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Signs of the Times #337
Washington Post [Oct 7] ‘A gas main near George Washington University Hospital ruptured this morning, starting a fire along a stretch of street that forced the evacuation of the emergency room and some operating rooms. ... It was unclear exactly when the line began leaking gas .... Officials said that the gas might have been ignited after a car on 23rd Street hit a pothole, emitting a spark. That triggered flames that at one point rose 20 feet high.’ [and from another source] UPI ‘A leak in a gas line in Washington Tuesday caused a fire that forced George Washington University Hospital to evacuate its emergency room, fire officials said. There were no immediate reports of injuries but flames were shooting several feet into the air from the street and from a car that was destroyed in the blaze. Traffic in the Foggy Bottom section of Washington, about seven blocks west of the White House, was snarled because of streets clogged with emergency equipment. One witness said the street near 23rd and George Washington Circle was buckling.'
Signs of the Times #336
New York Times [Oct 7] ‘In a few days in July, acidic ground water dissolved parts of the unpaved trails in the Norris Geyser Basin, and the ground temperature of the trails shot up to 200 degrees from the usual maximum of 80. Park officials closed nearly half of the basin's trails, and they remain shut. ... Whether the caldera erupts or not, the stew of partly molten rock 5 to 10 miles below the park exerts a powerful and constant influence. ... One question that occupies geologists is how the caldera affects fault lines and vice versa. Five major faults terminate in the molten caldera, and even far-flung events can shake the earth here.’
Signs of the Times #335
Kansas City Star [Oct 7] ‘Some urge government engineers to gradually vent steam and magma by drilling, rather than wait for a seemingly imminent, giant and calamitous blast. ... Drilling here would spoil the natural setting of the world´s first national park in 1872, said park geologist Hank Heasler. ... What´s more, he said, it would do no good. The magma chamber miles below the park is mostly like a hardened sponge and is essentially self-sealing. ... While scientists were scanning the lake with sonar equipment in September 2003, one long-time Yellowstone researcher noticed an especially strong sulfur scent rising from bubbles in the water. He´d spent years on the lake but never noticed the smell to be so strong. ... Meantime, there was a shift this year in the baffling water table at the Norris geyser basin about 20 miles away -- leaving some former bubbling areas dry and creating neon green pools elsewhere that can scald to death wayward bison. ... With at least one long-dormant geyser spitting to life near a trail, the park was forced to shut off a large portion of the boardwalk that winds through the steamy plateaus.'
Signs of the Times #334 'The rumble and crack that surprised Reidsville [NC] three weeks ago could have been mistaken for the sonic boom of a passing jet fighter .... Suddenly the city of 14,400 began to roll and rumble .... It jarred the whole neighborhood .... It was an earthquake, and likely part of a recent earthquake swarm that experts suggest may linger for a while in the Reidsville area. ... Also disturbing are the loud individual bangs that crack through the quiet, early mornings like sonic booms, but without a quake's shake. Experts say the sonic booms are caused when a shallow quake is acoustically amplified by the giant swaths of rock that band across the county and in Reidsville tend to jut up close to the surface of the ground.’ [Note: this hit the local news, but not major media. What would the picture be if all such local news were reported broadly?]
Signs of the Times #333
AFP ‘Major power failure blacks out Czech Republic. Tens of thousands of people were left without electricity in a major power failure in western parts of the Czech Republic on Monday [Oct 6] night, a spokesman for the local supplier ZSE says. "We are investigating the reasons for the power failure and the losses suffered as a result," spokesman Miroslav Kucera said. The blackout brought down the hydraulic power plant at Karlovy Vary, a town with 60,000 inhabitants. Mr Kucera says it cut the electricity supply to Ostrov, Nejdek, Rotava and all the smaller towns in between. He says the blackout occurred at 11:00pm local time and power was restored about half an hour later. There have, in recent weeks, been several big power blackouts in the United States, Britain, Italy, Denmark and Sweden.’
Signs of the Times #332 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Rogue Asteriod, by NASA Scientist [Oct 5] ‘The plan [Galileo buried into Jupiter] was instituted and designed to coincide with a normal space operation just in case a cover story was needed, but targeting did not work. Our new infrared satellite failed unexpectedly and we were blind. We had to depend upon the space station staff by a scientist well briefed in nuclear technology, SOHO and Houston for accurate guidance. So in late September, the cover story was released as normal into the general population, and now I am worried, because stray meteorites breaking away from the main object have been impacting Earth within the last couple of weeks.’
Signs of the Times #331
Meteor Creates Sonic Boom [Oct 7] ‘A spectacular meteor streaked across the skies of south-west Western Australia overnight, creating a sonic boom as it broke the sound barrier and startling many country residents. Perth Observatory astronomer Peter Birch said the meteor was brighter than a full moon as it broke the sound barrier and woke Dowerin residents. It is rare for a meteor to create a sonic boom.'
Signs of the Times #330 (via email to Nancy)
Yesterday [Oct 5] while driving home from a friend's house I saw our interloper for the first time naked eye. It was huge, red, very bright, and three peaks south of the sun along the ridgeline of our western mountain range, the Oquirrhs. I wished I had a camera! I admit to being skeptical, even though I've been following the website and frequently check for new photos and postings. That's several miles of ridgeline away from the sun! [and from another email] I woke up early this morning, at around 06.00 o'clock, Italian time [Oct 6]. There it was shining as ever! I was looking EES. Now it can be seen with the naked eye. I used my binocular in order to get a better and closer image. [and from another email] I have to say I don’t pay much attention to all this Zeta shit, but I had to sleep on the couch this morning and noticed at 5.00 AM that the sky was starting to look like sunrise in the west!? Then an hour or so later normal sunrise comenced. [Note: by being closer to the Earth, between us and the Sun, Planet X is more visible to one side or the other of the Sun. See recent Photos and Ecliptic analysis.]