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Signs of the Times #1184
Bush Wired Story Continues; 'Bulge' Appears in Third Debate [Oct 14] ‘Shortly after the first presidential debate, buzz began to build on the Internet regarding a bulge that appeared under the jacket of George W. Bush and squarely between his shoulder blades. The story recently carried over to mainstream news with reports in the New York Times and even segments on CNN. A story by furthered a growing theory that Bush was wired for sound to receive assistance during the debates. While the Bush campaign shrugs off the comments as conspiracy theories. In the third and final debate, the bulge came back. As shown in the attached photo generated in house directly from the NBC broadcast, the clearly defined shape that started this buzz is back.’ [and from another source] James Atkinson writes [Oct 9] ‘A system like this works by receiving a signal from a wireless microphone being used by a coach or advisor who is speaking to the person wearing the system. The "bodypack" receives the signal and supplies the coaching or cueing to the ear canal by either a hard wire, or though a magnetic neck loop induction system. The covert neck loop systems are very popular in cases where the speaker does not want the public to know they are being coached.’ [and from another source] Manuals on wireless cueing systems and security [Oct 11]
Signs of the Times #1183
Voter Registrations Possibly Trashed [Oct 12] ‘The out-of-state firm has been in Las Vegas for the past few months, registering voters. It employed up to 300 part-time workers and collected hundreds of registrations per day, but former employees of the company say that Voters Outreach of America only wanted Republican registrations. Two former workers say they personally witnessed company supervisors rip up and trash registration forms signed by Democrats. A pile of shredded paperwork including signed voter registration forms, all from Democrats, [and] took them to the Clark County Election Department and confirmed that they had not, in fact, been filed with the county as required by law. The company has now moved on to Oregon where it is once again registering voters. The company has been largely, if not entirely funded, by the Republican National Committee. Similar complaints have been received in Reno where the registrar has asked the FBI to investigate.’ [and from another source] U.S. Trade Deficit; Jobless Claims Rise [Oct 14] ‘The U.S. trade deficit, propelled by a record foreign oil bill, surged to $54 billion in August, second highest level in history. The Commerce Department said the August trade deficit in goods and services was 6.9% higher than the $50.5 billion imbalance in July. For the year, America's trade deficit is running at a record annual rate of $590 billion, 19% higher than the previous record, last year's $496.5 billion. In a second economic report Thursday, the Labor Department said the number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits rose 15,000 last week.’
Signs of the Times #1182
But will this succeed? Election fraud, and rogue electors, are swords that can cut both ways, and with a reach that surpasses security systems, the Supreme Court is not immune from intimidation by an enraged Puppet Master. The sole remaining recourse, then, of a Puppet determined to establish itself as an independent unit going into and emerging from the coming pole shift as rulers on the N. American continent and in control of the tatters of the US Military, assumed to be preeminent in the world after the shift as it was before the shift, is to trigger Martial Law. This has long been put into place in the US with Executive Orders to allow FEMA to take over the land in the event of disasters, but this requires a disaster. This has been superseded by Homeland Security, which has been given broad command over federal, state, and local resources as well as the US Military when a threat to the US is involved. If threats to the US have been attempted, hundreds of times, but blocked by ourselves and our brethren in the Service-to-Other, then how to manufacture such a threat? Initiate a war, elsewhere. [Note: new ZetaTalk: October Surprise]
Signs of the Times #1181
Global Quakes in sweep sets were an Oct 15 Big accompanied by Quakes and Atlanta and Australia derailments and London booms and Florida sinkholes and St. Helen lava. [and from another source] Strong quake rattles Taiwan [Oct 15] ‘A strong, offshore earthquake of magnitude 7.0 has rattled Taiwan, shaking tall buildings in the capital during lunchtime. The quake -- the strongest to hit Taiwan in five years -- had its epicenter under the ocean about 110 kilometers (70 miles) east of Taiwan's east coast harbor town of Su'ao, the Central Weather Bureau said. The quake rocked buildings for about one minute in Taipei. On the city's streets, the quake caused sidewalks to go up and down slightly.’ [and from another source] Japan Shaken by Strong Offshore Earthquake [Oct 15] ‘A strong offshore earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.6 shook southern Japan today. The quake was centred some 55 miles below the ocean floor near Yonaguni Island, which lies between Okinawa and Taiwan, about 1,240 miles south-west of Tokyo, the Meteorological Agency said.’
Signs of the Times #1180
Aerial view of Mount St. Helens' crater, from the east, a USGS Photograph [Oct 5] [and from another source] Fox News 4 [Oct 13] showing lava dome rising, in the week from when snow covered the dome to lava pushing past the prior 1980 dome. [and from another source] Riddle as Massive Blast Rocks Homes [Oct 13] ‘Police and the fire service received dozens of calls from the public about the blast which happened at 7.30am. But despite efforts by both services to locate the source nothing was found. The British Geological Society is investigating. Though none of their earthquake signals were triggered, it said that it may have been too shallow to register on their measurements. Another possibility is that the blast could have comefrom old mine workings. There are disused shafts in the Walkden area and at Agecroft where a pit closed at the beginning of the 1990s. One caller to a radio station has claimed that she saw something falling from the sky.’ [and from another source] Insurer Harried by Sinkholes [Oct 13] ‘For three years, insurers have increasingly shunned sinkhole-prone properties and even neighborhoods in the Tampa Bay area, forcing homeowners to buy more costly insurance from the state-run insurer of last resort. Last year, Citizens paid out $6-million in sinkhole claims; this year, it anticipates paying $25-million. Next year, $40-million to $50-million in sinkhole losses. The reinsurance idea is expected to be among the recommendations coming out of a pending sinkhole study by Florida State University.’ [Note: both Florida and the UK in the stretch zone.]
Signs of the Times #1179
Cause Sought in NW Atlanta Train Derailment [Oct 13] ‘Authorities have contained a chemical leak after two trains cars derailed early Wednesday in northwest Atlanta, officials said. One car began leaking styrene, a chemical used to manufacture products such as plastics and rubber. The cause of the derailment was under investigation.’ [and from another source] I counted again [Oct 12] , and I now have 208 'unknown cause' (and different) derailment newslinks received since Feb. 16, 2004. I also now have grave doubts about ever again getting on a choo-choo! [and from another source] Passenger rail services back on track after train line cleared [Oct 13] ‘Passengers were forced to use bus services from 1.45pm on Monday when a Pacific National freight train laden with 6480 tonnes of coal from Bloomfield Colliery derailed, blocking rail lines in both directions. Mr White said it was too soon to determine what caused the incident. He said Pacific National was assisting the Federal Government-run Australian Transport Safety Bureau's investigation into the derailment.’
Signs of the Times #1178
Hottest October day for Sydney as Australia battles bushfires, locusts [Oct 13] ‘Australia's largest city sweltered through its hottest October day on record as authorities battled early spring bushfires and stockpiled pesticides to fight a heat-induced locust plague. The mercury in Sydney hit 38.2 degrees Celsius (100.76 degrees Fahrenheit), which the New South Wales meteorology bureau said was highest temperature in the city since it began keeping records about 150 years ago. Residents flocked to the city's famous Bondi Beach to try to cool down. Meanwhile about 25 bushfires raged in regional areas of New South Wales, forcing the evacuation of 50 people from houses near Nowra south of Sydney, fire service officials said. Authorities were also stockpiling record levels of pesticides to try to control a plague of locusts hatched by the hot weather.’ [and from another source] Stray Dogs Invade Albanian Town [Oct 13] ‘An Albanian town had to call in police and hunters after a pack of 200 stray mountain dogs attacked at least nine people. Headed by a clearly identifiable leader, the snarling pack overran the main street of the small northern town of Mamurras, its mayor said Wednesday. The dogs bit at least nine people, aged from 20 to 60, dragging them to the ground and inflicting serious wounds. People threw stones to break up the pack.’ [Note: a serious consequence of the pole shift will be such wild dog packs.]
Signs of the Times #1177
This picture shows it the best although all eit pics show some spherical shadow at the bottom just overlapping slightly. [and from another source] Planet X and its dust cloud is more than lost in the glare of the Sun, as an object standing in a fog bank would be, it is more than an extra bright sun glare, as the light scattering through the dust cloud would produce a blaze of scattered light, it would also produce a shadow on the Sun if anywhere directly between the Earth and Sun. Sunlight would first hit the back of the Planet X corpus and its close hugging dust cloud, and be reflected in the main directly backwards, thus producing a dark place, a shadow, in the light proceeding toward the Earth. Sunlight not reflecting directly backward would likely bounce to the side, also not proceeding on toward the Earth or the SOHO satellite taking images. Sunlight striking the edges of the dust cloud might refract in such a way to turn toward the Earth, thus producing the light orbs captured by amateur astronomers in their photos. Here's as Planet X rises very close to the Ecliptic, the Sun's middle, and has become sun centered from the view from Earth, is the shadow! [Note: Sun Shadow originals and prior months as comparison available.]
Signs of the Times #1176
This morning, Monday, [Oct 11] at 06:08, as I was walking to my car in El Paso on a moonless morning, there was a flash of bright red orange in the eastern sky at about Azi 90 and alt 25 and then, a couple seconds later, the red disappeared and the sunlit moon sliver appeared in the same spot as the flash. I'm thinking the red light flash was probably caused by Planet X and the tail and bending red light. I have never seen the phenomenon before. What's it all about? Strangest moonrise I've ever seen as the moon was already above the horizon by 25 degrees. [and from another source] I was watching the weather Sep 22 on Ch. 21 WFMJ news. The meteorologist, Dave Trygar, showed a live sunset photo with three small balls of light appearing to the right of the sun. The lights were almost vertical and not quite the same size. This reminded me of the unidentified lights photo on Earth [Apr 23] Dave said the images were sundogs and that we should all be able to see them at sunset. I believe the photo was sunset near Young. [and from another] The String of Pearls has appeared before, and is most definitely not sundogs. This was documented in Sign #861 on April 23, 2004 from EarthFiles as Unidentified Lights in Sunrise Photograph from Long Island, N. Y. and from Giusmar's photos from Italy on May 26, 2004. Now apparently visible and discussed on TV!
Signs of the Times #1175
UFO Spotted Near Fort Wayne [Oct 11] ‘A resident here got out his video camera and caught an object moving through the sky at a high rate of speed on Sunday. Brandon McBroom used the family videocam to tape a strange looking object in the Sunday sky.’ [and from another source] CU Researchers To Study Berthoud Meteorite [Oct 11] ‘University of Colorado researchers are planning their scientific analysis of a meteorite that fell near Berthoud last week. It´s only the fifth meteorite to ever have been seen falling and then be recovered in Colorado. The meteorite weighs just over two pounds and is about the size of a baseball. It is shiny and black, and has an irregular shape. Scientists say it appears to be made of igneous rock and is melted on its surface from the heat of entering the atmosphere. The meteorite was recovered after it landed about 100 feet away from Berthoud residents Megan and John Whiteis. The couple was walking into their back yard last Tuesday afternoon when it flew over their heads.’
Signs of the Times #1174
Another freight train derails in San Antonio [Oct 11] ‘The derailment, along with several previous Union Pacific rail incidents in and around San Antonio, remain under investigation. The city has seen a rash of Union Pacific train accidents in the past five months.’ [and from another source] Derailment Causes Commuter Delays [Oct 11] ‘Rail commuter services into Wellington were disrupted today after a derailment in a tunnel near the entrance to the Ngauranga Gorge. Toll NZ spokeswoman Sue Foley said an empty freight wagon derailed in the tunnel about 12.10am.’ [and from another source] CSX Cleaning Up after Derailment [Oct 10] ‘Nine cars of a 71-car train derailed Saturday late afternoon. Mullins Automotive and Truck Center and an outdoor passenger walkway at the station were damaged. CSX investigators were also collecting evidence in hopes of finding a cause.’ [Note: no known cause, across the board.]