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Signs of the Times #437
The Edmonton Journal [Nov 3] ‘Thousands of city centre residents were plunged into darkness Sunday night after a problem with a buried power cable in the Rossdale neighbourhood. Epcor spokesman Doug Downs said the outage covered about 2,000 homes. Most of the power was restored before 10 p.m. Power went out about 8:15 PM Some buildings, however, were still without power. Fire crews rescued three people trapped in elevators as a result of the blackout.’
Signs of the Times #436 (via email to Nancy)
I woke up this morning [Nov 4] in Georgia and wondered what time it was because the sun was shining in my bathroom window which faces south, and it only shines in the bathroom window around 11-12 o'clock. It was 9 o'clock! The position of the sun rising now is SSE, not SE anymore. [Note: see Ecliptic Rise speculation and reports.]
Signs of the Times #435 (via email to Nancy)
In Wisconsin [Nov 3], civil twilight was well in process by 5:30 AM vs 6:06 expected, and sunrise certainly occurred before 6:00 AM vs 6:36 expected. Early sunrise had been noted for some weeks. Per the Navy for Madison, WI ‘Tuesday 4 November 2003 Central Standard Time SUN Begin civil twilight 6:06 a.m. Sunrise 6:36 a.m.’ Sunset is also very early, pitch dark by 5:00 PM and the Sun appearing to have set well ahead of that time. Per the Navy ‘Sunset 4:46 p.m. End civil twilight 5:16 p.m.’ I would estimate a 36 minute difference here, both ends of the day, too EARLY [and from another source] It is dark at around 5 PM here in Italy. Per the Navy ‘The following information is provided for (longitude E15.0, latitude N40.0): Tuesday 3 November 2003 Universal Time + 1h Sunset 16:55 End civil twilight 17:23’ Note this is approximately 30 minutes too EARLY, for civil twilight. [and from another source] Seems that here too (Edmonton) it is getting dark far, far too early. [Note: see Orbit Halt speculation and reports.]
Signs of the Times #434 (via email to Nancy)
Observations from Madrid: I contacted once again some collegues here in the Complutense University, in the Astrophysics Department, asking them directly what the Nibiru Issue. One of them replied, repeating the well known stuff about the 'false' site ZetaTalk, about. the 'nonsense' forecast that failed in May, and about the criminal Nancy who should be imprisoned. Besides, he adviced I should visit the known debunkers' sites (skeptikal minds, etc.). I wonder if they can say something that would be original and wouldn''t be imposed by agents or the authorities or the government. They can not!
Signs of the Times #433 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
Since Saturday [Nov 1], people in the Highlands of Scotland have been witnessing large movements of US warplanes overhead. Experienced observers say the large numbers are reminiscent of those that preceded the bombing of Iraq in 1998 and military strikes on Libya in the1980´s as well as the first Gulf War. At the weekend warplanes were flying over at a rate of roughly one every 15 minutes. As well as watching them from the ground the plane spotters have also been able to overhear pilots talking by listening to their radio frequencies. At this rate some 288 warplanes would have passed over Scotland in three days. It is thought that the planes have flown on a route from the US over the North Pole to bases in Europe and the Mediterranean. The size and scale of the movement suggests that the US may be preparing to strike at a country in the Middle East in the next week to ten days.
Signs of the Times #432 (via email to Nancy)
Sunday morning Oct 26 in Idaho we set the clocks back one hour. The sun had been starting to show its light at 6:30-ish, so after the time change it should have started rising at 5:30-ish. Guess what. Last Monday [Oct 27] morning it was completely dark until 6:40, when the sun should have started its rise at 5:30-ish! (Yes, I re-checked the clocks and the TV and internet all showed the correct time). Wednesday morning [Oct 29] in Idaho it was completely light outside by 6:00 (sun started rising at 5:30). This is too weird after having been dark until 6:40 just two days before. Everyone I told about this has just poo-pooed it and thinks I am imagining things (actually my brother drives to work every morning at 5:30 and also noticed this strangeness). [and from another source] Was stunned to see the sky almost black at 5:00 PM and by 5:20 PM pitch black here in Wisconsin [Oct 30]! This does not occur until late December! [and from another source] The sun rose this Saturday morning [Nov 1], just before 4.30 AM in Perth, Western Australia (not official time). For the past 2 days it has been between 5.20 and 5.40 AM. Intense sun glare for most of the past week. [Note: many reports are demonstrating that the Earth rises, at least temporarily, in its Ecliptic plane.]
Signs of the Times #431 (via email to Nancy)
The two personas of Nibiru are described already by the visionary Veronika Lueken, Bayside, in the 70`s! She calls it the "ball of redemption", which is sent by God. I read parts of the text: she described horrible devastating, gigantic ocean waves, frightening people, an extreme heavenly event etc. And then: "It is a ball... it looks like a monstrous sun... Now there are two balls in heaven. There is the enormous red and the other ball is the white one. The red one is bigger than the white one on the left side” People, the time is here! [and from another email] I was looking at the sun through a cloud in Oregon a few days ago with two pairs of sunglasses, and I noticed that the sun had a very noticable bulge to the lower left.
Signs of the Times #430
AP [Nov 1] The Agriculture Department says more and more American families are hungry or unsure whether they can afford to buy food. Some 12 million families last year worried they didn´t have enough money to buy food, and 32 percent of them actually experienced someone going hungry at one time or another, said a USDA report released Friday. Nearly 3.8 million families were hungry last year to the point where someone in the household skipped meals because they couldn´t afford them. That´s 8.6 percent more families than in 2001, when 3.5 million were hungry, and a 13 percent increase from 2000. The report was based on a Census Bureau survey of 50,000 households. It marks the third year in a row the department found a rise in the number of people who are hungry or uncertain of whether they can afford their next meal.
Signs of the Times #429 (via email to Nancy)
Tonight [Nov 2] I was suprised to hear the news talking about the next eclipse, encouraging viewers to go outside and see "the beautiful red moon as the Earth's atmosphere acts as a lens." They then showed images of a deep red moon, and showed another video of a red moon before commercials. I don't think the public is going to buy into this for much longer as the explanations are getting a little ridiculous. [Note: increasingly the coverup tries to make the second sun in the sky, the red dust, the weather and quake increase, seem normal, mentioned causually in the media.]
Signs of the Times #428 (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
They are pulling quakes off the CA quake sites again. You will not be able to have the above statement proven to you unless you are a very frequent visitor to the USGS CA quake site. But I will tell you that they pulled one of the quakes that occurred in the San Bernadino area last night [Nov 1]. There were two, they were very close together in time and location, but there were two. This morning CNN TV said there were two, also. [and from another source] AP [Nov 1] ‘Two small earthquakes struck Saturday night outside this community near the San Bernadino Mountains.’ [and from another source] ‘Two minor earthquakes shook parts of San Bernardino County between San Bernardino and Wrightwood just before 8 pm Saturday.’
Signs of the Times #427 (via email to Nancy)
Here in Missouri [Nov 2] there is high strangeness going on in the garden. My apple trees bloomed a few weeks ago. Now they have 14 plus small apples the size of large cherries! Apple trees do not set fruit in the Fall. My tomato plants, that withered under our drought, have now come to life again and are bearing fruit. All this while my pear trees still have their leaves from this last growing season. Too weird having fruit on pear trees while the apples are starting over. The seasons are all mixed up.[and from another source] Of course everyone starts off first week of November like this? Weather for Silver Spring, Maryland next 5 days - Sat-76 Sun-69 Mon-75 Tue-73 Wed-74. Actually, Sat here hit High 81.