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Signs of the Times #399 (via email to Nancy)
I have tears in my eyes! I saw it! I am seeing it all the time today [Oct 24], we have for the first time of three weeks a non-cloud day and clear skies here in Poland. It is 4:04 PM and to the right a little right in the Sun I see it. [and from another email] The three of us were sitting in the local Dairy Queen this afternoon about 3PM. The sky was mostly clear except for a few thin clouds passing to the west. Projected from behind onto one of the clouds was the firedragon above and to the right of the sun. It was a very distinct presentation showing red and with an almost iredescent look to it. It lasted about three minutes until the cloud that was back lighted moved on. We were most amazed as other than the pin hole method we have not had any other naked eye sightings so far.
Signs of the Times #398 (via email to Nancy)
A few nights ago in Eugene, OR the moon rose in the north, on its crescent side. And it was red. I have never seen anything like that before. Also, the sunsets and clouds are increasingly red, and there has been a fine red/brown powder on my roommate's car. [and from another email] See this photo, on the target="_top">first page of ‘Folha de São Paulo’ in Brazil [Oct 24] [Note: many reports and photos from around the world attest to this Red Dust.] By October, questions on the Earth Orbit included the Ecliptic Plane, Surging repeatedly documented, sometimes Both, and the Mars Orbit seemingly delayed. The Earth may be surging, tilting, rising up at times, then righting itself, the Moon off kilter temporarily then finding its orbit around Earth's middle again.
Signs of the Times #397 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Pope John Paul II inadvertently disclosed two of the most salient points of the actual Third Fatima Secret when he addressed a gathering of Bishops in Germany in 1982. When asked why the elements of the Third Fatima Message were not disseminated to the world as required, he replied to the effect by asking, ´what good would it do to alarm the world to the fact that the oceans would leave their basins and wash up on the continents where millions would die by the hour?´ No one knows the day or the hour. Only one thing is certain. It will happen and all the signs leading up to it are in our faces.
Signs of the Times #396 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
When is Mars, which first appeared to close and so bright in August, going to move on. I still see Mars, or think I do, in the same position on clear nights. It seems to me that it still as bright as it was in August. [and from another poster] It looks even brighter than it did in August [and from another poster] I did look it up. Moved to the inner system and changed the dates and latitude and longitude to let me see the difference from my perspective. I do not have equipment. Visually, yes I agree Mars rises earlier which suggests that there has been movement in its orbit relative to Earth. However, it rotates its nightly orbit in the same part of the sky as in August with what appears to me to be the same level of brightness as in August. This is an inconsistency which I had hoped someone might explain. [Note: per Skymap, Mars should be rising some 5 or more hours earlier, and setting that much later, over the last two months.]
Signs of the Times #395
Gazette Wyoming Bureau [Oct 24] The hissing and huffing hillsides of Roaring Mountain in Yellowstone National Park are doing more than just blowing off a little steam. Scientists measuring mercury levels in the park last month were stunned by what they found near the base of the mountain: probably the highest levels of mercury at an undisturbed natural area that has ever been recorded scientifically. ... One possibility seems to be that the higher-than-expected levels of mercury along that stretch might be associated with the acidic sulfate system in that area. [Note: Troubled Times recommends Distilling drinking water after the pole shift so that ground and well water can be cleared of heavy metals.]
Signs of the Times #394 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
I live in far west Texas. Not close to anything, actually in the middle of a desert. Nearest city is 350 mil. away. While standing in my pasture today [Oct 24] I saw four, dull gray, huge planes, military of some sort, like C141´s, flying over at about 125 ft. Flying very low, headed east. [and from another poster] I heard from a friend in Ohio that there´s some unusual activity at Wright-Patt. He said it looks like they´re moving planes out, like they do down here at MacDill if a hurricane is expected. [and from another poster] Military jets flying over all night last night. Kept me awake. This is in mid-TN. [and from another poster] Armada of the warthogs near me in Battle Creek, MI. Five parked right near end of runway like ready for immediate response. About 20 still in usual parking spots.
Signs of the Times #393
[Oct 24] ‘A Taranaki man – one of a world-wide group that believes the apocalypse is overdue – is preparing for impending storms and floods by building self-contained underground shelters in high ground at a secret Waikato location. ... Recent debate on the Internet and the publication of certain books have fuelled a new rendition of the Planet X theory, with many saying we are in the "end times" as the approaching Planet X, or Nibiru as it is also called, does not appear to be benevolent. ... Despite NASA, universities, and astronomers all over the world debunking the rumours of the hypothetical planet – that is supposed to travel in a highly elliptical orbit – believers say this is a massive cover-up.’
Signs of the Times #392 (via email to Nancy)
On CBS News tonight [Oct 24], Dan Rather reported that Nasa satellite Imagery is sending back disturbing images from the North Polar Cap region indicating that the ice is melting at an alarming rate, with no ongoing explanation or reason from NASA as to why this is occuring. [and from another source] On the news the other night, they showed a sattelite image of the artic ice cap from ´79 and one from this year, it showed almost 1/2 of it gone.
Signs of the Times #391
AP [Oct 23] ‘A water main break flooding portions of Boston's South End has forced the closure of several roads. Boston Police spokeswoman Nadine Taylor-Miller says the areas of Union-Park and Washington Streets, Harrison Avenue and Union-Park Street, Waltham Street and Shawmut Avenue and Waltham Street and Washington Street have all been shut down. The cause of the water main break is under investigation.’
Signs of the Times #390 (via email to Nancy)
If this was a solar storm, then last night [Oct 24], the sky should have been filled with auroras. I checked last night and all there was, was a little tinge on the horizon. In the 1990 hinge of time, there was a solar storm and I had noticed that the impact was similar to a chemical phosphorescence, to the point where it looked like colors were poured on the higher altitudes. If this is a solar storm, then there should be heavy ejecta placed on the Van Allen belts, not only a little, unless the full force of the storm has not hit yet. There was no grand show of auroras in the Northwest, from what I had seen last night.
Signs of the Times #389
CNN ‘Satellites, pagers, cell phones, and electrical grids could be affected Friday [Oct 24] by a moderately powerful ejection of magnetic material from the sun. It is expected to reach Earth about 3 p.m. EDT Friday, and its effects could last 12 to 18 hours.’ [and from another source] CFCN ‘Scientists are warning about a strong geo-magnetic storm expected to hit the Earth tomorrow. Scientist say they expect it to be the worst solar flareup to be felt on Earth since a storm in 1859. That storm caused telegraph wires to short out across North America and Europe. [Note that the artists rendition of a solar storm, a CME, not ever visible from Earth naked eye nor this size, shows what many are seeing today, naked eye, for some months in the sky. The Second Sun, Planet X.]