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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Apr 28, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Drifting 'ghost yacht' baffles Australian officials [Apr 20] Australian rescue workers from Sydney found a puzzling scene Friday on a catamaran spotted drifting off the Great Barrier Reef: sails up, engines running and food on the table, but no crew. The catamaran's sails were up, but the headsail was "shredded," according to Warwick Bracken of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. There was no indication of any other damage.

What happened to the crew of the KAZ II? Evidence suggests the boat was not tossed around, did not encounter rough seas, but the main sail was in tatters as though it had taken a shot over the bow. That's exactly what happened. In days of yor, such a shot was a warning by pirates that the boat could either allow itself to be boarded or be taken out. Facing well armed pirates, the crew prepared to be boarded and hoped for the best, robbery but their lives spared. Neither occurred, as these pirates were inexperienced, and sensing this the crew of the KAZ II tried to turn the tables, boarding the pirate boat instead, where a tussle to the death occurred. Weapons made the difference. The crew was dumped at sea, with the rattled pirates, who did not expect such resistance, leaving the scene.

Thursday, 4/26/07, MSNBC reported the collapse of an apartment building in Istanbul, Turkey, located along the Bosporus and the entrance to the Black Sea. During the Zeta Talk Live on March 17, 2007, the Zetas said, "We have described the UFO blitz in Istanbul, Turkey as a warning that the entry to the Black Sea will lower as Africa twists during pre-shift quakes and plate movements." Is this building collapse a direct result of these plate movements? [and from another] Building collapses in Istanbul, one rescued [Apr 26] An eight-story building collapsed in Istanbul on Thursday and one man was rescued but authorities said they did not expect many casualties as people ran away when they heard the building start to crack. Most people had left the building before the collapse. Earlier this year, a woman died when a building collapsed on the outskirts of Istanbul, Turkey's largest city. Shoddy construction, lack of building regulation and corruption have been blamed for past building collapses in Turkey.

Lack of building codes and bribery in the construction industry is always thrown up by the Western press during such building collapses, which are happening more frequently in Turkey. Was that the case in this particular building? And just how would an entire building crack and collapse due to shoddy construction? Were cracks developing? Was the building leaning? Were there any signs that failure was occurring? We warned years ago that imploding buildings would occur, particularly in stretch areas, as significant movement of plates started occurring. This has resulted in factory explosions in the Southeast US, always blamed on sloppy maintenance or dust collection. When land shifts under a building, fittings in gas lines pull apart, allowing such explosions to occur. In the case of Istanbul, which has been warned via UFO recently, the land is expected to drop and did. If the foundation of a building is suddenly compromised, not supporting one side of a building, one corner, what happens? That part of the building no longer supported drops, creating cracks, with the inevitable following.

With all of the press recently concerning UFOs, official UFO disclosures around the globe, has the Puppet Master decided that it is time to get serious regarding the awakening to other worlds/lifeforms/entities? Is this press to awaken the public still due in part to a hope on the establishment that the Earth changes due to Planet X will be mitigated somewhat by the Council if we accept aliens and they are living among us? Or is this a desire to "get out in front" of the news as the disclosures and sightings are happening as a part of the Awakening and to still seem in charge?

The Puppet Master is not involved in either the cover-up over the alien presence or the greater honesty the establishment is exhibiting lately. It is the middle men in the establishment who are worried about their loss of stature. The Puppet Master is frankly so far above that, he cannot be touched! Those in the middle are fearful of losing their stature, as they are replaceable, and know it!

The Republicans have several individuals running hard for the Presidency in 2008. Do they hope to be the successor to Bush as king? Do they know about the pole shift and think that they can take Bush's place and be the new king after the pole shift ? Do they not know they are fighting a losing battle?

We have mentioned that McCain is aware of Planet X, as is Hillory, and thus the Bush hugging they exhibit. They have been told the US as a nation is at stake unless the oil fields are protected, else the Muslims and Russia and the Chinese will gain strength. They would both be little better than Bush in this regard, and are showing it. Yes, they think that the Earth changes may alarm the public to the extent that Martial Law tactics could be instituted, showing their ignorance of what would actually occur. The chaos will be so great, allegiances so divided everywhere, that no federal control will prevail. Trust us on that.

The lean of the Earth seems even more pronounced now, as does the constant "fog" of Planet X dust/chemical in the atmosphere? There are media reports of the Sun becoming brighter as well as the "newly discovered" habitable planet. These seem to be obvious Planet X masks for the public, correct? Surely people are starting to notice now? [and from another] Scientists find 'second Earth' [Apr 26] Scientists have discovered a warm and rocky "second Earth" circling a star, a find they believe dramatically boosts the prospects that we are not alone. The planet is the most Earth-like ever spotted and is thought to have perfect conditions for water, an essential ingredient for life. European researchers detected the planet orbiting one of Earth's nearest stars, a cool "red dwarf" called Gliese 581, 20 light years away in the constellation of Libra. They say it is potentially habitable, with Earth-like temperatures, and have described the find as a big step in the search for life in the universe. The planet is just the right size, might have water in liquid form, and in galactic terms is relatively nearby at 120 trillion miles away. Yet the red dwarf star it closely orbits is much smaller, dimmer and cooler than our sun.

Is this truly the first time a life bearing planet has been discovered? Hardly, but it is the first time such a discovery has been allowed to be announced. Those in the establishment who want the common man to look up to them as kings of the only castle around do not like competition. This includes the ultra-right in politics who like a firm pecking order and don't want the common man anticipating any kind of an upset, organized religion who have arrogantly asserted over the centuries that man was made in God's image and is the only intelligent creature in the Universe, and the very wealthy who don't want the common man to think there might be some kind of escape from the daily drudge they plod to earn their daily bread. We have mentioned that the mass sightings of late were pushing denial of the alien presence into an uncomfortable arena. A hard denial shows the common man that the establishment has been lying, which it has. They wish to join the discovery, pretending that their eyes have only now been opened to possibilities. But why a planetary announcement? There is a second reason for this announcement, that being the fear that chemtrails will no longer suffice to keep the Second Sun, the approaching Planet X, from view. In that our discussions have made such terms as 'brown dwarf' associated with Planet X, which is 'larger than earth', such terms are being put out in the context of a very distant body, which conveniently, in artists renderings, is as red as Planet X is rumored to be! 'Ah', the public is to say, 'I've heard about that, and it's far far away'. A confusion in terms, as Sedna was some years ago, also called Planet X and shown as a red orb in renderings.

For the group of people that are behind chemtrail spraying. What is the reason given to these pilots that are flying these planes? Are they told its for weather manipulation, or are they aware of the presence of Planet X and are involved in the cover up? Also how do you know that what killed those birds in texas and new york that you claimed to be the earth farts, are actually chemtrail gases that these birds are inhailing and falling to the ground? So you got any proof to suggest that the chemicals in the air isn't what is killing the birds and not the earth torque adjusts the tectonic plates?

We have mentioned that the many participants on the coverup are told at most that a rogue planet is passing through the solar system and panic in the people is the real danger to be avoided. For something as minor as fogging up the sky, any excuse might be given, including global warming. These people are paid and told to keep their mouths shut, and when they don't, they disappear. This also tends to silence them, as rumors about such disappearances swirl about. Regarding the Earth farts day, simple logic prevails, which you have failed to apply. When do such mass bird deaths occur? Austin had this issue on the TV the same day as the NYC gas smells. Think, before you bother us with such silly questions.

Nancy, you say that right now, Planet-X is approximately as far away from the sun as Venus. You also say that Planet-X is 4 times the diameter of Earth, which would make it approximately the diameter of Neptune. We have no problem seeing Venus with the naked eye, and can see it even better with a telescope. Why then do you claim that Planet-X CAN be seen with the naked eye just before sunrise, but somehow is NOT seen by telescopes because of the dust that shrouds it? This does not make any sense. If it can be seen by the eye, then it must be visible to a telescope.

This has been addressed endlessly on the ZetaTalk site but we will quickly list the main reasons. Your other planets are not in a fog bank, are not shrouded by a charged dust cloud that hugs the planet so closely that the inhabitants of that planet cannot see any stars, just dense cloud cover. When Planet X was entering the solar system, on the opposite side from the Earth, there were dramatic Second Sun sightings as sunlight bounced off this dust cloud and back to Earth. Now that it is approaching the Earth from the Sun, the glare from the sun bounces back toward the Sun, and primarily people see a dark fuzzy area. At sunrise and sunset, as with the Sun itself, orange light bends around the Earth, creating a larger object, as anyone honest about what they are seeing on the horizon at sunrise or sunset will admit. As with the Sun, any deflected sunlight that hits Planet X and deflects toward the Earth is likewise expanded in view. Thus the sightings at sunrise and sunset are the most likely candidate.

Recently, there have been many reports from the government saying that "Cycle 24 is expected to be as much as 50% stronger than its predecessor. Most solar scientists agree that Cycle 24 began July 1,2006 when the first sunspost distributed a 'reverse'magnetic field." Now the feds say that the new solar cycle of storms will begin to intensify by Spring 2008. Is the seed being planted now by the PTB because of the expected Planet X effects and wanting to blame everything on the sun? After hundreds of years of observing sun cycles, only this one elicits warnings.

We have stated almost from the start of ZetaTalk that the Sun, solar cycles, would be blamed when Planet X drew close. We have posed the very same question you are posing, how could they predict this cycle would be stronger, years ago? This past solar minimum was more like a maximum, but they have been predicting an intense solar cycle for years, yet have no statistics or history to support this prediction. We are given the conclusion, but not the data, as always. Yes, they are desperately trying to prevent the common man from realizing they are not being included in survival plans, not being included in the bunkers and stores put aside to get past the lean years. Just pay your taxes and be dumb and blind!

Nancy, could you tell us if there is any significance to this?[and from another] Pilot's UFO shock [Apr 26] Two experienced airline pilots on separate flights saw something up to a mile wide off the coast of Alderney on Monday afternoon. Surprisingly, Jersey radar equipment did not pick up the object, although an air traffic controller said he had received simultaneous reports from the Aurigny and Blue Islands pilots. The description was very similar to Captain Bowyer's and they described it as being in exactly the same place. But they were looking at it from opposite sides. The Blue Islands plane was at 3,500ft at the time so both pilots placed it at the same altitude. If the object was stationary, our equipment would not have picked it up because the radar would have screened it out. [and from another] Earthquake (4.3) shakes parts of Kent [Apr 28] An earthquake with a magnitude of at least 4.3 has shaken parts of Kent, damaging buildings and disrupting electricity supplies.

We have stated that the UK is very much in the stretch zone, so much so that Scotland and Ireland should anticipate not having any land after the shift. The stretch zone does not simply pull apart, rock fingers letting go so land has less support and sinks. It also fractures at points, snapping off, letting a portion of the land remain where it is while another part dips down into the drink. This is what is anticipated, so that quakes in this area of the channel, which is in and of itself a weak point and thus low, below sea level, will occur, snapping England and its associated islands away from the mainland. For those of you living in these areas, think about your safety, as you are surely being warned!

What are the ways to minimise the impact of chemtrails on humans health (in every area - physical, mental)? Any way to block it althogether?

At the start of chemtrails, we warned that these were at the time tests to determine how to sicken a migrating populace, slow them down, so starvation overtakes them before they can arrive at the bunkers of the elite. For instance, LA is not desired in Utah, in ultra-right enclaves. When the US military discovered the true plan, to poison such a migrating populace, they refused to be participants in future, so the plan was deemed to fail, in future, although some enclaves are still holding to the hope that such poisoning practices can occur. It was the US military that was deemed a necessary ingredient, due to the military structure of command and control and the number of planes available to it. At present, chemtrails are almost entirely to fog the view toward Planet X, as we have stated. To avoid the spray, when close to the last days, simply stay out of the open air! Allow nature to disburse chemicals via the torrential rains, and to consume any bacteria of biological elements in the spray. Most of these require hosts, quickly, in order to stay viable.

Can the Zetas comment on this coming hurricane season apart from what they have already stated about the linear increase in frequency and severity? I somehow feel this season will be bad indeed.

We have stated early in the ZetaTalk era that hurricanes would increase in strength and ferocity but not beyond what the human population experiences today, and this is what has been occurring. We have also predicted that hurricanes and tornadoes would occur in places not used to experiencing them, and this also has occurred. Beyond this level of hurricane and tornado prediction we are not allowed, by the rules, to warn mankind. Your Earth is a schoolhouse, where you learn by your decisions and actions taken about your intended spiritual orientation. You are to be surprised by what occurs, disease, starvation, storms. You are to rise to the occasion and help your fellow man. If you are constantly warned, then no such decisions and actions would be taken by most, who would simply protect themselves. Thus, surprise is part of the formula.

I read where over a hundred people were arrested in Saudi Arabia about a plot to sabotage the oil pipelines etc. They claim Al Queda. Was there a plot and who really is behind this?

We have stated that a least half the supposed terrorist attacks are black ops, British and US. This was another such case, as the US wishes to invade the Saudi oil fields under guise of protection. The Saudis are not fooled, and this latest maneuver will not work any more than those in the past. The Saudis have in fact gone on record saying the US should leave the area, leave Iraq.

Lightning strikes oil refinery in Oklahoma on the news today with a huge inferno still going on. Was it lightning or something else?

Lightning will be on the increase as storms get more violent, which they will as the Earth wobble and lurch pick up. Lightning is a result of air masses passed over each other, quickly. Continuous lightning and thunder being a warning sign of a possible tornado, for instance. Refineries have metal all over the place, in flat land, primarily. Thus such incidences should increase!

There are so called predictions (more than one source) according to which USA should be attacked (by Russia and China) in the near future. Is there any truth to this?

We agree that such a generic prophecy has been around, from various sources, ascribed to Nostradamus, for instance, so will answer. Nostradamus as we have explained was only valid in his time, and all such attempts to apply his quatrains to current times are a useless effort. We have stated that as the times get tense, crop failures and economic disasters, that countries will not attack one another but turn inward, having to deal with a restless populace, to a one. The US has stood alone in this regard, attempting to be kings of the world in the Aftertime, to be sitting on all the oil fields, assuming the US military would follow commands to the end. But even the US is in retreat, as anyone reading the signs can see. There will be no such attack by China and Russia, thus.

Is there a possibility that some humans will be "lifted", not on Earth, during the actual poleshift?

We have described the Lift as something Christians describe as the Rapture. Misunderstanding what had been described, that some, the deserving, would get an offer to be lifted during the pole shift, the Christian Church twisted this to be interpreted as the faithful, those who have followed the rules, those who have given money to the hierarchy, would be saved. It is absolutely not that criteria, it is how strongly Service-to-Other the individual is. Most, thus, who are given the offer, refuse, as they have responsibilities to others and take them seriously. Thus, if you find someone expecting to be raputured, or lifted, they are likely not Service-to-Other.

What really happened here? Another shoot out ala Rayburn? Would the Zetas care to comment, please? [and from another] Accidental Shooting Stirs Secret Service [Apr 17] Two Secret Service officers were injured in an accidental shooting Tuesday at the White House. The incident occurred in a security booth at the southwest gate. One officer was injured in the leg and the other received a shrapnel wound in his face. The injuries appeared to be non-life threatening and that both officers were taken to nearby George Washington University Hospital. The gun involved was a service-issued weapon. In a separate incident, Lafayette Park along Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House was closed because of a suspicious package. There was a security clampdown at the White House because of both incidents.

This episode was of course not a casual accident. The Secret Service are trained to the max, and as they are around high level officials they are to protect, night and day, sleepy or awake, they hardly would qualify if they were so lax as to shoot themselves in the foot, in essence. Two agents were shot, and herein is a clue. One drew, the other shot. No followup has been in the news regarding this - names, results, reprimands, etc. There have been many plans laid to assassinate Bush and Cheney, both at the same time. Since Bush is known to have a temper, and Cheney a bad heart, Cheney would go first, of a heart attack, most likely, with Bush losing his mental state as a result. Bush is known to be fragile, on anti-depressants, and losing it, losing his train of thought. He is under great stress, looks defeated and depressed, on live TV. All agents within the Secret Service are not of a like mind on this matter, hearing the rumors, so when one made a comment the other took to be treason, guns were drawn! This is being described as an accident, but inside the White House fear has intensified, as the shootouts are coming closer!

Even today, after many years of waiting and people seeing global changes as glaciers melting, quakes and volcanoes increasing, weather extremes, tsumanis, devastating Katrina and other cyclones, most extreme drought ever in Australia and I am sure other places, deluges happening in dry areas, snow in tropics, etc etc - It Still Is Very Hard To Convince Anyone About The Cause-Planet X! I can not foresee many more people coming to grips about the existence of Planet X until something enormous happens as visually seeing a 2nd sun, 3 days of darkness or an outright admission by the PTB or whatever. People prefer the status quo, do not ask questions and do very little to prepare - hide their heads in the sand. Other than actually seeing the 2nd sun, what other types of occurrences could happen to convince more about Planet X well before the pole shift?

We have stated that most of the worlds population will go into the pole shift without warning, other than the signs the last weeks will present to them. Every culture has their prophets and folklore, so that even where the Internet or a good hearted government is in place in a country, they have been warmed. The issue is more a willingness to look at the signs and realize what they mean. Man, as most intelligent creatures, prefers denial to reality when the reality is horrific. Thus, those in denial harden their denial, rather than finally face the truth. You will find few in denial who will turn to be realists, as the end approaches. They will prefer to see a long day or a long night, after 3 days of darkness or such turns in the Earth as to be undeniable, and pretent that all is well! It is not, thus, the signs, that determine when people will take it all seriously, it is the native ability of the soul incarnate, or the human body incarnated, to deal with the horror!

Would the Zetas care to comment on Australian Prime minister John Howards Draconian new workplace legislation? It seems to me he wants to turn ordinary workers into slave labour! Also are the same forces trying to decapitate George Bush also after John Howard? It seems that the opposition leader Kevin Rudd is getting a lot of positive media coverage lately!

Where the Council of Worlds has given an exception for interference with Bush plans, this is only because the coup that overtook the White House attempted to take control of the US Military, equal in strength and numbers to all other militaries worldwide. No such exception applies for Britain or Australia, unless Bush and company are planning to use the episode for their advantage. In general, where a country has been a democracy, the ultra-right who have allied with Bush will lose out horribly going into the last weeks, if not well before. They have shown their hand! The common man senses their agenda!

Could the Zetas comment on the FDA's proposal for regulation of complimentary-and-alternative-medicine? Their deadline for comments by the public is this Monday, April 30. It seems like they wish us to get prescriptions for vitamins, herbs, and other therapies making it harder for us to choose what goes into or on our own bodies and also control how much these items cost. They would even want to regulate things such as massage oils and vegetable juices if they are part of a regimen that claims to be good for us. Will this be a successful venture on their part? Or will we still be able to purchase vitamins and herbs off the shelf without the FDA's interference?

This scheme is of course not what it seems on the surface. It would seem to increase the profits of the pharma industry, but there is another scheme afoot. If you wish to poison useless mouths, you need a means to do it! Vacinations have long been feared the route, and as this has been on the Internet for years, and the statistics on acceptance of new vacines shows the fear in the populace, it is now considered a route that should be discarded. With the signs increasing, the last weeks obvious, how much of the populace will line up for vacines suddenly mandated! They will be warry! But vitamins will be an item to stock up on! Thus, a last minute switch is hoped for, where those who are to be poisoned are given special vitamins, and those who are to be included in the work force will get their vitamins from the work camps they have been taken to! Will this plan succeed? Not with the new Congress in place, as the progress of this plot will be slowed. But be warry in any case!

Is there any truth to the rumor that Laura Bush lives part time at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington to stay away from George when he's drunk?

There have been rumors that Laura was coerced into a marriage with Dubya due to dirt on her regarding an accident wherein she rammed a former boy friends car, killing him. This is true, and given the alternative of prison, she accepted matrimony. There is much more to the current rumors than meets the eye, as since their daughers have been born, they have not had marital relations. But she was promised harmony, not humiliation, and Dubya has been accosting young boys at parties, openly treating Condi like a wife or mother figure, and is getting worse at this. Thus, in an attempt to pull him into line, Laura has gone to separate bedrooms, thus causing Dubya embarrassment. Can't he please his woman? This is not a serious split, as neither is free to follow their wishes, both being caught in the net of the larger manipulation that these puppets are caught in.

Ruth Montgomery predicted that a walk-in president would be in the White House before the time of the pole shift and be able to warn people and tell them where they could relocate to safe places. Although the time she predicted for the pole shift has come and gone, will there still be someone in the public eye who will be able to warn more people than you are able to do on this forum and that of Zeta Talk?

Ruth Montgomery is a valid channel, but predictions that involve the will of man are always iffy. Bush would not be such a walk-in, as being Service-to-Self he would not leave to allow a Service-to-Other soul to enter, unless virtually chased out by fear. Possession by a Service-to-Self entity is not a long lasting affair, as the Service-to-Self cannot function in any environment where empathy exists at all, for long. This chases them away. Thus, for Bush, an attempted out of body would be the result, leaving an even more vapid Bush than the one at present. But as a fast game of musical chairs might ensure, as we have described, at the White House, lots of possibilities exist! As far as forums to warn people, there have been many valid prophets who will be quoted, but few new prophets. Newcomers will in the main be attempts at disinfo.

You said that at least half the supposed terrorist attacks are black ops, British and US. Are the Generals leading the war in Iraq aware of this? If so can they do anything about it?

Black ops operate outside of the normal chain of command, so the official military is not aware, unless they are intelligent enough to sort it out, as many have. Since Cheney and Rumsfled scarfed away enough money to buy any black ops they desire, and since Cheney has developed routes into the CIA and contract groups such as Blackwater and Halliburton, the paths do not cross. This will end when the cleanup in DC starts, and will be vicious as the truth emerges, as it has already started to emerge.