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Signs of the Times #320 (via email to Nancy)
Seasons seem messed up [Sep 30]. I have some bulbs blooming here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that usually blossom only in early spring. [and from another email] Just got a report off French TV that In Lyon the fruit trees are blossoming again! They claim it is from the intense heatwave over the summer. More than likely it is due to the intense light from the dual suns. [and from another email] Have noticed, being a night person, that the birds are singing exponentially earlier as the weeks progress. It is 3AM Melbourne time Australia.They are singing earlier and earlier. Quite weird. Normally they don't start up till 5AM or later. I sense the birds are aware of something intuitively, as if they are responding to a time cadence. [Note: and likewise spring flowers along the walkway here in Wisconsin!]
Signs of the Times #319 (via email to Nancy)
We've been having a weird glow at night here in Kansas [Sep 30]. It has been overcast and I wondered if it could be reflecting from the city. However, it is usually very dark even with the few street lights in the neighborhood. Last night there was no moon after 10:00 and yet the sky was lit up. I could see houses across the street and details as if there were a very bright full moon. Then tonight, the sky is overcast and is lit up again, except it is coral orangish. This isn't the first time I've seen this, however, it is the first time things seem to really be lit up with this orange glow. What could be causing this phenomenon at night? It is very eery to look out the window and see and orangish glowing sky at night. [Note: somethink likewise has been dramatically lighting up the Moon, after sundown.]
Signs of the Times #318 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
I am an ecologist and run a native plant business. I was up on Snoqualmie Pass [of Mt Rainier] collecting seed for my native plant clients. Looked at the mountain [Sep 27] and noticed much of the northwest side of the mountain has lost its snow and ice. I would guess about 1/5th the mountain side. I have a degree in ecology. It is a simple matter to realize that the Northwest side of the mountain is the coldest and wettest side of the mountain. If the loss of snow and ice was a result of weather, it would be the SE side of the mountain that would go bare. The SE side gets direct sunlight and is on the east 'dry side' - in what we ecologists call the rainshadow. The NW side is the side that gets all the snow and rain and has no direct sunlight and it is this cold wet side that is going bare. I have not heard a thing about Mt Rainier this year and would think this would be all over in the press.
Signs of the Times #317 (via email to Nancy)
I live in Queens Harbour on the intercoastal waterway near Jacksonville Beach, Florida. My house is on the marsh next to the intercoastal. The marsh is 5/6 ft. deep at high tide and completely dry at low tide. The past 2 days the water at high tide has been in my backyard by several feet. This has happened before, but not as far up into the yard. But the strange part is, at low tide, the marsh has never failed to drain completely. The past 2 days [Sep 30] when it is at low tide there is still 2 to 3 ft. of water in the marsh. This is an inlet that goes up past my house for several hundred yards. As I have stated, this has never happened before, even with extreme northeasters and hurricanes that have past by. [Note: Florida is sinking, is in the stretch zone.]
Signs of the Times #316 (via email to Nancy)
I have been hearing various snicks and snapping sounds in the walls and floor of my house for the past several weeks [Sep 28]. At first I thought it was mice, but they don't make the walls snick and snap. I live south of Buffalo, NY, near the PA border. [and from another email] I am currently driving a cab. I picked up a very nice, polite French businessman from the airport last night [Sep 29] who had just got off the plane after flying in from Indonesia where he was on yet another business trip for a major French oil company. He said very matter-of-factly that all the time he was in Indonesia one had to get used to nearly nightly tremors.
Signs of the Times #315 (via email to Nancy)
After 9 days without power, 2 days without water, and experiencing Isabel and a tornado in Virginia, I now know [Sep 28] is that people in a city will not survive the pole shift. Everything gives out. We are so dependent upon each other to provide services. The water is not safe to drink, even in the wells. I could feel and see the stress that comes just from having to change your entire lifestyle. By today, people were getting sick, having more accidents, and feeling depressed. Things don't work as we plan. Batteries are really poorly made and give out quickly. Candles burn down. Matches get damp and won't light.
Signs of the Times #314
Reuters [Sep 27] ‘Russian Rocket Launches Disaster Monitor Satellites: A Russian rocket successfully launched on Saturday half a dozen satellites, including three devoted to monitoring natural disasters throughout the world. ... will provide day-to-day monitoring of disasters. Five ground stations will provide up-to-the-minute data to enable relief agencies to direct their operations more efficiently in tackling droughts, earthquakes, fires, and man-made calamities.’
Signs of the Times #313 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
There was a gas line explosion in or near St. Louis [Sep 27]. The cause was said to be ‘lighting bolt hits high pressure gas line’. Coincidently, the title to the article indicated lighting strike at the precise junction in the pipeline between two companies. The trailer park across the leavee could feel the intense heat and a ford truck caught fire in the first 30 minutes from the intense heat. The intense heat from the entire incident was downplayed as the high pressure pipeline emptied itself of 3 miles of propane (heavier than air and settles to the ground). The fire was crawling across the water towards the park...residents wondered why no evacuation was ordered. I saw no evidence of lighting or thunderstorms in the area on the date of the fire. [Note St. Louis is in the stretch zone.]
Signs of the Times #312 'Night turned into day for a few seconds [Sep 27] as a huge ball of fire, believed to be a meteor, streaked across the sky in coastal Orissa causing panic among the people today. Remnants of the fireball had landed in a village under the Kaptipada police station in Mayurbhanj district starting a fire there, Revenue minister Biswabhushan Harichandan said quoting official reports.' [and from another article] Associated Press [Sep 23] ‘New Orleans ... something had fallen with enough force to punch a hole through the roof and two floors before coming to rest in the crawl space beneath the house. ... Preliminary tests by scientists at Tulane University indicate the rock came from outer space.'
Signs of the Times #311
Associated Press [Sep 27] ‘An earthquake rocked southern Siberia on Saturday, but no injuries or damage were reported, officials said. The quake had a magnitude of 8.5, but the epicentre was 33 kilometres underground in Russia's Altai republic, which borders Mongolia and Kazakhstan, the Emergency Situations Ministry said.’
Signs of the Times #310
CNN [Sep 28] 'Much of Italy is without power after a blackout swept the country early Sunday morning. There are no reports of any injuries resulting from the outage, with authorities still trying to find out what caused the power to be cut. First reports of the blackout came at about 3:30 a.m. local time (0130 GMT). Officials told CNN the entire country of some 57 million people -- with the exception of the island of Sardinia -- lost power at some point. Both of the lines importing electricity from France failed at the same time, something officials called an "extraordinary event." Italy imports most of its power from France and Switzerland.'