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Signs of the Times #302 (via email to Nancy)
AP Sep 22 ‘Warming conditions pushing average temperatures above freezing are being blamed for the breakup of an ice shelf at Ellesmere Island in northern Canada. The researchers studied the ice both via satellite and through visits to the scene. They reported that the ice shelves on northern Ellesmere Island had been stable since 1982, but in April 2000 a satellite revealed the first sign of cracking. By 2002, observations from a helicopter showed that the fracture extended widely, breaking the ice shelf into two major parts and many smaller ones. In July and August, 2002, the researchers landed to take measurements and found cracks that separated the central part of the shelf into free floating ice blocks. That August, the northern northern edge of the ice shelf broke free, they reported.’
Signs of the Times #301 (via email to Nancy)
I have checked the moon in the morning of Sept 21st and 22nd [Sep 22] both times a 6:15AM in Buffalo NY the Moon is a cresent on its back. [Note: photo of this Moon available.]
Signs of the Times #300 (via email to Nancy)
Last week I placed an entirely new shadow caster [Note: Slowing Timekeeper] and marker in the ground on 9/15 @ 1:04 PM, the time the chart declared as high noon for my area. I aimed it so the shadow fell neither to the left or right of the casting arm and then I placed a marker at the shadow's trailing edge. This was to be a control to compare with the like unit I installed on 6/27. In 13 days, the original unit lost 11 minutes. In only 6 days, the new control unit lost 11 minutes. I don't know what that means since cloud cover prevented me from taking readings until today. I was afforded a lucky few minutes on the 15th to install the second unit at the proper time and then the sun disappeared again. I have no data to try to interpret what was happening for the previous 13 days. However, one thing is absolute, we are definitely slowing down. I highly encourage everybody to set up the same experiment for themselves to see that this is real. High Noon Readings Vs. Official High Noon Time: Old Unit Reading Installed 6/27, 9/21 reading: 2:04 reading for high noon slated for 1:01; New Unit Reading installed 9/15, 9/21 reading: 1:12 reading for high noon slated for 1:01. Based upon this current data, the old unit has noon [Sep 21] arriving 63 minutes late. If the second unit is more accurate, then the planet has slowed by more than 63 minutes since June 27th.
Signs of the Times #299 (via email to Nancy)
Reuters [Sep 21] NASA's Galileo space probe ended its eight-year mission to Jupiter on Sunday as expected in a fiery collision with the largest planet as the space scientists celebrated back on Earth. The space agency's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Cal, lost contact with the spacecraft slightly after 3:40 PM EDT, 2 minutes and 36 seconds before expected. [and from another source] The impact has been timed for 18:57 GMT. 52 minutes later speed of light. [Note that Global Quakes ensued on Sep 21 but these started at 18:16 UTC in Burma, well ahead of any Galileo shock wave.]
Signs of the Times #298 (Nancy)
[Note: New Sep 21 ZetaTalk: Driving Blind] 'On this day the US Government is planning to push Planet X away from its Point of Passage with Earth, changing its orbit such that it is diverted in its path to an increased retrograde orbit, which would take Planet X more quickly in a clockwise direction, averse to Earth’s counterclockwise orbit direction, thus avoiding what is termed a collision of sorts, a pole shift, a collision of magnetic fields in which the Earth would unquestionably be the loser. The much publicized death of Galileo, sending it into Jupiter with its spent payload of Plutonium 238, will be the cover for success in this regard, any flash of light, or shock wave, being explained to the public as a reaction to the death of Galileo. The plan is to send numerous bombs, lofted as was Casini with nuclear material, onto the surface of Planet X and explode them simultaneously, the much touted but utterly untried method to deflect asteroids. This plan will fail ... '
Signs of the Times #297 (Nancy)
Sundogs appear along the edge of the halo, as the sundog at the right hand side, producing a rainbow, also another characteristic of sundogs. But the object that is a distinct pink sphere next to the Sun, here shown at the 8 o'clock position, is not a sundog. In addition, this Sun is clearly not round, but bulging off to the side, including light from another object off to the side a bit and in front of the Sun. Have such occulted Suns and spherical pink personas appeared next to the Sun before? This is an attempt to create the impression that the Planet X personas are atmospheric phenomena, and when this excuse no longer works, it will become an asteroid swarm. Magnetic disturbances that are Not Timed with CME's are caused by cosmic solar flares, per NASA, and Red Dust that cannot be explained is from cosmic dust, per NASA. And what is causing the regular Global Quakes that happen when the Atlantic Rift is positioned vs a vs Planet X? A cosmic rhythm? And what is causing an erratic Moon orbit and phases?
Signs of the Times #296 (via email to Nancy)
This morning [Sep 19], on channel 9 news out of Denver, there was a one minute segment on the Galileo spacecraft. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard them say that when they crash it into Jupiter next week, NASA says it could possibly ‘cause an explosion so large it would look like a second sun’. [and from another email] C2C had Marshall Masters on [Sep 18] talking about Galileo spacecraft being scuttled into Jupiter with 48 lbs of Plutonium 239 and the possibility of a fusion reaction, ‘lighting up’ Jupiter into a second sun and I thought, this is too weird, what the hell is going on here. Is this a cover, or are they really going to try to destroy Planet X and this is the best idea they can come up with. He also mentioned Nostradomus, 2nd sun quatrain and quoted Mother Shipton. [and from another email] Galileo crashing into Jupiter this coming Sunday, September 21. Noory's guests said to expect shock waves, tidal waves (maybe the ‘pushing’ out of normal orbit). [Note: Jupiter is currently in the Sun, next to the Sun, as is Planet X, but on the wrong side of the Sun. However, confusion will most certainly will occur.] ‘Jupiter has spent the past two months hiding behind the sun, but now it's emerging from the glare.’