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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Oct 28, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

I wonder if the Zetas could comment on the Hutchison effect? Is he on to something here? Are we missing pieces? [and from another] John Hutchison of Vancouver, Canada, tinkered with an array of simultaneously interactive fields; a combination of electrostatic, magnetic, microwave and Tesla Coil fields. Without predictable warning and with some randomness, these fields interacted with objects. Levitations, thrusted weights, glowing, apparent softening and bending of hard metal alloys, and strange alloy separations were some of the phenomena reported. One series of experiments was performed while observers from Los Alamos Laboratory, U. S. aircraft firms, and military personnel observed and made video camera recordings. The experimental procedures were such that John Hutchison would try various combinations of pulsed power, microwaves, etc., without records to correlate what caused what.

The history of the experiments by Hutchison are characterized by a lack of documentation, not something a serious scientist does. Why does he do this? Because his videos of levitation do not show wires or other obvious means of trickery, such as the room being turned upside down, and thus at first glance support his claims. However, a glass glued to the floor with a gel in the glass could be seen as levitation if the apparatus were suddenly turned upside down, letting gravity do the levitation. You see our point! Hutchison waves his hands around, gets the establishment to send investigators, and cannot repeat his experiment. Meanwhile, he can manage to do something to impress them, but mostly with high voltage or other such means that do create an electro-magnetic field and can create levitation by magnetic interplay, a well known phenomena. Thus, Hutchison is deliberately creating fame for himself, and enjoying the attention.

The cold came on quick this year. I've noticed a few small animals, such as baby squirrels, that have been around and it seems as if they were abandoned. Is the early cold affecting animals in a way that would cause them to abandon their offspring?

Nature seems cruel, but the actions are instinctive for the survival of the species. Mothers often eat their young, when distressed, which is to retain the mother so that future offspring can be born in times when the young are not likely to survive in any case. Chickens will canabalize each other, alive, under nutritional stress, the weak being eaten. This is nature's way, and as the weather becomes increasingly erratic, there may be more examples.

Bush seemed really out of it at his press conference this week. Is he finally losing it?

The Bush White House is trying to bravely whistle in the dark, re the coming election. They are aware that the Puppet Master is intending to right any wrongs they do re voter fraud, but got away with it in 2004 and Rove has done his best to weave a mess impossible to unravel. However, he does not have ourselves, the Zetas, on his side, and his plans are known by the Puppet Master as soon as conceived. Bush Co has stated they expect to win, had some magazines publish articles to this effect, and are trying to suppress exit polls so the public will buy a fraud if they pull it off. Meanwhile, the reality of their situation sits heavy upon them. Even with winning, the situation in Iraq is unraveling so rapidly they fear retaining the military in the oil fields even if the Republicans retain Congress. What lies ahead for them? Possible impeachment and criminal charges, and this means no protection as ruler of the land when the pole shift hits. Thus, they have an immense number of worries, and their faces show this.

NASA launched the twin stereo probes this week. Apparently they are heading toward the Sun for orbit. Will they be allowed to follow through on this mission?

We have no plans to zap the Stereo probes, as this is unlikely to produce any information they could not otherwise surmise. Given the dance that is about to ensue between the Earth and Planet X, the gyrations, the coverup will shortly be unraveling, at least among the common man who will be doing their own analysis and relating this to prophecy. Stereo may tell them the relative distance from the Sun, but this is not the key factor as to when the serious Earth changes being. The Earth moves closer to Planet X, and this is an instance entirely unknown to the establishment. Stereo will not help them with their timing estimates whatsoever.

After the elections and the Bush admin taken out of office will the economy start getting better or should we get ready for an even worse slide of things?

The man on the street knowns that employment opportunities are not up, employment not up, inflation is rampant, companies laying off and going bankrupt all around, personal bankruptcy up, families losing homes, losing health insurance, and shaking their heads while watching the TV chirp all the optimistic nonsense. We do not anticipate the Bush administration to be leaning on the wealthy to pour funds into the Stock Market to keep the DOW up beyond the elections, as those they are pleading with are seeing who will be in power, shortly. The DOW will be allowed to return to the level the Bush administration was able to maintain by leaning on the Military Industrial complex, as they can compensate them with DOD contracts, the taxpayer ultimately paying for this. As we have often stated, the economy is not going to get better, as the Earth changes will steadily eat into profits in every industry. With everything getting more expensive, bankruptcies increase. Companies lay people off, and the cycle continues. Insurance companies will soon start dumping those they formerly covered, or go bankrupt themselves, and this adding to the cycle. The dollar is a temporary thing, as after the shift, well before, the barter system will be in place in many countries. Secure those items that will be useful in the Aftertime, and shed yourself of paper promises that can lose their value overnight, our advice. Of course, each human must make their own decisions re this, as their lives are in their hands.

Amelia Earhart is most famous for the mysterious circumstances of her death, disappearing in 1937 somewhere in the South Pacific, near the end of an attempted round-the-world flight. Despite extensive searches, no clear evidence has ever been found of Earhart, her navigator Fred Noonan, or their plane. I know this isn't a life or death matter, but could the Zetas comment on this mystery, what happened to them?

Amelia was not captured by the Japanese, nor was she operating as a spy for the Japanese. Her plane nor her bones have never been found as they are under water. Given the search that has commenced over the years, this is only logical, and the facts line up with this logical conclusion. The Pacific is vast, and deep, and holds many such secrets.

Can the Zetas comment on the life of Bob Marley, his life experiences, growing up in Trenchtown, Jamaica and how those experiences shaped who he became, his beliefs and his message. Bob sang about social justice and equality, compassion, love, etc. Many of his songs also appear to relate to the coming tribulations, drawn from Revelations. Manhy people feel that Bob was a special messenger of hope and inspiration. Did Bob give the call?

Yes! Many actors, musicians, are given a mega response to their Call, as they are in a position to educate the public. Bob was one such.

Where's Al Gore? He came out of hiding and with the elections coming I thought he would become more visible?

Gore is working behind the scenes, as much could unfold in the next 3 months. Imagine the Bush White House losing in the elections, and anticipating the Democrats in control in late January! What maneuvers might they pull? This should be a very interesting time, with Bush going to the extreme of declaring Martial Law for no reason at all except chatter on the Internet, for instance, and with the federal agencies essentially ignoring him! Gore is considered the legitimate Commander in Chief, by the Military, as he contested the voter fraud in 2000 where Kerry caves too readily. We have made mention of all this within the body of ZetaTalk, the Iran Boondoggle piece, for instance. There are many plans being laid by those who want to topple the illegitimate executive branch, as they want to be ready no matter which way Bush Co jumps.