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November 10, 2004
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made has been inserted.
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links to next page at bottom.

USA: [Please introduce yourself, for those not familiar with ZetaTalk.]

NANCY: Alrighty. I’m actually a contactee. Before birth, I made an agreement, my soul did, to be a communicator in my lifetime. I was actually unaware of my contactee status , although I was having contact with these tall, thin hominoids from Zeta Reticuli from childhood on, until 55 years of age. I buried this in my subconscious and was aware of scars appearing, missing time, odd occurrences, sudden decision on my part where I would just do something that would even surprise me, like I had planned to do it but part of my consciousness was not aware that I had planned to do it. At 55 years of age I became awakened. I became aware of my contactee status, mostly through meditating. And as soon as I did that, relaxed and let the story play out I was astonished at the correlation between childhood events or events in my young adulthood. I looked in the photo album, checked the back of my arm for the little scar that was supposed to be there and oh yes, there it is. That type of thing. ZetaTalk began about a year and a half later in 1995. I actually, in my 20’s, had part of my brain enhanced, infused, with some Zeta DNA to allow me to understand their telepathic communications with more clarity. And this is the basis of ZetaTalk. They give me a concept, I put English words around it. They don’t speak to me in English. They speak to all their contactees in a concept language. If you’re Greek, you understand it as being given to you in Greek. So I relay this in English.

The basis of the ZetaTalk web site, which is massive, has been built by questions posed to the Zetas since 1995 and this is an ongoing process. They are delivering a message that we are in a transformative time, when the Earth is going to become a home for those who, as Jesus said, the meek shall inherit the Earth, the good hearted souls, and the bad guys will have to go off to reform school; that we’re in for some very cataclysmic changes; that there are many many different life forms, many of whom I have met, in my communication role, and drawn pictures of and this is on the web site; that contactees are on the increase because we’re getting curious, that we’re in an awakening process, on purpose, because we’re going to become part of the galactic sphere. We will be walking openly with different alien life forms. We will have a high tech existence. And we are going to be taking mankind’s next leap forward into a hybrid race between humans and Zetas, just like Neanderthal man and early man, suddenly modern man. Our next leap forward will make us skinny, hairless, very high IQ, big eyes, but we’ll still be sexy. And I will relay the words of the Zetas to you, my host, or the questioners, because they have formulated a team, they’re hovering around somewhere, ready to respond to your questions, and this is the end of my introduction.

USA: [Are these Zetas the Grays?]

NANCY: Probably what is referred to as the grays. There’s a lot of bad PR given out aliens. According to the Zetas, this is the earth-is-ours human crowd. Organized religion, generally governments, they like to think of the human mob, the common man, the little guy down below doing the grunt work as their slaves, essentially, their fodder. And here come the aliens, and they’re having contact with children on up through oldsters, out in the woods, people want to meet them and they do, and this is all taking place outside of their control. Nobody paying any taxes, nobody saying ‘captain may I?’. Basically, human structures like the Military cannot stop this. They can’t say, ‘we’re going to shoo away the space ships’. Therefore they feel out of control. Basically people who are the establishment: organized religion, in government, military. They have an element where they like control or they wouldn’t be in those positions. Even people who run the large corporations, bankers, like that sense of control and this is out of their control. So one of the things that was done as the awakening has surged up and more and more people have become contactees was to discredit aliens. ‘Gasp, they’re going to eat you, they’re planning to mass land, and colonize the planet, they’re going to chop you up and put you in a vat and suck those juices up, oh, they’re conducting horrible experiments on your body.’ Whatever kind of scare tactic they can use, they do it.

Yes, they’re very skinny like a post, their arms are as thin as a broomstick, their heads are twice as large as ours but they have beautiful facial features, high cheekbones, little bitty nose that’s straight up and down, big eyes, very telepathic, very strong. Their home planets have a higher gravity pull than ours and I’ve seen them just kind of hop 15 feet like we would hop 4-6 inches. So they’re very strong. They can float, they control gravity themselves, for their own bodies. They certainly have gravity control for their space ships, which is why they can hover and the like, and you can turn upside down, and when you’re in that space ship you don’t have a sense of being lurched around the way we do in our aircraft or whatever. So yes, I would say the grays probably define them, but they’re not colored gray. Actually, its our lack of ability to see all the colors that makes us see them as gray. They are colorful, we just can’t see that color.

USA: [Can the Zetas explain why the poles are melting, and is this process reversible?]

NANCY: Yes, and here are the Zetas, and I’ll say ‘starting ZetaTalk’ and ‘ending ZetaTalk’ so you can differentiate that from NancyTalk. And this is ZetaTalk.

These melting poles are caused by heat particles flowing from the center of the Earth cause by the Earth’s core swirling about. This is, as we have explained in great detail on the website that Nancy maintains for us, caused by an extra-solar planet which has zoomed into your inner solar system and is on its way to pass through. This is the source of pole shifts, wandering poles, wandering ice caps as you humans might explain it, for some reason you have ice ages that drop ice here or there, for some reason you have wandering poles where the magnetic pole was here or there. In fact, your crust shifts, but long before it shifts the Earth goes through many gyrations as it is in agony, a captive of this larger planet which is a magnet 23 times the mass of Earth and 4 times the diameter, shrouded in the Sun’s glare by a dust cloud, and the source of legends about the end times, Armageddon, Nibiru, a dragon in the sky. And the last such incidence when the Jewish Exodus occurred about 1650 before Christ. And thus the swirling of the magma as it’s thrashing around, getting different directives as to its magnetic orientation. The Sun being the master, this other planet being an interloper giving yet another message, and the Earth trying to struggle with all of this has its core heated up as does Mars, Europa, a number of planets and moons in your solar system. It is struggling with those dual directives and swirling to and fro, releasing heat particles, melting the permafrost from the bottom up, melting the glaciers and the polar ice very rapidly. This is just the beginning of your travails, and you cannot reverse it. You have worse yet to come.

And this is the end of ZetaTalk.

CALLER: [Will Orgon devices help during these times?]

NANCY: OK, Orgon devices, and here’s ZetaTalk on that.

There are many theories on how to help mankind survive disease, dispel disease, block against electromagnetic pulse, which they fear is going to be used as a weapon against them. Of course, those who would sculpt mankind so that the survivors after the pole shift that is coming are to their liking as a work force and just eliminate by a quick death those they consider poor workers or useless eaters as they are sometimes termed, these people have all manner of plots and plans that are picked up by the collective consciousness and those aware of those plans struggle to find a defense. However, nothing like this will actually occur. We have spoken of the broken link, where those who would like to impose Martial Law or harm people are going to be struggling even to control their own troops, their own police force, and not succeeding. So no such devastation will descent on the common man. But in this regard, would an Orgon device, or some kind of a vibrational device to eliminate parasite in the body work? We would have to say this is more theory than fact, and you would be much better to spend your time concerning yourself with simple survival. As a survivor after a pole shift in which food distribution, electricity, phones, what you rely upon today in your civilized world is not there and many things turn about. Prepare for a more primitive life, a better life because the survivors will be more in tune with each other , more telepathic, and you may meet creatures, different life forms from different worlds introducing you to a high tech existence. So we would advise you to look to the future, look to surviving the pole shift, and not to odd devices really not proven as effective, not enough to be your concern.

And this is the end of ZetaTalk.

USA: [Do Bush and the Congress know about the alien existence? Who knows?]

NANCY: OK, this is ZetaTalk.

Certainly, President Bush, George W., was a member of MJ12, his father getting him into this organization long before his presidency, and certain key members of Congress are, but the main are not. There were perhaps 2,000 member of MJ12, among them the wealthy elite, and lot of US Military intel including the CIA, and Vice Presidents were allowed to be aware, so Gore was a member of MJ12 though Clinton was not. They are, as with the heads of state around the world, vaguely aware. Heads of state around the world have been told, when Bush met in France after the Iraq war to supposedly mend fences and all those people emerged with very odd looks on their faces, they were told that there is a planetary body in the solar system that is expected to pass through, that panic is the larger enemy, and bribed and intimidated to put a lid on it and cooperate with the cover-up. As far as alien forces, this likewise is tenuous. Certainly Russia, certainly the UK and Germany and France, and friends of same are aware of the alien presence and MJ12. Russia had their own MJ12 or a version of it. But this is an individual thing, a subject far broader than our time before the commercial will allow, where individuals first reach out and have contact, then groups and neighbors and the like, and then perhaps a village or a nation. So, it’s iffy, it depends on the individual head of state as to whether or not they have actually had any kind of contact or have a firm view or are just skeptical.

And this is the end of ZetaTalk.

CALLER: [Why did you kill your dog. 1st puppy killer call. ]

NANCY: Actually, ZetaTalk has been the subject of a great disinformation campaign, a hate campaign, every since it emerged in 1995 people have either loved it or hated it, and that’s run about 50/50, my email runs like that. And there’s been many organized campaigns to try to discredit ZetaTalk. It has an extremely high accuracy track record. This is one of the reasons for its success. I have never spammed email, gone out and promoted myself, called up and said ‘oh please, please, have me on your show’. It has come to me. This is a bit astonishing because it is know around the world, there are very few countries I don’t get email from. I hear that I’ve appeared in magazines in Australia or Germany. All that translation on my website is done by volunteers. This is because people say it has the ring of truth, brings things together, gives explanations to puzzles, and is so logical. So therefore, it’s highly popular. It is giving out a message that the establishment, the people who are the bankers, the heads of government, organized religion, don’t want you to hear. That we are going to have cataclysmic changes in our near future. That the governments know about this and are not informing you. That the alien presence is real and this is not something you need to fear and here’s how you work with it, you are in control. These are messages they don’t want out, so therefore there’s a campaign to smear me, and smear ZetaTalk.

One of them is the silliest thing. I had a German Shepherd pup that I put to sleep at 18 months at the advice of the vet because he had been under socialized in the kennel and he was likely to attack people. He was already diving through windows when children rode by on their bikes. We were terrified he was going to bite a child. Someone asked me on live radio what the Zetas recommendation would be for people who had pets going into a pole shift. Starvation is expected to be rampant. 90% of the population is expected to die, not just from starvation, from injury, illness, depression, but starvation will be rampant. And their answer was, how are you going to feed that pet when your neighbor’s child is starving? So our recommendation is, when you see the pole shift coming, and its imminent and there’s no question, take it to the vet and put it to sleep. It’s painless. Otherwise you’re going to be starving your pet, if that’s your choice, fine. And that got twisted around to Nancy Lieder the puppy killer. Hahaha. I kid you not, and that’s my answer. It is a serious problem, and particularly with dogs, and that’s not the reason we put this dog to sleep. He slept with us and ate at our table and sat on my lap, all 120 lbs of him, and watched TV, and we cried and he died in my arms, but he was going to bite somebody and probably a child and we just couldn’t have it.

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