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Pre-Stoppage Pattern
June 14, 2003

Live seismos along the western Pacific Rim show signs of stress, a regional quake in the Compression Zone, when the Atlantic Rift is at the Dark, the Dawn, and the Face points, times when the tug toward Planet X has been noted. Conversely, the Stretch Zone in the eastern Americans and Europe are quiescent during the Dawn and Face points. This is the pattern to expected to emerge during rotation slowing and stoppage, that the lands around the Pacific Rim will pile up on one another created compression quakes, the land beyond the Atlantic Rift will stretch, and the SE of North America will tork into the Caribbean to relieve stress, creating the 150 foot drop in sea level elevation predicted.

Baijiatuan, Beijing, ChinaTucson, Arizona, USA
Inchon, Republic of KoreaHockley, Texas, USA
Taipei, TaiwanNy-Alesund, Spitzbergen, Norway
South Karori, New ZealandGarni, Armenia