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ZetaTalk: Point of Passage
written July 17, 2003

When we refer to the Orbital Plane, we are not talking about a point exactly on the plane, but the general area. Planet X has been floating just under the plane for some weeks, but all this time is considered, in general, in the orbital plane. The point where Planet X entered the orbital plane included being below the plane and being a bit behind the halfway point between the Earth and the Sun where rotation stoppage starts to happen, so Planet X has come toward the Earth, rising, during the weeks when it was at the Triangle Point, which was then correct as a general guide. The 14 million miles referred to as the closest point during the Pole Shift includes those parts of the complex that would be considered devastating to the Earth, such as moon swirls and large debris. We have stated that the moons themselves will be at all times within 5 million miles of Planet X, but large trash in the tail also pulls toward Earth, but this will come no closer than 14 million miles. The tip of the tail only licks the Earth, pulling closer during the magnetic drama that occurs during rotation stoppage and the pole shift.

Magnetic fields are such that at a distance, with other influences affecting the magnetized body, the status quo prevails. When the fields touch, as the fields of Earth and Planet X have, there are adjustments in the lesser body, as has occurred on Earth with the Magma Disbursing and the like. But when the fields engage to the degree that the lesser body's ability to resist is overcome, then suddenly there are changes. This is about to occur, with rotation stoppage, and there is scant movement in Planet X required to enact this! The reason is that it is the magnetic fields that enacts this, something invisible to mankind, so that one day and the next Planet X appears the same size, the tail and moons visible in the same manner, but rotation has slowed to a stop! This is why we have stressed watching the Slowing, as this is a key indicator, when steady steps are made in this process, that this point is about to happen. It will be your only sure clue.