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Signs of the Times #359 (via email to Nancy)
We were disappointed to see that the USGS site only listed one earthquake [Oct 14], and that single one for yesterday. The disappointment came when we opened the RedPuma site, and they had a very similar listing, only one for yesterday and eight for the day before. Wonder what kind of pressure was brought to bear on the Swiss to do a cop-out like that? Many, many flowers blooming here, a lot out of season. My bulbs are coming up like crazy; roadside ditches and shoulder are full of black-eyed susans, ragweed blossoms, as well as other things that I don't know the names of.
Signs of the Times #358 (via email to Nancy)
I decided a long time ago to take this whole subject with a grain of salt until I can personally make some kind of visual observation. Digital cameras, although producing some impressive pictures, are simply too vulnerable to manipulation to be taken as Gospel. That is why when I saw the posting for the pinhole viewer [Oct 14] I said finally something I can try myself. I followed the instructions and after a few seconds tilting the contraption to get perpendicular to the sun, well, lets just say that I was blown away! It takes some practice to orient the thing properly but once I got it, I saw 2 separate images [in Edmonton, Alberta] almost occulting each other but not quite. I looked on the bottom of the pinhole to make sure there was no debris or (forgive me) hanging chads to cause the double image. There was nothing. It was a clean hole. I looked again. There it was, clear as day and just like the poster said, one slightly dimmer than the other. It helps, by the way, to use only one eye when looking at the image. This also eliminates the possibility of double-vision or any other visual illusions that may skew the observation of the image. I'm still not totally convinced, but having been into amateur astronomy for over 30 years I can find no other explanation for the second object. I'd say you've now got my attention, but you've had that for a long time. Suffice it to say that my interest has just gone through the roof!
Signs of the Times #357
Guam ‘A power outage left the entire island paralyzed this afternoon [Oct 14] at around just before 2PM. What should have been a brief power outage turned out to be an islandwide blackout that left residents in the dark and traffic snarled at major intersections for nearly seven hours. According to Guam Power Authority General Manager John Benavente, at around 1:30 this afternoon, the MEC Enron Unit #8 began experiencing a mechanical problem that tripped the entire power system.’
Signs of the Times #356 (via email to Nancy)
Has anyone else had trouble sending text messages on their mobile phones? I am only getting two out of three to get to the receipt point. Likewise with my emails. I have never had trouble with emails before and now [Oct 14] they are disappearing constantly. Here in Sweden the buses are all on a locational grid that links with a satelite, so the minutes that the bus will arrive are displayed at each stop for the passangers waiting. Today they have gone black, so my friend tells me the satelite is down. Aren't all these forms of communications satelite based? What is happening?
Signs of the Times #355
Trenton, NJ,0,5661610.story?coll=ny-ap-regional-wire [Oct 12] Several water mains in the Linden area broke late Sunday morning, closing several roads and leaving residents concerned about losing water in their homes. Eleven separate breaks occurred about 11 AM. ... Emergency management teams from Union County and crews from Elizabethtown Water Company worked throughout the day to fix the problems. It was not immediately known what caused the breaks. [Note: NJ is in the stretch zone.]
Signs of the Times #354 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Last night [Oct 12] around 11 PM I heard the drums in Michigan. Not sure what it was, but it sure did sound like the drums. [and from another poster] We heard it too. Live about 13 miles from Ann Arbor in Southeast Michigan. I heard rather than felt the booming noises late Saturday night. It was corroborated by another person who lives near Plymouth Michigan. They sounded like muffled thunder, characterized as like fireworks. Not rhythmic. I live out in the country, where it is generally very quiet. The nearest line of storms was approximately halfway across Lake Michigan (approximately 200 miles away). Outside, it was clear, I could see the stars, and no lightning or strange lights. Someone pointed out that the last large quake in Alaska also had precursors. [and from another poster] I am just west of Duluth, and we have been hearing that same thing for about 20 hours now. It´s not so much a sound, but a vibration, you can feel under your feet. For the last few days, I and my family, and my co-workers have been talking about this loud thwomping sound. It has been going for days now [Oct 12], and sounds like we are about to be invaded by indians on horses, but the sound is too big. I figure it is coming off the lake, maybe big waves hitting the rocks, but we have never heard waves shake the ground like that, and it just keeps going, like a drum-beat. The whole damn town is talking. [and from another poster] I´m in duluth, and yes, this has been going on for a long time. I just figured they re-opened a tacomite mine, and were blasting. But it does seem to be way too constant for blasting. [and from another poster] Northwest PA, several days last week and since early yesterday morning.
Signs of the Times #353
Seattle [Oct 12] ‘What on earth - or more accurately, what under the earth is causing a strange banging sound in west Seattle? The thumping noise is loud enough and has the ground vibrating enough to have people concerned and saying, what is that? None would go on camera to offer any kind of an explanation. Residents said the thumping stopped at about 1 AM Sunday. [and from another source] This was from a 7 or 8 pointer under seatle in 1945 ‘Bumping subterranean sounds heard by many before shock.’
Signs of the Times #352 (via email to Nancy)
Whats on this pic? A strange persona? Reflection? target="_top">UFO? Enlargment of that object indicates to be target="_top">round if you look at the sun reflection on the lower ring. [Note: during taking photos of the Planet X complex from China the capture of an apparent UFO!]
Signs of the Times #351 (via email to Nancy)
They are blocking out the sunset again. This time in England Oct 12. See Jeff Rense site ‘Dear Jeff, Following my letter to you some three weeks ago, there has been sporadic ' target="_top">chemtrail' activity in the skies over south-east Essex ever since. These were taken on the evening of the 12th October, between about 5 and 6 p.m., looking in a westerly direction.’
Signs of the Times #350 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Yesterday afternoon [Oct 13] I looked at the sun through the fog, and it´s light was a figure 8, as in two very close luminous bodies, one above the other. [and from another poster] One of my friends who has a decent telescope, and uses it frequently, tells me that most of the special filters that would allow him to point the scope sunwards during the day have been sold out. Backorders are weeks if not months away. [and from another poster] By using a black painted surface and a 6X magnifying glass with a focal length of 8 inches, I was able to project an image of the Sun which showed a relatively faint blotch of light near the sun.This can be more easily seen by blocking the projected image of the Sun with a playing card and observing only the blotch of light in question. Looking at the Sun this blotch would appear to the lower right of the Sun and is actually quite a bit larger than the Sun, tho its bright center is about 1/3 the Suns diameter. It matches the LASCO images that caused so much of a stir last week.
Signs of the Times #349 (via email to Nancy)
I have been watching this New Zealand cam for weeks now [Oct 14] and I've seen the Planet X body and its getting alot larger. Now my question is why hasn't anybody from New Zealand been screaming what the hell is that in the sky, it has to be visible to the populace of that island. Or have they shut down news from there. I find it quite interesting how the subject never comes up on CNN. They mysteriously shut down like the Mt. Erubus cam in the Antartic that had Planet X visibly at all times.
Signs of the Times #348 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
I have been experimenting with viewing the two suns via the pinhole method for nearly two weeks [Oct 14]. All produced the same results; 2 dots (suns) on the viewing paper behind the pinholes. Having looked at the photos on another site [ZetaTalk] that were taken in series by the same camera/photographer/place in a given city, and others taken in different parts of the world by different individuals, the clockwise movement of the second sun is confirmed by the second sun personas and the second sun dots I observed.