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Tug Points on June 26, 2003

On June 25, stress points indicating a setup for the next compression adjustment centered on the N. Pacific and NE Siberia region down into China where the great N. American plate abuts the Eurasian plate, this pressure running through the Pacific to the S. American plate, with a release of tension resulting in reactions in the stretch zones. Remarkably, on June 26 as the Atlantic Rift was escaping from the Face point, these types of quakes occurred in a one-two Global Quake where the compression zone adjusted (14:30 UTC) a half hour (15:00 UTC) to an hour (15:30 UTC) ahead of the stretch zone, and in the regions identified on June 25 as under stress!

Bilibino, Russia June 26 BILTiksi, Russia June 26 TIX
Inchon, Republic of Korea June 26 INCMatsushiro, Japan June 26 MAJ
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia June 26 ULNNeimenggu Province, China June 26 HIA
Mudanjiang, China June 26 MDJ Qiongzhong, China June 26 QIZ
Taipei, Taiwan June 26 TATPort Moresby, New Guinea June 26 PMG
Charters Towers, Australia June 26 CTASouth Karori, New Zealand June 26 SNZ
Wake Island, Pacific Ocean June 26 WAKMidway Island, Pacific Ocean June 26 MID
Disney Wilderness Preserve, Florida June 26 DWP Bermuda June 26 BBS
Riachuelo, Brazil June 26 RCB Samuel, Brazil June 26 SAM
Masuku, Gabon June 26 MSK Lusaka, Zambia June 26 LSZ
Spitzbergen, Norway June 26 KBS Ankara, Turkey June 26 ANT

June 26

14:11:56.9 UTC Mag 5.3 Philippine Islands
14:11:48.4 UTC Mag 5.8 Philippine Islands
14:11:47.7 UTC Mag 6.0 Philippine Islands
14:11:47.7 UTC Mag 5.6 Philippine Islands
14:11:44.3 UTC Mag 5.0 Philippine Islands