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Signs of the Times #1173
Bush's mystery bulge [Oct 8] ‘The rumor is flying around the globe. Was the president wired during the first debate? Was President Bush literally channeling Karl Rove in his first debate with John Kerry? The image shows a large solid object between Bush's shoulder blades as he leans over the lectern and faces moderator Jim Lehrer. So was the bulge under his well-tailored jacket a hidden receiver, picking up transmissions from someone offstage feeding the president answers through a hidden earpiece?’
Signs of the Times #1172
Strange Red Light in Sky [Oct 8] ‘An unidentified flying object (UFO) or a divine sign were just two of the explanations residents of South Trinidad were last night speculating on after a mysterious red beam of light appeared in the sky. The vertical red line, according to some eye-witnesses, was noticed shortly after nightfall. As word of the light spread many residents came out of their homes to stare up into the cloudy night sky hoping to see it. ‘ [and from another source] What is Happening in the Skys over Northern Ohio? ‘On Wednesday morning September 22nd, 2004 a caller rang the WTAM morning show, Wills and Coleman in the Morning, to report the sightings of strange colors in the sky. ther callers reported seeing the same thing while others tried to describe and/or explain the image. Photos from the North Olmsted Police.’
Signs of the Times #1171
Global Quakes during sweep sets were an Oct 8 Huge and an Oct 10 Huge accompanied by Quakes and Volcanic unrest and a London gas leak and a Springfield derailment. [and from another source] Major Quake Shakes Philippine Capital [Oct 8] ‘An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.6 shook Manila on Friday night, sending high rises swaying, knocking out power to some areas and sending frightened residents into the streets. The shaking lasted for more than a minute and was felt in provinces north of Manila on the main Philippine island of Luzon.’ [and from another source] Strong quake rocks Nicaragua [Oct 9] ‘A powerful earthquake rocked Nicaragua on Saturday, frightening residents. The magnitude 6.9 quake struck at 3:26 PM local time in Nicaragua, and was centered 50 miles (80 kilometers) southwest of Managua. The quake sent residents running from their homes.’ [and from another source] I just finished an earthquake count from the Red Puma site. The vast, vast majority never made the news, and won't. From 4 Sept. 2004 until 8 October at 8:00 AM, (34 days) it looks like this: 159 Quakes Mag 5.0 - 5.9, 44 Quakes Mag 6.0 - 6.9, 8 Quakes Mag 7.0 - 7.9, 1 Quake Mag 8.0 - 8.9 [and from another source] This excellent documentation from Korea shows the Earth Wobble was greatest during the Summer and has lessened. This is in keeping with what the Zetas Predicted and what Weather Maps show. Compared to previous months, the Earth wobble has slowed, spreading heat and cold in more normal patterns, the cold mid-continent and the heat along the coastlines. [Note: increased size of Globals may indicates movement of Planet X closer to Earth and toward its 270° Roll position.]
Signs of the Times #1170
Quake Activity Rises at Mount St. Helens [Oct 9] ‘Earthquake activity has increased at Mount St. Helens, but scientists said Saturday there was no reason to raise the volcano's alert level. Scientists said earthquake activity had been low until Friday, indicating molten rock was moving upward with little resistance. By Saturday, however, quakes of magnitude 2.4 were occurring every one to two minutes, they said.’ [and from another source] USGS responds to Volcano Activity and New Unrest in Alaska, Washington, and Hawaii [Oct 7] ‘Scientists are responding to several volcanoes in the United States that are erupting or showing signs of restless activity in order to provide up-to-date hazard assessments and warnings of potential eruptions to the public.’ [and from another source] Mount St. Helens' Crater Floor Rising [Oct 7] ‘Part of Mount St. Helens' crater floor has risen 50 to 100 feet since Tuesday while earthquake rates have been low, signs that magma is moving upward without much resistance, scientists said Thursday. With the latest rising, an area of the crater floor just south of the nearly 1,000-foot lava dome has risen about 250 feet since the mountain began stirring two weeks ago.’
Signs of the Times #1169
Gas leak causes Mass Evacuation, London [Oct 6] ‘A London Fire Brigade spokesman said the incident was caused by a broken gas main under the building. Children at schools in the area were kept at school until their parents or guardians could collect them. This is the second serious incident of its kind in the last two months and it is not yet known whether the two leaks are connected.’ [and from another source] One Killed in Derailment of Freight Train [Oct 7] ‘A freight train derailed in Springfield early Thursday morning, killing a rail worker who was pinned between a railcar and a fence. As the train derailed, the worker was pinned between a railcar and the fence. The derailment spilled grain from the rail cars and left two cars hanging over the edge of the overpass, forcing authorities to close the lanes below to traffic, police said. Springfield Police were trying to determine a cause for the derailment.’
Signs of the Times #1168
Contractor Accused of Fraud in Iraq [Oct 9]
‘One of the U.S. security companies operating in Iraq has been suspended from doing business with the U.S. government after being accused of overbilling millions of dollars through a series of sham companies.
Security company Custer Battles sent fake bills to the U.S.-financed Coalition Provisional Authority, which ran Iraq under American occupation, according to a U.S. Air Force memo obtained by the Los Angeles Times. The company, which provided security at the Baghdad airport, is also the target of a suit unsealed yesterday accusing it of systematically bilking U.S. taxpayers. The company is also under investigation by the FBI and the Pentagon Inspector General's Defense Criminal Investigative Services. The company's founders are Scott Custer, a former Army Ranger and defense consultant, and former CIA officer Michael Battles, who ran for Congress in Rhode Island in 2002 and was defeated in the Republican primary. The Federal Election Commission fined Battles for misrepresenting campaign contributions. Battles is a Fox News Channel commentator. Several other former Republican officials have come under investigation in connection with other Iraq contracts. The Pentagon's inspector general has asked the FBI to look into a deputy undersecretary of defense in connection with a police radio contract. A former top Republican official in the Transportation Department was investigated in connection with an airport contract, U.S. officials have said. Custer Battles was a newly formed company with no experience in the security industry when it landed one of the first contracts issued in Iraq in the spring of 2003 to secure the airport. The no-bid contract was worth $16 million when it was awarded in the chaos after the fall of Saddam Hussein.’ [Note: Republicans all.]
Signs of the Times #1167
How to eliminate the aged, the sick, and those too young to be put to work as child labor? Look to the populace advised to get the remaining flu shots, and see what population swath that covers. How is it that an entire production of flu vaccine would be polluted, in a manner that failed notice up until the end? Are there not quality control checks? Are there not different batches, so that a contaminated batch can be discarded but others surviving? Even in E-Coli contamination, only the segment contaminated need be discarded. And is the public told what the contaminant is? They are told the result, not the process, so as sheep they can still be led to slaughter with unquestioning minds. Thus, should the establishment find the pole shift precursors upon them, the world twirling and standing on its head, so that steps to reduce the populace can be initiated with confidence no backlash would occur, vaccinations are a route open to be used. We would suggest that should such Earth changes commence, the last thing the population will be concerned about is the flu. Thus, those who would sculpt the populace will still be casting around for a solution. Beware. [Note: New ZetaTalk: Vaccine Failure.]
Signs of the Times #1166
I live in Russia, Rostov on Don. From 9/23/2004 the moon was round during one week. Weather was clear. It is observed millions people, which don't know about ZetaTalk. The people were surprised. TV and radio have not informed about this event. How visible the Moon from other places? What speaks the world press about deviations of phases of the Moon?
[and from another] Our moonrise last night [Oct 1] was way to the NNE in the mountains of upper E TN
[and from another] Moon is NE in Canada. The 2 of October, the moon was full. Today [Oct 4] we are half moon. For the third consecutives evening, the moon rise 6.5 degrees more North than the preceding day. This is making a total of 19 degrees in 3 night. [and from another] Here is Wisconsin, the Moon can be seen rising in the NE, then overhead, and distinctly in the NW later in the afternoon! Far to the North the whole time. [and from another] I have had my compass taped to a shelf for the last year. As of Sept 22nd, magnetic north has moved 14-16 degrees to the East. It has not gone back to its former readings. I'm up here in Maine. [Note: what is causing the Moon to chase North and the compass vere East? Photos from Alberto showing the object just to the South of the Ecliptic are a clue!]
Signs of the Times #1165
In May, the Seattle Post Intelligencer published an article about a document they received through the Freedom of Information Act. It was revealed that the SSS is currently designing procedures for the implementation of a Skills Draft and had held a top-level meeting on it with Deputy Undersecretaries at the Defense Department. This draft would change the essential mission of the Selective Service and require virtually every young American, male and female ages 18-34, to register for the Skills Draft and list all the occupations they are proficient in to fill labor shortages throughout nearly the entire government. [and from another source] ‘In line with today's needs, the Selective Service System's structure, programs and activities should be re-engineered toward maintaining a national inventory of American men and, for the first time, women, ages 18 through 34, with an added focus on identifying individuals with critical skills.’ Selective Service System proposal [Feb 11, 2003] quoted in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer [May 1] [and from another source] USA Today [Aug 8] 'Although Congress would have to approve new legislation to create a Skills Draft or reinstate the combat draft, Family Circle reported in its July 13 issue that Karl Rove had polled GOP members of Congress in September 2002 to see if they would support the President if he requests reinstatement. The Republicans said they would vote for the draft.'
Signs of the Times #1164
Prophecies from Our Lady from Mexico, a rather popular source: the Earth axis will experimence a shift (though it's not detailed why), the Earth electromagnetic field is changing dramatically too, there will be another configuration in the lands and continents, the zones that are hot will be cold, the zones that are deserts will be water, and vice versa. [and from another source] How to Hide 64 Earthquakes ‘How would you go about hiding the fact that the Earth has been struck by 64 major earthquakes in one week? That so many quakes are being felt everywhere from Russia to Chile should be of major concern to everyone. Yet how many news articles have you read about them? None. There seems to be a concerted effort to deny the reality of these events. Are you aware that there are currently 15 major volcanic eruptions occurring? The scale of activity ranges from an increase in lava flow to outright violent explosions and ejections.’