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Signs of the Times #276 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Re: Sept 25th as the new date for rotation stoppage cropciry.htm That date could be right, I have a friend in the AF, and he says they are going to start evacuating planes from southern bases next week. They are heading to ND and NE. Anecdotal evidance from people in the Denver area report many charter planes arriving this week [Sep 13]. Hundreds of them! Commissary stores (military) cannot keep water, canned goods, or paper products on the shelves. [from the author] I did not intend for my post to appear in the zetatalk What’s New section of Signs of the Times, but there it is. I was admittedly playing with the PXers. I thought it would be obvious when I posted as Dick H., later posted as Dick H. and signed as Mr. Head. DICKHEAD! Get it! [Note: debunkers state the public should listen to them for the truth, then demonstrate repeatedly that they are liars, and for no good reason.]
Signs of the Times #275 (via email to Nancy)
A little reality check as to magnitude and or reporting problems: 'The NEIS is located at the National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) in Golden, Colorado, USA which also serves as World Data Center A for Seismology. The NEIS is a member of the Council of the National Seismic System (CNSS) which coordinates activities among the national and regional seismograph networks, including "finger quake" services. The NEIS is also closely associated with the U. S. National Seismograph Network (USNSN) and cooperates with national and international seismological organizations around the world. Unlike other members of the CNSS, the NEIS is responsible for reporting on moderate to large earthquakes throughout the U. S. and large earthquakes worldwide.' [Note: central control of what quakes get reported, thus Under-Reporting and dropped quakes.]
Signs of the Times #274 (via email to Nancy)
Found this at CNN Web Site: ‘Sunrise/Sunset computation: Sunrise/Sunset/Twilight and Moonrise/Moonset/Phase. This site has moved to the US Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications Dept. - 1k Moon Phases: This site down temporarily for repairs. - 1k’ [Note: online data can be altered, for Slowing Rotation accuracy, check an old Farmer's Almanac.]
Signs of the Times #273
When packaging the Photos daily submitted, I have been for the past couple weeks tried to determine the physical location of Planet X vs a vs the Ecliptic. The White Persona represents this location. I have used the category Persona Ecliptic to package photos where the time stamp was given to me, and SkyMap star charts run up accordingly. Not rocket science. There has been great consistency in showing the Planet X White Persona along the Ecliptic in the direction of the spot where Leo the Lion constellation touches the Ecliptic. Not that far from the Sun, just in that direction. Please note that the SOHO Slip on Sep 7 & 8, whereby they showed Planet X in several released images, puts this complex, with corpus clearly visible, in the same location! On this page Venus is in the 9:30 o’clock position on the blue C2, with Planet X at 4 o’clock
Signs of the Times #272 (via email to Nancy)
Something very weird going on here in NM. I was outside at 3AM this morning, Sep 8 and it was a full mooon! Not half, headed towards full which we all saw at 10PM Sunday. Not only that but looking at it, the upper left side, the headed south part, was shaped like an egg! It had a huge bulge at the upper left corner! [and from another email] Orbits of the Moon and Mars are too far South, and the Moon is full a couple of days early.
Signs of the Times #271 (via email to Nancy)
Saturday [Sep 6] night I got a call from a friend who has fixed a very nice U. S. Navy compass to his desk. He said that he was working when movement from the corner of his eye caught his attention. He looked closely at the compass, and the needle had moved 3 degrees from the true North matrix. While he was watching, it moved another 2 degrees, and about 30 minutes later moved back 2 degrees. [and from another email] I took out my compass to get a reading of the position of the noonday Sun on Sep 7 and observed that it is positioned too far to the South as it crosses the Ecliptic.
Signs of the Times #270
Former Minister Michael Meacher has Blamed the Iraq War on the US Desire for World Domination ‘Mr Meacher also suggested the Americans might have failed to prevent 11 September as it gave a pretext for military action. ... Writing in the Guardian newspaper, Mr Meacher said the 11 September attacks gave an invaluable excuse for attacking Afghanistan. .. And he said the US Government intended to take military control of the Gulf region whether or not Saddam Hussein was in power because of its need for further secure oil supplies. ... In his article, Mr Meacher also said the US had passed up opportunities to catch Osama Bin Laden and other senior al-Qaeda figures.’
Signs of the Times #269 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
More Quakes Missing from EMSC Athens, Sep 9 ‘An earthquake measuring 4.2 on the open-ended Richter scale shook western Greece on Tuesday, the Athens Geodynamics Institute said. ... at 09:35 GMT’ [and] Taipei, Sep 9 ‘An earthquake measuring 4.9 on the Richter scale rocked Taiwan Tuesday, seismologists said. ... The tremor struck at 1:51 PM (05:51 GMT). [Note, neither quake appears on the USGS or EMSC sites.]