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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Dec 30, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

Has Treasury Secretary Paulson been arrested in Germany?

If this were the case, you would be seeing some reaction from Crawford Ranch. This is not the case, and he was never on the list to be arrested, if found guilty, in trials that have yet to go forward.

Is James Cobalt legitimate and confused or is he running disinformation? How accurate or are his claims about the times and locations of the various early human-alien contacts, the descriptions and locations of the underground installations, and his descriptions of human-reptilian hybrids?

There is a common theme in disinformation from the CIA, which is highly resentful that aliens have technology that humans cannot claim and refuse to be infiltrated or dominated. They are, at the helm, in the top levels, highly Service-to-Self and think in these terms. Thus from the start they floated rumors of alien vulnerability, human conquest and acquisition of alien technology, and tried to twist any message delivered by Service-to-Other aliens with their own version of the same, with a Service-to-Self twist. We, the Zetas, have been granted the right and responsibility to create a zeta-human hybrid, and have done so, working closely with humans on Earth for over 50 years. If the rumor that Zetas were cold, clones, robots or whatever did not kill us off in the affection of mankind, then they turned to another angle. They have claimed that reptilians are cold, which is not the case at all. The same percentage of intelligent reptilian lifeforms turn to Service-to-Other as a choice as do hominoids or bird creatures or the like. To throw cold water on our hybrids, who are as warm and loving as humans, in fact more so as they are spiritually more mature and advanced, they are now apparently claiming that hybrids are reptilian-human. All lies, so consider the source of this information a CIA arm, littered with lies.

W Bush has rejected the will of the American people as expressed in the election. He is refusing to pull out of Iraq and insists "more troops" are needed. Saddam has been executed. Now on another GLP thread I'm reading of the alleged arrest of the U.S. Treasury Secretary in Germany. This is related to the "Wanta" trillions of dollar story. How long can this charade go on before the "plug is pulled"? I sense we are very close.

We have addressed the Wanta trillions as legitimate funds set aside since the days of Roswell for elite use during the forthcoming pole shift. The likelihood of these funds being put into the US Treasury, with the debt being dropped and an announcement made to the people is zero. The reason is all the questions that would have to be answered. Why was this money hidden, all these years? Why was Wanta imprisoned all these years? If it looks like a fish and smalls like a rotten fish, then the public would draw the right conclusions. This will be a standoff between opposing forces until the pole shift, and then it will not matter as money will be useless.

Bush is slowly being cornered, the Military standing up to him, his new Defense Secretary standing up to him, a new Congress certainly about to stand up to him, and he will throw temper tantrums. As we stated, predicted, in the Iran Boondoggle writeup, we anticipate him ordering the military to attack Iran, and being ignored. This has already happened, repeadedly. We predicted he would attempt to declare himself President for Life, declare Martial Law, and be ignored. This has not as yet happened but his worst moments are still ahead of him. He is hoping for a crisis in Iraq, riots, with an increased military flowing in and over the borders into Iran. He is hoping the Middle East becomes such a conflagration that America's oil supply is threatened and he can call the draft. He dreams on. When his dreams are no longer viable, he will panic. Meanwhile, the Congress will draw closer to an impeachment solution, and putting Cheney in chains.

Would the Zetas care to comment on the information contained in 'The Grant Chronicles' website? This website purports to discuss many scientific and spiritual matters broadly related to the present earth changes, and occasionally references ZetaTalk itself. Is this website legitimate?

Grant has been around since the early days of ZetaTalk, takes his own position on matters and quotes or parallels ZetaTalk, often. This is not ZetaTalk, nor is it purported to be. Just another free thinking human who is out there discussing his thoughts. Take it that way.

Was the PROMIS software used to compromise NORAD and FAA radar and computer systems in the past? If so, were the systems penetrated by rouge elements of the CIA and other intelligence agencies?

This was software stolen from the legitimate owners, for use by the CIA. It allowed monitoring of whomever used it, in ways that were virtually undetectable. Follow the trail of where it was installed, for the elements compromised. As we mentioned, those in the upper levels of the CIA are highly Service-to-Self, and as such are virtual control freaks. They use information to blackmail, or want to be in the know before any other elements. Knowledge is power! That the CIA has tried to compromise all facets of government is certainly no secret.

Sometime ago the Zetas talked about the Sun's Trimesters, explaining summer sweeps were the strongest. With the coincidence of the earth stopping in its orbit on December 25, 2003, the Indonesian quake and tsunami on December 26, 2004, and the seemingly strongest live sismo "blacking out" from powerful deep global quakes occurring usually around December's sweeps, I assume the Zetas were talking about summers in the southern hemisphere. Can they explain what causes the summer trimesters to be stronger than the other two?

Since magnetism is viewed as polarized, a N Pole and a S Pole, with particles flowing from one to the other, the idea that there would be trimesters is confusing. We have explained that the Sun's magnetism reaches to the ends of the solar system and beyond, and dominates. Mercury and Earth, for instance, align with the Sun's permanent alignment, and for those who say the Sun flops about, reversing fields every 11 years, NASA's own Ulysses probe proved them wrong in 2001. Imagine the solar system itself aligned along a magnetic flow line of a larger field, which pulses. It is no accident that the Earth, a magnetic planet, is going round the Sun every 365 days or so, as the magnetic trimesters have something to do with this progression.

Given that the Zetas have stated that Bush/Cheney will be removed from office in some manner or another, can the Zetas comment on the likelihood of his successor being able to at least start a dialogue on the need for self sufficiency or Earth changes even if a specific discussion of Planet X is off of the table? Many people (including myself) feel that 2007 is the beginning of true, Earth shaking changes in the literal and figurative sense (geologically, economically, politically). I understand that any discussion regarding specific dates for specific events is forbidden so as not to give advantage to the martial law crowd, but can the Zetas comment on the sense of huge impending changes that many sensitives feel for the coming year? There is a significant amount of tension as you know associated with waiting and the moment feels particularly pregnant now.

We have often spoken to the cover-up breaking when the Earth changes take those involved in the cover-up by surprise, their emotion overcoming their caution. Think back to the days of 911, when newscasters wept on the air, and blurted out their feelings. Large numbers of co-conspirators have had to be pulled into the pack, as the Earth changes have become obvious and on the increase. Weathermen, radio show hosts, astronomers and geologists, the USGS and observatories, and all have been told that the worse fear is panic in the populace, trammeled babies and insanity with people going postal and shooting others or committing suicide. When they realize they have been lied to, and the worst fear is the population not being warned, drowning or being crushed in collapsing cities, their aliegance will change! Look for what is said immediately after a crisis, as the most telling.

The Obvious question about the Madrid explosions. Is this more false terror? What is the point? To boost a failing Bush? Are not most people aware now of the false flag opps?

For all the hundreds of attempts to establish a false flag, fake terrorism, occurrence in the US, the White House has never given up. They have teams devoted to brain storming options, looking for a loophole where they can make it happen. We of course are aware of their plans as they think them, and unless they develop thinking robots (and we are aware of their programmers intent) they cannot see any way to avoid this. But this does not stop them from announcing terror alerts. They are stubborn, and will keep this up as long as able to command a mic!

Could zetas explain why the moon is too far North. It was almost due North last night. Did you notice this to? [and from another] I just checked Skymap for this time and date, and it should be at 120°, SE, not North at all.

We explained during 2004 when the Moon's exagerated orbit was first noted that the Moon will continue to hug Earth but like a hat tilted too far on the head, down over one ear and way up over the other, will tilt too far. The Moon is supposed to vere 5° from the Ecliptic, but is far from that, and getting more extreme. It was noted by humans tracking this matter that between the New Moon and Full, it was too far North, and between the Full and New, too far South. This was to avoid the heavy traffic lane at the Earth's middle, the Ecliptic, crossing this only twice a month. This pattern has now changed, with the Moon trying to avoid particle flows from Planet X consistently. On occasion, when approaching the Ecliptic, it will find this too painful, and remain in a northernly or southerly position. Record the absolute azimuth and altitude, date and time, and forward to Nancy so she can publish this data in her well documented Orbits section.

Could you elaborate more on the fact that Stan Deyo is not able to produce EQ data (US is momentarily not providing any maps which he bases his forecast upon) and this in the light of some people talking about several EQ in California on the first of January 2007?

Stan Deyo has been snug with the Navy since the beginning, and secured a lot of impressive Navy data on which to build his reputation. He also, for a time, fronted a survival site to compete with the Troubled Times website that developed around the ZetaTalk material. Since the Navy data shows hot spots in excess of what the USGS will be allowed to explain, with the whole world about to explode into more activity, he has not been given the data, as usual. This more or less puts and end to the Stan Deyo era, and his use as a disinformation arm. The theory was, if he was so educated, and connected, and could predict trouble with some degree of accuracy, then he'd be a spokesperson come the heavy lifting times. This theory did not include the data showing the public too much, such is the short sightedness of the cover-up.

I am not an astronomer or a mathematician so I am quite ignorant on the subject of orbits and Kepler's law, however, all planet's aphelions appear to be oriented in the same direction in relation to the constellations. What causes that phenomenon? The same particle flows that keep the planets in their orbits, or something more? What causes an elliptical orbit if two inner focal points do not exist per Kepler's law? Why is the eccentricity of Mercury and Pluto, who are at opposite extremes of the solar system, different from the rest of the planets in the solar system, Planet X aside.

Kepler, as all mathematicians, tried to wrap math around what he saw, as a type of description. The math was played with until it could describe what they saw, and then they called it a law. Planets have eliptical orbits because they are either reaching for something they are attracted to or chasing away from it, most often the former. That most of the outer planets and long period comets pull toward Orion is no accident, as this is where the unlit binary twin of the Sun lies, some 18.74 Sun-Pluto distances away. Planet X comes in from that direction, from Orion, having slung past this dark binary and come back on a return. Where most planets are attracted to this dark binary, some, depending upon their composition, are repulsed, trying to escape. This is due to the general fact that particles are both attracted to other particles of the same makeup but also do not like crowding. Thus, they are always in motion, electons, magnetons, gravitons, in motion.

With all the doom and gloom predicted by the Zetsa since 1995, was or is there any bright spots that can be relayed to us humans? The message is always bad, especially for the Service-to-Self. Not much hope is echoed.

If you're a Service-to-Self, damn straight life will get worse, as it ought! If you're a Service-to-Other, the big light at the end of the tunnel is shining. Service-to-Self will be removed, steadily, and you can have Heaven on Earth living among our own kind. As you become comfortable with the concept of the alien presence, living next to high tech hybrid communities will become a reality. This is the Transformation time, when your right as an Service-to-Self to prey upon the good hearted is over. Did you think the party was going to go on forever?

Would the Zeta care to comment on the "weather snowstorms" now crossing the USA. And are these "wobble/torque" related? If so, as most suspect it is, can we expect more worsening storms to come?

The increasing wobble is indeed responsible for the increased weather swings noted. The figure 8 documented by Nancy in the Orbits section shows the N Pole skewed to the left when Europe is facing the Sun directly. This pulls the air masses over the Atlantic down toward the Equator, and normally would give Europe a colder temp. But lets walk around the globe and see why this has changed. As the Sun is directly over the US, the N Pole has swung over to the right, again pushing air masses over into the Atlantic and toward the Equator. The immediate effect of this is to pull air directly across the US, the skewed jet stream noted where polar air does not make it down into the mid-continent. Then, in the figure 8, the Sun over the Pacific and New Zealand, the N Pole is pushed away over the horizon. This allows cold air to flow southward, its only outlet from this push and pull. Over India, the N Pole, in reaction, jerks back so the land is pulled under the air masses, putting land under warmer air, and thense to Europe again, where the air masses tend to cling to the land, creating the warmer weather Europe is experiencing. As the wobble gets worse, these matters may change, but this is the weather wobble today!

French TV Satellite broadcasting services over the Asia/Pacific region has been stopped as a result of the strong earthquake which took place last night 26th December (Magnitude 7 earthquake). I would like to understand how earthquakes can affect satellites moving in space. [and from another] Réponse du service clientèle TV5 à votre courrier du 27/12/2006. Nous avons bien recu votre message et vous indiquons qu'en raison du tremblement de terre dans la nuit du 26 décembre., la diffusion de TV5MONDE Asie a été interrompue. Nous vous prions de nous excuser pour ce désagrément et vous assurons que nos équipes techniques font leurs meilleurs efforts pour rétablir au plus vite la diffusion du signal. Sincères salutations. [and from another] Quake cuts off much of Asia Internet [Dec 27] A 7.1-magnitude earthquake off the coast of Taiwan on Tuesday night, which was followed by several smaller quakes in the region, apparently damaged the vast network of underwater cables that enables modern communication. The disruption was widespread, hitting China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and elsewhere, with knock-on effects as far away as Australia for companies whose Internet is routed through affected areas. Phone services in some countries were also disrupted, in particular for calls to the United States.

Where undersea cables are certainly involved in the flow of data on the Internet, how would this disrupt phone calls from Asia to the US if this major cable itself were not involved? Was this announced? No clarity is given about the outages, 'apparently damaged' due to undersea damage. The clue is from the note from French TV, admitting a satellite disruption. Internet access also uses satellites, a fact well established. If the exact cables are not being identified, and the time to repair them not specified, then it is suspect that undersea cables are the cause. How quickly has this re-established itself? Were new cables laid? Satellites were disrupted because the earth moved, a compression in the Pacific, and thus land pointing upward to where they assumed satellites to be were aiming into empty space! This can be quickly adjusted, within days, and if this has happened, then the disruption was not due to undersea cables!

Was Michael A. Dornheim murdered because he was onto the Cover-up? From his history and knowledge in the aerospace industry, he would seem a likely candidate for 'termination' had he decided to go public with what he found. What did he 'find'? [and from another] Missing Aviation Week Writer Found Dead [Jun 12] The body of an award-winning journalist who had been missing more than a week was found Monday in a wrecked car that plunged off a mountain road. Michael A. Dornheim, 51, a writer for Aviation Week & Space Technology, disappeared the evening of June 3 after dining with friends at a restaurant about a half-hour from his home. [and from another] Aerospace writer's mystery death [Jun 16] His last cover story for the aerospace journal was a June 5 article on the Pentagon's "lunatic fringe" technology unit, DARPA, and its new Orbital Express space mission. He even traveled with the UFO hunters outside Area 51 in Nevada.

Of all the assassinations done to keep secrets, it is more often to protect the fragile egos, the failures, of those in power than to keep the public from knowing what they are up to. We have often spoken about the plans of the elite, the super wealthy and those in political power, to escape to Mars, to the dark side of the Moon where they know cities protected from earthquakes lie, to conquer the world via lasers in space, and to counter the threat of the alien presence to their fragile egos by asserting that human technology is equal to alien technology. Today, the US has barely been able to get their shuttles back into space, after the humiliation of the Columbia crash. They have no Star Wars plan, other than talk and ambition. And their dominance over the world via their massive military is now seen as an exhausted giant, over-extended in Iraq and unable to keep up. What if the truth of all this were to come up, at the hands of someone known to dig out the truth and having the audacity to print it! Time for a broken brake line, a quick cut when twisting mountain roads are the short cut planned on the road home. Plans for dinner are no secret when the phone is bugged, and a man's habits are no secret either, when he is being watched for an opportunity.

Looks like Blair is scared of flying by private jet, scared he will be assassinated perhaps? [and from another] Plane carrying Blair overshoots runway [Dec 27] British Airways blamed poor lighting at Miami International Airport for a commercial jet overshooting a runway with British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his family aboard, but airport and federal officials said Wednesday that the lights were fine. National Transportation Safety Board investigators also found that the lights were working properly and that there was no construction. Federal Aviation Administration confirmed the lights were working. The plane stopped just past the official end of the runway. Blair was among the 343 passengers on the plane. The prime minister receives Secret Service protection whenever he lands in the U.S. Deputy press secretary for the British Embassy in Washington said it was not uncommon for Blair to travel by commercial airliner. The British prime minister does not have an allocated plane, and Blair usually flies by chartered jet on official business and by scheduled flight for his vacations.

As it is assumed that hated heads of state are always under the threat of assassination plots, the recent scare involving Blair raises this specter. Was this arranged, the commercial jet given either a braking problem, or the pilot drugged in some way? None of this was the case. As the statistics on the rise in problems with commercial flights shows, these types of problems are occurring on flights not carrying VIP passengers. Where not all problems are reported, near misses in the air, aborted takeoffs or landings, all are increasing. The reason: pilot or controller error, as well as increasing weather irregularities. We have often mentioned that the populace is distracted, irritable, worried, as they sense that something is afoot and they are not being told the truth. The Sun and Moon are out of place, at times, the constellations not quite right, temperature extremes on the increase, severe storms and tornadoes hitting in places not used to this air turbulence, snow in Summer and the poles and glaciers melting at a rate not logically associated with a slight rise in the air temperature, the Global Warming excuse. Then there are the Earthquakes, and the awakening of so many volcanoes. Is this caused by Global Warming? Meanwhile the media and politicians chirp on about Global Warming as the problem, as though they do not have brains and cannot see what the common man is seeing. So they suspect a big lie, and have no trust, and are insomniac and have moments when their mental candle flickers and they are distracted. Distracted people make mistakes. End of story!

Nancy, Would the Zeta's comment on how to flush the human body from years of "bad medicines/bad vaccines". Are there herbs or plants available in the USA that would aid the concerned person? We all know vaccines contain mercury and other heavy metals. Can anything help the body to eliminate the dangers?

Healthy foods and life styles are well known. For heavy metals, chelation techniques are also well known. We have no advice outside of that. If you're not taking care of yourself at present, get started!

Former president Gerald Ford is being treated in death as Mr. Nice-Guy-Elder-Statesman, and he did have some good points, as far as I can tell. But as others have suggested, was he aware of the horrors he unleashed upon the people of East Timor, Indonesia?

The Oval Office has its drawbacks, in that one is isolated. One gets reports on situations, advice from experts, and takes a best guess on the approach to be taken. Commercial interests often cloak their interests in humanitarian terms, as best for the country, for the region, putting down greed and hysteria, or whatever. How often do good meaning parents have the inside track on what and where their teen agers are? At times, one is taken for a fool.

Cathy O'Brien who wrote "Trance-Formation of America," about her experiences as an MKUltra mind-controlled sex slave, wrote about many in high public office. How much truth is there to her story?

The rumors of pedophilia among the powerful are true, and with good reason as we have explained. It is prime blackmail material! The children used in these circles are captured early, conditioned to utterly obey, and only those who cooperate are allowed to live. Her story may not be completely true, as these experiences drive one insane and the imagination fills in the blanks. However, the theme is correct.