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WakeUp USA--A UFO Study 

This radio show is produced by Stardust Enterprises and is hosted by Joe Montaldo, the National Director for ICAR (International Community for Alien Research.).

This radio show is live, conducted via telephone, and is from 7-9 PM Central on Wednesdays. This show is rather unique because of its international audience (it is carried by Pioneer Radio and broadcast in over 40 countries.) and its virtual audience. This virtual audience is located in PalTalk and actively researches the guests, therefore asking intelligent questions.

The topic pertains to aliens, ufos, and related phenomena. Recent guests have included Stanton Friedman, Dr. Frank Stranges, Linda Moulton Howe, Raymond Fowler, Michael Horn, Dr. Michael Salla, Frank Khoury, and George Filer, as well as many others.

Archives for previous shows are available on the Stardust Radio website, free of charge.