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Signs of the Times #410 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
AFP [Oct 25] A cold snap in southern Germany saw temperatures overnight plunge to below minus 12 degrees Celsius (10 degrees Fahrenheit), the coldest temperature ever recorded there in October. [and from another source] When it´s cold, it´s really cold. When it´s hot, it´s really hot. Weather all screwed up. Major changes on the way. [and from another source] Die erde taumelt! Im sommer 30 grad richtung äquator im winter richtung nordpol! Huhu das wird kalt dieses jahr! zugwirkung von PX? [and from another source] Yes it's quite cold in my area (Bavaria) for October, but after nearly 40 days in raw with over 30°C a few weeks ago, you don´t wonder about the weather anymore.
Signs of the Times #409 (via email to Nancy)
I live at 9,000 feet southern Colorado mountains. Setting Sun is partially blocked by the mountains to the west. I have been making daily observations two ways. One is through the welders lens technique and the other the pinhole method. Built a shadow box. My observations [Oct 26] are thus: With the shadowbox I am viewing a bright dot of light superimposed on the larger dot of the Sun. Sometimes it is near the edge of the sun but very distinct. If superimposed on the Sun the pinhole gets very bright. I think triple is probably about right. The second observation with the welders lens has not been as successful. From where I live the the bright disk is right in the Sun, so I have been unable to see a separate disk at my latitude. Tonight however things were different with the welders lens. I noticed a second disk in the Sun. You have to look through the lens for awhile before you pick it up, it looks for all the world like a shadow on the Sun, huge, probably about three quarters the Suns size. If I were a planet and wanted to do a stealth attack on the earth I can not think of a more perfect approach.
Signs of the Times #408 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
It was nice and clear yesterday [Oct 26] in Vancouver, so I take a look at the Sun yesterday, with filters of course, and to my eye I could see an anomolous bulge in the lower left looking at the sun. Along with 2 good size sun spots. So unless someone, NASA included, has an accurate and realistic assumption I’m forced to rely on my own perceptions of what is and what is not. I’m also familiar with cameras and the effects of tricks with light and shadow, so with my own instinct can tell you some of the Photos showing up from webcams and private citizens are quite obvious in the fact that they clearly show an object or objects that discerningly grow larger as the days go by. Many intricicies play a large part in whether are not you can get a good glimpse of this anomolay or not. Orbital wobble, cloud cover, atmoshereric conditions that can change at the drop of a dime, smog, and of course the Sun itself.
Signs of the Times #407 (via email to Nancy)
Three digital images were taken of the moon on three separate dates at 5:30 AM each day. The orange arrows denote the changes that occurred of the light emitting from the sun. A comparison of these Images was made against the table appearing in the Farmers Almanac for the month of October; Eastern Standard Time. Please note that the table shows a full moon on the 13th and the actual image on that date matches the image shape on the 17th. It would appear that this is visual evidence that we are slowing down since it took a whole week [Oct 20] to replicate what should have taken three days.
Signs of the Times #406 (via email to Nancy)
For a few weeks now, I have been watching planes making lines of cloud-like material in the sky. Lately I was especially disturbed to see that there were many more planes out than in previous weeks. In fact, every few minutes another was dispatched. I watched them travel paths in groups of three or four making lines across the sky. I live in the Metropolitan Washington DC area. Yesterday [Oct 26] I saw the planes making the lines from about 11:30 AM to around 6:30 PM. When I tried to look towards the Sun, there was such a cloudy haze over it that I couldn't see it clearly at all. The lines generated by those planes turned into fluffy clouds. There are very strange things going on that people don't seem to notice or really don't want to notice. Right before our very eyes.
Signs of the Times #405 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
We are on fire in S Florida [Oct 26]. It seems the it is not from the regular sources, but the electrical grid is exploding onto dry flora, here and there. This is all happening outside the populated areas toward the middle of the state where the main High Voltage Power Lines come down through the State. I think substations are exploding in a cascade affect. Looks like fire is around lake Okeechobee west of Palm Beach county. [Note: Florida is in the stretch zone, and CME’s affect with power surges, not exploding substations which are mechanical, such as stretch, problems.]
Signs of the Times #404 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Yes Califiornia has fires every year. California does not have 300,000 acres burn in 24 hours in 4 separate counties in a Ring of Fire surrounding the most densely populated area and isolating them from escape except by going to the ocean. [and from another source] ‘The worst firestorm [Oct 26] to hit this county in 33 years cut a path of destruction from Valley Center to Mexico Sunday, leaving at least 11 people dead and hundreds of homes destroyed and charring an area the size of Chicago. Flames forced entire communities to evacuate and shut down several major highways, leaving the region virtually paralyzed. By day's end, the fires had swept across nearly 200 square miles.’
Signs of the Times #403
CNN [Oct 23] ‘NASA's decision to launch a fresh crew to the international space station came over the strenuous objections of mid-level scientists and physicians who raised safety concerns, The Washington Post reported on Thursday. ... The report said some scientists and flight surgeons argue that it is too dangerous to maintain a crew under the current circumstances, while others fear that the facility could spin out of control and be lost unless astronauts are on board to handle potentially catastrophic problems.’ [Note: what catastrophic problems are they expecting?]
Signs of the Times #402
The tremors, measuring 6.1 degrees and 5.8 degrees on the Richter scale [Oct 26] ... Sources from the Gansu provincial seismological bureau said that 30 percent of the houses in the epicenters have been severely damaged. The report from the bureau says that 90 percent of the buildings in Yaozhaizi village, Yonggu Township of Minle County, have collapsed in the quakes. The ministry said over 10,000 residential rooms collapsed, and it has sent 2,000 cotton-padded tents for victims in the quake-hit regions. [Note: this amount of damage is not compatible with the Richter reported, under-reported.]
Signs of the Times #401 (via email to Nancy)
While living in Tuscon over two years ago I witnessed huge black sunspots after a big CME. This produced a red aurora borealis that was seen as far south as Las Vegas (Art Bell reported it) and Tucson. But this time the sunspots reported to be as big as Jupiter [see Signs #381, #389, #390] are no where to be seen on the sun's surface and no aurora borealis. I live in Salt Lake City and nothing, so far. [Note: as the Zetas stated, Solar Cover]
Signs of the Times #400 (Nancy)
Note there are 8 sweeping arms represented in theAug 8, 2003 Southfield circle, which has been identified as representing the Solstice/Equinox periods. If regular, then an arm sweeps every 6.5 weeks. Indeed, in the Global Quake analysis: On Jun 29 global quakes intensified in a Dark/Face adjustment, where the Atlantic Rift was grabbed more than once a day, a new trend that followed by Jul 1 with the Daily4Roll trend. On Aug 14, black outs engaged with a vengeance with the St. Lawrence Seaway blackout, affecting two countries and several states and provinces. On Sep 26 a Massive Global quake occurred, followed on Sep 26-27 by the Japan and Siberia/Mongolia experience 8.3 and 8.5 quakes. The next 6.5 week sweeping arm then would be on approximately November 14. If one assumes that an arm sweep moves Planet X abruptly along in its retrograde orbit, on November 14 it would be pushed it into the Ecliptic backwash, pushed into the magnetic fields of Earth and Mars, and thus forcing a clash that has seemingly been avoided and delayed!