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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written November 10, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

What should we interpret as the intended message of last night's Larry King Live show. Is a wall of UFO denial on behalf of US Government about to crumble, and public reaction being gauged? Unlike all previous such shows, the shill was presented as incompetent, and unable to make his case. On top of that, what should we expect from Monday's National Press Club conference about supposed "Government UFO disclosure"?

In 1995 when ZetaTalk first began we emphasized that the Awakening would proceed in accordance with the eagerness of the public. It would be paced so as not to increase anxiety, and would pace differently in different areas depending upon the public readiness. We stated that mass sightings would be on the increase, and they have been. We stated that photos and videos would be permitted to develop by aliens, whereas previously they almost invariably were lost or ruined, and this likewise has been the case. We stated that sightings of alien bodies would begin, and there have been several well documented and legitimate cases of this. The fact that the alien presence, presented in a good light, has hit the Larry King show is not surprising. Bear in mind that for every exposure putting the alien presence in a good light, there are countering attempts by the old crowd that wants mankind to resist contact and be fearful of the alien presence. Movies that paint aliens as vicious, evil and intent on destroying mankind or colonizing the Earth are mustered forth, to play on TV. But this crowd is losing, clearly, and the Awakening proceeds apace!

This week saw the beginning of true financial unraveling here in the US. Merrill, Goldman, Citi and other heavyweights are taking hits and offereing up execs as sacrifices. If pumping the housing bubble was part of the plan why are the execs taking the hits? Are they just taking their golden send-offs and happy to be out? Where does the Puppet Master draw the line in terms of bailouts? [and from another] Gloom Envelops World Markets [Nov 9] Stock markets on both sides of the Atlantic concluded their worst week in months on Friday as deepening economic gloom raised expectations that the US Federal Reserve would be forced to cut rates again in the face of mounting credit losses. The S&P 500 was down 3 per cent for the week. In London, the FTSE 100 fell 3.7 per cent on the week, while the FTSE Eurofirst 300 was down 3.1 per cent, their worst performances since the credit squeeze took hold at the end of July. The technology-heavy Nasdaq 100 experienced its worst week since April 2002, losing 6.8 per cent as market turmoil hit a sector that has been a haven from the credit crisis.

We have stated that the Puppet Master is concerned about bank failure, and corporate failure where his assets are destroyed by mismanagement. He does not want a repeat of the Great Depression, and is working to prevent this. We have stated that this does not mean a rescue of those wealthy enough to survive without their excessive profits or high paid jobs, such as those who have been gambling and putting the economy at risk. These types will not be rescued! To placate stockholders and attempt to calm the public, heads must roll. That those at the top are being sacrificed shows the depth of the financial panic on Wall Street!

Entire Citibank Board Believed to Have Been Arrested [Nov 6] At 7.00pm Saturday 3rd November, the Provost Marshal was said to have signed a document with Citibank providing for the transfer of the Ambassador's diverted $4.5 trillion held at the Citibank offices at 399 Madison Avenue, midtown New York, to begin at 7.00 am on Monday 5th November. As stated in our report dated 4th October, we then calculated that the amount of interest payable to the beneficiary by Citibank, given its delay in paying out the diverted funds since June 2006, was around $350 billion. [and from another] Top US Analyst Hits Back After Death Threats Over Citigroup Downgrade [Nov 3] Meredith Whitney, the analyst who prompted a $369 billion plunge in the value of US shares on Thursday by issuing a negative note on Citigroup, hit out at Wall Street's culture of intimidation yesterday after receiving several death threats from investors in the bank. Ms Whitney prompted a near 7 per cent drop in Citigroup's shares after suggesting that the bank needed to raise more than $30 billion to restore its capital cushion.

"There is no honor among thieves", is a common adage. This is certainly true of the bankers and their cohorts who are holding the Wanta trillions. This money gets shuffled ahead of the long reach of the law. Just when a warrant for the funds is being issued, the funds are moved to another bank so the warrant no longer applies. This court case, much in the rumor mill, is kept as a sealed case for national security reasons. The source of the funds in the first place is considered scandalous, as the funds were stolen from the taxpayers in the past and collected as proceeds from illicit drug running and arms sales. Yet there the funds are, intended by the owner to be returned to the US taxpayer. The court cannot prosecute the thieves as they are either dead or protected by immunity, having taken the steps they did under orders from Reagan's Executive Orders. The courts can only pursue the funds and insist they be delivered into the US treasury. The shuffle that has been going on, to keep the funds one step ahead of warrants, has been countered, with warrants blocking the gate and allowing the funds to be returned to the bank attempting to shuffle them out of sight. Thus, Citibank was caught, and is indeed turning over these trillions to the US Treasury, which will never acknowledge receiving them. Behind the scenes this reduces the US debt but this will not be revealed to the US public. This allows the Bush administration to stop printing money like a banana republic, and allows China to stop supporting the US debt, a task of which it has become weary.

Things seem very sureal now. The sky is tinted an odd color due to Planet X, the weather (as In Bogata Columbia) is crazy, the economy is crashing, Bush is being painted as nuts by the main stream media, ,etc. When will people start tp pay attention? I am amazed each passing day that people do not seem to be able to even begin to connect the dots. I sometimes wonder if the stupified world will even notice the extreme lean to the left or other major distuptions? Is it just that the really big stuff has to start first? [and from another] I have not seen Planet X in a very long time, but I undoubtedly saw it night before last. [Nov 8] The sun had already set, but there was a dim sun-looking object near where the sun had set. It was not as large as the setting sun and was colored pinkish-orange, like the sunsets always are now due to intense chemtrail activity and the red dust. If I was not the sole breadwinner with bills I cannot avoid yet, we would be moving right now as I take the special Zetatalk this past week very seriously. At least we are out of the big city and closer to our safe location. There were two gas explosions here this past week alone. Also, it is very quiet in the country, and my son and I have both heard strange rumbling sounds that go on and on, but there are no planes and no vehicles or anything else to explain them. And I can see the night sky easily in the country, and the wobble is incredibly obvious.

Nancy can tell you that she hears complaints daily that people simply will not listen. Those aware, alarmed and seeing the Earth changes trot out for unbelievers the geological changes in the past, ZetaTalk accuracy, folklore and the many prophecies in every part of the globe, every country, and receive in exchange blank stares from listeners. What the messengers are encountering is the denial. This is not new to the pole shift scenario. This occurs every day when a wife finds evidence on her husband's clothing that he is having an affair. She decides not to acknowledge what she is seeing. This occurs when a doctor tells a patient he has only months to live, and the patient convinces himself that the doctor is incompetent and that he, the patient, feels fine. Denial, as we have repeatedly stated, will only increase as the Earth changes increase, so that those who cannot deal with what is before them will get more shrill, attack the messengers more, and argue with any proof put before them. Those who can deal with the situation will do so, and those who cannot will deny or go insane.

Can the Zetas comment on the new fifth planet solar system that has "just been discovered?". I still don't see how they hope the explain Planet X in the sky with this type of gradual disclosure. Nobody will buy it I think

These measures by NASA are inching toward discloser of a traveling planet that zooms through your solar system every 3,657 years, but at this pace they will never arrive at the point where they can explain what is currently traveling toward the Earth from the direction of the Sun and soon to pass. Do they expect to be able to leap to a disclosure of a planet next door, within the orbit of Venus and moving rapidly toward Earth? Just where has NASA been then, lo these many years, while Planet X was creeping up behind them! Looking out into the dark, and not noticing? The fact that these types of announcements are made by NASA periodically shows that arguments are taking place within the NASA culture, and sometimes those wanting to tell the public are allowed a small step. Nothing more, and nothing should be anticipated from NASA staff, who will go into hiding when Planet X is again visible to the public as a Second Sun or as a terrifying dragon in the sky eclipsing the Sun.

Jacco van der Worp and company spend a great deal of space talking about the dangers of solar radiation, and that Planet X can affect the Earth's magnetic field and atmosphere - as well as affect the Sun - which could produce massive solar storms and coronal mass ejections that can send lethel levels of gamma rays to the earth's surface. This is essentially the same thing communicated as Ed Dame's "Kill Shot" scenario. Can the Zeta's comment on if this a legitimate threat, and if not, then why is the establishment seemingly concerned that it is.

We explained at the start of ZetaTalk that the Sun would be used as a cover, an excuse, for the Earth changes caused by Planet X. It was announced that the solar maximum was to be excessive, when NASA had no way to determine this. Indeed, the last solar maximum did have more flares and sunspots due to the presence of Planet X, which disturbs the flow of subatomic particles that flow into and out of the Sun, but these are just surface ruffles. People are now being told that the next solar maximum in 2012 will be horrific, again with no details on how NASA determined this. Thus, those who write about 2012, or blame the Sun, are given latitude to write books for the public and to be on radio and TV, as these subjects are approved. They do not threaten the establishment the way that ZetaTalk does. They also cannot explain the Earth changes. Has solar activity in the past, caused earthquakes, high tides, weather wobbles and the Moon to assume an erratic orbit? They have not. As with Global Warming, another approved cover, blaming the Sun explains nothing.

About three years ago I set a pretty good watch to atomic time and put it in a can, checking it about two times a year. Today, I felt like the day was just winding on and on, and checked it. According to my "canned" clock, that I never mess with except to check, we have lost a total of 33 minutes over the course of three years, 26 of those minutes in just the last year. This would be rotational by nature, is this the exponential increase you are speaking of? I would guess that we are at least 255 degrees through the 270 degree roll, am I close?

When Planet X was first entering the solar system, we emphasized a slowing rotation as evidence of this approach, and many watched their clocks and checked against the moment of sunrise and the like. Slowing occurred in those days, but not much more than 37 minutes over the years which was accounted for by the Navy, the world's timekeeper, by adjustments to the clocks that allow computers to check in and synch. Those who found their clocks out of step would assume a malfunction, as the master clocks and the observatories would say otherwise. When Planet X was close to the Sun this slowing pace stopped, as there was no conflict between the Sun and Planet X, who were so very close together. We have explained that there are points within the Sun that the Earth tries to click to daily, and this is the reason for the Earth's regular rotation which otherwise would slow down at a faster pace. When Planet X was at a distance from the Sun, the Earth was tugged back trying to synch to Planet X, but now when both are in the same essential spot, in line of sight, the Earth is not so confused. As Planet X approaches the Earth, its influence is greater, as it is closer. Thus, the fact that it is not precisely in line of sight with the Sun is causing confusion in the Earth, which is tugged back each day. Your measurements have recorded this! If you had a watch that was checking in with the master clock, and adjusting regularly, which most atomic watches do, then you would have no discrepancy. That your watch does not do this is a significant sign to you, personally, that something is amiss!

Contactees and Zetas and/or contactees and hybrids: have they sometimes together willing sexual relations during the contact ?

Contact is always in the human's control. The human gives the Call, and can end the contact at will. Contact covers a wide range of exchanges, mostly psychological and social, at times physical. The hybrid program includes harvesting ova and sperm, but not by sexual means. This is like a trip to the doctor. If the human is curious about sex, or insecure and wanting reassurance, or just horny and lacking partners, sexual relationships can develop with aliens. This is all very hygienic and does not in any case destroy human relationships or affect others the human contactee might be responsible for. These are rules the Service-to-Other aliens in contact must abide by, and would do in any case being concerned about the general welfare of all. These are the types of rules in place in our own societies, that another should not be hurt by a sexual liaison.

Humans are not very telepathic, so how can they understand messages and instructions which are given to them by this mode during the contact and how can they sometimes perceive snatches of conversation that Zétas or other ET have among them?

Telepathic contact by aliens with humans does not depend on any telepathic ability the human might have as the aliens have powerful telepathic abilities and thus can compensate for the lack of this ability in the human. The aliens affect almost all parts of the human brain, where human-to-human telepathic contact utilizes little of the brain, being point-to-point in only one area for instance. Humans in contact with each other might send a visual image, thus activating a visual portion of their brains to send and receive the image. But the alien has all parts of the human brain suffused with a message, and likewise receives from all parts of the human contactee's brain.

The Zetas are a ancient race, so why are they still in 4th Density? They should be in 5th density, no? Why did they make the choice to remain in the 4th dimension?

Graduation to a higher density is a soul matter, and there are many lifetimes in each density. A given soul progresses from 3rd to 4th to 5th Density, utilizing various life forms during incarnations as a learning experience. The Zeta form is considered a good life form for 4th density lessons, but just because the Zeta form has been around a long time does not mean that the souls who have utilized this life form are still in 4th Density!

Zetas said that humans were too dumb to understand gravity, but people are starting to experiment with either gravity or some sort of self-lifting magnet. They flood the area with electrons, much like Bob Lazar's saucer.

What is termed gravity experiments are simply using the property of magnets to avoid each other's magnetic field, and has nothing to do with the gravity particle. This is an attempt to claim that the technologies used by space ships is something that humans can possess, which is false. Those in government claiming this are trying to shout down the alien presence, not wanting to lose face. Humans cannot fly or build space ships, nor do they understand how they work.

Why are the birthing envoys using the black African race as a dumping ground for Service to Self souls?

We mentioned at the start of ZetaTalk in 1995 that the continents of South America and Africa were a battleground between good and evil, and many aliens of both orientations were involves in these battles. We subsequently announced that South America had been won on behalf of Service-to-Others. This is evident if one looks at the democracies emerging there, where truly caring men and women are being elected to office and pushing out greedy corporations. Africa is still a battleground but is rapidly being won for the Service-to-Other as well. Africa does not have a greater preponderance of Service-to-Self entities, despite any dehumanizing campaigns being wrought there. These campaigns are due to the presence of Service-to-Self counselors, aliens willing to respond to the Call and advise on how to seek power and glory, and on how to intimidate others. Darfur is a prime example, but there are few humans who give such a Call and take action. When a continent or country is a battleground, the counselors from the Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self are many, and intense meetings occur with contactees. It is this you are witnessing!

On Friday here in the UK the Sun was very low in the Southern skies during the afternoon. Any comment please.

We stated that the wobble would return at the end of the summer magnetic trimester and it did. During the summer, many noted the Sun rising and setting too far North, which can be a factor of the tilting required to simulate the seasons. But at present the Sun should be setting farther and further to the south, but many note it is still too far to the north, even continuing to travel to the north despite the date. The wobble tilts parts of the globe such that the Sun appears too far north or too far south, depending upon the location of the viewer. What you are observing is the latter. This wobble will not go away but will get more extreme, and will change in nature as the 270° roll of Planet X proceeds. A lean to the left will develop, with a violent snapping back into position when the N Pole of the Earth is not exposed to the N Pole of Planet X. Things are going to get much more interesting, shortly!

A short while ago, the Zetas stated that the plug was pulled on the chemtrail program. However, it appears chemtrails are back in full force all over the United States. Can the Zetas explain why they are back, if the original plans were halted? Thank you.

In the latter part of the 1990's, chemtrails were designed to test the effect of poisoning the population, to slow them down with flu-like symptoms so they could not migrate to the enclaves of the wealthy from cities such as Los Angeles or New York City or Chicago. We stated that when the US military discovered that the true plan was to poison the population, not just sicken them, and that the plan included utilizing the planes and servicemen in the US military, they rebelled and refused in horror. The US military considers their job is to protect the citizens, not murder them. Thus, the part of the chemtrail program involved in sickening the populace was put on hold, went underground, and the program took a different turn. It became an activity to fog up the sky so the populace could not see the dust cloud, corpus and moon swirls of Planet X. Or so the story went. But secretly those who planned to poison the migrating populace were studying the effects of the wind on the fog dropped by chemtrails, the better to poison the populace when the time came. This danger is still present, and in the hands of man at the present time.

China Signals Dollar Swap [Nov 8] China roiled financial markets around the globe yesterday when it asserted that the dollar is losing its luster as the world's reserve currency and that Beijing will swap some of its $1.4 trillion in reserves out of U.S. dollars and into stronger currencies like the euro and Canadian dollar.

Since the Wanta trillions are being delivered to the US Treasury, albeit out of the public eye, China is being let off the hook. China has been purchasing US bonds with the dollars it receives from US consumer spending, holding these bonds even though the rapidly dropping dollar makes these bonds worth less when cashed in than when purchased. China has been doing this as a favor to the Puppet Master, who did not want to see his US assets destroyed in a depression. Now they are off the hook. What will China's switch to other currencies and their dumping of US dollars mean to the world's economies? Outside of the US, those holding US dollars will either attempt to likewise dump their dollars or be reluctant to accept US dollars in exchange for their goods. Eventually, if the US dollar stabilizes, it will just be a matter of an exchange rate, but at present the rapid drop in the dollar will make holding the US dollar unattractive.

Within the US a dropping dollar equates to inflation, which will be denied by the Bush administration while it is obvious to the US consumer. The price of food, gas, and oil are already skyrocketing, as these commodities in the main come from outside the US. It takes more US dollars to purchase them than in the past, as each dollar is worth less than in the past. China may at long last free the yuan from the US dollar, allowing China's goods to appear more expensive to the US consumer. The dropping US dollar will make goods manufactured in the US more attractive worldwide and even more attractive within the US relative to goods manufactured elsewhere.

It is the oil wars that the US public will be most acutely aware of, as the Muslim countries enact punishment for the Bush tirades against their countries. Iraq is barely pumping, their infrastructure destroyed. Iraq also is refusing to give control of their oil fields to US oil companies, a matter Bush has been pushing. Saudi Arabia is quietly enraged at the strong hand the US and Israel have been trying, using bully tactics in Syria, one of their allies. They know their country would be next, if the US and Israel were to win at this game. Russia likewise has used the price of oil and gas to counter attempted US infiltration into their former satellite countries. Venezuela is in tight with Russia and China on protecting Iran and pushing back against US domination. And the US military is too weak to act as Bush's muscle in these oil wars, wanting to withdraw from Iraq to nurse itself back to health. Where does this leave the US during these oil wars? Suffering, and blaming Bush for all of it.

What have the Zetas to say about the present escalation of fluoridation of drinking water into more and more communities, by multiple means? For instance, Los Angeles will now have as much as 4 times the fluoride (added by means of industrial waste/byproduct). [and from another] The sodium fluoride used or fluorisilicates used for municipal water treatment are byproducts of the uranium, plutonium, alumnium and fertilizer processing industries. Look at the box or tube of Gleem, Colgate, Pepsodent, Ultra Brite, etc., and read for themselves the warning printed there: If more is ingested than used for brushing teeth, contact the Poison Control Center. Buy toothpaste from health food stores without fluoride. The naturally occurring fluoride in spring water has a different chemical composition, being organic in nature. See A more complete article, giving history going back to Nazi period of how the fluoride scam was perpetuated on American public: Also, fluorisilicates or fluorisilic acid are used which are not organic either:

Fluoride has many purposes, among them hardening teeth. As has been pointed out on the Internet, in high doses it can be used as a tranquilizer. So what is the purpose of fluoridating drinking water? It has not been shown that the doze affects awareness or alertness in humans, but it has been shown that the standard doze has an effect on tooth decay in the population drinking the water. This does not mean that in cases where the drinking water is polluted, and the quantity is thus accidentally increased, that the dosage is harmless. Any pollutants are harmful, including excessive fluoride pollution. The answer for those humans trapped in the area and forced to use this as tap water is to drink water imported from elsewhere!

Could the Zetas tell us about the invasions of agricultural farms in Brazil, for people without land. Is this action correct?

Brazil is, as are many South American countries, trying to rectify injustices done in the past and distribute land to the people. This of course is a good trend, as it reduces the essential slavery that the poor find themselves in when forced to work for a wealthy landowner. Bear in mind that as a result of the pole shift that the Amazon basin will be flooded, and the new S Pole of the Earth will be positioned just off the bulge of Brazil in the ocean. Thus, some parts of Brazil will not be habitable for long, but this should not discount right actions taken at present which have a good and lasting effect on the souls of those involved.

The obvious question: Is this it for the "Moo Sheriff" and the rest of his cows in Pakistan? Do the Zetas expect to see Bhutto finally replace him shortly (quoting their message saying "Bush's puppet in Pakistan is about to be deposed!")? Even though most people around the world may have already made correct assumptions about what is really happening, can the Zetas clarify? Also, is Dubya jealous of all this--saying "How come my puppet in Pakistan can get his marshal law and I can't?!!".

Musharif deals with more than his desire to see a true democracy emerge or be returned to Pakistan, which is indeed his intent. He deals with more than himself in this matter, as the attempt on Bhutto's life showed. It is no accident the lights went out as her convoy came under a bombing attack. Likewise it is no accident likewise that she listened to counsel from the angels protecting her and took refuge in a bombproof part of her bus. Musharif must clean out those in his government who will try such stunts, and is attempting to do so under cover of martial law. He is flushing them out, locating them, and eliminating them.

In the crop circle Goldenball shows the magnetic quarter, in one of the coming months this would be the end of December, or April, or August. You may have a reversal. And the Zetas are already talking to store seed and protect the animals, that there would be more guaranteed harvests here for the future. And also to go into secure areas. Then, the surprise is next. Humanity does not support more administrations bad of governments, the people suffer too humble to the indifference of their leaders. What is the way right?

The pole shift will change more than how people live day to day, whether they have electricity or can communicate via the phone or watch TV and listen to radio. It will also change the way they view government. In stable times, government collects taxes in some form or another and distributes social services. For this those in government get paid and have power. Those at the top in government know what is coming, some with more detail and accuracy than others. Some countries have been told that the passage will happen with little impact on the Earth, and panic is the greater worry. Thus, the necessity for a cover-up. Others are aware that the passage will tear the Earth asunder, and are planning for their own safety and comfort while lying to the taxpayers.

In either case, when the last weeks arrive and it is clear to the public that they have been lied to, the populace will turn their anger against those in government. Governments will have to deal with a lack of electricity, broken roads and exploded fuel reserves too, and will be unable to function. They will have little sympathy from the populace, who will be enraged at having been lied to all along. We have stated that leadership will have to be earned, and will often emerge from natural leaders who have not been official leaders before. Often it is those in the Service-to-Self who clamor to the top of the pile, demanding public office where they can have power. These types of leaders crumble when times get tight, not only failing to lead, but whimpering like babies. Leadership will have to be earned, and those currently in government are unlikely to fill the bill.

In another thread on GLP today someone posted that Israel has been purchasing a great deal of property in Iraq. Is this the case? If they are, then what is the purpose? Are they hoping to be able to flee Israel in case of conflict?

Israel is desperate, as they see their prime protector, the US military, pulling out of Iraq and leaving them with their ambitions unsatisfied. We have mentioned that they hoped to dominate not only Iraq but Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria during the current invasion of Iraq. This was frankly the plan. Even though they are losing, and the plan cannot be actualized, there are those unwilling to give it up. They are proceeding, and taking over Iraq, or so they think. This is delusional, but if Bush and Cheney are considered mad, insane, for pushing on and talking about taking on Iran, then why would anyone expect Israel to be that much different? They are part of the same crowd!