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Signs of the Times #268
Supervolcanoes, BBC Feb 3, 2000 ‘The magma chamber we found extends basically beneath the entire caldera. It´s maybe 40-50 kilometres long, maybe 20 kilometres wide and it has a thickness of about 10 kilometres. So it´s a giant in volume and essentially encompasses a half or a third of the area beneath Yellowstone National Park. ... The magma chamber was enormous. If it erupted it would be devastating. To discover the extent of the devastation scientists had to understand the force of the eruption. The clues to this could be found in a much smaller volcano halfway across the world: the Greek island of Santorini. The eruption here 3,500 years ago, although not VEI8 in scale, did have a small magma chamber.’
Signs of the Times #267
NASA Science News; Perseid Dawn Aug 8 ‘This weekend our planet will pass through a stream of debris from periodic Comet Swift-Tuttle, sparking a flurry of shooting stars that will be most intense during the hours before dawn on Saturday morning, August 12th. ... it happens every year around the middle of August ... This time the Moon will be nearly full when the shower peaks and it'll outshine the Perseids for most of the night.’ [Note: the target="_top">art work on this NASA page shows the Moon a distinct pink, along with a meteor tail. Has it been pink in years past?]
Signs of the Times #266 (via email to Nancy)
Again the math [for Southfield] is easy around this crop circle each orb representing 18 days if based on 360 or varying if calculated at 365 or 365.25 and so forth.
Signs of the Times #265 (via email to Nancy)
What made you conclude Sep 10 to 25th? Was this just the Solstice crop circle or more? [Answer, from the person who had the brilliant insight that the Eastfield circle was Solstic related] It was the lack of sleep, the review of your material, the review of what I know, then I reached a state of oblivion and happened to be looking at the Eastfield/Southfield circle and it just hit me. It seems to make sense. The calculation is simple really: Assume each ball on the Eastfield circle is the Earth for one day. There are 40 days in the outer ring taking us from August 2 (the day the circle appeared) to Sept. 10. This is where we move into the inner ring for 15 days (the quickening). Then, on Sept. 25, the rotation stops so that the last six inner circles are the 5.9 days of stoppage. Note that the Earth is shown to be wildly affected during these days, the circles are not in a straight line.
Signs of the Times #264
Mass Evacuation of London Plan Drawn Up [Sep 6] ‘Plans have been drawn up by the Government for a mass evacuation of London in the event of a terrorist attack, it was reported tonight. Leaked documents are said to detail how residents could be herded into "restand reception areas" in the Home Counties in the event of an actual or imminent attack. The confidential plan, codenamed Operation Sassoon, was presented to the London Resilience Forum at the Cabinet Office in July, according to The Sunday Times.’ [Note: 911 happened two years ago, Britain has been partners with Bush for a year on the war in Iraq, and just now they are drawing up these plans? This is not for terrorism, this is for the pole shift, which they think eminent.]
Signs of the Times #263 (via email to Nancy)
I noticed a ticker tape news headline on CNN today [Sep 7]. It basically said that the full moon will appear unnaturally 3 days early this month. But no elaboration was given. [and from another email] By reading your Moon Orbit Aberations in September 2, I must inform you that on September 3 at 8:35 PM in Chamonix, France I captured the Moon over Mont Blanc as you see and the day after with surprise it was not possible because it was not where it should be, confirmed after your article by Skymap program consulted. [Note: this moon is also too full for Sep 3, a bare half-moon point.]
Signs of the Times #262 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
I live west of Melbourne. Since March I´ve noticed [Sep 8] an increasing number of photos purportedly of Planet X sent via the web from a number of sites, which I check daily, healthy scepcisim not withstanding. I am convinced there is an anomaly there. Pictures speak a thousand words. There are now too many photos to mention. The sheer volume belies the criticism of camera anomaly and lens flare. This enigma is showing to be occulting the sun so one cannot view with the naked eye. I have checked the sun thru a welders mask and it is definately ovoid,a perceived elongated mass of light. I posted a heap of what I considered very anomolous photos of this enigma to about 30 well researched, on my behalf, astronomers in Australia expecting at least some response. Nothing. Not a single email! As a researcher I always get a response from the scientific community whom are always pleased to extol their knowledge in their respective areas.These astronomers made not one attempt to debunk these photos which I challenged them to do so. My inference; they know something. The response is conspicious by their absence.
Signs of the Times #261 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Go look now! [Note that Salt Lake City is in a straight line between Mammoth Lake caldera in California and Yellowstone. Pressure on the North American Plate as the Atlantic widens and the Pacific compresses results in the the St. Lawrence Seaway ripping (ala the blackout) and the South East US dropping. This would transfer stress back west of the Continental Divide, which would tend to buckle. Mammoth Lake is also agitated in the extreme.]
Signs of the Times #260 (via email to Nancy)
It would appear that the shaking at Yellowstone is getting earlier on the scale. Check out the latest from Yellowstone
Signs of the Times #259
Whitehouse Seeks Apocolypse Advice from Jack Van Imp Ministries! ‘Is the Bush administration turning to a televangelist doomsayer for political predictions? Apocalyptic preacher Jack Van Imp is claiming that he was contacted by Condoleezza Rice's office and the White House Office of Public Liaison for an "outline" of his take on world events. [Note: and Ronald Reagan was rumored to discuss these matters endlessly with Pat Robinson, Armageddon obsession.]