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Disruptive Audience

Disruptive audience members will be booted quickly for the hour, without explanation, for the sake of those attending who do wish a dialog with the Zetas. The Live ZetaTalk Sessions on IRC are to facilitate Q&A with the Zetas, not to provide a forum for those wanting to 1. convince others they should not attend, 2. do not think ZetaTalk has any worth or validity, 3. present alternative views endless and badgering the audience, 4. become the toughest guy in town by beating the big bad Zetas with adolescent challenges. Examples below:

Convince the audience they should not attend:

May 18
(LeRenard) Oh, so, the cult leader is more strtict now
(LeRenard) Sure cult leader, your lies will be unmasked, as your time is coming to an 
           end, 2003 is not as far as you think it is

May 11
(LeRenard) NancyL: The Whole world seems to be able to refute any kind of 
           "pesudo-scientific" statement you make in the newsgroup sci.astro 
           (for those who havent read go to and look for sci.astro). 
           Cant you just give some kind of physical proof or take on of the exceptics 
           with you or make the zetas to talk to him as well.... that will surely give 
           you much more credibility. Is that a posibility?

(LeRenard) You people, can't you see this poor lady needs professional assistance? 
           This is a CULT. She cannot prove any of her statements. Why do you blindly 
           believe her? 

Do not think ZetaTalk has any worth or validity:

May 18
(Andeomon) What instructions have they inserted in you this week :)
(Andeomon) Give me some more useless information so I think its useful and forget 
           about reality :)

May 11
(Andeomon) No no its just seeing what Nancys intentions are thats all, like the 
           resulting force of her matrix on all levels and I see where she is "leaking" ...
(Andeomon) Zetapal , we are part of this reality untill we achieve our own. We bend 
           this reality and learn how to make it our own until we accend beyond this 
           universe... like many before and make our own game. And your reality is grim btw.
(Andeomon) Everything is over-simplified here. this is just a way for the Zetans to 
           try and get some public support but they're failing in it as they have failed
           in everything recently ...

Present alternative views endlessly and badgering the audience:

May 18
(Ultima) How are the zetan bugs
(Ultima) Are they tricking u again.
(Ultima) No i know ur beeing abuse arnt u
(Ultima) They tell u every thing is all right and they love u, then they tell u to F*** 
         off when they have done what they want
(Ultima) Death to zeta
(Ultima) They have screwed around with my life
(Ultima) So I will stop urs from beeing that way.
(Ultima) Lord Ashtar can explain

Become the toughest guy in town by beating the big bad Zetas with adolescent challenges:

May 18
(PottM) I mean this lady her portrays what she truly believes which has been 
        proven time and time again to be be false or facts twisted. Her reality
        is reinforced by those who believe in it.
(PottM) NancyL: You are not equipped to deal with me.
(PottM) NancyL: Did you know the Hoover Dam has created Earth quakes?
(PottM) Let me bring up another proposal since the Hoover Dam has caused Earth 
        Quakes and obviously is only a fraction of the mass of a city would it 
        not be logical to see that the very building of cities causes Earth quakes?
(PottM) Come on now Nancy. I know the truth hurts you damn bad. Probably to the 
        point you can't even acknowledge anymore what is real and what is not.
(PottM) I've calculated that PX would have to travel several times faster than 
        the cumulative speed of all other planets combined.
(PottM) This is astronomically impossible.

(PottM) Speaking of evolution it is getting to the point where man will be able 
        to mould himself in his own image of greatness why the need to be assimilated?
(PottM) NancyL: You seem to think humans are quite useless and not capable of 
        understanding anything about sleep and the waking world come on now surely 
        all I believe I have learned cannot be written off like this.