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Signs of the Times #368 (via email to Nancy)
What if the Eclipse of May 16 was part of the little joke that the Zetas played on NASA? Which was why they emphasized May 15 from the outset. What if this was a double entendre and the real eclipse was the next one, the total Solar Eclipse of November 23-24, 2003? ... Sept. 21 (fall equinox) plus 61 days takes us to a pole shift on Nov. 21, 2003. ... I've long wondered why there is a turn inward to a line of 8, one of 7, and then a very hectic inward line of 6 circles at the end. If these groups are all counted as 9 days, then (8 + 7 + 6) * 9 = 189 days. Counting backwards 189 days from Nov. 21, 2003 just happens to take us to May 16, 2003! As Nostradamus III-34 predicts: ‘Then, when the eclipse of the sun shall be in full view, the monster will be seen. ... None shall have prepared for it.’
Signs of the Times #367
If the intent of the White Lie was to cause the establishment to show their hand, to show their cards, so that it would be clear to the populace that the establishment had no intention of informing them, even in what would be considered the last days, but rather intended to restrain and blockade them in what would be death traps such as coastal and river basin cities, then why the need for months of delay? Would not a couple weeks have sufficed? As we stated, the optimal date for a White Lie was around May 15, and this in part was the reason for this date being chosen. A secondary reason for an early date within 2003, chosen for the White Lie, was to cause the establishment to not only show their hand, but to lose their grip. How did this occur, over the months since May 15? [Note: new ZetaTalk, Slipping Grip]
Signs of the Times #366 (via email to Nancy)
I was an accredited Federal Agent for many years. I attended basic and advanced photography schools. I have been using an 'Air Lens Camera' that I made from a small pasteboard box. ... I used a medium size safety pin to punch an aperture hole in the middle. Using this camera, I see the Sun and Planet X. Planet X and a wide moon and debris field are visible. Numerous moons. The Sun dot is not very brilliant. However, if you move the box so Planet X is superimposed on the Sun, the brilliance is tripled. Other items I placed in the end opposite the eyepiece help me calculate the distance of Planet X from the Sun and Earth. To make your calculation, use the three knowns plus triangulation. Diameter of Sun. Distance of Sun from Earth. ... Planet X Moons and whatever else are in motion.
Signs of the Times #365 (via email to Nancy)
I was watching TV the other night and a golf promo featuring Tiger Woods came on and they panned over the golf course and showed the sun(s) in all their glory and I just gaped in disbelief. They didn't even try to hide the fact that you could see Planet X and all its moon's and tail on the video. Guess there are some things a good supercomputer can't hide, unless they didn't realize that it would show up on the video. [and from another email] On the evening of Oct 16 I was watching the Large Orange Sun set in Boise, ID. Just as it reached the horizon there were two Suns setting. I called for my family and asked them what they saw. My father, who does not want to know about Planet X, said ‘It looks like there are two Suns setting side by side’. They were close in size.
Signs of the Times #364
New York [Oct 16]
’A water main break flooded streets Thursday in northern Manhattan and forced the temporary closing of the lower level of the George Washington Bridge. The break happened around midday in the Washington Heights section near the entrance to the bridge, which connects the city to New Jersey. The bridge level reopened after a few hours. Several feet of water cascaded down Amsterdam Avenue, flooding businesses and street-level apartments. The water rose halfway up the windshields of parked cars. A few began floating down the avenue.’
[Note: New York City is in the stretch zone.]
Signs of the Times #363
Had any other date been given, say March 15, or July 15, the approach of Planet X would have been discernible, our White Lie disproved, as the angle from Earth would have allowed motion to be detected across the skies, rather than a direct head-on approach which disguised the distance. Following May 15 the confusion continued, as Planet X was rapidly zooming in from the outer edges of the solar system at that time, zooming up to the Sun, diving 32° below and swinging retrograde around the Sun as it passed, thence rising to the Ecliptic after the pass. Why did it appear next to the Sun during all this time? The very bendable red light rays from Planet X head toward the greatest gravity draw, which is the Sun, and only those rays diverted toward Earth during this bending path show up on photos or are received, naked eye, by the viewer. Thus, it appeared to be close to the Sun, when it was not. [Note: new ZetaTalk, Why May 15?]
Signs of the Times #362 (via email to Nancy)
This morning [Oct 15] CNN showed the Atlanta, Georgia, sky from their sky cam at about 6:35 AM before sunrise, and the sky was wall-to-wall red. A little later, the Weather Channel showed the sky over New York City before sunrise, and the sky was red there also. [Note: continuing Red Dust observations.]
Signs of the Times #361 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Look at all of the activity at this place. Could it be getting ready for an erruption [Oct 15]. Maybe 1 thing is for sure from 1986-1992 the resurgent dome rose over an inch a year some years almost 2, and from 1992-2002 it rose very slowly only a cm about a year, and in 2002 it has started to rise at a very quick pace again this year it would have risen by between 3 and 4 cm. From what I understand by people who live on this volcano the ground is shaking all the time.
Signs of the Times #360 (via email to Nancy)
In my local region we doesn't generally have quakes although we have had the odd tremor over the last 20 years. I was asleep at the time being 1:00PM in Victoria, Australia [Oct 15] and my son comes running into my room astonished at the noise and shake of the house. It was noisy like heaps of trucks passing and this lasted for about 5 -6 seconds whislt at the same time there was thunder. Just to confirm that someone else had experience it I had asked the local general store owners if they felt the quake-tremor earlier on to which the lady said yes whislt saying that her husband said it was thunder at the time. This quake noise came from under our feet and the shaking briefly did not come from thunder. I have posted below an Australia quake report site that seems to show nothing much about at all. But then again I didn't expect it to either because at the end of July I had notice severe under reporting of events.