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Tug Points on June 27-28, 2003

On June 27-28, stress points indicating increasing pressure in the N. Pacific moving across from NE Siberia and China to the West Coast of the US. with stretch on the eastern side of the Atlantic Rift. As with the stress points indicated on June 25, resulting in a Tug Points on June 26, again the stress points showed key places where the Global Quake occurred when the Atlantic Rift faced Planet X. Note where this Global Quake rolled, indicating a pileup along the western edge of the Pacific Rim, over the the West Coast of N. America, thense to the stretch zone west of the Atlantic Rift, and finally to the stretch zone east of the Atlantic Rift. The globe is being restrained from rotating. The pileup started (15:30 UTC) in New Guinea; thense (15:40 UTC) to Australia; thense (15:50 UTC) New Zealand, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Midway Isl.; thense (16:00 UTC) to the Aleutian Isl., Bering Straits, Hawaii, and Mongolia; thense (16:10 UTC) to Alaska, Oregon, and Antartica; thense (16:20 UTC) to Arizona, Brazil, Norway, and Kenya; thense (16:30 UTC) to Argentina, Armenia, and Gabon; thense (16:40 UTC) to Puerto Rico.

15:30 Port Moresby, New Guinea 15:40 Charters Towers, Australia
15:50 Taipei, Taiwan 15:50 Matsushiro, Japan
15:50 Midway Island, Pacific Ocean 16:00 Aleutian Islands, Alaska
16:00 Bilibino, Russia 16:00 Pohakaloa, Hawaii
16:00 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 16:10 College Outpost, Alaska
16:10 Corvallis, Oregon 16:10 Scott Base, Antarctica
16:20 Tucson, Arizona 16:20 Spitzbergen, Norway
16:20 Kilima Mbogo, Kenya 16:20 Riachuelo, Brazil
16:30 Garni, Armenia 16:30 Masuku, Gabon
16:30 Tornquist, Argentina 16:40 San Juan, Puerto Rico

June 28

15:29:46.7 UTC Mag 5.5 New Guinea
15:29:45.9 UTC Mag 6.1 Bismarck Sea
15:29:45.7 UTC 6.0 New Guinea
15:29:42.4 UTC 5.3 New Guinea