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ZetaTalk: Survivor Allegiance
written Sep 2, 2003, during Lou Gentile live radio

Decisions will have to be made. In an ideal situation everyone is good hearted, everyone is reasonable, they all share. This is the optimal situation. But in reality, life will not be that dissimilar from today, when decisions are made. Families say they are kicking a family member out of the house, for various reasons, or someone is fired from a job or no longer allowed in an association. This will be no different. People will make their decisions, for good reasons or for bad. Lets say they are for good reasons, lets say there is somebody who threatens the survival of the entire group, they have an unreasonable attitude, they don’t want to work, they don’t want to assist, they want a larger share, they create arguments, being selfish. The decision is made that if the group is to survive, because perhaps it has come to that, this person must be ejected.

In this matter, think more of those you are protecting, the little children in the group, those who roll up their sleeves and are willing to do whatever is required. They deserve equal time, so to speak, and consideration with this person who is threatening the group. In some cases, you will have to move, you will have to pick up and leave, even in the dead of night, with your dependents, to get away from a situation that is overwhelmingly bad. Think less of your sense of responsibility to those who are trouble makers, or thinking of themselves and trying to get their larger share, or dictate to or dominate the group. Think less of your obligation to them and more of your obligation to those who deserve your time and attention in these matters. This would be our advice on those ethical dilemmas.