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Signs of the Times #505 (via email to Nancy)
Three days ago [Nov 26] I felt pleasantly surprised when my eyes caught a spot in the TV panel here in Spain saying ‘Hey, people, what would you do if the a Poles Shift in our planet suddenly happened?’ I believe that some good folks who manage media sources do try to filtrate the message to people. These recent days and weeks I find it really curious why so many hints (at the coming changes on the Earth!) appear in some TV channels. [Note: New Zealand is featuring a brief prime time presentation this coming week of Wal Foott and friends, who have seen the Second Sun repeatedly, Nancy, and debunking from a local Astronomer.]
Signs of the Times #504
October Globally, Month was Warmest on Record [Nov. 18] ‘The United States experienced a warmer than average October this year, with high temperatures in the West making up for cooler conditions in the eastern third of the country, according to government data released Tuesday.’ [Note: this follows September, also the warmest on record worldwide.]
Signs of the Times #503 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
I live in Charlottesville, VA. I have been watching my compass very closely for weeks. Taking Nov 10 as a starting point, here´s a short list of the movement of magnetic north: a 3 degree move westward lasting for a few days, an additional 5 degree move, a pullback to 7 degrees westward lasting for a day, a return to 3 degrees westward from reference point, an 18 degree swing eastward on Nov 20, a further 4 degree swing eastward on Nov 25, a 2 degree retreat westward the the current position. In summary, in just over two weeks the magnetic north pole has moved within a range of 27 degrees. The current position of magnetic north is way eastward.
Signs of the Times #502 (via email to Nancy)
It looked like a Second Sun, my brother came and saw it. He even asked: ‘What?! Is that the Sun again?!’ Wish you could have seen that Sun, it had all red around... though the Planet X didn’t shine so brightly as the Sun did... But I was astonished when I saw that sharp shimmering red circle ... The Sun was gone and darkness was about. Suddenly into the sunset, a sort of glimmering began to appear, and about 3 or 4 minutes later it was scarlet. The sunset had finished already. ... Some 5 minutes passed and there was light coming, more and more, and the sunset itself turned out to be surpsisingly red, so from down below the clouds were shockingly red, and in the centre we noticed a light ball that was emitting a few rays up and along aside. 10 minutes later the lights started to die dramatically and darkness fell. [Note: reported by Michael Grigoriev, 21 Nov., after the sunset, from the capital of Moldavia, Chisineu.]
Signs of the Times #501 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
My son has also seen it. He spends a lot of sunsets and sunrises on the golf courses on the mountains ridges of NC. My husband had to say that he had seen it with the naked eye. As we were walking down the beach the other day I said to him ‘If the sun is setting over there’ pointing towards the right. ‘What is that light there?’ Pointing to the left out over the ocean. He said, ‘I don´t know.’ [and from another] This morning [Nov 26] walking to work I looked up and thought I saw the sun through the clouds. Then I looked to my right, and there was the Sun, much larger than the other sun I had seen through the light clouds. It was hazy enough that looking at either of them did not hurt my eyes. Since I haven´t even looked for a Second Sun in months and am half sceptical about the Planet X hypotheses anyway, this was a shocker. [and from another] That is similar to how I saw it most recently. My husband called me to come out of the house. I stood on the front steps and saw what I believed to be the Sun behind a little bit of cloud. And then I saw the Sun, which had been behind the next house. When I saw both together, it was clear which was the real sun, and the one that I mistook for the sun was clearly smaller.
Signs of the Times #500 (via email to Nancy)
I am at 7,000 foot elevation in NM. At 11:00 PM the horizon to the SSW was still light like a late sunset [Nov 25]. This is most unusual and not at all normal. The lighted horizon is slowly fading and the clock time is now approaching midnight. This is where the sun has been setting the past few weeks, but always an immediate dark horizon. [and from another email] The sky was so light in Missouri [Nov 26], it felt like the sunrise was 20 minutes early, where is was only 6 minutes early! Last night, it was very light, for a long time. [and from another email] Honolulu Sunrise was supposed to occur at 6:48 AM. Something else is rising at 5:30 AM. It isn't the moon because moonrise for Honolulu isn't until 8:56 AM. [Note: photo at right.]
Signs of the Times #499 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
I live near the East Coast and have been noticing the high tides have been getting alarmingly high. I have never in my life observed this before. The other day on the radio in the morning I heard a warning for flooding in low lying areas due to the tides. This I have never heard bfore either. [and from another] We´ve had 20 to 50 foot waves crashing into the north east side of all the Hawaii islands [Nov 25]. This has never happened before. [Note: this is a ZetaTalk prediction in 1999 and 2000.]
Signs of the Times #498 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
The Indians have announced they had a big meeting and they believed it was no longer safe to be in the Seattle area. In Yellowstone they have followed the lead of the animals who have vacated the area. It is only in the danger zone I believe 600 miles surrounding the Park. In Seattle is was not difficult to make that decision as thumping has been heard under the ground and it sounded like the ancient drums near the villages which is the final warning the Indians said they were expecting. The ancestors left prophecies and drumming was the signal.
Signs of the Times #497 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
I do not believe Bush went to Iraq [Nov 27]. There are no actual video footage of him outside of the tent, period. That tent could be on Ft Carson, Colorado, Andrews AFB, or some tent on his ranch in Crawford. There is not a shred of proof he went. [and from another] On Monday [Nov 25] at Ft Carson. Bush had no tan, his face was as cold as ice, though not as red as in London last Thursday. The video of today, his face was all reddish, burnt and peeling [photo at right]. Like he´d been out in the sun for days! So are we to believe he spent all day Tuesday outside in the late November Texan sun? [and from another] I certainly wouldn´t be surprised if he had a double. [and from another] He didn´t get that sunburn in Iraq, because he barely got off the plane. The entire photo/PR op was inside the hangar. [Note: rumors of several Bush look-alikes have long been rumored.]
Signs of the Times #496
Evidence Indicates Wellstone Crash was No Accident [Nov 20] ‘An abrupt cessation of communication between the plane and the tower took place at about 10:18 a.m., the same time an odd cell phone phenomenon occurred with a driver in the immediate vicinity. ... Carol Carmody, a former employee with the CIA, the head of the team, announced the day after that the FBI had found no indications of terrorist involvement. ... the cause of the crash, which has yet to be determined to this very day. So how could the FBI possibly know? ... The FBI´s prompt arrival was peculiar. ... the Duluth office of the FBI and was told that the team of ´recovery´ agents had not come from Duluth but had traveled from the FBI office in Minneapolis. I calculate that this team would have had to have left the Twin Cities at about the same time the Wellstone plane was taking off.'
Signs of the Times #495 (via email to Nancy)
These photos are some from a live eclicpse [Nov 23] site. ‘The following images [first row] show the view from Casey Station from 6:19AM to 7:24AM ... These images [second row 1, 2] show the view from Mawson Station from 4:37AM to 5:05AM .. These images [second row 3, 4] show the view from Davis Station from 5:29AM to 5:56AM .. ’ [Note: in the first row from Casey Station, a lumpy blaze of light from the Planet X Red Persona appears at the 8 o'clock position from the Sun, not elsewhere around the Sun. In other station views, the sky during this daytime viewing is black, the video so suppressing light form sources other than the Sun that even star light cannot come through. Where is Planet X? Supressed from view with the stars.]
Signs of the Times #494 (via email to Nancy)
This evening [Nov 24] in Salt Lake City, Utah our local television news station KSL showed a picture of this bright object in the sky next to the sun. This is the third time in the last two weeks that this station has reported on this subject. They are trying to explain to their watching public what this object is. The weather people are calling this a Sundog. Except this Sundog does not seem to go away. [and from another source] I saw this thing with my own eyes a few times. In fact, my Mother, who knew nothing about the fact that planet X was supposed to be there, spotted it first. This was almost 2 months ago that I saw it first. I also saw it about a week ago, and it is definately bigger.