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Signs of the Times #510
UK Internet Broken [Nov 29] ‘fiber optic cable that runs under the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea and connects the UK, America, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands together. The cable is some 9,446 miles long and was laid on the ocean floor back in 1999. It is understood there was an existing fault on the line which was awaiting repair, hence when a second fault developed further down the line, the cable was bound for failure. The faults should by now all be repaired.’ [and from another source] ‘A damaged undersea transatlantic cable led to the failure of other Internet systems which resulted in serious problems for many UK Net users this week. Damage to a cable somewhere off the French coast at around 4PM on Tuesday afternoon caused havoc for Net and phone users in the UK.’ [and from email] Here's a link of a french computer web site saying there's problems with the Internet right now. Communication between Europe and America are disturbed. [Note: there have been these type of cables on the ocean floor from the UK to US for decades, made from far less durable materials and they never snapped or had problems. The 1999 cable was a replacement, so it is new. The Atlantic Rift of course is in the stretch zone.]
Signs of the Times #509
Detroil Gas Line Explosion [Nov 29] ‘A commercial building on the city´s west side has exploded, leaving one man critically injured, Detroit fire and police officials said today. The explosion at the building on Telegraph Road, between 5 Mile and 6 Mile roads, occurred around midnight today. The diner, Hanna´s Family Restaurant, was closed at the time. It was not immediately clear what caused the blast. Cleaver said the explosion leveled the building. [and from another source] We had one, one month ago in baltimore that destroyed one house completely and totaled five others. Maimed two police officers and badly injured some of the residents nearby. [Note: both the Seaway and the East Coast are in the stretch zone.]
Signs of the Times #508 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Its 7:30AM and the sun still isn’t up. I’m in Philly. Sunday [Nov 30] EST Sunrise 7:02AM. ... I´m in Philly too. Clear skies and no sunrise. ... The sun appears to have just freekin risen wihin the last few mins. 7:39 [and from another poster] Washington D.C. area - same here. Looks like the sun is just now coming up. 7:40 [and from another poster] Confirmed. I live in CT. Sunrise was to be at 6:53AM now its 7:43 and its dark as hell. What is going on? [and from another poster] just asked a friend online who lives out in Moorestown, NJ and he said it is really dark right there here he is too. Atlantic City, NJ, it´s just come over the ocean horizon about 5 mins ago or so. 7:48 [and from another poster] It is now 05:16 AM here in New Zealand, and we are currently on daylight saving time. I work in a large hospital on the highest point in this area. The sun started lighting up the sky about 5 AM. Sunrise should be around 5:57 give or take 2 minutes. I´m in Hamilton between Auckland and Wellington. So the sunrise time should have been 05.53AM not 05:00 am as I observed. A difference of 53 minutes. [Note: Combined with the early sunset reported Nov 29, this indicates the Earth Tilting or Rising in its ecliptic.]
Signs of the Times #507 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Anyone notice the sun setting alot earlier [Nov 29], or is it just me? Everyone around me is saying this too, even tho they say these are normal times on the NASA sites and all, that doesn’t mean its normal. Could just be NASA and the government announcing those times to make us think they are normal. [and from another poster] I live right outside Philadelphia and recall it being super dark around 3:55-4PM. I know this time because I picked my daughter up from a sports afterschool thing at that exact time and looked at the clock. That day seemed to be worse. Almost pitch black as you said. [and from another poster] I am a cop in the Boston area and my shift starts at exactly 4:10PM. It was black outside just about every single day by that time the last week and a half. It starts getting really dim out around 3:30 PM or so. [and from another poster] I work as a dentist at a local facility, and get home around, 4:30PM on Mondays thru Thursdays and Friday and Saturday around 3PM. It takes me about 30 mins to drive home and by 3:30PM, yes I can say it is abnormally dark for that time. [and from another poster] Here in Queensland, Australia, starting from about a week ago we noticed, when we awake, that it is as light outside as ten or eleven in the morning, check our clocks, and it is 4.30AM!
Signs of the Times #506 (via email to Nancy)
Here in Queensland, Australia, [Nov 29] have great views of the sunsets and have been observing Planet X since June 2003, when it first appeared as a little light, first to appear straight above from the sun when it set, then it follows the sun down and disappears. It has been getting bigger and bigger, and cannot possibly be missed in the evening sky. We have been preparing, right down to raising ducks and growing veges under lights, since last February! Wish others would listen, but they don't want to know! [and from another source] I don´t need pictures to know that something very strange is going on. We experience very high winds several times a day now. Crazy. My compass experiment is telling me that there is a great wobble to the earth. Something has taken over my computer´s clock and forced it to be in time with the navy, but in fact, it is now all the way up to nearly 15 minutes faster than the rest of the clocks in the house. Besides, I have friends that swear they have seen it. And these are not people who would joke about a thing like that. I have not personally seen it with my eyes. But my experience is telling me it is there.