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Signs of the Times #285 (via email to Nancy)
Thousands of people in south London are without water for a third day [Sep 13] after a mains pipe burst. 'Thames Water said the recent spell of hot, dry weather may have been a factor in causing the ground to move and the pipe to burst. Operations manager Rob Keen said they had had problems with burst pipes in south-east London over the past few weeks. [Note: London is in the stretch zone.]
Signs of the Times #284 (via email to Nancy)
Seismic activity in Yellowstone came to a screeching halt Sep 13. I was amazed at how low the activity was from what it has been since June. Then [Sep 15] the seismic site in West Yellowstone, Montana (YDC) went berserk. Check the previous day's data for verification. [and from another email] Yellowstone isn't the only place where the seismos are active, check out these New Madrid seismos, similar pattern, more active around 12UTC.
Signs of the Times #283 (via email to Nancy)
Been looking for logical pattern in the Southfield cropcircle and find this:
- As Harmony, each side represent a season-period because it’s made geographically
where it is seasons. This give each season circle with diam 12x = ~18 days and this is the primary key.
- Inside there are 4 circles in each row with the a half diameter (6x) compared to the primimary key => 9 days for each little circle.
- The very inner circle has a diameter of 8x => 12 days.
- The four in a row are in an arch. There are eight of these arches. If you draw these eight directions further out you get an x on a + (360deg/8=45deg) as Planet X is in front of sun.
- This gives 4*9=36 days for personas to integrate. Then we would be at date (Aug 8 + 36 days) of Sep 13.
- Then finally we have 12 days (inner circle) left which gives the date of Sep 25 (Sep 14 + 12 days) Totally 48 days from August 8.
Signs of the Times #282 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
I view the Moon every night and tonight [Sep 14] is a clear night.The Moon´s position in the sky is quite variable, unnaturally variable I might add. Just look at the Moon. Something is not right with the orbit or the timing. An older calander indicated a full moon on the 12th of this month. I saw a full moon on the 10th of the month. Looked full on the 9th but not quite. Not so funny to me is the fact that outside of this forum and other forums, nothing I mean nothing on the media is said about this stuff! The silence is deafening.
Signs of the Times #281 (via email to Nancy)
Tonight on ESPN Sunday Night Football [Sep 14] during the first half the re-entry from commercial to the game usually includes shots around the region in which the game is held. On this night the Chicago Bears played at Minnesota Vikings (Metrodome). On this night the re-entry included a scene of a father and son fishing. The Sun was showing the flairs out in all directions for the entire football world to see, plus the reflections on the waters surface did not match the Sun reflections, and in fact appeared to show a double sun reflection with a "sun dot reflection" closer in to the father/son. This would mean the second sun is on top of the SUN, both reflecting in the water. The shot stayed for several seconds and neither reflection moved as the water moved, so I attribute the photo shot on ESPN to show two suns
Signs of the Times #280 (via snailmail to Nancy)
From the Sunday, Sep7, Los Angeles Times, page B2. In a photo called 'Gathering for the Future, picking seeks for the Angeles National Forest near Castaic' is the blazing Sun, and at the 5 o'clock position, a monster target="_top">Planet X ! Both the Sun and Planet X appear in a lens flare target="_top">Reflection below that, target="_top">Twice. A flare within a flare? No, two objects being reflected! Hiding in plain sight, in Los Angeles.
Signs of the Times #279 (via email to Nancy)
The Moon had been in the extreme southeastern sky upon rising for a while. The fact that it was so far South was odd. Fast-forward to the night of the 9th, the second night I was recording. The Moon in relationship to my home had moved itself much further North upon rising in the East. On the night of the 10th I was able to see the Moon from my front door. My garage sticks out and the Moon was somewhat obstructed until it moved over the garage, nonetheless, I could see it. Last night the 11th was over cast. Now, tonight [Sep 12] the Moon is dead center visible from my front door. These are Extreme Moves. So even without Mars, the Moon is now rising in the direct East and showing a trend of moving steadily North along the eastern horizon. Also, the Sun is setting and rising and further south along the horizon (not in the South) in the last few days. Noticed these two things around the same days. So it must be the Earth that has moved. My home and other things are landmarks. Could we be tilting? Is this a sign we are getting that close? [Note: Earth orbit and tilt variations, as well as Mars orbit Aberations, have been noted.
Signs of the Times #278 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
I just left [California] after living there for my entire life. A 3 is nothing. A 4 gets your attention. A 5 is scary and beyond that is the reason I left. [and from another poster] I was in the [Richter] 7 in San Francisco in 89, which is why I left. We have been having some 3.5 here and smaller ones. Coming more frequently recently. Before it would be months between now a week or two.
Signs of the Times #277 (Nancy)
Shortly after this Ohio Soybean formation was made, it was noted in photos that merging of the personas had begun. The circle was laid on August 24, and merging was first noted on August 26. The Ohio circle implies placement of various personas around the Sun, as viewed from Earth. It may indicate the point of rotation stoppage, when the crisp spherical White Persona, the actual size and physical placement of Planet X, is centered so as to be between the Earth and the Sun. In the circle, the splashy Red Persona can be seen as an Occulting Sun/Second Sun at the lower part of the Sun. The Fire Dragon, often seen with a halo around it of red dust, is centered beneath the Sun. Various other personas have been noted in the photos, including a star like Red Cross, a small Comet persona with a fan tail behind it, and two round and bright spherical personas always close together as Twin personas.