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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written January 5, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

There has been quite a bit of msm "news" lately regarding the stolen 2004 elections. Is this activity preparing the public for some type of eventual disclosure? [and from another] Can You Count on Voting Machines? [Jan 6] One by one, states are renouncing the use of touch-screen voting machines. California and Florida decided to get rid of their electronic voting machines last spring, and last month, Colorado decertified about half of its touch-screen devices. Also last month, Jennifer Brunner, the Ohio secretary of state, released a report in the wake of the Cuyahoga crashes arguing that touch-screens "may jeopardize the integrity of the voting process.

Yes, exactly. The media is, at the top, owned by entities who are sensitive to the prodding of the Puppet Master who wants Bush decapitated. In addition there has been an active process at the state level to look into the claims that Diebold paperless voting machines were used for fraud. Certainly the statistics virtually screamed that this was the case. Diebold, a Republican company, refused to install a paper trail, when for banking systems their equipment has such a trail. Many states are planning to tear out or replace the voting equipment if it cannot be stabilized. Others will take precautions to ensure that remote tabulation changes cannot be done. Such drastic changes are hard to keep out of the news. Formerly, the states were in shock, seeing the outcome. The trend is to correct the problem, and this ripple will soon become a tsunami. The public is reading of this, and registering in the back of their minds the close call that Gore had in Florida when he had already won the popular vote, and the close call that Kerry had in Ohio. Even for those not looking for this revelation, perhaps learning that vote fraud exists is a shock, as the facts can hardly be ignored. This is one more reason that the coming 2008 elections can be assumed to be a "Democratic tsunami". The disgust felt regarding the past seven Republican dominated years is immense.

Citibank recently restricted atm withdrawals in ny "due to fraud". Is this part of the plan to see how people react to the restrictions on banking that are coming, per the zetas? [and from another] ATM Crime Wave Limits Access to Cash [Jan 4] Citibank is using the rather blunt instrument of lowering some customers' daily ATM cash withdrawal limits to fight a recent spate of cash machine fraud. The company said Thursday that the change impacts "a small population of customers" in New York City , but would not provide additional details. It's not clear how much daily withdrawal limits were lowered, but the New York Daily News spoke with one consumer who said her limit had been cut in half.

Citibank has of course had many problems, including having to surrender the Wanta funds and pay the interest on same which they had been counting on pocketing. They are deeply involved in the subprime mortgage mess. They can, thus, be seen as a leading edge in attempts to limit fund flight from their bank. They are exploring excuses, to see which work the best, and other banks will follow suit as the public sees the dollar drop and fears their stocks and bonds will become worthless. An anxious public wants cash in the mattress, and would rather put their money into goods that will have worth regardless of the value of the dollar than see paper money vanish and shrink. The banks are getting nervous, fearing withdrawals of the dollar to be changed into a more substantial currency such as the euro.

I saw what seemed to be earthquake clouds on a trip in Texas recently. The zetas have stated that any potential rip could reach from houston to the Great Lakes. If such a rip might be a possibility at some point, would earthquake clouds be likely to show up in a non seismicly active state like Texas?

Nancy will tell you that she has received emails from many southern Texas residents as to how unstable the ground has become. Bridges have been separating, roadways opening up, and the ground sinking. All the land between New England and Mexico is being pulled at a diagonal, and it is not just the fault lines that are feeling stress. All will participate when the New Madrid Fault makes a serious adjustment.

Can the Zs comment on the levees and the gopher?,2933,320496,00.html Near Fernley, Nevada, an agricultural and suburban town 32 miles (50 km) east of Reno, a 30-foot-wide (9-metre-wide) breach erupted in a canal levee. [and from another] 100+ Fernley Residents Gather at Evacuation Center [Jan 5] An irrigation canal's earthen levee ruptured today, flooding hundreds of homes in Fernley, Nevada. Authorities say a 150-foot-long section of the Truckee Canal broke around 4 this morning in the town on the eastern side of the Sierras, about 30 miles from Reno. Dozens of people have been rescued by helicopters and boats across about a square mile of the desert town. No injuries were reported. But as many as 3,500 people were temporarily stranded and more than 100 gathered Saturday afternoonm at a shelter set up at the local high school. Residents reported fleeing homes filled with 2 feet of water and rising. One official suggested burrowing rodents could have contributed to the break but the cause wasn't immediately clear.

When we warn that emergency management teams are going to be overstretched and exhausted soon, it is based on several factors. One is that the number of earthquakes, collapsing buildings and bridges, and exploding gas and water mains is going to keep increasing, as well as increasing in strength. Another factor is that emergency management teams are finite, especially with so many reserves in Iraq. Yet another is because most infrastructure has been designed to withstand what is in the memory of man. If Nevada is a desert area, and has flash floods that run off quickly, and has X amount of rain on average or within the past 100 years, then the levees are built to withstand that amount of rainfall and runoff. If Nevada has few quakes, is not assumed to be on a fault line, then any levees are built with that in mind. The rationale is that the levees won't be cracked and the water won't linger to dissolve the levees. Both of those assumptions were wrong, and cracks in the levees allowed them to disintegrate under torrential rainstorms that exceeded expectations. More of this will follow!

I often ask myself what else can we do to inform the people of the coming Passage, other than using the internet and trying to convince our families and friends that we're not here to frighten them but to warn them. Many of them don't believe us, it's an endless fight. How can we help people understand what's ahead of us? Can the Zetas help us, counsel us?

We are asked this question almost daily, via email to Nancy, and thousands of times daily during contact with our contactees. They are in pain, unable to get family and friends to take the signs seriously, to explore the message that we and others provide, and thus they fear their family and friends will be utterly unprepared on all levels when the time comes. Of course, most often this will be the case. As we have explained, those who cannot deal with the reality of what is happening will deny, and denial will increase as the signs get stronger. This will rise to the point of absurdity, where when the Earth has stopped rotating a mother will be baking a birthday cake for a child, as though things were normal. Some who act in denial are simply holding back the "emotional" dam, and when the dam breaks and they can no longer deny what is happening, they will become sudden advocates and very active in preparations. Both of these individual reactions look similar, so there is no advice we can give you on how to discern which is which. All you can do is prepare, personally, and on occasion point out a factual basis for your concern. Earth changes are a great basis for discussion, and geological changes in the past are proof that such cataclysmic changes do happen to planet Earth. Don't push too hard, as this will only harden denial when it is present. A soft approach often works better in this regard.
Can the Zeta's comment on the revelation of a political figure from Norway that has went public about the PTB's plans to go underground right before the passage and he clearly states that it is Planet X! He has communicated with Project Camelot Owners and his identity with pictures checks out. He has even been to the underground areas, says there are 18 I think just in Norway. They intend to save less then half of the population of the country. Would seem that finally some are having a conscience. Just as the Zeta's said some years back.

There is a strong similarity between this revelation, Project Camelot, and the Horizon Project that emerged this past year. Both seem to have credible authors or advocates. Both speak to a time of tumultuous change for the Earth in the near future. Both stress 2012 as though this were a date certain, when as we have explained it is based on a guess as to how to line up the Gregorian and Mayan calendars. The 2012 date is not the end of the Mayan calendar, which actually ends before 2012. Was the Horizon Project correct as to the cause of the coming cataclysms? No. This received great publicity on Coast-to-Coast late night talk radio and elsewhere and then died, never taking off as a popular theory because it was just that - theory. Our explanations, given less media attention lately, were still scooping the Internet and thus getting the real press, worldwide.

Planet X makes sense, intuitively, as the reason for pole shifts, for crust shifts, for the Ice Ages and wandering poles. This is in addition to the fact that the establishment fears that soon the Planet X complex will become visible in the skies. This has caused them to seek another advocate for the 2012 date, and the goings on in Norway was chosen. Does Norway have such underground bunkers and tunnels? No. It is high ground, and the geology affords plenty of shelter from high winds. It is a coastal nation, with fishing an established industry, so expects to be able to feed its populace in the Aftertime. The mysterious author of this warning will never be located, as he does not exist. Why is 2012 being emphasized so often? Because it is far enough out that the populace will not quit their jobs or desert their mortgages because of the warnings. If they see signs in the skies or begin to understand that a passage of Planet X is due, they will hesitate to disrupt their lifestyles too soon, hesitate to drop the comfort of their current life. Thus, the establishment can dash to their bunkers when the time comes, leaving the common man stunned that it all happened before 2012. In short, they do not want your messy panic. They do not want you blocking the roadways with your messy panic when they want a clear run to their bunkers!

Any zeta comment on the large earthquakes off the coast of BC?
MAP 5.0 2008/01/05 12:00:20 51.550 -130.795 10.0 QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDS REGION
MAP 6.5 2008/01/05 11:44:48 51.171 -130.556 10.0 QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDS REGION
MAP 6.5 2008/01/05 11:01:05 51.299 -130.713 10.0 QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDS REGION
MAP 5.6 2008/01/05 10:39:15 51.396 -130.252 10.0 QUEEN CHARLOTTE ISLANDS REGION
[and from another]
Comments on the Canada earthquakes and the Nevada quakes this morning. Are they connected and is this the pull on the poles?

As we mentioned in our North American Rip article, the N American continent has been exempt since early 2005 from earthquake activity that has ravaged the rest of the Ring of Fire. The reason for this is a tugging on the S Pole of Earth as the Earth turns, as the N Pole of Planet X is loathe to let it go. This eases the compression pressure on the west coast of the US. This has been supplanted by a N Pole lurch, where the magnetic N Pole of Earth is violently pushed away when it emerges over the horizon to face the Sun and Planet X each day. Note the timing of these quakes on the Canadian west coast - 12:00 UTC or thereabouts, which is approximately high noon over England. The magnetic N Pole is just coming over the horizon, has just emerged, and is getting a shove while the Earth is still in what we call the European lean position. This essentially shoves the N American continent in the direction of Alaska, increasing the compression along the west coast. More of this type of violent lurching will occur, and will not abate as it has been doing periodically in the recent past.

Some time ago the Zetas said Obama wouldn't be elected as president because he was black. It gets really frustrating sometimes because when they say things like that, it makes people inclined to support him give up, as they basically said "it doesn't matter". Now that he has won such a convincing victory in a 93%-white state, is it possible the Zetas were wrong? Or in trying to sift through Zeta comments to figure out where they are merely trying to confound the elites (which they like to do too much, at our expense) and where they are being helpful, is it possible that he could actually beat Hillary for the nomination?

Indeed our take on the candidates when we made that statement was that neither Hillary or Obama would be allowed to be the candidate as the Democratic party would not want to risk losing in order to promote a first woman or first black president. We often relay that our predictions cannot be a certainty when matters are in the hands of man, which this matter is. When we describe the coming New Madrid Fault adjustment, we are on solid ground because it is geology, and geology does not have free will, as man does. The mindset of those in the Democratic party who were deciding whom to back during the candidacy was the mindset we relayed in the past. This mindset has now shifted, seeing the reaction of voters to Obama. He drew out first time voters, those who felt so disenfranchised and discouraged that they did not bother to vote in the past. This would do more than ensure his election -- it would sweep democrats into Congress. A new excitement has emerged within the Democratic party!

In the years 1950, a man by the name of Osvaldo Pedrosa, known as Dino Kraspedon, wrote the book 'contact with the flying saucers', in this book, our brothers aliens said that a moon fallen pieces on the earth, and then earth would a reversal. This is true?

We stopped doing book reports after a couple years of ZetaTalk as we anticipated many new books and claims to emerge, mostly false, and it is not our desire to spend all our and Nancy's energy countering fraud. We have explained that information retained by contactees is not always accurate, due to the trepidation of either the human contactee or the visitors making contact. Not all visitors want to be the bearer of bad tidings, so lie about the extent or nature of the coming devastation. Not all humans want to contemplate having their life torn apart so go into denial or change the message to be more comfortable. In this case the message to this valid contactee was that debris would fall, as the passing planet had many moons in its tail along with debris such as boulders, and then a pole shift would occur. The story he tells is his interpretation of what he was told, nothing more.

Can the Zetas comment on this occurence. "My Soldiers and I witnessed what I think is some sort of natural phenomenon in the sky over Iraq."

What is being filmed are light towers, a phenomena not uncommon above the Sun. These light towers were appearing in other places in the sky, however, thus the furor. We have hinted that there would be surprises, things not anticipated seen in the skies. The tail of Planet X is wafting toward Earth, and chemical changes will be occurring. This is a hint of what may be coming!

When the earth changes to 4th-5th density occur, is this where in the Bible it is said that two will be in the field and one will vanish? People that are ready for the Higher densities will just all of a sudden be there while others stay in 3rd density?

While we are not in the business of reconciling the Bible with ZetaTalk and other prophecy, we have spoken about how the shift to 4th Density will affect the Earth. It will occur when 89% of the reincarnating souls on Earth, whether incarnated or disincarnate at the present time, are Service-to-Other. The shift itself will be transparent to the humans on Earth, although they may feel lighter, more spiritual, afterwards. Any humans on Earth who are not fully Service-to-Other will be shifted to 4th Density at the same time, not left behind.

Is Britney Spears an example of an unsparked soul or are feeling the changing energies in the earth creating a fearful personality like the Zeta's say about unconsciously people know they are being lied to by the establishment?

Britney Spears is not a sensitive soul aware of the coming Earth changes. She is a pretty and musically talented child, but is immature both spiritually and in emotional development as a human. Hardly acting as an adult, and is now being treated as the child she is behaving like by the judicial system. She is, in essence, no longer going to be allowed to pretend she is a competent parent.

You often decribe souls as something outside of our human control, some kind of external entities living inside our bodies, our brains. Is it really like that? Is there a way to become conscious of our souls, of their memories, their spiritual orientation?

If the soul so desires, yes. If the soul decides it wants to maneuver this incarnation without informing the human body it inhabits, it will take that approach. This is highly individual, and no general statement can be made.

With all the talk about the polls lately haven't heard to much about what's going on behind the scenes in gov't. Since they read ZetaTalk and know of the recent sightings of Planet X, how are they taking it?

Our most recent response to this type of question was to state that Bush, Cheney and their cronies are currently more concerned about their bunkers within the US, and being granted protection by whomever might be in power after them, than in any kind of takeover of the world's oil fields. They have excuses for almost every imaginable occurrence, even for the world turning upside down after the 3 days of darkness. The fallback after that, if the public does not buy the excuses, is to escape to bunkers using the military for protection. Beyond this they are trying to network among those who might have power after the pole shift, by trying to establish credits with these individuals.

Has many people who are willing to drastic changes in their lives in those seasons. This would be on account of the events are coming? By knowing that their souls are knowing that their bodies could die? Excuse my English, is bad.

Many people have soul knowledge of past pole shifts, yes. They have lived through them, and remember the signs that preceded the great earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tidal waves. They have definite awareness on what caused their own death such as those who were perhaps washed away in a flood, or if they survived, what the factors were that made the difference in their survival. Many people, listening to their soul's warnings, are instinctively moving away from coastlines, and becoming survivalists, growing their own food or at least learning how to do this. They may not be consciously aware of why they are taking these actions, or may simply be having nightmares that motivate them, such as flood nightmares if they are continuing to live along coastlines.

There's an increasing volcanic activity of Vesuvius in southern Italy, hidden in the news. There are many people living in the area surrounding that volcano, so there's a good probability of a massive die-off, other possible Pompeis. The authorities hide the danger as usual, they don't even have a good evacuation plan in my opinion, what they fear is panic, as for Nibiru. What can I do to help those people there? How can I change the situation?

There are a thousand answers to this question, but the answer for you is that you must decide what to do. We do not direct people in their activities. The time of the pole shift is a time of great opportunities, and it is up to you how you take advantage of them.
Other than the parts of human evolution that zetatalk already addresses involving alien intervention, is our conception of evolution more or less correct regrading time periods and such?

Anthropologists speak in terms of millions of years between the early stages of man's evolutionary development, and this is correct. Modern man only recently emerged to support a cave man lifestyle. Intelligence in man has gradually increased due to intelligence being a factor in survival, so the more intelligent members were able to survive, propagate and raise their young. Thus the cave man was not as smart as the average man on Earth is today, but other than that, equivalent. Anthropologists are still looking for the missing link, to explain how modern man suddenly appeared. As we have stated they will not find it, as it is on the surface of the Moon where the labs that engineered modern man were located. They speculate as to where the link is, and the timeline involved, but are wrong on this matter.

For the Zetas, with all the horrific news received from Africa (Kenya and Darfura killings), how does the battle for Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self proceed in the African continent?

At the start of ZetaTalk in 1995, we stated that the battle for the soul of S America was engaged, hot and heavy. This resolved some years ago, the battle won for the Service-to-Other side. This is evident in the newly elected leadership in many countries - Brazil and Equador for instance. Africa is following suit, despite the horrors still evident in many of its countries. Watch for signs of change!