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Signs of the Times #309
Tokyo, [Sep 26] ‘Two powerful earthquakes registering preliminary magnitudes of 8 and 7 on the Richter scale struck Hokkaido early Friday, injuring at least 420 people and leaving one man dead from a quake-related accident.’
Signs of the Times #308 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
I´m investigating something strange here in the UK. For the last 24 hours [Sep 26] there has been a strange rhythmic tremour. The tremours we are experiencing are both physical (we can actually feel the flats ´shake´ and there is a very low audio rumble when it happens. We live in a small city with no subway etc. We are on the south coast of England. [and from another poster] I live on the south west coast and both me, me old man and t´mother have felt nightly vibrations. It´s like either us or the ground is rapidly vibrating. Only notice it at night. [and from another poster] South east coast here, but did notice strange rythmic sounds last night. Thought it was harvesting machines running but all the fields are harvested already.
Signs of the Times #307 (via email to Nancy)
Last night [Sep 22], in Scottsdale, AZ the Earth tremblings were so acute that I got out of bed and packed an emergency kit and placed it by the front door. It was about 9:00 PM. [and from another email] On Friday [Sep 19] a rumbling noise was heard and vibrations were felt including rattling windows on the southern side of the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia for 10 seconds. Seismic registers said it wasn't an earthquake. Authorities said they suspected military aircraft created a sonic boom. However there were no military aircraft (as far as the local authorities were aware) conducting exercises at the time on the Gold Coast.
Signs of the Times #306 (via email to Nancy)
I always check the news paper everyday just to see when they say sunset and sunrise will be, only when I checked it Wed. morning [Sep 25] it just said NA for all of them, even Moon rise and set. I’ve never experienced that before. [and from another email] I just tried to open the Red Puma site [Sep 25], and since this morning the data for today and yesterday has dropped off! Has our government gotten to the Swiss, or are they able to edit their material, or just what the hell is going on? [and from another email] I am now being told I am ‘forbidden’ to use the Yellowstone seismic tracking site [Sep 25] and the Redpuma site has now been altered to the point where all the past earthquakes from Sept. 22, 2003 to the very present have been removed from the list and as usual the USGS tracking NEIC is useless and the seismic site that monitors the inner core earthquakes is being altered as well. I have used the Yellowstone site for two months now without a problem. Just a heads-up to others who are trying to use these sites. [Note: doctoring of sunrise/sunset times is suspected, especially when the Navy site is down for days, and when back up, the times stated match actual] Navy site finally came back up. Sunrise for Oklahoma @ 7:22 AM on the dot this morning September 24, 2003
Signs of the Times #305 (via email to Nancy)
Today's [Sep 25] ‘apparent noon’ was almost 30 minutes late here on the Gulf Coast. Last night's sunset gave me a sight that disturbed me. Facing west, the Sun was low enought to be behind the building across the street, and at the 1 o'clock position above it was a whitish orb about 2/3 the size of the full Moon. I thought at first it was a cloud abnormality, but kept watching. The clouds were moving, but this thing was not. I've been waiting for this for almost two years, but the sight of it brings feelings of low-grade fear and dread. Whatever happens, I feel will happen very soon.
Signs of the Times #304 (via email to Nancy)
These photos were taken 13 days apart and show the sun setting more to the south [Sep 23]. When I stood in my original location I couldn't see the sun setting, I had to cross the street. [Note that Skymap indicates a 7 degree Shift to the South from September 10 to 23. In a 13 day period, this shift seems more extreme than 7 degrees in the 360 degree sky.]
Signs of the Times #303
AP, Sep 23 'A power outage struck the capital of Denmark and southern Sweden on Tuesday afternoon, leaving nearly 4 million people without electricity, authorities said.Utility officials said the outage, caused by a faulty transmission line between the two countries, was being repaired and most customers would likely have power restored before nightfall.'