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Yellowstone Restless

As reported on the K2TV News in Wyoming.

Some Jackson residents woke up with a jolt this morning. An earthquake resitering a magnitude of 5.0 hit around one o’clock in the morning about 20 miles ENE of Jackson. Waverly Person, Geophysicist of the USGS says three other quakes followed until 2:30 in the morning.

But those living there claimed under reporting.

I live in Kelly Wy. The quake yesterday was alot bigger then they are saying. I´ve felt two more aftershocks this morning that are not on the USGS. I believe they shut the siemso down again.

2004/01/07 07:51:37 43.58N 110.39W 5.0 5.0 WYOMING
2004/01/07 08:13:20 43.59N 110.42W 5.0 3.0 WYOMING
2004/01/07 08:27:01 43.57N 110.33W 5.0 3.7 WYOMING
2004/01/07 08:36:48 43.57N 110.43W 5.0 3.4 WYOMING
2004/01/07 08:44:21 43.61N 110.31W 5.0 4.1 WYOMING
2004/01/07 09:23:46 43.60N 110.35W 5.0 4.0 WYOMING
2004/01/07 09:34:03 43.58N 110.38W 5.0 3.2 WYOMING
2004/01/07 09:54:38 43.61N 110.36W 5.0 2.9 WYOMING

With nothing on the national news about these earthquake swarms!

The American people are not being told that the explosion of this ´super volcano´ could happen at any moment. When Yellowstone does blow, some geologists predict that every living thing within six hundred miles is likely to die. The movement of magma has been detected just three-tenths of a mile below the bulging surface of the ground in Yellowstone raising concerns that this super volcano may erupt soon.