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Signs of the Times #329 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
What strikes me as unnatural is sudden outbursts by persons around me over trivial pursuits. Bystanders are confused and some even act dumbed down by what they are seeing and experiencing. A huge emotional outburst over a couple of bucks of gasoline at the convenience store. Bystanders seem unfazed by the entire event and shrug it off. [and from another poster] I order a hamburger with fries and get a chicken fried steak instead. Like the person taking the order hears my words but doesn´t understand them. [and from another poster] I ordered clothes by phone a few months ago. A month goes by and they never arrived. Called back and the customer service rep never placed the order! [and from another poster] At the local feed store, took them 8 weeks to get mineral blocks, seems someone forgot to order them. Also, the manufacturer can´t seem to send the right stuff.
Signs of the Times #328 (Nancy)
The Westoverton circle, discovered in the UK on July 31, 2003, shows what appears to be a key. Planet X came in from the direction of the Orion/Taurus constellations, moved around the Sun to the right, and has been between the Earth and Sun for some weeks. Viewing in late March from the Northern Hemisphere had the Sun setting well to the right of where Planet X could be found. By the Summer Solstice, Orion/Taurus were behind the Sun with the Sun moving to the left of where Planet X appeared in photos. Clearly, Planet X was close to the Sun. By the Fall Equinox, if Planet X were moving in a straight line and in a retrograde motion, it should have passed the Earth in its orbit, but it was appearing in photos as near the Sun and heading toward Earth. Thus, in passing and avoiding the Sun, Planet X had obviously changed it path and veered to the right. Is this not what the Westoverton key crop circle implies? As the circle was laid own on July 31, shortly after the Summer Solstice, in the UK, a Northern Hemisphere location, the eye of the viewer can be presumed to be that location. If the first leg of the key points to the Fall Equinox, what does the second leg of the key point to?
Signs of the Times #327 (via email to Nancy)
Last Night [Oct 2] I watched a half full yellow Moon with illuminated area tilted approx 22 D in relation to usual N/S poles. I got the Moon rise/set data for 10-2 from USN Observatory. Set was shown as 2315 hrs MDT. The Moon actually went down below a 1000 foot high Mtn just N of downtown El Paso at 2354 hrs. Estimate time to W horizon at approx 6 min, so Moonset was 29 min late, plus. [and from another source] The following photos are from Bonaire South Beach Cam in the Caribbean taken on Oct 3rd. The object shows red dust around it and heading straight towards the horizon at 1 AM with no arc. The object also shows a red reflection in the ocean. [and from another source] The moon is up in mid-sky, and is too full too soon here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast [Oct 1]. Also the moon is probably 5 degrees or more further south than it should be. [and from another source] Was able to observe the moon last night for the first time in a quite a while here on the west coast of Florida [Oct 1]. A quarter moon did peak out at about 10:00 PM last night for a short while, and I immediately noticed that it appeared to be much larger in appearance, and situated way too far to the Southeast. I took a look at the calendar and low and beyold its cycle is off by 24 hours. The calendar indicates a quarter-moon on the evening of Oct 2, so my observation was 1 day earlier then expected. The cyclical motions of the moon continue to be out of place according to the astrological charts as well as many eyewitness accounts since August. [and from another source] At 8:00 PM exactly [Oct 1] I observed here in Italy the first quarter Moon that in my opinion was not according to SkyMap. [Note: check the Moon aberations page for more such observations and photos.]
Signs of the Times #326 (via email to Nancy)
I stopped believing in the whole Planet X is here Now thing back after all the dates didnt come to pass, but now after something I've seen with my own eyes, I'm totally convinced. Tonight [Oct 3] on my evening walk I was amazed when I looked up in the sky. The place where the sun usually is was just clouds, and the sun was at least 25 degrees to the left! I couldnt believe it! I dont know what that means, but when I realized what the heck I was seeing I knew something wasn’t right. It was bright yellow and in an oval shape. Now I dont know when Planet X is coming, but even if it comes in 100 years, something weird is happening Now! [Note: check the Earth Tilt page for other such observations.]
Signs of the Times #325 (via email to Nancy)
I have been in the wireless (cellular) business for eight years and there have always been dropped calls. In the last approx two months [Oct 3] I have seen a sharp increase in dropped calls across the board among all the carriers. The carrier I sell will not even acknowledge the increase. [and from another email] We saw planet x rise 10 degrees north of the sun on June 25, again overhead on Aug 25 in Weld County, CO, fully visable to anyone looking. Saw planet and moons while on trip from CO to Calgary [Oct 3]. [and from another email] I'm so glad someone mentioned their spring flowers are blooming because my iris patch out front [in Wisconsin] is going gangbusters! I'm dragging everyone out to see these beautiful deep purple blossoms because they only bloom at Easter time. One of my other bulbs, a yellow daffodil type just bloomed this morning [Oct 3]. It's like spring!
Signs of the Times #324
Space.COM ‘The sky isn’t falling, but pieces are. Chunks of space debris spark worldwide cluster of sightings. A host of mostly coincidental recent events make Chicken Little sound ever-so-slightly more credible. In the past eight days, stuff falling from space rocked a village in India and a bathroom in Louisiana, while lighting up the skies over the San Francisco Bay area, Europe and Australia.’ [Note: no coincidence, debris in the tail of Planet X, along with Red Dust.]
Signs of the Times #323
RIA Novosti ‘According to the latest reports, the string of powerful earthquakes in the republic of Altai, in southeastern Russia, has gravely damaged 1,889 residential facilities, home to a total 7,371 tenants. According to the federal Emergencies Ministry, the highland Kosh-Agach area, in the republic´s east, is among the worst affected, with about 2,000 local inhabitants left roofless. This area was the epicenter of last Saturday´s earthquake, measuring 10 on the Richter scale. An 8.5 aftershock rumbled through the area this morning. Some two hundred tremors have been registered in the republic since September 27, with eleven of them measuring above 3.5, the ministry reports. They have totally or partially destroyed 25 schools, 16 hospitals, 12 public service facilities, and 7 boiler houses.’ [Note: these quakes, and their magnitude, utterly unreported in major media.]
Signs of the Times #322
[Oct 1] RIA Novosti ‘A powerful earthquake took place again this morning in the Russian Republic of Altai in the south of West Siberia, near the borders with Kazakhstan and China. According to the local seismologists, the earthquake had an 8.5 magnitude on the Richter scale. ... An earthquake that was the strongest one ever registered in the republic took place on Saturday [Sep 27]. It had a 10 magnitude. Its epicenter was also in the Kosh-Agach district. According to the data of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, the echo of the underground shocks was felt in the majority of Siberia´s big cities.’ [and from another source] AFP [Oct 1] A series of violent tremors rocked Russia´s southwest Siberia region early Wednesday, reaching up to 8.0 on the Richter scale, seismologists quoted by the Interfax news agency said.’ 2003 Agence France-Presse
Signs of the Times #321 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
This morning, [Sep 30], I looked on NEIC/USGS and saw the 3.6 in Wyoming on the map. Now it´s gone! And, no record of it on the current earthquake info. What games are they playing now? [and from another poster] Sad. I remember the day when a 3 Magnitude was all over the news. Did anyone notice the earthquake in Alabama recently? This is an area we should watch. [and from another poster] The Pennsylvania quake [Oct 1] has been deleted also. This afternoon it was a 2.2 on the scale. This is getting to be a big lie. [and from another poster] Looks like they decided to go ahead and let us know about the PA quake. 2003/10/01 08:07:55 40.57N 75.06W 5.0 2.4 PENNSYLVANIA