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USGS Explains
the Global Quake Phenomena

Below is a copy of a correspondence [Jun 9] between myself and USGS regarding a question I raised a couple of weeks ago on the frequent worldwide tremor registering simultaneously on seismograms worldwide, as observed on USGS website : Maybe I am missing something on the detailed(!?) response I received.

Query May 27, 2003

Frequently, just like it happened this morning, the seismograms all over the world show frantic activity. What is the reason for that, occasional calibration? Also realized that your data seems not quite up to date, let's say comparing that with Red Puma Global Swiss. Appreciate your insights on these two important points. Thank you.

Response June 9, 2003

Activity on instruments in a large part of the world often means a large storm is occurring which causes noise on the instruments. I'm not sure what two data sets you're looking at for comparison. You mention one URL, but not another, so I can't answer that question.
Lisa Wald
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program
Golden, CO
Either weather storm or CME, could not be causing deep earth vibrations worldwide. Whatever they meant, it's a pretty lame duck explanation!
Steve Havas