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Signs of the Times #1206
Well the North star didn't move but we have. I have measured the north star [Polaris] alot over this past summer and fall here in North Central Washington state. For the most part the north star has been at 50 degrees plus or minus 1 degree. Well tonight [Oct 27], I took a reading as I do every week, and it is at 40 degrees. I almost fell down. [and from another] Note per Skymap, Polaris from a location like Seattle should be seeing the Alt 48°, as expected by the viewer, not the 40° noted! [and from another] At 05:10 Sunday Oct 24 MDT in El Paso I went out to get paper. Using dome over El Paso as ref mid star of Orion belt Azi 220°, Alt 60°, Pleades was Azi 270°, Alt 70°. [and from another] Skymap expects Orion's Belt to be at Azi 165-170°, so very much WEST by 50° as has been the reports, Alt close at Alt 58. Plieades should have been at Azi 255°, Alt 70°, so again WEST by 15°. [and from another] At 05:10 Sunday Oct 24 MDT in El Paso I went out to get paper. Using dome over El Paso as ref Ursa Major was in the N/E quad with handle tip pointing to 0/360° North Pole. [and from another] Ursa Major should have been at Azi 30-37° with handle pointing directly down! So too far to the WEST by about 10° and wrong angle by 25°. [and from another] This morning, Saturday, 10-23-04,at 07:47 hrs MDT, in El Paso, the Sun was at Azi 115°, Alt 15°, bright clear sky. At 16:35 hrs the Sun was at Azi 222, Alt 47. [and from another] Skymap says the Sun is not up yet! Sunrise is at 8:20 at Azi 103° Alt 0°. So Sun EARLY and SOUTH for sunrise. For sunset or late afternoon, Skymap expects Azi 228° Alt 32°, so a tad SOUTH and HIGH, as at sunset the wobble is already moving to tilt the N. Pole back toward the Sun. [and from another] For Oct 24 at 17:45 in the evening, Sun was at Azi 245 Alt 5°. For Oct 25 at 7:50 AM, Sun was at Azi 107° Alt 5°. [and from another] Wisconsin is in the wobble change zone, so sunrise is reflecting the placement over the Atlantic where the N. Pole is tilted toward the Sun. Skymap expects Azi 252° Alt 5°, so NORTH by 6°. Skymap expects Azi 112° Alt 4°, so NORTH by 5° again. [Note: Earth tile and wobble evident from constellations out of place and Sun out of place as well.]
Signs of the Times #1205
Compared to Early October, the Earth wobble has Increased and changed, making lower Siberia the coldest spot where previously the Hudson Bay cold spot was distinct. The wobble makes the Sun South as the N. Pole tips away from the Sun for Siberia and N. America, on exact opposite sides of the globe. The wobble puts the Sun North for Spain and Hawaii, on opposite sides of the globe also, as the N. Pole tips toward the Sun, making these areas warmer. Note Canada and Russia are on the same latitude, but a cold spot has formed over Siberia because of an increased wobble in just 2 weeks! Note the US and Spain and Korea are on the same lattitude, but the fact that Spain is a warm spot is apparent from the weather maps.
Signs of the Times #1204
Since yesterday [Oct 21] they're saying in weather reports here that it's ‘paradoxically warm’ (literally) these days in the entire Spain territory. [and from another source] Note that the Earth wobble puts Spain in the Sun NORTH location, so warmer. [and from another source] Wisconsin is in the wobble change zone, so sunrise is reflecting the placement over Spain, Sun too far to the NORTH. For Saturday [Oct 23] at 9:54 AM, the Sun was at Azi 120 Alt 40. Skymap expects Azi 135 and Alt 23. Too HIGH and NORTH. [and from another source] I live in West LA, California and I live just off a street to the beach just straight on. I noticed something very shocking the light in the sky [Oct 20] was not coming from the West side at around 3,4 ish in the afternoon! There was like a Second Sun coming from the East when the West appeared dull where the Sun should be shining light. [and from another source] The Earth wobble we have been documenting does put the Sun too far SOUTH for the West Coast, and as it archs over from East to West in the southern skies, it would perhaps have this appearance. [and from another source] This morning [Oct 20] at 07:55, in El Paso (W106 25, N31 47), the sun had risen and was at Azi 120. Like the Moon, the Sun is South now, or more correctly, El Paso is tilted so it is at Latitude N10 or there about. Suddenly a big tilt in the early AM. [and from another source] Skymap expects Azi 110, too far SOUTH by 10 due to the tilt of the N Pole away from the Sun for the N. American continent.
Signs of the Times #1203
Location-would be southwest it would be to the Left of Mt. Adam in Washinton States.Time now is 7:45 PM [Oct 21]. We were seeing something like a small sun it was large about the size of the moon but with the color and the brilliance of the sun. My kids and I all saw this. It was something we had never seen before. [and from another source] This morning [Oct 21] while driving east on I90 toward Boston's Logan airport at 5:00 AM, the eastern sky was getting light. Even though the sky was cloudy, there was a bright object visible. But the strange part is an hour later when I checked my rental car in, it was totally dark.The Sun came up about 7:00 AM. The first rising was very red. [and from another source] Plumed puzzle: why are Europe's booted eagles migrating north? [Oct 21] ‘European birdwatchers are scratching their heads over why a particular species of bird, the booted eagle, is migrating north this winter instead of the balmier south. According to the Bird Protection League (LPO), nearly 1,000 of the rare eagles have been spotted in southern France over the past two weeks - more than 30 times the normal number - after reversing their normal September movement which should see them head to Africa and India. The bizarre phenomenon has never been seen before.’
Signs of the Times #1202
There was a big bounce on the HAARP magnetometers yesterday [Oct 20]. Sweeping arms of the Sun? [and from another] Every monitor, worldwide, failed to pickup by the geo synchonous satellites, between the Dark and Face points on Oct 20. It is suspected that the satellites lost their place overhead, and could not make the pickup, or were otherwise overwhelmed by a surge of some kind. Note the timing of the HAARP surge occurs during the same 12 hour period!
Signs of the Times #1201
Two Killed in Small Plane Crash in US [Oct 20] ‘A small plane crashed in Atlanta, capital of the southeastern US state of Georgia, on Tuesday killing the two people aboard, media reports said. The reports quoted a National Transportation Safety Board investigator as saying that the plane had sent out a distress signal but the cause of the accident was not immediately known.’ [and from another source] Search Underway for Small Jet with Two Aboard [Oct 19] A two-seat Czechoslovakian fighter-trainer jet with two men aboard left Boeing Field around midday Tuesday and vanished en route to Idaho after reporting flight-control problems over the Cascade Mountains. [and from another source] Commuter Plane Crashes in Northeastern Missouri, Killing at Least Eight; Two Survive [Oct 20] ‘The American Airlines-affiliated Corporate Airlines plane, a twin-engine turboprop, crashed in the woods a few miles short of the Kirksville airport where it was preparing to land. Five people were missing, and the cause of the crash had not been determined.’ [and from another source] Federal investigators arrived on Maui today to begin looking into a fatal plane crash on the western slope of Haleakala. Authorities say an official with the National Transportation Safety Board was at the site today looking for clues into what caused the crash of the twin-engine Cessna 310 Sunday night. [and from another source] Fatal Plane Crash at Hartwood Airport Under Investigation [Oct 19] ‘State police are trying to determine what caused a Sunday plane crash that killed a Locust Grove pilot at Hartwood Airport. Witnesses told police the plane climbed to an altitude of about 100 feet, then suddenly banked left and nosedived into the end of the runway.’ [and from another source] Plane Crash Cause a Mystery [Oct 19] ‘The plane that carried three Yamhill County teens to their deaths Thursday did not break up in flight, run out of fuel or encounter bad weather, investigator Tom Little of the National Transportation Safety Board said Monday from his Seattle office. But that doesn't put investigators much closer to solving the mystery.’ [and from another source] Canada Plane Crash Claims 2 Zimbabweans [Oct 19] ‘At least two Zimbabweans are believed to have perished in a plane crash which occurred in Canada last Thursday when an MK Airline Boeing 747 cargo plane crashed on taking off from Halifax Airport in that country.’ [and from another source] Cause of Plane Crash Still Unknown [Oct 18] ‘Federal investigators have finished the physical investigation at the site of a plane crash in Hermiston. They say it could be a few days before they know what caused 58-year-old Steve Caldwell's stunt plane to crash Thursday.’ [and from another source] Joliet Plane Crash Kills Pilot [Oct 15] ‘The pilot of a small plane was killed Thursday night when he crashed in a residential area near Joliet Municipal Airport. The plane left the airport about 7:50 p.m, made a 180-degree turn and was heading back for an unknown reason when it crashed near town homes on Springwood Drive across from the airport.’ [Note: planes use GPS from satellites to fix their location, not compass.]
Signs of the Times #1200
Global Quakes in sweep sets were an Oct 21 Medium accompanied by Phoenix and Montana and Iowa derailments and DC Rail Split and Ukraine explosion and Hawaii and Virginia main break and followed by an Oct 23 Huge accompanied by Japan quakes. [and from another source] Powerful earthquakes shake Japan [Oct 23] ‘A series of earthquakes which shook northern Japan, for more than two hours. The first quake measured 6.8 and was centred in Niigata state, 160 miles north of Tokyo. A high-speed bullet train on the Tokyo-Niigata line was reported to have jumped the tracks during the first quake, while it was travelling near the epicentre. Cracks in the roads have appeared near the epicentre with motorists reporting seeing the road rise up in front of them, a BBC correspondent said. Two tunnels also collapsed along the Tokyo-Niigata highway. People in some parts of Niigata had difficulty standing during the quakes.’ [and from another source] Japan Earthquakes Kill 3, Injure 300 [Oct 23] ‘Media reports said the shaking in some parts of Niigata was so severe that people had difficulty standing. Buildings in Tokyo swayed several times for up to a minute. Sewage and water mains burst, gas and telephone services were down and homes lost power. ‘
Signs of the Times #1199
Rare Rail Fracture Shuts the Red Line [Oct 22] ‘A 54-inch horizontal fracture was discovered on a rail inside the tunnel at Judiciary Square Station. Part of the fractured rail broke off and was lodged under the high-voltage third rail, where the segment started to smoke. The fractured rail was installed in February and expected to have a life span of at least 20 years.’ [and from another source] Kinder Morgan Pipeline To Be Operating Again Friday [Oct 22] ‘A 20-inch line to Phoenix shut down after a freight train derailed atop it yesterday. A nearby 16-inch line to Las Vegas was stopped when heavy rain washed out soil around it.’ [and from another source] Tracks Reopened after Derailment [Oct 20] ‘Crews cleared 25 derailed grain cars from the tracks, a Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway spokesman said Tuesday. The hopper cars, loaded with soybeans from South Dakota, derailed about noon Monday. The cause of the accident remained under investigation. It was the second derailment of a grain train on the line in two weeks.’ [and from another source] Derailment Remains under Investigation, Tracks Cleared [Oct 19] ‘At around 12:15 a.m. Saturday, a BNSF cargo train was traveling east of Fort Madison near Niota, Ill. when it jumped a main line track. Five train cars used to transport semi–trailers derailed between two main line tracks. The cause of the derailment is under investigation.’
Signs of the Times #1198
Death Toll in Lugansk Increases to 3 [Oct 21] ‘Ukrainian authorities said it was caused by a gas blast in one of the apartments. Some 200 people are involved in the rescue effort. The work is hampered by tangles of metal pipes, which the force of the explosion twisted around the reinforced steel of concrete structures. The blast left 64 people homeless, who lived in 30 apartments that were fully or partially destroyed.’ [and from another source] Power Outage Under Investigation [Oct 21] ‘A broken water main in Wallace Hall was the result of a stress crack that stretched three-quarters down the length of the pipe.The earth shifted, and deep below the surface a water line bent and cracked.’ [and from another source] Burst main limits access to Hale'iwa [Oct 21] ‘Both lanes of Kamehameha Highway leading into Hale'iwa from the Waimea side of the North Shore were closed yesterday as crews scrambled to repair a blown 16-inch water main near Ali'i Beach Park. Until the work is completed, the road will remain closed and residents will be asked to limit water use to drinking, cooking and sanitation.’
Signs of the Times #1197
Report: Typhoon Kills At Least 55 In Japan [Oct 20] ‘A National Police Agency spokesman said the death toll is likely to keep rising. Japanese media report that rescue workers and Japanese troops are digging through mud and debris looking for the missing. Television footage has shown powerful winds uprooting trees, floods submerging cars and entire hillsides crumbling away in landslides. In western and southern Japan, many places are still under water. Public schools there remain closed and trains and planes face delays.’ [and from another source] 10 typhoons have struck this year, breaking the previous record of 6!
Signs of the Times #1196
Little Green Men Adore Ontario Town [Oct 20] ‘The small town of Moonbeam, Ont., may want to change its name to Roswell North as it gears up a tourism campaign to become the UFO capital of Canada. Local lore has it the town was named Moonbeam after several residents reported seeing strange, unexplained lights in the sky as early as the 1900s.’ [and from another source] UFO Sightings Worldwide are High [Oct 22] ‘On October 19, the Cassini spacecraft returned a very strange image indeed from the region of that very planet, that reveals what appears to be a cylindrical object in space between Cassini and Saturn.’ [and from another source] Intense UFO Activity in Midwest, Canada [Oct 2] ‘Strange beams of light are being observed in the midwest and Canada. The National Weather Service theorized that the lights were moonbeams shining through the clouds. According to the National Weather Service, it was clear at the time of the incident.’ [and from another source] UFO Conference To Present Startling New Evidence [Oct 20] ‘Among the guests at this years conference is Air Force First Lt. Robert Salas, a former missile launch officer responsible for nuclear warheads stored at Malmstrom AFB. He describes an incident in 1967 in which a glowing, oval-shaped object hovered over the base and disabled approximately 20 nuclear warheads housed in an underground bunker.’