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Stress Points
on July 4, 2003

The july 4 Stress Points are similar to the July 2 Stress Points. The difference is the up-tick in quakes beyond the four-per-day Atlantic Rift key placement points, such that Global Quakes are now occurring between and in addition to these times. N. American Plate and the Eurasian Plate abutt each other on a line going from Iceland to the Kamchatka Penninsula, but where they show stress during plate adjustments little movement occurs. Adjustments are made in weak points on the borders of these two giant plates: The SE United States, the plate lob encompassing Indonesia, and the Philippine Plate where deep ocean trenches can be collapsed. The uncharted mid-Pacific is not exempt, showing stress from Wake Island strs ehivh has been shaky, pushing plates into the Antartic. As the Atlantic Rift separates, the African Rift is free to move east, creating tension in Kenya. The Antartica Plate reacts to the spreading Atlantic Rift by lifting there, to relieve the pressure coming from the squeeze on the Pacific Plate.

N. American / Eurasian Abutting
Kongsberg, Norway Bilibino, Russia
Waverly, Tennessee Guangduong Province, China
Pacific Rim Folding
Wake Island, Pacific Ocean Palmer Station, Antarctica
Africa Rift Spread / Antartica Lift
Kilima Mbogo, Kenya South Pole, Antarctica

July 4, Dark

01:16:44.1 UTC Mag 5.3 Tongo Islands
01:16:12.0 UTC Mag 5.8 Fiji Islands
00:33:57.1 UTC Mag 5.3 New Britain
00:33:56.9 UTC Mag 5.6 New Britain
00:33:52.2 UTC Mag 5.6 New Britain
00:33:36.0 UTC Mag 5.6 Solomon Islands 

July 4, Dark-Dawn

03:39:18.3 UTC Mag 5.1 New Britain
03:38:46.0 UTC Mag 5.4 Australia 

July 4, Dawn

07:17:39.8 UTC 5.3 Norwegian Sea
07:17:39.7 UTC 5.3 Norwegian Sea
07:17:11.0 UTC 5.3 Barents Sea
07:16:56.8 UTC 5.5 Svalbard, Norway
07:16:52.0 UTC 5.3 Svalbard, Norway
07:16:48.6 UTC 5.8 Svalbard, Norway
07:16:47.9 UTC 5.4 Svalbard, Norway
07:16:45.3 UTC 5.8 Svalbard, Norway
07:16:44.6 UTC 5.2 Svalbard, Norway
07:16:44.5 UTC 5.3 Svalbard, Norway
07:16:29.8 UTC 5.4 Svalbard, Norway
07:15:54.0 UTC 5.3 Barents Sea