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Signs of the Times #1150
Volcanic Unrest in Mount St. Helens Crater [Sep 26] 'Seismologists believe there's an increased likelihood of a hazardous event at Mount St. Helens due to a strengthening series of earthquakes at the volcano. Initially, hundreds of tiny earthquakes that began Thursday morning had slowly declined through Saturday. By Sunday, however, there had been more than 10 temblors of magnitude 2.0 to 2.8, the most in a 24-hour period since the last dome-building eruption in October 1986, Scott said. Mount St. Helens is about 55 miles northeast of Portland, Ore. The cause and outcome of the swarm were uncertain Sunday evening.' [and from another source] Mount St. Helens Notice of Volcanic Unrest [Sep 26] 'Seismic activity at Mount St. Helens has changed significantly during the past 24 hours and the changes make us believe that there is an increased likelihood of a hazardous event, which warrants release of this Notice of Volcanic Unrest. The cause and outcome of the earthquake swarm are uncertain at this time.' [Note the relationship in the timing of these California and S. Africa quakes to the Global quake that occurred at 16-18:00 UTC! They occurred within the Global.]
Signs of the Times #1149
Dubai Airport Terminal Collapses [Sep 27] 'Five people were killed and 12 others injured after part of a terminal under construction at Dubai International Airport collapsed, according to a Civil Aviation Authority spokesman. About 150 construction workers were on the site when a large wall of the building collapsed at 11 a.m. (0700 GMT), AP reported. The cause of the collapse was not immediately known.' [and from another source]Two more oil pipeline explosions [Sep 27] near Houston. Also today we had rain, not much, but two more water pipelines broke, add to three and a sinkhole in the far east side of El Paso in the past 2 months. No reason given yet. Seems like every week we have one break in some part of the city.[and from another source] Pipeline Explosion Suspicious [Sep 27] 'In what appears to be a case of criminal mischief, a punctured pipeline exploded before dawn Sunday, causing the evacuation of 250 people but no injuries or significant damage to nearby homes.' [and from another source] Trains Running Again, Cleanup Continues on Derailment [Sep 27] 'Trains are running again after being stopped for a day because of a train derailment. Union Pacific investigators still don't know what caused the accident. Many of the derailed cars were refrigerated and carrying various perishable foods. Even though the track is repaired, the demolished train cars remain. A spokesman says it will be several days before they will be removed. Some 40 trains were stopped waiting for the tracks to be fixed.'
Signs of the Times #1148
Yesterday [Sep 25] a friend said that a local radio station was discussing an planetary object entering our solar system that was going to wreck havoc. My friend was shocked to hear this discussion and said they spent many minutes discussing it. The radio station is KUDL (Kuddle) 98.1 in Kansas City, Missouri. [and from another source] Of all the thousands of pics I have seen since April of 2003 that were purportedly Planet X, have to admit, the cam pics I've been watching in my home state for the past year or so, come closest to fitting all the descriptions. From the time I first noticed it, it was little more than a pinprick in the sky. Today, it is quite large and seems to be getting bigger and bigger. Yes, it disappears when it is cloudy or raining. No, I don't think it is a lensflare. I have waited til now because I was pretty sure it would disappear like all the other ones if I made it public. Anyway, for all of you looking at the possibilities, enjoy! And to the rest that can't see the forest for the trees? Enjoy your retirement plans. [Note: light from Planet X during or shortly after the Sun sets.]
Signs of the Times #1147
With presidential debates pending in the US, and discussion of how the world might have been safer from terrorism had a different approach been taken than the one Bush chose, the question is begged, how might the world have been different if Gore had prevailed and the US Supreme Court not illegally entered into the fray, declaring a victor contrary to the popular vote and before the votes had been legally recounted as the Florida courts had ruled. If Gore had prevailed, naturally comes to mind, when considering how the world might change if Kerry assumes office. Would 911 have occurred, or was it, as we have stated, directed at Bush and his arrogance, not the US as a country? Would the invasion of Iraq have occurred, or would terrorism have been treated as an international problem, as it was under Clinton, to be resolved with close coordination with other countries, including Islamic countries, rather than alienation of those countries as has occurred under Bush? And most compelling, would the cover-up of Planet X and the impact of its imminent arrival have softened, leaked, and allowed the citizens of the world the opportunity to prepare, rather than be shocked and devastated? [Note: New ZetaTalk: If Gore Had Prevailed.]
Signs of the Times #1146
Under Gore, the Earth changes and economic problems resulting from an uptick in disasters would have been the central issue, and his approach to handling this would likewise have been vastly different from the Bush/Chenney tack. Gore, as Kerry, entered the fray in Viet Nam, and did not step away into safe zones as did both Bush and Chenney, who evaded service. This points to a key difference in personality, the ability to face a frightening situation, or the reverse, an inability leading to the need to create a blockade, a safe zone for the self. Both Bush and Chenney exhibit a personality that would themselves run for safety at the first hint of danger, would themselves forgo their responsibilities to the greater good, and would themselves consider only their personal safety and comfort during times of duress. This is what they did during the Viet Nam era, and they assume the public would react as they are prone to do, and thus anticipating a public that would desert their responsibilities at the first hint of danger, they insist on a tight cover-up. Gore and Kerry exhibit different personalities, able to confront and engage a threat, and thus would assume a public that would do likewise, an extension of the self that affects all perception. The attitude changes, and when the time comes that those with their hearts in their communities are forced to leave, they are already well on the road to rebuilding sustainable communities elsewhere. THIS is what Gore would have offered, by being more open about the Earth changes and less rigid in an increasingly brittle cover-up, and THIS is what Kerry would likewise offer and Bush unable, due to his personal inability to deal with threatening situations. [Note: new ZetaTalk: New Leadership.]
Signs of the Times #1145
Global Quakes in sweep sets continued as a Sep 24 Medium was accompanied by St. Helens quake swarm and a UK Fireball. [and from another source] Swarms of quakes in Mount St. Helens crater [Sep 24] ‘Hundreds of tiny earthquakes have been reported at Mount St. Helens, but it is unlikely they pose any hazard to anyone outside of the volcano's crater, state seismologist Tony Qamar said today. Qamar said the seismology lab at the University of Washington in Seattle is having trouble keeping up with the hundreds of tiny quakes that began Thursday and show no sign of letting up. The swarms of quakes could indicate that a small amount of magma is moving into the mountain's crater, cracking the lava dome, he said. Data from the Cascade Volcano Observatory, including gases collected by aircraft, will help scientists pin down the source of the quake swarm. Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18, 1980, leaving 57 people dead, devastating hundreds of square miles around the peak and spewing ash over much of the Northwest.’
Signs of the Times #1144
Costs pile up as reports keep coming [Sep 19] ‘As the Pittston Avenue sinkhole continues to expand, so does the number of damaged properties in Lackawanna County. Across town on Pittston Avenue, city and state officials met Monday morning to examine the subsidence that swallowed a portion of the road near Brook Street, rupturing a gas line and forcing the evacuation of at least 50 residents. They have since been allowed to return to their homes. He said the sink hole has expanded by about five feet and now consumed three-fourths of the two-lane road.’ [and from another source] Sinkhole Swallows SUV [Sep 19] ‘The Isuzu Rodeo was parking near the intersection of Rockland and Camac streets, when the street suddenly gave way.’