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Signs of the Times #1509
[Oct 29] I am an Amateur Astronomer and we found a cluster or swarm of comets headed our way! I live in the Southern hemisphere. Last night we had perfect viewing conditions, and my 2 fellow astronomers were out mapping out the area around the Southern Cross. We are well known, and have had objects named after us before. We had mapped the areas with our CCD cameras and laptops, in different areas with our Meade R 16" LX200GPS-SMT Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope. The previous nights we had detected a very slow movement of something, that looked like a fuzzy blob. Upon looking further we were able to see that it was moving very slow. We´ve been published, and we wanted to get our names on these comets, so we reported to CBAT like we usually do, when we find a new objects. Today I was to meet my friends, Mike and John and they didn´t show. I´ve talked to their wives and they both said that some people came and picked them up. [and from another source] October 23, 2005 -- New SOHO/SWAN comet announced [Oct 23] Michael Mattiazo gives the following account of the discovery: It was an exciting time last week. I discovered the comet Monday afternoon 10/17, computed RA/Dec positions and forwarded to Brian Marsden at MPC. [and from another source] The likely candidates for Mike and John are these: Michael Mattiazzo and John McCarthy. They are both members of the South Australian Astronomical Society (ASSA). [Note: Moon swirls of Planet X detected by astronomers, who are told to keep silent about it.]
Signs of the Times #1508
Bird flu and pandemic flu [Oct 24] 'The extensive media coverage of avian influenza (bird flu) over recent weeks has caused confusion and increasing concern that bird flu will imminently cause a human pandemic. This has been fuelled by the report of a parrot infected by the H5N1 strain of avian influenza in the United Kingdom this week. Although minor antigenic drift in the human influenza virus A occurs continuously, a major shift in its surface protein antigens H or N can trigger a worldwide influenza pandemic because of absence of population immunity. Fortunately, this happens only rarely-Spanish flu in 1918-9 (H1N1 virus), Asian flu in 1957-8 (H2N2), and Hong Kong flu in 1968-9 (H3N2). Many scientists believe that another pandemic is overdue. The lack of sustained human-to-human transmission suggests that H5N1 avian virus does not currently have the capacity to cause a human pandemic. There have been more than 3300 flu outbreaks in birds with 150 million killed and only 118 human cases.' [Note: until human to human transmission occurs, no pandemic threat exists.]
Signs of the Times #1507
Powerful Government Accounting Office report confirms key 2004 stolen election findings [Oct 26] 'Among other things, the GAO confirms that: 1. Some electronic voting machines "did not encrypt cast ballots or system audit logs, and it was possible to alter both without being detected." 2. "It was possible to alter the files that define how a ballot looks and works so that the votes for one candidate could be recorded for a different candidate." 3. "Vendors installed uncertified versions of voting system software at the local level." 4. The GAO also confirms that access to the voting network was easily compromised because not all digital recording electronic voting systems (DREs) had supervisory functions password-protected, so access to one machine provided access to the whole network. 5. Access to the voting network was also compromised by repeated use of the same user IDs combined with easily guessed passwords. So even relatively amateur hackers could have gained access to and altered the Ohio vote tallies.6. The locks protecting access to the system were easily picked and keys were simple to copy, meaning, again, getting into the system was an easy matter. 7. One DRE model was shown to have been networked in such a rudimentary fashion that a power failure on one machine would cause the entire network to fail, re-emphasizing the fragility of the system on which the Presidency of the United States was decided. 8. GAO identified further problems with the security protocols and background screening practices for vendor personnel, confirming still more easy access to the system. In essence, the GAO study makes it clear that no bank, grocery store or mom & pop chop shop would dare operate its business on a computer system as flimsy, fragile and easily manipulated as the one on which the 2004 election turned. [Note: the massive 2004 election fraud may be the next shoe to drop on the Bush Presidency.]
Signs of the Times #1506
The first move was to try to convince Fitzgerald himself to only attack lesser parties. This failed. Assassination attempts failed too, as Fitzgerald is protected by angels. The second move was in the courts, an attempt to keep the indictments from proceeding, in Chicago. This succeeded at first, with the first judge, as is known, but overridden by judges above the first. The third attempt was to bomb the environs, with a fake terrorist attack, also in the rumor mills aplenty, which also failed due to human intervention, guided and assisted by angels. The fourth plan was to deal with the indictments, when delivered, in the court system. That Fizgerald is operating in DC for this shows the boldness of his plan, as he knows this will happen, will be quickly run into the Supreme Court, and fail. Indictments can only be quashed if they are inproperly brought, without evidence, by law, and this is not the case. What next? Letting the indictments register, diminishing them in the media and via distractions planned, and then the motion to dismiss, which they will run into the Supreme Court. What we know, and what the Bush administration is not counting on, is that many of these judges are aware of and horrified at the law breaking, the theft from Gore, as well as the treasonous acts to get the nation into war with Iraq. Motion to dismiss will not fly. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Fitzgerald Indictments.]
Signs of the Times #1505
D.C. Appellate Court throws out Bush suit against DOJ to block Fitzgerald indictments [Oct 25] 'Earlier today the District of Columbia Appellate Court threw out a Bush administration suit against its own Justice Department, attempting to block the issuance of Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's indictments against White House officials. The White House's initial attempt to obstruct justice and have the indictments quashed and sealed was dismissed by the D.C. District Court late Friday afternoon, according to a sequence of events based on information in the form of data from intelligence field reports. On Friday, Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez refused to sign for and issue the indictments against himself and his colleagues, which would have made them immediately public. Fitzgerald reportedly appeared with Miers and Rice that same day before the D.C. District Court. The last ditch attempts by the White House to prevent the release of the indictments and their criminal contents were led by Miers and Rice, since Gonzalez has reportedly been indicted in an additional count for refusing to issue the original indictments as Bush's attorney general. Importantly, the dismissals by both the district and appellate courts will likely preclude an additional appeal by the Bush administration to the United States Supreme Court, since two consecutive reversals ordinarily prevent the high court from granting relief. Miers and Rice also reportedly attempted to have the courts place a gag order on Fitzgerald and the grand jury in another attempt to obstruct justice and prevent the criminal and far-reaching contents of the indictments from becoming public.' [Note: rapidly moving drama that is likely to result in a Nixon type result or complete decapitation of the White House as the Zetas have predicted.]
Signs of the Times #1504
Bush orders Fitzgerald fired and espionage indictments quashed [Oct 21] 'Today Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald handed over 22 indictments to Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, accusing President George W. Bush, Vice President Richard Cheney and others of espionage, obstruction of justice, perjury and a variety of other charges in the matter of the CIA/Valerie Plame leak-gate case. Bush then ordered Gonzalez to fire Fitzgerald and have the indictments quashed and sealed. Gonzalez refused to release the indictments which have been handed down by the grand jury and ordered served by a judge.' [and from another] [Sep 19] 'Apparently, there is brisk movement within the US Federal Court of Chicago to get these indictments out despite intense pressure from within by a Judge Magistrate named Mark R. Filip, who has thus far suppressed them from being released to the public. There is team of judges that have decided that they are no longer going to tolerate this type activity and I believe they are well on their way to try to force these indictments out rather than keep them sealed.' [and from another] [Nov 12, 2003] 'Mark Filip, a Chicago lawyer who turned 37 in May, has been nominated by President George Bush to fill a federal court vacancy in Chicago. If approved by the full Senate, Filip will be younger than any judge who now serves on the U.S. District Court for Northern Illinois.' [and from another] [Aug 15] 'In late July, reports about the recent bomb scare in the subway under the congressional offices at the Dirksen Building-coincidently near where Fitzgerald was holding his grand jury hearings-raised questions as to whether government operatives were sending the zealous prosecutor a "warning message" that he was entering dangerous waters with his investigation. The bomb scare was reported to local police late Monday afternoon, July 18, causing the subway to be evacuated for approximately 45 minutes while bomb sniffing dogs and SWAT team members searched for what was reported to be a suspicious package left on one of the subway cars.'
Signs of the Times #1503
Airing twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays on the Blog radio, and in the Archives thereafter for free listening, The Connection featuring Nancy has broadcast or recorded the following information packed shows for the month of October. For those unable to listen to audio on their PC's, the scripts for the various shows become available as links from the ZetaTalk Media page as soon as the show airs. Currently available for the shows for Oct 3, Oct 5, Oct 10, Oct 12, Oct 17, Oct 19, Oct 24, Oct 26, Oct 31.
Oct 3 - The Pole Shift, a Wild Ride Pole Shift process from standpoint of planetary magnets. The twists Planet X takes and forces upon the Earth. Preceding or leading events and their cause. Relationship of heavy red dust and debris to Pole Shift timing. How to protect against hail and wind and firestorms. Likely locations of firestorms and direction of wind. How the Earth reacts during rotation stoppage and how animals and humans will react. Whether freezing or frying will occur during rotation stoppage. Interplanetary lightning. Detailed description of the pole shift and effect on the crust of the Earth and her oceans. What to anticipate as the Earth slides under her blankets of air and water, the atmosphere and the oceans. How to survive the earthquakes, and which mountain ranges will experience mountain building. Volcanic eruption guide. Where new land will rise. Signs that the hour of the shift has started. Resulting new geography.
Oct 5 - The Astonishing ZetaTalk Accuracy Documented examples where ZetaTalk predictions unquestionably preceded scientific or clear proof. Eighteen such examples covering weather irregularities and ability of weathermen to predict, snow in summer, hurricane ferocity and atypical locales, crop shortages and depletion of food stores, global warming as false flag, increasing illness, magnetic field deviation, large and small plane crashes and the cause, earth heave booms and flashes, meteor and fireball uptick, Tunguska cause, solar magnetic alignment, solar rotation source, Earth rotation cause, human ability to deflect asteroids, earthquake frequency and strength increase and cover-up, and domino quakes. Hey, Zetas right again!
Oct 10 - The Stretch Zone, that Sinking Feeling Atlantic Coastline plateaus, now under water. Expected reduction in sea level for East Coast and United Kingdom. Stretch zones around the world, and what they can expect. Beginning of stretch problems in 2002, with examples from a six month period in 2004. Dozens of examples of train derailments, sinkholes, gas and water main breaks, and exploding factories. The torque effect, and its effect on bridges and roads and suddenly emerging crevasses. Comparison of stress in stretch zone to stress in compression or subjection zones. Relationship between black water off Florida coast in 2002 and continent wide stench in US in 2005. What to expect in the future, including imploding buildings, and timing of when the most severe stretch problems will develop. Areas around the world most affected by being in a stretch zone, with Zeta advice for each.
Oct 12 - Cutting Tools, and How to Make Them from Scratch The history of knives, and how the early use of the knife by cave men made a difference in their lives. Why the knife is the one tool you should not be without. Optimum knife shapes and sizes, and their many uses. Why swords don't qualify. Surgery, housing construction, food gathering and preparation with knives. Difference between stainless steel and high carbon steel. Why fixed blades are superior to folding knives. Sharpening knives with stones, and how to identify and find these sharpening stones. What car parts would make knives material. Making an axe or knife from rock, step by step instructions. In desperate times, alternatives available. How to make a forge, and cautions about this. Metal materials and where to scrounge for them. What makes good tinder. How to start a fire without matches, even in the rain, using flint or a fire piston or a wood bow and drill for this. How to stoke a fire.
Oct 17 - Velikovsky, and the 3,600 Signature Velikovsky bio. Relationship to his friend Einstein and Hapgood's theories. Interest in global catastrophe and cause. His books and their content and reaction from the scientific community. Discussion on many points outlined in his book Earth in Upheaval, based on geological facts, presenting Velikovsky statements bolstered by recent scientific studies and publications, and with ZetaTalk commentary. Subjects including flash frozen and permanently frozen mammoths and mastodons, dramatically sudden dropping or rising sea levels, wandering poles and tropical history of the current poles, geological changes, volcanic eruptions, sudden climate changes, massive tidal waves or tsunami around the globe, whales on mountain tops, burried forests, all with their 3,600 cycle signatures. Looking for the proof that the Earth experiences periodic cataclysms in step with the passage of Nibiru, aka Planet X? Here it is, and the time frame for the next passage has arrived.
Oct 19 - Basic Survival, from Los Angeles to Fort Bragg Basic survival from a Fort Bragg survival instructor with experience applying this during operations during his 15 year career with the Army. Basic survival viewpoint from a worried Los Angeles mother lacking this instruction and experience. How to trap and fish and build a shelter when isolated with only the clothes on your back and perhaps a knife. How to build a fire without matches, purify drinking water, keep a low profile, deal with broken bones, and build and use a slingshot or bow and arrow. Edible plants, Vitamin C in nature, what parts of wildlife are safe to eat and which should be discarded. How to find or construct shelter. Contrast to this approach from a city dweller, showing the need for basic survival instruction to instill self confidence and direction in those who would otherwise panic and riot and loot.
Oct 24 - The Human Animal, a Zeta Perspective Where the missing link can be found. The races of man, as they were genetically engineered, their base ape and nature, and the races that did not survive. What the engineers were concerned about, and why their engineering took millennia. Which race gets hopping mad, works by consensus, is violent only outside the family, or escapes into the trees rather than confronts, and how this influences their cultures today. Past lives, why we only remember the good stuff and how bad they likely were. The fight or flight response, and why we faint. The problems with vegetarianism, and what the cave man really had for dinner. Repressed emotions and the emergence of stress disease, and what we can do about it. Our desire to escape by getting high, getting drunk, bingeing on chocolates, or going crazy or fracturing into multiple personalities. Why anti-psychotic drugs aren't addressing the problem. Surprising insights about junk food. Humor as a weapon. The real causes of cancer, and why mothers kill their children. Self destructive behavior, and why this exists.
Oct 26 - Electricity for Basic Survival An expert on matters electrical explains basic concepts and how to make a battery from scratch, how to rebuild batteries, and how to determine if a battery is sick. Battery types, and how to link them in series or parallel, pros and cons of each setup. DC or Alternating Current, what's it all about and what works in a survival camp setting. What fluids can be used, and what metals work best. How to make sulfuric acid. Batteries using wood ash as a base or salt water. Power generation in a primitive or survival situation. Using an electric drill, running backwards, as a generator to convert motion to an electron flow. The importance of a permanent magnet in power generation, in this regard. Scrounging for parts after a cataclysm such as a pole shift. Bikes on a rack to generate electricity or recharge batteries. Wind and water mills. Books to buy and free Adobe Reader PDF files on Troubled Times forum sites. History of Troubled Times and its wish to get survival information out to the public, at cost or for free
Oct 31 - Bush Busting, and the 2003 Debacle The Bush plan going into the 2000 election, and why the Supreme Court stepped in. Theft of the 2000 election. Why the rush into Iraq, despite no evidence of WMD. Relationship of oil to countries invaded. Evidence of the plan for the populace as evidenced by chemtrails, vacination problems, Homeland Security code red requirements, fake terrorism alerts, and flirtation with martial law. Relationship between population reduction and the planned work draft for the military. Zeta white lie about May 15, 2003, to bring the Buch cabal down. What the US government did just prior to that day, and the week following when May 20-27 dates were detailed by the Zetas on live radio, on the air. Operation TOPOFF-2, across the nation. Operation Planet X in Iraq. Code Orange, across the nation, a hair below Code Red. How the Bush plan has deteriorated, and the Puppet Master's plan to decapitate him because of the 2004 election fraud, defrauding Kerry. Why the Puppet Master is pissed. Decapitation steps, evident and pending. Evidence of military arrest of Bush, and the military revolt.
Signs of the Times #1502 Last week sometime [Sep 17], I can´t remember what day, my girlfriend called me from work and told me to go look at the sun. I asked her why, and she said that she had been on a break outside and could swear she saw two objects when she looked at the Sun. [and from another source] Katkam is showing two Sun's setting [Sep 16]. Look at the reflection on the water to the right of the Sun, from an orb also visible in the photo! Not a lens flare. [and from another source] Green fireball across sky likely a meteor, experts say [Oct 4] 'A bright green object that blazed from north to south over the region in the predawn hours yesterday likely was a meteor and not the re-entry of space debris, an Air Force Space Command official said. The sighting of the object caused numerous phone calls to local radio and television stations when it appeared around 5:40 a.m. KDKA Radio reported the object was seen from Indiana to Virginia, but would have been visible for less than 10 seconds before it burned up in the atmosphere. An object's greenish appearance normally is the signature of a rocket re-entry, which apparently was not the case.' [and from another source] Fireball lights up South Florida sky [Sep 29] 'Witnesses said a glowing meteor streaked across Florida skies Thursday before disappearing. From Fort Lauderdale to Cape Canaveral people called the National Weather Service reporting the bright orange orb.' [Note: and the beat goes on. The presence of Planet X near the Sun is palpable.]
Signs of the Times #1501
Today's full moon [Oct 16] was not right, here in Japan. Please compare what it should have looked like, and what we observed! It is not full, and the bottom part is too visible! [and from another source] I have been regularly tracking Polaris with a set of triangulated and permanently fixed lasers. I've been charting the Earth's anomalous movement/motion now for over 8 months. In so doing, I have been able to prove to my complete satisfaction that the earth is exhibiting a serious rhythmic wobble far in excess of any movement that can be explained away by Chandler's wobble, etc. In fact, I believe that it may be evidenced that there are actually a minimum of two different wobbles occurring. One wobble within the other. Both are anomalous motions; both are different in nature; but both are cyclical and complementary nonetheless. The first patterned anomaly is one which is an exaggerated daily affair and one that rolls the planet to the North/Northwest/South/Southeast by 2.5 degrees on each side of target center. This particular cycle repeats regularly every 24 hours. There is a much longer cycle also occurring. This second pattern appears to be tipping the planet on an East / West pitch or yaw. A bit like a top that wobbles, and also sways. Here we have a much slower cycle being effected and I have not yet established parameters for it. For the last 4 months, the daily anomalous movement exhibited by Planet Earth in relation to axis point Polaris, has at least been consistent in its mysterious inconsistency! However, that period of stable instability has now apparently ended. In the last few days [Oct 9] Polaris has unexpectedly moved decidedly to the Northwest. At my 10 PM readings, it is now to be found at just a minute or two past 12 o'clock, (instead of 2 o'clock) in relation to target center on the laser. Polaris is still maintaining close to the same 2 degrees (out) of deviation from center laser for that time of the night. Now that may not seem like a lot of movement at first glance, but I assure you that this is a big shift to have occurred in such a short period of time. Tonight's realignment and the surprising northwest movement toward a new 10 PM position was even more pronounced than it had been last night at the same time. As I have already mentioned, there are two separate things going on here. It appears that the planet is not only wobbling, but doing a slow yaw and roll as well! Better get out the Dramamine, motion mavens! Looking back over the records for the last month, I find that the amount of overall movement in a counterclockwise direction since August is exceptionally pronounced!Signed, Cliff Mickelson [Note: Moon and constellations aberations, documented in the Orbits section. Kolbrin quote 'the Earth turned over, as clay spun upon a potter's wheel' this motion reported during the Jewish Exodus now starting!]
Signs of the Times #1500
My friend in Russia, who is a biologist, made a series of experiments with rats. She gave them genetically modified food. Next generation of rats had a 65% death rate and others were weak. She knows that the main manufacturer of genetically modified food is Monsanto, located in Saint Louis. She asked about these people - are they really human? Because they lead mankind to destruction. [and from another source] Nature has evolved food crops that man fosters to resist insects, and to produce seeds such as grain and tubers such as carrots and potatoes far in excess of what the plant in nature requires to propagate itself. Plants that do so are already engineered, by nature, to be productive or those parts that creatures eat, as unless the plant does so, rodents and bugs will consume them and the plant will not reproduce itself. The natural process that these plants are using should be enhanced. But something different is afoot, among humankind, who have motives other than increased productivity. They seek control of the entire food production and distribution process, and by this, control over mankind, who will thus become slaves, or so they hope. It is certainly no secret that Monsanto, in partnership with the USDA, has created and tried to enforce what is termed the terminator gene, which prevents a hybrid plant from reproducing itself. No need for Monsanto to insist on contracts with farmers that require them to return, year after year, for more seed. The farmer cannot save seed to avoid this, as the seed would be no good, and not germinate. This plan met with such an uproar that it did not move forward, but has stalled. Nevertheless, the mindset of those doing genetic tinkering with crops can be seen. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Genetic Engineering]
Signs of the Times #1499
The smell is reported as smelling of sulphur in every location [Oct 1] Human exposure to small amounts of hydrogen sulfide in air can cause headaches, nausea, and eye irritation. Hydrogen sulfide is found in wastewater. [and from another source] It smells like something died in Lake Winona, MN because something did. The smell has been described as rotten eggs or a baby´s diaper. Storm water emptied into the lake is rich in fertilizers, helping plant growth. [and from another source] Been in ND the last few days, and noticed the sulfur stench immediately after getting out of the Minneapolis airport. I travel alot in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota. I have smelled it a few time in the last 4 weeks in all 3 states. A smell that seemed like the same smell when I have drove through the oil fields in Kansas. It kind of smelled like the smell in Yellowstone park only a bit of oil smell to it. At first I thought it was my truck, but nope it was in the air. It is some what odd. I drive a few miles and its gone again. [and from another source] The North American continent is giving evidence that its rock layers are separating from each other, and sliding sideways in a diagonal, thus exposing portions of these layers to vent into the air above. If rock is being stressed, then where are the earthquake predictors giving evidence of this, the frantic animals, the static on the radio, the earthquake swarms? Rock in the stretch zone, pulling apart rather than compressing, does not emit the particles flows that animals and radios sense, nor register on instruments are tension and release quakes. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Stretch Stench.]