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Signs of the Times #493 (ZetaTalk)
The situation in Iraq has become obvious, where citizens now drag US Military from their vehicles and kill them with their bare hands. Such is the degree to which the Bush/Blair coalition have won the hearts and minds of the people there. How might this conflict zone, and others around the world, move as the pole shift precursors overtake them, quakes tumbling the cities and tearing up the roadways, gas and oil lines rupturing and becoming infernos, and communications virtually worthless with satellites lost and sudden power outages? ZetaTalk: Conflict Zone
Signs of the Times #492 (ZetaTalk)
Envisioning the dire situation in the days leading up to the shift, and following, many good hearted folk wonder what they are supposed to do when there is a single loaf of bread for supper and a thousand mouths to feed. Of course, this is no different than today, for many. Starvation is rampant around the world, in many countries indigenous, so it is only those in affluent environments who wonder such things. Those already starving know how these matters are settle. But the reaction to starvation differs immensely, based on spiritual orientation. ZetaTalk: Starvation
Signs of the Times #491 ‘The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has advised federal agencies to initiate emergency counterterrorism measures.... The department´s current terror threat level stands at yellow, or elevated, indicating there is only a significant risk of terrorist attacks. Publicly, it has recommended Americans continue with plans for work or leisure. Behind the scenes, however, it has directed federal and state law enforcement, as well as security personnel, to initiate protective measures under its highest threat level – red – a condition when there is an imminent risk of terrorist attacks.’ [and from another source] Britain on Red Alert [Nov23] ‘The plan to step up to the highest possible security state follows last weeks devastating terrorist attacks on British targets in Turkey ... Fears of martyrdom operations by terrorists against targets in Britain were heightened last night after it emerged that a possible poison attack in London was thwarted last year.’ [Note: if the poison attempt was a year ago, why the wait? Perhaps the security is over Planet X, in reality.]
Signs of the Times #490 (via email to Nancy)
Something to do with magnetic field disturbance maybe: More than 100 dead whales have been found [Nov 24] on a remote stretch of Tasmania's west coast. He said it was believed there were 103 whales on the beach and they had apparently been dead for sometime. A similar event occurred in New Zealand only a week ago.
Signs of the Times #489 (via email to Nancy)
Once again the weather is going crazy down here in Brasil [Nov 21]. Yesterday in day time it was about 35 celsius,and today (day time) about 15 C. When the sun is out it´s boiling hot,but when clouds cover the sun the tempeture drops dramaticly. This kind of weather we see down here in autum or winter time. The problem is that we are in spring, almost into summer time. [and from another source] Yesterday [Nov 21] it was 74 degrees here in the Ozarks. At 2:30 AM this morning it was 68 and the wind was howling. 8 AM the temp was 70 with heavy rain. It´s now 5:15 PM and 40 degrees with a freeze warning for tonight. Temps are expected to be in the mid 20´s with wind chill in the teens. Everything´s normal, go shopping.
Signs of the Times #488 (via email to Nancy)
I looked [Nov 23] at the rising sun in Guyana, using my diskette film. The Sun is still very bright so I put on a blue tinted Rayban shades and looked again through the filter. I was stunned to see a round object about half the size of the Sun at the 8 o'clock position, left of the Sun. Still faint but very much present. When I looked through the diskette film alone I could not see it. When I used a brown shade I also could not see it. I advise people to try this method. [and from another source] Saw this yesterday [Nov 24] with my large pinhole experiment. From here in Connecticut, it was a huge bulge from the sun at 8 o´clock also.
Signs of the Times #487 (Nancy)
Slowing, across the board. This is slight, but consistent, and just this week. A study on webcams photos, where the Date/Time stamp allowed comparison to Skymap, also showed a slowing trend across the board in November for sunrise and sunset. After rotational surging, Ecliptic bump up, Orbit halting, and occasional tilt, it is a relief to see just a steady late trend. Bear in mind we’re talking minutes here, a slow pace.
Signs of the Times #486 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Nevada has been hit again [Nov 23]. 23Nov2003 12:19:59.0 40.7N 115.2W 10 M =4.5 M NEI NEVADA 1346 Northeast of Tonopah, it happened halfway across the state. However, you can draw a straight line from Long Valley CA, through Tonopah and this new quake, and come out remarkably near Yellowstone. Scallions´s line from Alaska to Mono Lake, CA to Yellowstone was actually a vivid warning. Look at the massive swarm near Alaska it had and unprecidented amount of large quakes in that swarm. Then look at The Nevada swarm which was just outside Mono it was an unprecidented swarm for Nevada by any means. We felt the little shakey on the 18th. Its more of a rumbling sound usually, but than again we´ve been hearing rumbles and alot of distant boooms at night when its quiet here. And no its not distant blasting! Its not sonic booms! More of a hollowness to it, no echo!
Signs of the Times #485
South Korea [Nov 19] ‘On Wednesday, some 70,000 farmers from across the country gathered in Yeouido, a Seoul district where the National Assembly is located, to condemn the government´s move to sign a free trade agreement with Chile, saying it will devastate the domestic farming industry. Thousands of riot police were deployed to block the farmers who wielded iron bars, bamboo sticks and other fighting instruments. After staging rallies in Yeouido and elsewhere, the farmers tried to march down streets, scuffling with riot police. .. In Buan, North Jeolla Province, more than 3,000 residents held a violent rally to denounce the government´s plan to build a nuclear waste dump in the area, claiming proper consultations were not made with the local community. Many of the demonstrators fought with police and hurled firebombs.’
Signs of the Times #484
Georgian Leader Pressured to Resign [Nov 22] ‘Thousands of protesters flooded the capital of Georgia and vowed not to leave until President Eduard Shevardnadze resigns over a parliamentary election scandal that has transformed into a full-blown national crisis. ... This poverty-stricken country has slid into its biggest political crisis in years, with pro- and anti-Shevardnadze forces vowing to avoid bloodshed but also refusing to budge. Both sides are amassing thousands of supporters in the already tense capital. ... Calls for Shevardnadze's resignation reflect growing popular resentment at the widespread unemployment, poverty and chaos here 12 years after the Soviet Union collapsed.’
Signs of the Times #483 (via email to Nancy)
Using the Air Lens today [Nov 21] the Planet X cluster in in three separate moon swirl sections. One is circular. Aparently the moons are not in trail now, but orbiting the planet. The second swirl is oval shaped today. It is perhaps 10X larger than the first. Third swirl is scattered. Thicker near second part and then gets sparse. I can distinguish the 3 parts with several filters, so I know there are 3. [Note: this description matches what has been captured, same time frame, from places around the world - New Zeland, Japan, and New York! Quadruple confirmation!]