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Signs of the Times #1143
Photos taken at 5:10 PM Tuesday Sep 21, 2004 at Azi 270 dgrees West Alt approximately 15 degrees Alt. [and from another source] Per Skymap, sunset at this time of day from Melbourne should be at Azi 292 and Alt 23. This places the sun HIGH but more dramatically SOUTH by 22°. This is appropriate for Melbourne, where it is pointing over the Earth wobble position where the Sun is SOUTH over lower Siberia. [and from another source] Scammon Bay is the same latitude as Denali, which expects the Sun to be at Azi 218 and Alt 21 at 4:18 in the afternoon. This is a direct WEST cam, but the Sun can be seen shining directly at the cam from the lefthand side, approximately Azi 255. This is in the extreme NORTH, appropriate for the Earth wobble which places the Earth tilted so the Sun is North over the central Pacific.
Signs of the Times #1142 ‘I thought it was an interesting coincidence that a state with questionable presidential election results would be pummeled by hurricanes just before the next election. Then I thought it was an interesting coincidence that the storms spared Miami, who voted for Gore in 2000. Just out of curiosity, I overlaid two maps: one of the tracks of the hurricanes of 2004, and one of the election results of 2000. This is no longer an interesting coincidence. It is an unmistakable Message from God. I hope everyone is listening. The path of Ivan isporjected as of Sept 14, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana all voted for Bush. If you have ANY doubts who this message is coming from, watch to see if Ivan veers West to hit those states as well.’ [Note: it indeed pummeled Alabama and caused New Orleans to evacuate 1.2 million residents!]
Signs of the Times #1141 ‘While George W. Bush´s spokespeople are denying the allegation in Kitty Kelley´s new book that Bush used cocaine, a National Enquirer investigation has tracked down others who are making similar bombshell charges! One source, author Toby Rogers, said a former member of George Bush Sr.´s staff revealed to him that George W. used cocaine and ´has been out of control since college.´ The issue that goes on sale Friday explores Kelley´s charge that George W. did cocaine at Camp David while his father was President, that First Lady Laura Bush sold marijuana in college’
Signs of the Times #1140
A similar study of photos from the southern hemisphere would have these positions reversed. This is photographic evidence of movement during the ensuing months, movement from a location to the side of the Sun to a placement between the Earth and Sun, movement from a location below the Ecliptic to a placement nearly at the Ecliptic, and movement from a distance from the Earth to a placement much closer to the Earth. Close, at the Ecliptic, and moving! [quote from ZetaTalk: Photographic Proof]  To the left of sun it is pretty apparent [Sep 21] with red tail/dust to the left of it also. [and from another source] Photos taken at 5:10 PM Sep 21, 2004. The reverse of what is seen in the northern hemisphere, Planet X is now to the left in the afternoon, the reserse of what was seen last Mar 4, 2004. [and from another source] The Earth Wobble is caused by dictates from two magnets, somewhat offset from each other. But at a time when the S. Pole of Planet X is pointed toward the Earth, this reduces to the dictate of one magnet only, the Sun. [quote form ZetaTalk: Lull in the Eye] Yesterday [Sep 21] appeared this "rice" circle 30 miles from my town in Italy. [Note: both the recent photo of Planet X and the crop circle from Italy confirm ZetaTalk description of where Planet X is located, and its magnetic alignment.]
Signs of the Times #1139
Our red sunset from Vancouver, Canada. Do you think anyone will say, what's wrong with this picture? [and from another] Note that the Sun suddenly lurches NORTH on the Sep 19! On Sep 16, 2004 it was located at approximately the placement the year before, Sep 16, 2003. But what happened on Sep 19! Sunset in Vancouver is looking to the West where the Sun over the Pacific is about to lurch to the NORTH, where it has been south while over the West Coast, and on the 19th, this lurch was caught on film!
Signs of the Times #1138
Are you seeing clusters of stars that are out of place? All of the sudden I am seeing all this stuff never noticed in all my years of gazing. [and from another] I´m noticing the same thing here in Canada. I started seeing this in the summer too. My Grandfather is an amateur astronomer and he is watching this too. We are both scratching our heads. [and from another] Pay attention to the constellation Orion. It´s altitude and azimuth are both off. [and from another] I´ve been to other message boards and they are seeing this as well. The bible says in the last days the Earth will wobble like a drunk man. So it’s not the Moon. It’s not the stars. It’s the Earth.
Signs of the Times #1137
Fort Bragg is tightening security around the base this week. [Sep 20] ‘Starting Monday, the post is conducting its semi-annual terrorist training exercise called "Orbit Comet". The exercise tests soldiers´ response to threats ranging from weapons of mass destruction to mass casualties. Extra security measures include full vehicle inspection and ID checks at all gates during the operation. Fort Bragg warns drivers to expect delays. Officials say people who don´t need to be on post should avoid the area.’ [and from another source] Space station may fall into disrepair [Sep 20] ‘The International Space Station will be effectively condemned if crew members cannot repair its faulty oxygen generator by the end of next month, a British space scientist has warned. The current crew is scheduled to be replaced at the end of October. If the generator is not reliably repaired by then, space officials may decide against sending up a fresh crew because there would be no guarantee of enough oxygen to last their stay.’ [Note: abandoning the ISS just ahead of disasters expected this Fall, in November.]
Signs of the Times #1136
Ice collapse speeds up glaciers [Sep 22] ‘Glaciers once held up by a floating ice shelf off Antarctica are now sliding off into the sea -- and they are going fast, scientists said on Tuesday. Writing in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, the researchers said their satellite measurements suggest climate warming can lead to rapid sea level rise. Many teams of researchers are keeping a close eye on parts of Antarctica that are steadily melting. Large ice shelves in the Antarctic Peninsula disintegrated in 1995 and 2002 as a result of climate warming. But these floating ice shelves did not affect sea level as they melted. Glaciers, however, are another story. They rest on land and when they slide off into the water they instantly affect sea level. The Ross ice shelf, for example, is the main outlet for the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, with several large glaciers that could, if they melted completely, raise sea levels by 16 feet.’ [and from another source] Tension grows over Haiti relief [Sep 23] ‘Relief agencies in Haiti are struggling to distribute aid in the city of Gonaives after tropical storm Jeanne caused floods and landslides there. Crowds of hungry and thirsty people who may not have had food for days have been gathering around relief centres, hampering the handing out of supplies. At least 1,000 people are dead and with hundreds more missing, officials warn the final toll could be twice as high. At one warehouse, there were angry scenes as several hundred people surged against the gates of the building desperate to get inside. The roads are covered in a thick coat of mud and there is a stench of raw sewage in the air. Survivors have to drink and cook with water from ditches containing rotting bodies and sewage.‘ [Note: preview of disasters, and human reactions, preceeding the shift.]
Signs of the Times #1135
Global Quakes in sweep sets occurred as Continuous on Sep 22-23 accompanied by an Australian derailment and an Oregon water main break. [and from another source] Mystery over Benalla Train Derailment [Sep 23] ‘The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) will investigate a train derailment on the Sydney to Melbourne line at Benalla. Pacific National spokesman Stephen Baines says it is still not clear what caused the derailment.’ [and from another] Ruptured Water Main Floods Bloss [Sep 22] ‘A break in a large water main running beneath the new parking structure construction site near Finley Hall caused extensive flooding on lower campus Monday night. Wading through the flooded basement, staff members saw water pouring out from electrical sockets. A digital photo taken by a staff member shows one of the RAs standing with his feet stuckinto rubber trash cans like boots, to ward against any sort of electrical shock.’ [Note: waster and electricity do not mix, a preview of disasters to come.]
Signs of the Times #1134
On 20th of September a respected french TV channel called TV5 tried to give a reason for the odd weather specially the frequency of hurricanes. One of the reasons given is the proximity of a strange planet caught on camera in Chili by one observatory and they showed the photo. But they did not elaborate further.Is this the beginning of public admittance to Planet X? [and from another source] Sylvia Brown's appearance on the Montell Williams show this morning [Sep 21]. A lady in the audience told Sylvia of an odd dizziness she has been experiencing over the last few months. She said that when she turns her head too quickly to either side she is very dizzy and feels sick. Sylvia's response was that she had been hearing this more and more over the last several months and that she was accounting it to Earth tilt! That the East Coast is becoming the West Coast, suggesting a pole shift of some type and that the lady, and others, were very sensitive to what is going on with the Earth tilt. She was definitely speaking clearly, quickly and briefly about what she had seen and been experiencing as far as Earth tilt was concerned. [Note: the beginning of open major media chatter about PX! Yes!]