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Signs of the Times #388
D-TV signal in Southern NM is out! Blanked out at about 10:38 AM on Oct 23. The sky has been clear for four or five days and no cloud cover at all for past three days. Been almost two hours and no satellite yet, still searching for signal. [Note that reception problems preceed the solar storm. Note new ZetaTalk: Solar Cover]
Signs of the Times #387
The moon looks like it will be a new one possibly tomorrow on Oct 22, and definitely by Oct 23, a few days ahead of the scheduled new moon on our calendar. Full moon was ahead by one day this month but it was hard to tell, but a new moon is not illuminated and thus it is easy to spot if the schedule is off. [and from another email] Interesting picture from Haleakala Observatory [Oct 23]. It can't be the moon! Interesting picture from Haleakala Observatory. It can't be the moon! [Note: this was taken at 4:35 AM, showing the scope turned to 252°, nearly west, and tilted overhead by 134° , thus about at a 46° angle in the eastern sky, facing 72° east. Per Skymap, a crescent Moon should be appearing at 95° and does appear in the Haleakala image toward the right, correctly. It also shows the Moon above the horizon by only about 15° at this time, so would be within the scope at this time. However, the Moon should be a crescent Moon, and is here almost full, reflecting light from Planet X.]
Signs of the Times #386
The sun is rising and setting way too far south here in Atlanta, GA [Oct 22], and it just seems too odd. [and from another source] This past week the Sun has risen 110 degrees on the El Paso horizon each of the three mornings I have recorded the time and measured the sunrise position along the Hueco Mountain ridges using my magnetic compass. Sun is rising far to the S of where it did in May and June. [Note: temporary Earth tilt changes, and Earth bobbling up into a higher Eclipic position in an attempt to align the S Pole of Earth to the N Pole of Planet X. In early October, the Sun rising much to the South.]
Signs of the Times #385 (via email to Nancy)
Last night while watching Monday night football they went to commercial and had the sunset as a backdrop. There was Planet X at 6 oclock and the sun above but completely separate. They were pointing out the skyline using this as a backdrop. [and from another email] Looking by unaided eye to the Sun [Oct 22], I and many others can see clearly strange bodies near it and that its brightness was extremly doubled during the last weeks! [and from another email] I was just watching the nightly weather [Oct 22] and they showed the sunset here in Atlanta and there that bugger was, 11 o'clock from the setting sun and nearly as round in circumferance to the sun. They never said anything about it, just went on like nothing. You couldn't miss it!
Signs of the Times #384
[Oct 23] ‘The Washington Post reported Wednesday that the Bush administration has ordered the Pentagon to prevent any news coverage of the bodies of US troops being sent home from Iraq. “Since the end of the Vietnam War, presidents have worried that their military actions would lose support once the public glimpsed the remains of US soldiers arriving at air bases in flag-draped coffins,” wrote the Post’s White House reporter Dana Milbank. “To this problem, the Bush administration has found a simple solution: It has ended the public dissemination of such images by banning news coverage and photography of dead soldiers’ homecomings on all military bases.” It chides the news media for focusing on the killing and maiming of US military personnel in attacks by resistance forces—presently averaging 25 a day.’
Signs of the Times #383 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
[Oct 21] Colorado Springs. All went black. Initially for 20 seconds, then the power came back, kept surging then crashed again for a few minutes before returning to normal. [and from another poster] I also live in Colorado Springs by Powers and Aeroplaza. I know the power went out because when I woke up this morning my alarm clock was flashing. [and from another poster] I´m here in the midwest. Last week the power went out in my city for a few minutes. (I had to reset all the clocks when I got home from work.) No reason given. Last night, the power went out in a town a couple of miles away for the second time in as many weeks. Last time for an hour. [and from another poster] That could have been a power surge blackout. It trips the breakers on the transformers in order to keep the whole system from being fried. It happens quite often on our side of town, a small town in Texas.
Signs of the Times #382
Locust Outbreak Threatens Africa [Oct 21] ‘Crops in north Africa are under threat from swarms of locusts, says the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. Outbreaks of locusts have been reported in Mauritania, Niger and Sudan and observers fear they could spread across the northern half of the continent. Desert locusts are normally solitary insects but when climatic conditions are favourable they can rapidly increase in number. When they group, the young, wingless locusts - known as hoppers - march together in search of food. As adult, winged insects they form swarms that can travel in tens of millions and travel great distances, crossing international borders in search of food. They can devastate crops within minutes.’
Signs of the Times #381 (via email to Nancy)
[Oct 21] Dallas, Texas. ABC weatherman started his report off with an announcement from NASA. They wanted to report that a sun spot has developed the "size of Jupiter". May be able to see oddities of the sun and this is the cause. Also expect to see increase in electronics failures and disrupted radio and TV signals from the large solar flares. Amazing. [Note: it has been anticipated that as Planet X became so visible to the unaided eye, to the common man, that some sort of plasma ball from the Sun would be used as the excuse for the strongly occulted sun, the Second Sun superimposed over the Sun. An asteroid swarm is also expected to be used as an excuse for the moon swirls and debris in the tail. A standalone corpus of Planet X not superimposed on the Sun would not fit either excuse.]
Signs of the Times #380 (via email to Nancy)
Many have noted that the Sun is too far south, rising too far to the south, for the time of year. Possible explanations for this are that the S. Pole has been pulled toward Planet X, creating a different tilt, but the constellations seem to be in their proper place. An alternate explanation is that the Earth's plane of the Ecliptic has changed, rising up, putting the Northern Hemisphere into a different slant, and placing the S. Pole more in line with the N. Pole of Planet X, a placement Magnets Prefer. Quotes from the Earth Tilt page. [Oct 6] We went to look at the sunset, in Wisconsin, and found a 20 degree swing south from where observed on Sep 23. [Oct 6] I took my compass to my sunset site in Richmond, VA. The Sun set due West, 30 degrees from where it set the last time I observed it - probably in late August.[Oct 5] I don´t ever think I´ve seen the sun set so far to the S West here in Alberta. My house faces dirrectly to the west and I get the setting sun in my front window every day and I swear that its not in the right place for this time of the year. I have lived in this house for 7 years and I swear it has never been that far south. [Oct 4] The sun has moved 4 sun widths to the south in a few days, while rising!