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ZetaTalk: Morgellons
written May 20, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

Is Morgellons a nematode-like life form who's role is central to the affliction?

We have stated early on in ZetaTalk that there would be an increase in illness as the time of pole shift approached, and certainly through the pole shift and after, for many reasons - the Earth changes, changes in climate, the core swirls, This is what causes the White Buffalo and albinism in wildlife and other creatures to increase. And certainly, if the changes are creating more albinos, what is it doing to other parts of the body? This is stressful to creatures living on the surface. Like all stress, the immune system and will to live differs. We have stated that there would be a drop in the immune systems of many, because of the changes from the many particle flow flowing in and out of the Earth and swirling around that man was not designed to withstand on an evolutionary basis. The second reason is the types of bugs, the climate changes, the temperature swings. Tropical bugs that migrate up or in the case of the Southern Hemisphere, down, to land where there is no resistance to them. Disease breaks out. It's a known disease, its not a new disease, but everybody is concerned about the outbreak, wondering if it was planted, but these bugs just travel and are opportunistic. A third factor is germs or creatures that man is not even aware of will increase to the point that it will become a noticeable illness. This is again due to a dropped immune system where it appears to be a new illness but has in fact been around, just not that noticeable or common.

Morgellons disease is an example in that category. Known in the past. It's been in the news that 300 years ago in Europe there was a very similar outbreak and the similarity is astonishing. Indeed it is a series of creatures that coexist together and support each other. It's also been reported that Lyme disease is commonly in place in people that develop Morgellons. The common carrier is the tick. And seems to spread in areas like California, Texas, Florida, where there is a warm climate. although it is throughout the United States. But ticks bite and infect birds or many creatures, wildlife that travels, even humans that move, and therefor the coexisting or cooperative nature of various bacteria, little creatures, nematode-like creatures, is spread. It's just another example of what we have been describing, increased illness. What to do about this? Clearly, improving the immune system is the big factor, because not everyone comes down with it. Not everyone gets Lyme disease. Lyme disease is an infection that permeates the body, the joints and floats around in the lymph system. The body can even cure cancer, yet other people will get cancer and let it overtakes them. This is based on the will to live, so this is the main factor. Improve the life style, improve the surroundings. Give them a more positive outlook. The second factor is, as has been recorded, a lot of Vitamin C can make a difference. Well, that's true of any infection. Those are the two approaches we would recommend. Good nutrition, a positive outlook, helping to give psychological impetus to boost the immune system which is the main problem here.

Is cotton clothing a factor in Morgellons?

Cotton is an organic substance and these are organic parasites, and yes, they would be attracted to cotton more than synthetic substances. But cotton washed with bleach or a strong detergent will not be so affected. What is the manufacturing process? They like a strong dye, a very red shirt, for instance. They're hardly likely to bleach the cotton and then dye it red. They're likely to do as little as possible with the fibers to decrease the cost of production. Yes, biological material and that would include wool would possibly spread these nematodes.