do better than the year that passed. What the young people celebrating into the early hours of the new day are not contemplating is having their life washed inland and then out to sea. They were being warned, by the UFO floating quietly overhead, to anticipate these flood tides. And for those inclined to fight for survival, for themselves or their friends and families and neighbors, they were also being advised as to what steps to take.

Is there anything unusual that caused the crash of the Boeing 777 at Heathrow this week? It was notable as the engines failed when landing and the warning system gave no indication there was a problem leaving the pilots unaware until the engines did not respond to the controls 2 miles from the runway. The pilot reported that there was a complete loss of power and had to glide the plane in. All this at the exact same time as PM Gordon Brown was due to take off for his visit to China causing his departure to be delayed. Co-incidence?

We have predicted that before the pole shift that satellites will fail, completely. Since the tail is expected to waft about, bringing debris of all sizes into the area of Earth's atmosphere, it is assumed that this would be the reason for failure. Electromagnetic disturbance is a major factor in our predicted satellite mass failure, however. We have frequently reminded our public about the August-September 2003 time frame when brownouts and blackouts were occurring worldwide. This was a time when red dust was also noted on cars and patio furniture. The tail of Planet X is charged, as iron oxide takes a charge. Electrical equipment on the ground has breakers that protect the equipment, should it be struck by lightning. Electrical equipment on planes or in satellites is not anticipated to be struck by lightning, or to receive a surge or brownout for any reason. Ground based equipment is anticipated to suffer because lightning seeks the ground and will strike the highest point, such as transmission line poles with their grounds. The tail of Planet X has not been causing lightning storms in excess in the atmosphere of Earth, as yet, nor did it in late summer of 2003. But it does create surges and brownouts, and the equipment of airplanes is not prepared to guard against this. Does this mean that air travel will become less safe in the future? Without a doubt.

Do the Republicans still think that they can win the presidency fair or foul? The various candidates seem to be putting a great deal of energy into what the Zetas tell us is a losing cause. Are they still banking on Hillary as an opponent?

Those Republicans who are aware of the extent that voter fraud was used in 2000 and 2004 are aware that these techniques were reversed on them in 2006, causing them to lose when they had been assured that the fix was in. Most Republicans, even those involved in running campaigns and being candidates, are unaware of the facts in these matters. The Republican candidates understand that Bush is held in low regard and are distancing themselves from him. All the candidates except Guiliani are unaware of voter fraud except by rumor, and are honestly trying to win. Those in the old Rove camp that arranged voter fraud are looking to create a win for the Republicans by smear campaigns against the Democratic nominee, who they saw as Clinton until Obama raised a challenge. Hillary has secrets not yet in the public domain, thus the reason so many high level Republicans have been promoting her, stating they expect her to win. She was expected be an easy target to "shoot" down.

Are the volcanoes that are rumbling to life on the western edge of the Americas more evidence of earth torque due to the wobble? Is this a part of a returning hammer type phenomena that will soon manifest dramatic earth changes?

Earthquakes and volcanic activity go hand-in-hand. The plates have loosened up, allowing greater movement, and the wobble has become more violent. All of this means stronger quakes and more reaction by volcanoes. We stated a few months ago that earthquakes would no longer increase in a linear fashion, but increase more at an exponential rate. The same statement could be made about volcanoes, which follow suit.

Are cloned animal meat safe to eat? I read on the Jeff Rense program that the FDA is forcing this on the public without labeling what it really is. Any comment? [and from another] FDA Backs Safety of Meat, Milk from Cloned Animals [Dec 28] As expected, the Food and Drug Administration announced Thursday that its scientific assessment of meat and milk from cloned animals determined they were safe for human consumption. The announcement, coming after four years of review and research, is just the beginning of what will be a year or more process of public input and discussion before these products can be sold.

Cloning, when done properly, does not affect the outcome. The clone is indistinguishable from the original. If the cloning process builds in genetic defects, the cloned embryo is unlikely to survive and will be aborted. When an embryo is created the natural way, half of the DNA is received from the mother, half from the father, and the two coils wind around each other to form the DNA double helix of the new offspring. It is during this process that mutations can occur as the winding can falter, or the parents can have missing or double chromosomes so that the winding matches up incorrectly. When the mutation is too extreme, natural abortions occur. In cloning, no such winding is involved, as the DNA is complete to begin with. If the cloning technique is such that the DNA is tampered with in any way, the fetus would be unlikely to able to develop, as whole sections of genetic instructions would be missing. Thus, if the cloned animal survives and is healthy, it is no more dangerous to eat the clone than to eat the original. There is, frankly, more risk in eating meat from offspring conceived the natural way, as this is more of a genetic toss of the dice than cloning. Therein lies the allure of cloning. The offspring will not be a surprise!

For what I read there seems to be a world wide increase of UFO sightings, even over here in the Netherlands. And then there was the sighting above Texas. Is this increase related to the awakening or are their more factors involved like warnings related to things that could occur this year? [and from another] What's up with the flurry of Texas UFO sightings? And were they really being chased by the Air Force? Is the PTB keeping mum because they're afraid of admitting the UFOs are running them around in circles? And are these Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self ETs?

What should be noted is the coverage given the Texas and San Diego UFO sightings. Fox news showed the entire San Diego video, for several minutes. CNN and MSNBC and Fox all covered the Texas UFO sighting, and Larry King devoted a show to this. Step back only a couple years and recall how these matters were covered - ridiculed, if given any coverage at all. The coverage given recently to valid reports is a sign that the establishment realizes they cannot continue to debunk the alien presence. The public knows the truth, due to their own experiences and their own perceptions of who is telling the truth. For the establishment to continue a cover-up of the alien presence, to continue to debunk, means that the public will discount the establishment, treating them as the liars which they are. Thus, the establishment must begin to acknowledge UFOs, and by extension, the alien presence!

The collasped bridge in Minnesota was ruled a design problem, that was at fault. So will the coverup work? [and from another] The posting today on the Minneapolis Bridge collapse does make sense. How can gusset plates 1/2 the proper thickness and designed for a factor of safety of 1.3 not collapse before now. The bridge or "dead weight" is always the same and the "live rolling loads" (cars and trucks) can't weigh any more than a traffic jam that has the cars lined up bumper to bumper on the bridge. Surely if the gusset plates were under sized by a factor of 2 there would have been a failure before now. I am a Structural Engineer that's how I know something is up with the official explanation. [and from another] Rosenker noted that structural weight had been added to the Minneapolis bridge in two major renovations, in the 1970s and 1990s. Rosenker said that construction materials on the bridge the day it collapsed, which were part of a resurfacing project, added about 300 tons and were on the same side where failure of the bridge began.

Clearly, with a bridge snapped apart and flinging to the side, the establishment had to say something. What are they to say - "cause unknown"? They were caught in a bind, since if the lie was something like terrorism, it would cause panic. To say that rust was the cause, as first speculated, likewise is a concern as the bridge was no more decrepit than thousands of other bridges across the country. They came up with an excuse that would separate this particular bridge from other bridges, or so they hoped - poor design. How many in the public would pursue the issue, or even be qualified to examine the issue? Structural engineers might see the fault in the excuse given, but are not given the media spotlight.

Bush is giving out massive refunds this year, 150 billion in tax cuts. What is the reason for this and will it work?

In an election year, this is a win for Bush. The Democrats in Congress dare not protest that the national debt would be increased, nor would the Republicans in Congress. Bush is attempting to slow the slide into oblivion for the economy, but will not succeed. The dollar is tanking, inflation climbing in necessities like food, oil and gas, and job layoffs as well as repossession of homes have been skyrocketing. In that paper money will soon be meaningless in any case, because of the coming pole shift and its effect on civilization, this should not be a deep concern.

You Zetas say that after the pole-shift new mixed communities will form around the world with Service-to-Other survivors and aliens. How can be possible for two such different races to live together and understand each other? How can 3rd density humans interact with 4th density creatures?

You are obviously not a contactee or you would understand how very well intelligent creatures from different planets can interact. Love is the bond, among ourselves and our contactees, who soon relax when they realize they will not be harmed but are meeting future teammates. The focus is on issues, concerns that the contactee has, and finding solutions becomes a mutual effort.

Main stream media had a story on Tom Cruise and the video that is all over the net. 20-20 did a big news story on it last night. When I see main stream media saying something to make Cruise look to be a nut it makes me think that Cruise is even more sane. So I believe the basis of his religion is being from alien DNA? OK farfetched but some GLPers here take advice from Nancy and the Zetas. Does that make them crazy? Some people belive in aliens. Are they crazy?My question is why does the main stream media now view Tom Cruise as a threat?

Scientology is a religion that purports not to be a religion. Because of this, it is considered by many to be attempting to take the public by stealth. If one pronounces their religious belief, others understand that this belief is driven by faith, not by science or facts. Since Scientology purports to be, as the name implies, the study of science, it is a fraud. The recent attacks are based on this.

In ZetaTalk there is a answer on Chakras. Now there are people who say that they had expierences with kundalin. According to Hindu and other writings it's a force that lies dormant in the lowest chakras. There are people who say that they had experience with this energy, some even had problems because it awoke too fast. Is this energy for real?

We have explained the chakra points are locations where the soul has spread in the body during an incarnation. The human body in an incarnation might be utterly unaware of the incarnating soul, or intensely aware and in communication with its soul. This choice is up to the soul, who can choose to keep the body dumb or involve the body in communications. The soul can go out-of-body with the human body scarcely aware of this, only aware that it seems to have lost some of its normal motivation. Those who are aware of their chakras are likely those seeking to communicate with their indwelling soul, and as a consequence, succeed! It is this communication they are describing regarding kundalini.

Why would our UK government want to go ahead building new nuclear power plants, when they surely must know that alternative 'free' power is a reality, and could be used instead. Is it because the authorities don't think that they will be allowed to utilise this new power technology?

Man seeks to have what is termed "free energy" because they sense that such a thing must exist, as it does. Our perpetual batteries operate based on our knowledge of this. But because the Earth is considered a kindergarden for young souls to determine their spiritual orientation to be either Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self, mankind is not to have any powerful technology that would allow domination of the planet by those strongly in the Service-to-Self. Thus, not succeeding at figuring out free energy, governments are forced to inform their public that they are pursuing other means. Oil is rising in price, and controlled by nations not under British control. Thus, a responsible government seeks other means of keeping the power grid up.

Has the Earth changed position in the last 4 wks or so, because I'm in Georgia and we are getting lots of snow and it is cold. Haven't seen this in 4 or 5 years. A pattern perhaps?

We have stated that the Earth wobble would create more weather wobble, swings in temperature, as well as alternating extremes from drought to deluge. We predicted these swings early in the life of ZetaTalk, and later explained they would be caused by the Earth wobble which developed in early 2004. The wobble has become more violent, and will get more violent yet. These matters have only begun!

The craters on the Moon (and also on the other planets and moons) are perfectly round. Did the meteorites fall all in vertical?

Visible craters are formed by an impact on a soft surface, and thus the round appearance. There is a crater of this type in Arizona, which appears to be placed in rock, but when the meteor struck this area was soft mud, having recently been under water on the old Earth when it was entirely a water planet. The Moon was formed from molten lava, during such cataclysmic times when Earth was pummeled and lost some of her mass and most of her water. Thus the Moon appears to have these craters, which were formed when it was soft rock, not yet hardened.

Are the Clintons and Bushes and the rest of the PTB all aware of the spiritual dimension to the poleshift and subsequent transformation, or are they sold on the Service-to-Self versions of "maybe it might, maybe it might not"? Is it only a physical event to them, one which they think they can ride out in their bunkers?

The Transformation and spiritual orientation of the soul is described in many ways by the various cultures and religions of the world. In Christianity, for instance, it is known as the time of Armageddon, with the faithful ascending or living on Earth for a thousand years of peace afterwards, with Jesus. Our description is of a pole shift, with those who are highly Service-to-Othr being granted a lift to preserve their life during the hour of the shift so that they can help others afterwards, and the Earth being transformed by removal of souls who are Service-to-Self to prison planets. Those humans who are highly Service-to-Self and seeking counsel from Service-to-Self visitors are told all manner of tales, mostly that by joining their ranks they will gain dominance over others in the future. They are lied to, because the Service-to-Self lie freely, but they don't discover this until late in the game.

Why is DNI McConnell trying so hard to make sure all electronic communications are fair game to be intercepted without a FISA warrant? His latest comments betray the fact they seem to be running scared more lately.

Those who require control over others in order to feel secure react in predictable ways when they start losing control. They panic, and insist on more control. The Bush White House has become irrelevant, decapitated, with the federal agencies essentially ignoring orders coming from the White House. This has increased to the point where the public sees this, no longer hidden from view to avoid having to explain the new relationship to the public. The media is now commenting that Bush seems to have lost control of the military, as the Navy explained they were mistaken when a story about Iran's guard was promoted recently. This story countered the story Bush wanted in the press during his visit to Israel. The first reaction in one who has assumed they are in control is temper tantrums and more demands. The next reaction is depression and attempts to bribe or manipulate others in order to regain control. Bush is in this second state now, but McConnell is still trying to demand he have the control he feels he needs.

I watched your Zeta Report 16 (video) and am curious about something. If the cycle, as per Zetas, is 3657 years, and if the last pole shift is around 1628 BC/BCE, then that would put the next pole shift at 2029 AD/CE, wouldn't it? If 2029 AD, I would not consider this event "due", although clearly there may be other factors that effect the 3657 year period. Yet, the 3657 year period is their number. The 1628 date seems reasonable. Other sources I have researched may put the date at 1627 BC (470 years before the time of David as you have noted), but this seems very reasonable after all. Also, there seemed to be a sense of satisfaction when you reported that "we are due". I do not understand this. It seems that there would be a tremendous sense of loss - life, culture, plant and animal kind - many things. Yes, there is rebirth through renewal, but this pole shift seems like a problem that needs a solution, not something to feel satisfied about. I am confused by this as well as the 2029 year issue.

We have explained that after a pole shift, record keeping goes to heck. This is well documented in Egyptian history, where a culture that had a census and military seemed to fall apart suddenly to the extent that their Jewish slaves walked away from them one and all. Thus, the exact date of the last pole shift is not known. For several centuries, record keeping is not done. The 1628 BC date is an estimate of when a major volcanic eruption occurred in the Mediterranean - Thera. This is an estimate. Carbon dating is not an exact science. Attempting to match one estimate with another also does not bring success, as folklore can be patchy. What is certain is the description of what the Egyptians and Jews went through, as there is correlation between the Book of Exodus and a Papyrus written by the Egyptians. The Kolbrin, an Egyptian record, also is exquisite in its description. Velikovsky noted several scientific studies that showed, in 1950 or so, the number of Earth changes that occurred approximately 3,000-4,000 years ago. None of these can be precise. Nancy's smile at the end of her video 16 was in response to those who say we are not due for a pole shift, despite the accuracy of ZetaTalk in predicting Earth changes that have come about and the obvious nature of these Earth changes. Hello! You are due. Your best indicator of when to expect the next pole shift is how the Earth changes are tracking to our predictions.

What was Bush attempting to accomplish on his overseas trip last week? What was the outcome behind the scenes?

Bush went begging, as was obvious to many. He made no attempt to hid the fact that he was begging the Saudis to drop the price of oil. He was selling technology, weaponry, to them as a bribe. He looked embarrassed and haggard when in Israel as the Israeli were demanding he force the US military to deal with Iran, but Bush has no control over the military, a fact he was not about to admit to them. The outcome of his visit was nil, as he is despised by all and cannot deliver on his promises or threats.

Why is the press so preocuppied with elections? Been covered endlessly for almost 2 years when in fact, whomever is elected, it really does not make a difference?

The press has been given such a list of subject they are not allowed to talk about, or talk about in depth, that matters such as the coming election is an outlet for them. Look to the distractions they embrace, Brittany, for instance. They are desperate for material, despite the newsworthy issues around them.

Who is controlling the military these days since they refused Bush's desire to attack Iran? Is there one person making decisions on the military strategies? Is Cheney still a strong player?

As can be seen in Pakistan, a military has its own mind, and can run on automatic in this manner. Where it is deemed that a military is strictly command and control, chain of command, it is more than that as cooperation is essential and there are many ways a lack of cooperation can be expressed. An order, not well accepted, does not get honored but instead gets ignored. There are those at the low levels of the military who will protest our statement, but the low levels in a military are always expected to comply with orders, absolutely, and punished if this is not the case. At higher levels there is push back, reluctance, and stonewalling. It thus becomes the consensus among the high level commanders as to what the course of action must be.

Manna sustained the people when food was not available in Moses' time. Perhaps you could ask the Zetas. [and from another] Environment Dept. probes strange precipitation in Grant County [Jan 11] The New Mexico Environment Department is looking into what caused a strange milky white rain to fall on Grant County. Area residents noticed the unusual rain as it left white puddles and a white, almost sticky residue everywhere. The New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) is looking at several possible reasons, including wind and weather patterns that might have brought the unknown substance to the area. The alkalinity of the substance was unusually high - a rating of 7.9 pH based on tests with a litmus strip. PH testing classifies substances on a scale of 0 to 14. A rating under 7 is classified acidic - the level of acidity increases as the number drops. A pH level above 7 is considered alkaline, or base. A rating of 7 is considered neutral.

This episode is a classic manna sign, the rainwater milky from carbohydrates formed over volcanoes in the Alaskan Aleutian islands. The jet stream at the time was plunging down along the west coast, along with a cold mass plunging south, pulling any particles formed over the volcanoes toward New Mexico where the cold air mass met warmer air. This caused rain to form, cleaning the carbohydrate particles out of the air.