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Signs of the Times #1195
Republican Fraud will Disqualify 200,000 in Florida Vote, Says Harper’sMagazine and a New Documentary [Oct 18] ‘Rampant voter fraud in Florida will disqualify 200,000 mainly Democratic and African American voters on November 2, according to an article in next week’s Harper’s by Greg Palast, the BBC investigative reporter who in 2000 broke the original story regarding the infamous felon list in Florida. Palast’s findings were echoed in the October 14 New York Times Op Ed by Paul Krugman.’ [and from another source] Wisconsin Republicans are conducting background checks on 100,000 newly-registered voters, and are mobilizing more than 50,000 volunteers to challenge voters at the polls on election day, according to the Wall Street Journal. The private voter-registration company, Sproul & Associates, working on contract with the RNC, which is under investigation in at least two states -- Oregon and Nevada -- for having directed its employees to destroy Democratic voter registations, is now accused of having done the same thing in western Pennsylvania. The head of the company is a former head of the Republican Party and the Christian Coalition in Arizona. Seven Republican operatives tried unsuccessfully to relocate 63 polling places in Philadelphia at the last minute; all are in Democratic areas, and most are heavily non-white. [and from another source] For Sign Ppilferer, Politicians Aren´t Only Ones Falling Flat on their Face [Oct 19] ‘A Lakewood Republican stealing campaign signs late one night got nabbed when he tripped over a low- hanging driveway chain in the dark, fell face first onto a pilfered sign and the concrete and knocked himself unconscious.’ [and from another source] Man Robs Bank Wearing George W. Bush Mask [Oct 18] ‘Police in the battleground state of Pennsylvania are looking for a man who robbed a bank Thursday night wearing a George W. Bush mask. A police spokesman would not say how much the Dubya doppelganger got away with.’
Signs of the Times #1194 I just got a look at the full Fox tape of President Bush´s May ´04 joint news conference with French President Jaques Chirac. In that tape, as in several other tapes I´ve seen, Bush can be heard seemingly getting prompting from another voice. About 12 seconds into the piece, the leading voice says, 'And I look forward to working to' Bush comes in with 'And I look workin and I look forward to workin to' The verbal slip-up makes it clear that this is no electronic echo or sound synchronization problem. Also, at one minute and 28 seconds into this tape, Bush reaches up and manipulates something in his ear, at which point there is a static noise and the sound of a speaker acting up, until he removes his fingers from his ear. There is no wire going up to his ear, indicating that the earpiece in his right ear is wireless. [and from another source] They Gave This Device To Bush, Told Him To Stick It In His Ear, Shut Up And Repeat What You Hear ‘The RC-216 Receive-A-Cue system is a professional quality, digitally synthesized wireless cueing system operating in the interference-free 216-217 MHz band. Allows the user to listen to prerecorded cues when giving speeches or presentations. May also be used with all COMTEK personal receivers.’ [Note: see Sign 1184 and 1173 for debate photos of Bush with the backbox.]
Signs of the Times #1193
50-Foot Wide Sinkhole Opens In Couple's Backyard [Oct 14] ‘An Orange County couple woke up to a sinkhole in their backyard and it keeps getting bigger. Now the couple has evacuated their home. When Dr. Thomas Fisher and his wife Kathi woke up in the morning, they did not expect to see a sinkhole in their yard. The Fishers were in disbelief when they noticed two 30 foot trees, a shed and two other citrus trees had been swallowed up by the ground. Even though the sinkhole opened up Thursday morning, it started getting bigger throughout the day, leading the county to deem the home unsafe. Engineers estimate it is at least 50 feet wide, but are unsure how deep it is.’ [and from another source] Water Main Break Threatens School Day [Oct18] ‘School administrators were in close contact with crews digging up what appeared to be a broken water main. Shortly after 7 a.m., city public works officials noticed a drop in water pressure at the school.’ [and from another source] Fire Ravages Caracas's Parque Central, Region's Tallest Tower [Oct 17] ‘Fire destroyed the top third of the east tower of Venezuela's Parque Central, South America's tallest skyscraper. The Caracas landmark was empty, and the cause of the fire isn't known. At least 15 firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation in the Venezuelan capital. The fire, which began about 1 a.m., spread from the 34th floor to the top of the 56-story building. The sprinkler system didn't work. Military helicopters were ferrying in water to dump on the blaze.’
Signs of the Times #1192
20 Rail Cars Derail In Baker County [Oct 16] ‘Investigators are trying to learn why 20 CSX railroad cars jumped the tracks in Baker County Saturday night.’ [and from another source] Freight Train Derails in Los Angeles Suburb [Oct 16] ‘A freight train carrying hazardous materials derailed early Saturday, damaging at least four homes and forcing more than 200 people to evacuate. Investigators were trying to identify the hazardous materials on board and determine whether any leaked when the nearly 50 freight cars and trailers left the tracks. About 500 gallons of diesel fuel spilled. Derailed cars badly battered two homes and littered several back yards with twisted metal and debris.’ [and from another source] Atlanta CSX train derails, spills chemicals [Oct 13] ‘Two cars of a train derailed early Wednesday morning, causing a chemical leak. The derailment happened around 4:30 a.m., according to Atlanta police. The CSX rail cars derailed in northwest Atlanta and one car began leaking styrene, a chemical used to manufacture products such as plastics and rubber.’
Signs of the Times #1191
Mexico's Volcano of Fire sends hot lava, rock down its slopes [Oct 14] ‘Western Mexico's Volcano of Fire spewed hot lava and rock Thursday, the latest in a series of spectacular but non-threatening eruptions in the past few weeks. The volcano near the city of Colima, 430 miles northwest of Mexico City, unleashed a column of smoke and ash along with a flow of burning orange lava on Sept. 29. Since then, scientists have reported nearly daily eruptions from its 12,533-foot peak.’ [and from another source] Indonesian Volcano Awakens [Oct 17] ‘Mount Soputan in the North Sulawesi province sprang into life on Monday, throwing up smoke to a height of up to 400 metres. Heat clouds have temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius and burn all that lies in their path.’ [and from another source] Mount St. Helens Fin May Be Splitting (image right) [Oct 16] ‘The stone fin on the new lava lobe inside the crater at Mount St. Helens seems to be starting to split. The fin, which is about 200 feet tall and 300 feet wide, is building on the new lava dome, which is about 1,600 feet in diameter and 400 feet high.’
Signs of the Times #1190
Last night, Sunday [Oct 17] here in El Paso at 6:08 AM, the Moon was at Azi 225°, Alt 35° and the sliver was no bigger than a week ago. It is not waxing and it is not waining. It is just kind of stuck as a small sliver. Is there an explanation? [and from another] Skymap expects Azi 195° Alt 30°. Too far SOUTH by 30° so the shadow from Earth is increased. [and from another] From , there is a picture of the partial eclipse. I compare it with the chart : the position is not correct. [and from another] I too believe the Earth has begun to wobble on its axis. I have watched [Oct 16] and ran many calculations on Polaris (North Star). It is no longer a pivotal point in the heavens. It sways and dips too far North in a Westerly direction. Returning in a wide Southern circular arch. [and from another] I have noticed over the past several months that the relationship between the position of Ursa Major and the Pole Star had indeed changed. The position is not constant like it always was in the past. I am in the northern hemisphere and watch it on a nightly basis unless it is obscured by cloud cover. [and from another source] Why is Venus still big? Saw it today [Oct 18] at 6:00 am on the East Coast. the damn thing is as huge as it was in July. [and from another source] Venus is getting brighter and has been. Simple observation will suffice, not one casual glance. [and from another source] I see it when fishing and it was mistaken for a big starship.
Signs of the Times #1189
We have, over the past several months, warned that as Planet X moved from below to above the Sun’s middle, the Ecliptic, it would move from slinging along the magnetic flow lines curling toward the Sun’s S Pole to the magnetic flow lines curling out from the Sun’s N Pole. Magnetic particles flow along these lines, ... This motion, where the blast from the N Pole of Planet X will eventually point directly at the Earth, will cause the Earth’s N Pole to point away from the Sun and Planet X, the 3 Days of Darkness foretold in the Bible for the northern hemisphere. This motion has now begun. ... During the 270 Roll and slowing rotation, earthquakes and volcanic activity greatly increase, as do erratic jet streams and consequent temperature extremes and storms. Were it not for the visibility of Planet X during this time, and the Sun rising and setting where it naught, these Earth changes certainly cannot be denied. No longer Sun centered, almost invisible centered in the glare of the Sun, Planet X is now on the move, preparing for its sideways flip, the dance begun. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Dance Begins.]
Signs of the Times #1188
During my stay in Brazil I had only bad weather with daily tropical storms.This was the only possible images I got on October 16 in the morning. Location was Cedral Sao Jose do Rio Preto, SP. Lat 20 54 10 S, Lon +49 16 06 W. Source: Alberto in Brazil [and from another source] Double sun from Katkam in Vancouver. Source: Ben [and from another] This is not a Katkam lens flare, no evidence of flaring in the target="_top">Non-Cropped Image , and the Second Sun stands behind the clouds, as does the Monster Sun in the photo from Brazil, not in front of the clouds as a lens flare would do. Note in an image from target="_top">July 20, 2004 that this Second Sun does not make an appearance, this is recent! [and from another] Sun photo from a flight from Amsterdam to Warsaw - Boeing 737-400 , 35.000 feet high. This photo was taken approximately 7:00 PM on Oct 16. Source: JetMan in Poland [and from another] On Saturday morning [Oct 16], I looked from my bedroom window to view the sunrise. As the sun rose, I placed my thumb in front of the sun to block its brightness. When I did this, I was surprised to see another large sphere to the left of the sun. Could this be Planet X? While looking at your photo album, one in particular caught my attention. The one was dated target="_top">Aug 26, 2003 from Texas Skywatch and matched exactly what I saw. The only difference is that my Second Sun was horizontally to the left of the sun; in the photo the second sun is vertically below the sun. [Note: previously in 2003 the Second Sun was to the right on sunrise, left during sunset, from the northern hemisphere. This is now reversed, indicating retrograde orbit motion in Planet X!]
Signs of the Times #1187
Another Texas Chupacabra? [Oct 14] ‘Local animal experts are having a hard time identifying a strange looking animal killed in Angelina County on Friday - an animal that looks eerily similar to the as yet unidentified Elmendorf Beast killed near San Antonio earlier this year. The animal's blue-grey skin is almost hairless and appears to be covered with mange. A closer look at the animal's jaw line reveals a serious overbite and four huge canine teeth, and a long, rat-like tail curls behind the animal's emaciated frame. It had no hair, a severe overbite and its claws were entirely too long for a dog. The animal's front legs were much smaller than it's hind legs. WOAI-TV in San Antonio has aired several stories on the so-called "Elmendorf Beast" since a nearby rancher shot and killed one earlier this year. The animal depicted on the station's Web site, at, looks eerily similar to the one discovered in Pollok. The rancher from Elmendorf, located southeast of San Antonio, killed the animal after 35 of his chickens disappeared in one day. The animal was also almost hairless, with blue-grey coloring and four large "fangs." The station reported that tissue from the animal has been sent for DNA testing, and that it will be several more weeks before the tests are completed. Sightings of similar animals have been reported across the country, from California to Maryland.’ [and from another source] If leaving anyway, the Service-to-Self, not known for their concern for the environment or having any sense of responsibility, would scarcely scout about to collect all the young their charges might have spawned. Thus they show up, infected and suffering from malnutrition, unidentifiable as a known species on Earth, puzzling those who come upon their remains. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Chupacabra Remains.]
Signs of the Times #1186
Comet Crashing Mission Prepped For Launch [Oct 11] ‘Both Deep Impact spacecraft have completed the final environmental testing phase, a key step before liftoff of the mission this coming December. The two Deep Impact spacecraft have undergone extensive thermal vacuum, electromagnetic conductance, electromagnetic interference, vibration and acoustic testing. Once set free from the Flyby spacecraft, the Impactor may form a football stadium-sized crater in the comet that could be as deep as 14-stories. The Impactor spacecraft will be vaporized upon impact with the comet. Both comet and spacecraft will be traveling at closing speeds in excess of 23,000 miles per hour upon impact. Deep Impact is the eighth mission in NASA's Discovery Program, and the first mission to ever attempt impact with a comet nucleus in an effort to probe beneath its surface.’ [Note: no longer Driving Blind, perhaps another attempt to deflect Planet X?]
Signs of the Times #1185
Brown Dwarf Spotted Close to Star [May 22, 2002] ‘Astronomers using adaptive optics technology on the Gemini North Telescope have observed a brown dwarf orbiting a low-mass star at a distance comparable to just three times the distance between the Earth and Sun. This is the closest separation distance ever found for this type of binary system using direct imaging. The record-breaking find is just one of a dozen lightweight binary systems observed in the study. Together, they provide a new perspective on the formation of stellar systems and how smaller bodies in the Universe (including large planets) might form. With an estimated mass of 38-70 times the mass of Jupiter, the newly identified brown dwarf is located just three times the Sun-Earth distance (or 3.0 Astronomical Units) from its parent star.’ [and from another source] The speed of passage is ... decreased dramatically at about the orbit of Mars by the braking action of the Repulsion Force, at last strong enough to counter the inbound plunge toward the Sun; slow to a floating rate so that it floats past the Earth during the week of rotation stoppage, which is the point it is also floating past the Sun, rather than zoom past. ZetaTalk: Slowing Influences, written May 18, 2002 [Note: The close proximity of Planet X, a mere 23 times the mass of Earth, to the Sun is deemed absurb by debunkers. Yet an object much larger, 38 times the mass of Jupiter, resides this close to its Sun! Zetas RIGHT Again!]