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Signs of the Times #460
The windows began to shake and the ground moved, just slightly. What others around the county felt [Nov 7] is still somewhat of a mystery as Waverly Person, a geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey, said there was no earthquake activity in the area. Hendricks County Sheriff´s Capt. Brett Clark said his department received several calls from other agencies as well as residents who said they felt the earth shake from Danville, Indiana, out to Belleville. As a Danville Police Officer, Cunningham said he began receiving calls. According to the USGS, Hendricks County is in an earthquake zone. [Note: failing to report a quake that occurred, and was felt, has only been occurring for the past couple months.]
Signs of the Times #459 (via email to Nancy)
Just looked at the Moon - 12:38AM - it is absolutely directly overhead [Nov 10]. I have not seen the Sun this directly overhead during the entire time we have been measuring it. It and the Moon are always to the side. Tonight, it is like a vertical line could be drawn from the top of my head to the Moon. Whereas Mars and the Moon have heretofore been on pretty much the same level, tonight the Moon is much higher. [and from another email] I saw the moon swing [Nov 10] from way far SW to almost over head in 3-4 days. Earth Tilt is happening. [and from another email] Last month the noon shadow line on the sidewalk was four inches West of the bldg wall. There is a facade overhang that account for the 4". Now, at noon [Nov 9] the shadow is 8" West of the overhang shadow. The Facade is about 4 feet high and is made of corrugated metal. It makes a nice plane to use to determine when the Sun is straight up in the sky. To cast the wider shadow the Earth had to tilt East a little.
Signs of the Times #458 (via email to Nancy)
I've just read about a curious 'discovery' that Piers Van der Meer, a scientist from the European Space Agency made now! He says that the All Earth Warming is due to the temperature rising of the Sun: it should be some 27 millions Fº regulary, but nowdays it is 49 millions Fº! So, according to this man's conclusion and the 'trend', our Sun can explode in some 6 years! (the national newspaper "Izvestia", Russia, section "Science Today") [Note: at what point does the passage of Planet X become less scary than the other explanations for the Earth changes in effect?]
Signs of the Times #457
Discovery of a 5,200 year old soft-bodied plant frozen in glacial ice in Peru reveals evidence of a massive and long- lasting climate change that happened amazingly quickly. In order for the plant to have been quick-frozen rather than killed by frost, it must have been covered by a massive snowfall that took place over just a few hours. Since then, the plant has remained frozen and has not been thawed, meaning that once this snowfall took place, no melt occurred for over five thousand years, until now. If such an event were to happen again, it would cause worldwide chaos and the deaths possibly of billions, and the collapse of civilizations. Scientists are urgently seeking answers in the ice fields of the Peruvian highlands.
Signs of the Times #456 (via email to Nancy)
I and about 100 other people saw the eclipse begin as normal and a shadow started to come across. But the moon was still vaguely glowing a reddish color. We noticed that a second shadow comming from the same direction as the first followed a few minutes later. The only explanation I have is two light sources. As the Earth and Moon rotate it initially covered the Suns light but not Planet X's. And eventually the Earth moved in front of Planet X's relfection and blocked out that source also. [and from another email] Anyone who´s ever seen a lunar eclipse knows that you don´t advertise a total lunar eclipse and then have one that occurs like this. It was all wrong. Period. I have seen lunar eclipses since I was a child and am almost 40. Compare those two: Total Eclipse This Eclipse
Signs of the Times #455 (via email to Nancy)
At the bottom of the MSNBC article "Why an Eclipse Paints the Moon Red", [see Sign #445] I saw something interesting at the end of the article. It reads: "David Ropeik is a longtime science journalist and currently serves as Director of Risk Communication at the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis. This is an updated version of a column that first appeared in January 2000." What is a Director of Risk Communication at the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis? Why is a longtime science journalist currently serving as a Director of Risk Communication? [Note: perhaps a politically correct way of saying Cover-Up Communications?]
Signs of the Times #454 (Nancy)
The Eclipse was promised to be total. [Nov8] ‘On Saturday night, November 8–9, the full Moon will pass through the Earth’s shadow for skywatchers throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, and western and southern Asia. But this eclipse will be unusually brief, remaining total for only 25 minutes as the Moon skims barely inside the southern edge of our planet’s shadow.’ But per eyewitness reports and actual photograph series posted on a Netherlands site, the lower edge was illuminated throughout! [and from another source] Here in London its 1.20AM, which should be the totality, yet I can still see a thin crescent of full moonlight. [and from another poster] I observed the lunar eclipse with my telescope and was noting times with a nuclear clock. I observed on the east coast of the United States and the lunar eclipse never reached totality. This is the third total lunar eclipse that I have observed, and there is no question about it, totality was NOT reached. I estimate that it only reached 95 % of totality. [Note: Ecliptic Rise supported by this evidence.]
Signs of the Times #453 (Nancy)
If we were in our proper orbit, on Nov 8, then the N Pole would be pointing mainly away from the Sun. Then someone in the Northern Hemisphere would find the bulk of the Earth, the fat middle at the Equator, casting a shadow on the Moon with the Sun at the SIDE of the Moon, so the eclipse from their viewpoint, looking down on the Moon, would occur starting on the SIDE. If we were retarded in our Orbit, for instance in a Sep 10 position, then our N Pole would still be pointing somewhat toward the Sun. Then someone in the Northern Hemisphere would find the bulk of the Earth, the fat middle at the Equator, casting a shadow on the Moon with the Sun at the TOP of the Moon, so the eclipse from their viewpoint, looking down on the Moon, would occur starting at the TOP. [and from another source] From Colorado at 38 degrees. It moved from top left to bottom right, then moved from the bottom back towards the top. Not right, does not sync up with NASA and other sites. [Note: Orbit Halt supported by this evidence.]
Signs of the Times #452 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
The orange tint appears to be following the direction of the eclipse [Nov 8]. Most strongly colored at the NW portion of the moon and fades toward the edges of the moon-as if another source of light was also shining on the moon. If the source of the light was bending sun rays around the edge of the earth then the exact look and appearance of the moon tonight during this eclipse would not look like as I have described. Further, as the eclipse receded the color faded to grey. If the light was bending around the earth to cause orange or red colored moon, why not also during the receeding period? There is apparently a second light source shining on the moon from the direction of the sun. [and from another poster] Prior eclipses I had seen, the moon had seemed to disappear during totality. This time it did not, as you can see an orange-red glow shining through from the surface of the moon. [and from another poster] Eclipse finished. I do not buy into the "sun bending rays" excuse for the orange moon going into the eclipse because the same did not happen going out of the eclipse. Perhaps there may another light source positioned near the sun or something. I do not know, but something is suspicious for sure.[and from another poster] I have to agree,the moon did not go black. It was like you could see it glowing through the shadow of the earth, like it had its own light. [and from another poster] I also saw an earlier eclipse where the Moon seemed to literally disappear, it was so dark, but the explanation was that there had been recent major volcanic eruptions, so the Earth´s atmosphere was transmitting less light than usual. [Note: volcanic eruptions are at an all time high, now!]
Signs of the Times #451
Reuters [Nov 7] ‘Most of Chile lost power in a major blackout on Friday evening, snarling rush hour traffic in the capital. The blackout began at about 7:20 PM and power was back in about a third of the affected areas at 9:00 PM. National Electricity Superintendent Sergio Espejo told Television Nacional television network. He said the country´s central grid went down, but gave no other explanation for the blackout, which was total in a large part of central Chile.
Signs of the Times #450 (via email to Nancy)
How in tarnation do you capsize a barge? [and from another source] Port Of Jacksonville Shutdown [Nov 7] ‘A dredge barge capsized near the entrance to the St. Johns River early Friday, forcing the Coast Guard to close the Port of Jacksonville. The barge capsized off the coast near Mayport Naval Station, spilling about 600 feet of dredge pipes into the river. There were no injuries. The accident was under investigation.’ [Note: may be tidal surge not reported, a ZetaTalk Prediction.]
Signs of the Times #449 (via email to Nancy)
The last week I have been paying attention to Bluenose Webcam and Planet X has been rising along with the Sun every day, except when the sky has been cloudy here in Norway. I was looking at some images from Nov 6, and there it was on the screen, at 4.30 PM in the afternoon too! I could very clearly see the red dust cloud on the images. I have been quite sceptical, the ZetaTalk predictions too fantastic to be all true. But I had a feeling that it might be true afterall. And now I`m sure of it. [and from another source] A friend and I were driving to work [Nov 7] and had clear, cold skies, Mt Rainier was in perfect view, the sun had not come up, but you could see the glow of it rising behind the mountain, about 6:45 AM. At about the 2 o´clock position, there was a shape about half the size of the moon, that looked like a half moon. I thought at first it was a whisp of cloud and waited for it to move or change shape. It wasn´t a plane, no flashing lights, and it didn´t move or dissipate. Another car pooler heard something on the radio about a planet/comet thing in the sky.