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ZetaTalk: Rescue Demands
written Sep 2, 2003, during Lou Gentile live radio

We are not permitted to interfere with what goes on Earth. This is your schoolhouse. Tornadoes, hurricanes, cancer, irrational and demanding bosses, a poor marriage, a child slowly dying of a fatal disease. These are things that are in your life today, and we are not zipping in to fix it. The reason for this is a plan, not ours but a higher plan, we might even say this is God’s plan because we have found this to be throughout the Universe. Young souls are put on Earth where it is a spiritual learning house where they have many opportunities to help others or turn their back on others. Your first step in your spiritual growth is to decide what side of that coin you fall on. Almost all chose to help others and become empathetic, a rare few grow in the other direction. These are separated at a certain point, after the Kindergarten phase and sent off to what Nancy refers to as the Reform School where they will not bully or be sadistic or intimidate you any longer but must do this to each other, a fitting hell, a true karma. So we are not allowed, or we would be sent packing, to interfere with your school house.

The approach of Planet X is a natural occurrence as are tornadoes, and is something that those who administer this part of the Universe have decided is a natural occurrence, consider it that, and thus it passes, as it has in the past, and is something that is considered an opportunity for you. How are you, then, helping your fellow man during this time of calamity? How will you rise to this occasion? What steps are you taking now? How will you respond when those around you are distraught with grief, injured, children orphaned or abandoned? How will you react? This is an opportunity for you to make gigantic spiritual steps or to run away and move in the wrong direction. So, consider it that, rise to the occasion, and find that your life can become far more satisfying if you make the right choices.